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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/1-8

Jan. 31, 2000

NWO Media on Russia-Byelorussia Union....  

Deafening Silence: Sign of Fear That End Is Near?

Will Serbia, Armenia Be Next?



Moscow                    1. Deafening Silence in the West Greets Russia-Byelorussia

                                     Union; Serbia, Armenia Next Members?

Belgrade                   2. Russians Sing and Dance for Serbs

Moscow                    3. Anti-NATO Protests Near U.S. Moscow Embassy, Davos

                                     Forum Is Also Rocked

Davos                       4. Soros Admits West Lost Control of Russia


1. Deafening Silence in the West Greets Russia-Byelorussia Union; Serbia, Armenia Next Members?

MOSCOW, Jan. 27 – On Wednesday (Jan. 26), Russia and Byelorussia (or Belarus, per the NWO media) formally entered into a historic (re)unification treaty, after the two respective parliaments had ratified the Dec. 9 agreement signed in Minsk by the then Russian president Boris Yeltsin, and the president of Byelorussia, Alexander Lukashenko.

Ever seen anything about it in our “lamestream” press?  We certainly haven’t.  And no wonder… For, a deafening silence with which the New World Order media in this “land of the (once) free” have greeted and treated this momentous challenge to the NWO may be a sign of their fears that the end nears. And their fears should be a cause for the world's cheers.

The Russia-Byelorussia Union is yet another signal that Russia may be returning to the world powers stage (see our earlier Bulletin about that - ). And that the Jan. 26 Treaty could be just the first of several other anti-NWO unions to come…

For example, the Yugoslav Foreign Minister, Zivadin Jovanovic, in an interview published on Jan. 26 in the Russian daily Nezavissimaya Gazeta, repeated the calls for his country to join a Russia-Byelorussia Union. The new Treaty "creates the conditions to realize such an initiative for Yugoslavia," Jovanovic said. 

The Agence France Presse, quoting the Russian paper, even broadcast the news in English. Which none of the NWO establishment media bothered to carry.

"Yugoslavia's participation in this union is not only a positive development for the people of the three countries, but it is also a contribution to positive developments in Europe," Jovanovic added. Except for the NWO Europe, of course, as epitomized by NATO, the EU, the euro and burgeoning plutocracy (see "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing", Chronicles Dec/98, and "New Iron Curtain Over Europe", The New Dawn, Mar/99).

Three days earlier, the leader of the Serbian Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj, speaking at his party’s convention in Belgrade, said that there is no alternative for Yugoslavia but to become a part of new Union.  And that his Party is committing itself to this goal.

Meanwhile, back in Moscow, the acting Russian president Vladimir Putin, and his Byelorussian counterpart, Lukashenko, said that the new Union is open to “anyone who shares our fundamental principals.” 

Such as Serbia, for example, another victim of the NWO brutality.  At the height of the NATO air strikes, the Yugoslav parliament voted in April to join the then proposed Union which has now become a reality (see “Russia, Byelorussia and Serbia to Form a Union?”) an AFP report also noted. And while this writer was visiting wartime Belgrade in April, Lukashenko was also there, his security assured by four powerful Russian Sukhoi-27 fighters hovering over the Serb capital.  No NATO plane evidently wanted to mess with them (see S99-44, Day 25, Item 2, Apr. 17).

Meanwhile, Armenia is reportedly also clamoring to join the new Union. And no wonder.  Its old nemesis, Turkey, a NATO country and another NWO vassal, is once again clamoring for more power. As we predicted several years ago, Turkey's job on behalf of the NWO is to try consolidate the predominantly Muslim nations along Russia's soft southern underbelly: 

"The third prong of NWO's anti-Russian policy is its support for the Islamic nations along Russia's southern underbelly - not only, Turkey, a NATO member, but also a number of new Islamic "countries" which the NWO carved out of the former Soviet Union (Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan etc.)" 

(see this writer's May 1997 Washington Times column, "Blood and Treasure for the Benefit of Private Interests", as well as the TiM Bulletins "Killing Russia Softly," Apr/97, and "Russia Is Still Bogey No. 1, Dec/97).

Well, this is now happening.  “Russia is too weak to oppose to us,” declared Abdulhaluk Cei, the Turkish Minister for relations with predominantly Muslim republics of the former Soviet Union, on Jan. 19.  This was his main argument for the creation of an eventual “Commonwealth of Turkish States.”  He said this would be a union between Turkey - “the Ottoman Empire successor” - and Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan (see ).  

Of course, where Turkey treads, Greece, another traditional victims of the Ottoman Empire and its successors, tends to go in the opposite direction. Give it enough time and Turkish saber rattling, and Greece may be another nation looking to join a Moscow- centered union.  As Associated Press reported last July 27,  Greece and Russia, along with Bulgaria, agreed to step up efforts for the construction of a pipeline to carry Russian crude oil through Bulgaria and Greece. The 285-kilometer-long pipeline would link the ports of Burgas in Bulgaria and Alexandroupolis in northern Greece, allowing Russia to export oil through the Black Sea while bypassing the Bosporus in Turkey.

This, of course, is a Greco-Russian antidote to the pressure which the NWO leaders are exerting on oil companies to build a less economically viable pipeline from Azerbaijan through Turkey, but strategically a more important one to the NWO's anti-Russian schemes (see "Putin Putting Russia Back on World Powers Map", Jan/2000).


TiM Ed.: If such global unions, reunions and other public saber-rattling pronouncements by the world powers are not giving you the “heebie-jeebies,” chances are, you should take your high school or college WW I classes all over again.  Because they are scaring the bedevils out of us.  As well as encouraging us to hope that the end of the evil, Machiavellian, New World Order may be nigh; perhaps much nearer that we had believed only a few short years ago (see “When Cultures Collide…”, a Washington Times column, Aug/96 and "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing", Chronicles Dec/98).

2. Russians Sing and Dance for Serbs

BELGRADE, Jan. 30 – Some Russians are already in Serbia, singing and dancing to lift the spirits of th nation impoverished by eight years of sanctions, and marked for extinction by the godless New World Order. Here are some excerpts from a TiM reader’s Jan. 30 message, in translation from Serbian:

“Last night, I attended a concert of the huge Russian folklore ensemble, ‘Aleksandrov,’ at the Sava Center (a large concert/convention hall in New Belgrade).  The choir, the orchestra, the dancers and soloists… the works! For two nights in a row, the huge Sava Center hall was sold out. 

The atmosphere was magnificent.  When the Russians sang ‘Tamo Daleko’ (‘Far Away’) and ‘Mars na Drinu’ (‘March on the Drina’ [river] - both Serbian patriotic WW I songs), everybody in the hall rose up to their feet.  And when we all together sang the next song, ‘We Love You, Our Fatherland,’ half of those present were crying.

I do not know if the ‘Aleksandrov’ ensemble concert at this moment in history, when everybody is talking about our (Serb) Army’s obligation to return to Kosovo is ‘coincidental,’ or is purely humanitarian (entire proceeds from the concert will go to Serbian refugees from Kosovo).  Or if there were other ulterior motives. But I do believe that the American ‘star wars’ advocates will never be able to defeat such a spirit, humanity, beauty and strength.”

Our Belgrade lady correspondent added that she would be considering starting to learn Russian, even at this late stage of the game, having spent most of her adult years studying western languages, such as English.  To which she added a “PS” to her message:

“I don’t know why, but I also recalled a message from one of our wartime protests: ‘Our dear Russian brothers, fear not; the Serbs are with you’!”


TiM Ed. To which we can add our wartime message: “Old Montenegrin Serbs, all 200,000 of them, looking to mighty Russia said last century: ‘Us and the Russians, 200 million!’” - see 7. "Us and the Chinese, a Thousand Million", S99-71, Day 47, May 9).  The sooner we bring our American troops home from places like Kosovo, as the Reform Party presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, has suggested, the sooner we will move them out of harms way.

3. Anti-NATO Protests Near U.S. Moscow Embassy, Davos Forum Is Also Rocked

MOSCOW, Jan. 30 – A TiM source in Moscow reported today that there were renewed protests held this weekend near the American Embassy against NATO’s bombing of Serbia and its occupation of Kosovo, a southern Serbian province.  Several hundred demonstrators carried the old Soviet “hammer and sickle” signs as well as the Czarist insignia.  The Communists and the Czarists all shouted anti-American slogans.


TiM Ed. : An apparent reunion of the left and right in Russia at the doorstep of the American Embassy may be a DIRECT consequence of the “liberal,” “reformist” western vassals who have helped the New World Order bankers plunder the Russian peoples’ assets, as well as kill thousands of Serbs and Russians.

If this sounds like a familiar refrain, especially compared to the “Battle in Seattle” last December (see “Toward a Multipolar World”), it’s probably a no coincidence.  Or if compared to this weekend’s violent protests at the New World Order’s annual Davos globalists’ (Switzerland) party, which also largely went unreported by the NWO lamestream media. 

Yet, check out an excerpt from what actually happened in this posh Swiss resort at which Bill Clinton spoke this weekend, where anti-globalist protesters smashed windows and confronted Swiss police, according to this Bloomberg News Jan. 29 report:

“As many as 300 protesters clashed with police at the 30th Annual World Economic Forum, smashing shop windows and injuring at least one policeman. The protest against world trade and market economies began at the Seehof Hotel, the site of high-level meetings between business and political leaders.

Protesters broke the windows of a McDonald's Corp. restaurant and clashed with Swiss security forces. At least one policeman was wounded and bleeding, said an eye-witness, John A. Quelch, the dean of the London Business School.

Protesters carried signs and banners critical of the U.S., free trade, and the World Trade Organization. Police formed a line, marched them back toward the other side of town and closed the main street.

Though at one point they asked conference guests not the leave the Congress center, where the annual gathering is held. Many guests said they didn't notice any disruption. ‘I haven't been outside all day, I've no idea what's happening,’ said Christian Noyer, the European Central Bank's vice president, as he prepared to exit. ‘Should I be worried?’

Swiss security forces used tear gas to stop the protesters about a half kilometer from the conference center where more than 1,000 business and political leaders heard President Bill Clinton speak today.

In his comments, the U.S. president alluded to protesters who helped to disrupt trade talks in Seattle in December, noting that globalization is fuelling anti-trade sentiment. He left Davos early in the evening, an administration official said.

Soldiers strung a ten-foot high iron-link fence across the main street leading to the center and brought out a water cannon to keep the protesters at bay.

The main street, or Promenade, was closed to traffic and strewn with police barrages as officers conducted security checks. The free bus service that brings guests from their hotels to the Congress center was interrupted, and some executives, put off by the snowfall and prospect of a long walk in the cold, complained to the police at the center's exit.

‘There is nothing I can do. They are protesting,’ WEF President Klaus Schwab said.


TiM Ed.: Yes, decent people world over are protesting against the murderous New World Order whose motto is “perpertual commerce through perpetual war.”  The fact that violence has reached even the sleepy, small, if fashionable, Swiss ski town of Davos, the site where the New World Order was declared in February 1990, should give the NWO leaders plenty to worry about.  And the rest of mankind plenty to cheer about.

4. Soros Admits West Lost Control of Russia

DAVOS, Jan. 30 - Foreign institutions and investors "have lost the ability to influence the direction of events" in Russia, George Soros, chairman of the influential Soros Fund Management, told a news conference at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos.

"For 10 years...we had the ability to influence things in Russia and move them in the right direction and we flubbed it," Soros said, according to an Associated Press report. With Russia now moving in the wrong direction, the IMF should pull out, he said.

On Saturday (Jan. 29), the IMF's second-ranking official said the fund may delay paying Russia the second $460 million installment of a $4.5 billion loan until after presidential elections in March.


TiM Ed.: The TiM readers may recall that this $4.5 billion IMF loan was a part of the payoff which Boris Yeltsin was promised for stabbing Serbia in the back over Kosovo ("Yeltsin Completes Serb Betrayal; Clinton Glows," S99-113, "Peacefarce" 7, June 22). Good news, therefore, is that treason doesn't pay.  An even better news, however, is that Russia seems to be freeing herself from the financial strings with which the NWO colonialists have been trying to strangle her (see "Wall Street's Financial Terrorism," Chronicles, Mar/1998).

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