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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/1-2

Jan. 5, 2000

New World Order's Anti-Russian Strategy Isn't Working

Putin Putting Russia Back on World Powers Map?

What Y2K Problem in Russia? What Lack of Russian Support for the Serbs?


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Moscow                       1. Putin Putting Russia Back on World Powers Map?

Moscow                        2. What Y2K Problem in Russia?

Moscow                        3. What Lack of Russian Support for the Serbs?

Moscow                        4. U.S. Plan to Unseat Milosevic?

Phoenix                        5. Nedic at the White House Photos


1. Putin Putting Russia Back on World Powers Map?

MOSCOW, Jan. 5 – The first thing Russia's new president did on his first full day on the job, which also happened to be the first day of the new year, was to get up at the crack of dawn, and fly from Moscow to the Chechnya war zone.  Once there, Vladimir Putin pinned medals on deserving Russian soldiers near Grozny, Chechnya's capital, handed out hunting knives as presidential souvenirs, and visited the wounded in the hospital. 

His wife, Lyudmila, was there with the new Russian president every step of the way (see the photo at our Web site). putin1-1.jpg (47246 bytes) And the Putins did all that on the day Russia was supposed to fall apart on account of its alleged unpreparedness to deal with the Y2K bug, according to a State Department travel advisory (also see the second story in this Bulletin).

Compare that with the way the western "democratic" leaders have spent the New Year's Day.  Did any of them get out of bed before sunrise to devote the first day of the year 2000 to the plebes who had supposedly elected them?  Not that we've heard.  Which only helps widen the divide between the plebes and the New World Order (NWO) "patricians."

By contrast, the new Russian president is extremely popular at home.  More than half of Russians say they would vote for him for president, compared with about 15 percent for his closest rival.  "Perhaps more astounding, Russians consider Putin one of the most influential Russian political leaders of the century," the Chicago Tribune reported from Moscow on Jan. 2. In a recent poll, Putin outpaced Leonid Brezhnev, Boris Yeltsin, Czar Nicholas II and Mikhail Gorbachev.

Meanwhile, many U.S. political pundits are scratching their heads and saying, "Putin who?"  Some can't even pronounce the new Russian leader's name, as simple as it is.  In a Jan. 4 interview about Russia's return on the world powers scene, aired live on the nationally syndicated Chuck Harder radio show, the TiM editor even had to explain how to pronounce Putin's name (it should sound like "Pootin," not "Piytin," as some Westerns have been saying).

To be fair, Putin was a relative unknown even in Russia, until his appointment as prime minister by Boris Yeltsin on Aug. 9, 1999.  Then as soon as the Dagestan and Chechnya crises broke out, Putin's firm handling of the war started to win him points with the Russian public (see "A Game of NWO War Dominoes," S99-136, "Peacefarce" 30, Item 1, Aug. 12 , and "New World Order Crisis Factory Retools, Stirs Up Trouble in Russia, Indonesia" ).

And the NWO plutocrats' scorn for Putin is pouring as his popularity at home is soaring.  Used to owning and controlling politicians the world over, now that their horse (Boris Yeltsin) has retired, they are nervously scratching their heads in a quest for an alternative approach on how to subdue Russia.  And so, when it doubt, try demonization with old, familiar code words, which had been used before to demonize the Serbs, for example.

Enter a proven Russo- and Serbophobe, Zbigniew Brzezinski, one David Rockefeller's protégés who founded the Trilateral Commission in 1973.  Jimmy Carter, a founding member, named Brzezinski his National Security Advisor upon Carter's election as President in 1976 (see "Jimmy Carter – the Trojan Horse", The News, Jan. 5, 1995). 

Also enter a proven Russo- and Serbophobe, the Wall Street Journal editorial and OpEd page.  Put the two together, and what you get is a borscht of hate, outmatched in its anti-Orthodox Slavic venom perhaps only by our official Secretary of Hate, Madeleine Albright. 

Which is why levelheaded Americans have learned to listen carefully to the words of such un-American Americans (see "Albright's State, Soros' Estate").  And then do the opposite.  If the likes of Brzezinski or Albright say "zig," the American people should almost instinctively "zag," the TiM editor also pointed out on the Chuck Harder show.

Brzezinski's OpEd piece, "A Genocide, a Political Coup.  Some Democracy," published by the Journal on Jan. 4, is an excellent case in point.  This Rockefeller ideologue-for-fire invokes derogatory terms, such as "genocide," to describe Russia's fight against the Chechnya Islamic insurrectionists.  And bemoans the "slaughter of the Chechens," just as he rued the "massacres" of Kosovo Albanians, which have now been shown to be an NWO hoax.

Brzezinski also compares Putin's ascent to power with that of Serbia's president, Slobodan Milosevic, whom he and others have already demonized beyond redemption.  And he labels Putin with his (low level) KGB past, rather than by his pro-market and pro-democracy subsequent, higher level jobs, such as the deputy mayor of St. Petersburg (which got him promoted to Moscow and the job of the prime minister). 

And then this Polish-born hatemonger (there is no love lost between the Poles and the Russians, as any historian knows), has the gall to conclude that we should be lucky if Putin were to turn out only (as mildly murderous) as the Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet, rather than supposedly Milosevic is.  The latter having had the gall to tell the likes of "Rocky" and "Zbig… et. al." to buzz off.  Which was actually one of Milosevic's few redeeming moves.  Which he followed up by kissing up to them, selling out the Bosnia and the Krajina Serbs.

As for the Chechen terrorists, who tortured and beheaded two British workers in Chechnya last fall (see - but first a warning, some images are truly GRUESOME!); and who blew up apartment buildings all over Moscow last summer, killing hundreds of Russian civilians - such cold-bloodied murderers of innocent people are "freedom fighters," according to Brzezinski.  Right. And the Kosovo Liberation Army rebels are also humanitarian angels.  After all, they have been created and financed by the sainted West (i.e., the NWO's Bilderbergers), to start and carry out a ground level "humanitarian war" for NATO.

Nor does this "Big Zbig" Russophobe offer any regrets or apologies to the families of the Moscow residents murdered by his Chechen "freedom fighters."  Anymore than he did it to the over 2,000 Serb civilians killed by NATO.  Not to mention the hundreds murdered in cold blood by the KLA "angels" during NATO's "peacefarce." After all, NATO and the KLA were fighting a "humanitarian war," Brzezinski and the NWO media, such as the Journal, have been telling us (check out several articles within our Kosovo War Memorial cycle which deal with this).

Sure.  And "war is peace; freedom is slavery; ignorance is strength" (George Orwell; also see "Two Parallel Wars: Orwell Would Have a Blast Today" - S99-25, Day 11, Update 2, Item 1, Apr. 3).

Luckily, Brzezinski's "rent-a-crooked ideologue" example of moral corruption among the NWO "elites" surfaces when he says in his Jan. 4 Journal OpEd, "the West has strategic as well as humanitarian reasons to care what happens in Chechnya." 

And what might these strategic reasons be?  "Destabilize Georgia…" and "jeopardize Western access to the energy resources in the Caspian region," the "Big Zbig" claims.

Bingo!  Thank you, "Big Zbig," for leaving your fingerprints on this crime against God's truth.  Now all we need to do is "zag," when you tell us to "zig," and we'll get at the truth.  

caspian-oil-map.gif (192780 bytes)

So change "destabilize Georgia," to "destabilize Russia."  Change "jeopardize Western access…", to "jeopardize Russia's access to the energy resources in the Caspian region." Then take a look at the map at our Web site, and then you will see why Brzezinski was duplicitously lying through his teeth (also see our Jan. 1998 article, "Caspian Sea Oil: The Matchmaker"). 

You will see that the Russian pipeline runs through Dagestan and Chechnya – the regions which the NWO has been trying to destabilize, so as to squeeze Russia from its soft southern underbelly using the Islamic "freedom fighters" a.k.a. terrorists as their whips (also see the "Three NWO Rings Around Russia" map, and "Blood and Treasure for the Benefit of Private Interests?", the Washington Times, Sunday, May 4, 1997 ).  Just as they did in Kosovo, when they used the mostly Islamic Albanian KLA "freedom fighters" to cause trouble for Serbia.

Meanwhile, the U.S. a.k.a. NWO government, has been pushing for an alternate route - through its vassal countries, such as Turkey.  And this time, it did it despite the opposition of the oil company Princes, who (unsuccessfully) objected to it - on account of much higher costs of the Turkey route.

Now perhaps you will understand why the Russian foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, in early November, accused the West of interfering in Chechnya (see "Toward a New Multipolar World").

Now perhaps you will realize that the hatred of the Orthodox Christians, and of the Russians in particular, is an even stronger element of the NWO leaders, than is their greed (i.e., the business interests of the Princes on whose behalf the NWO politicians act). 

Ironically, this time anyway, patriots around the world should hope that the Princes' greed prevails over the NWO politicians' racism. 

Which is why the TiM editor told the national radio audience across America listening to yesterday's (Jan.4) Chuck Harder show that moving toward a multipolar world is good news for America.  That having some balance of power in the world is good for America.  That having a strong Russia, a predominantly Christian country like America, is good for America.  That having a Russian president who puts Russia's interests first, is good for America.  That such trends are only a threat to the unipolar New World Order plutocrats and their sponsors, the multinational companies – the Princes, who have been exploiting American taxpayers for their own neo-colonial purposes.  

Perhaps the only thing better than that would be having an American president who puts America first, such as Pat Buchanan is trying to do.  But in the absence of that, and until such time that the American people rise up themselves, the U.S. sovereignty and liberties are enhanced anytime someone, somewhere in the world stands up and challenges the un-American New World Order, as epitomized by the Clinton administration. 

This was evident by the outpouring of support across America for Serbia's valiant, if grossly uneven, 79-day resistance to NATO's version of NWO state terrorism.  And it would be even more so evident today, if the American people knew the truth about what Russia's Putin is trying to do.  But thanks to the NWO media's invisible truth blockade, for the most part, we are being kept in the dark.   Or just outright misled…

Which is why those who are interested in the "whole truth and nothing but the truth," should read on.... 


2. What Y2K Problem in Russia?

MOSCOW, Dec. 31 – In early September, the State Department issued a travel advisory, warning Americans against being in the countries, such as Russia, China or Pakistan, which were believed to be insufficiently prepared to deal with the Y2K bug.

Backing up its concern, in early November, the State Department announced it was pulling hundreds of its diplomats and their family members from Moscow, on account of its concern for the Y2K Bug.  And for those who chose to stay, it provided, at U.S. taxpayers' expense, of course, a stash of "survival goods."

Here's what Craig DeMott, an American living in Russia, wrote to us on Jan. 4, enclosing an advisory he had received from our embassy in Moscow:

"I just thought I d let you know about the supposed Y2K from Russia. Russia, as we were told from the experts, was in great danger from the Y2K. Well, I didn't believe this, and had told my friends, via email, this. I left my home on New Year s Eve, to be with some friends in a small village outside of Moscow. Before I left, I turned off my computer, as I usually do, against the advice of my friend. He said that he (had) heard from him computer techie, that computer should be turned off before 7.00am on (Dec) 31st, and not turned on till Jan. 2nd.

Electricity usually goes out now and then in Moscow, but this is for other reasons. In a small village, this is more of a problem. So, the following will give you (a feel for) how it was during the New Year in a (Russian) village.

Well, we were at the dinner table enjoying ourselves and watching old Boris hand over the reigns of government to Putin. Then the New Year came in. What happened? Not one thing unusual! The lights and TV was on, the telephones worked, and the only rockets that were fired were the bottle rockets. Even the lights on the Christmas tree in the village square were on.

The next morning, Sergei, whose home we were in, turned on his old 386 computer and there was no problem. He even connected to his e-mail. Keep in mind the lines in his village are very bad, but he was still able to do this.

When I got home (to Moscow) the next day, the computer came on as usual.

The Y2K, like so many other end of the world scams, was just that - a scam. Remember the Swine Flu scare of 1976. Then there was AIDS, where in 15 years millions of people would have died from it. I believe the purpose of all this is so the government has an excuse to control more of our lives, and for certain businesses to make a huge amount of money. 

Without a nationwide or worldwide scare, it would be hard for the government to justify the laws that they pass or the money they spend.

I read that some time ago, the US Embassy had sent most of its civil workers home.  As did such firms as Arthur Anderson and Price Waterhouse.  From an e-mail that I received from an embassy worker, here is a list of survival supplies our embassy had stocked. You might find this of interest.

'20000 Candles and boxes of matches

 20000 liters of mineral water

 10000 batteries for lamps

 300 generators

 20000 liters of fuel

 We wish a happy new year 2000 to everybody, from our bunker-embassy in Moscow ! Is there anybody still alive in Moscow?

 US Embassy staff'

 Hey, I think I'll ask if they want to sell any of these things cheap. Then I can go into business selling them.

If you fear the disruption of food distribution by man, what do you think would happen if God holds back the rain? And He has done that to nations, my friend. The sad thing is, that we fear everything but God.

Take care, God bless, and keep up the good work."

Backing up what Mr. DeMott had written above, this writer's daughter, and several of her American girlfriends, all graduates of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, had defied the State Department's warnings, and had chosen to await the Y2K on Dec. 31 in Moscow.  My daughter called me on her mobile phone, right from the Red Square among the noisy Russian revelers, about an hour or so after midnight Y2K, so we could laugh together at the State Department fools.  Or crooks.  Take your pick.


3. What Lack of Russian Support for the Serbs?

BELGRADE, Jan. 4 - Remember the supposed "ruin" of the Russian economy we keep hearing about in the western media?  It is another NWO-created myth.  Sure, that may be true by Wall Street's standards.  Which focus on one-third of the Russian economy.  And ignore the rest and the best two-thirds of it (i.e., its still mighty military-industrial complex) which is NOT available to foreign investments. 

The Russian Navy, especially its nuclear submarines, plus some of its latest long-range missiles, can run circles around the competitive NATO/NWO technologies, some of the TiM (western!) military experts tell us.  But we, the suckers who pay for the NWO techno-trash, including the Y2K-hype, aren't supposed to know that.  We are supposed to believe our military technology is superior.  So that the Princes/"death merchants" could keep siphoning off tax dollars from our wallets.  And then have the gall export them to places like China.  Or to Israel (which, in turn, also happily trades with China – see "Israel Stabs America in the Back").

Just to illustrate the extent to which we are being kept in the dark by the NWO media, consider the following examples.  We are sure that the TiM readers are among the best-informed people on global or on Russian affairs. Yet did you hear, for example, that in mid-December, the prime minister Putin (now Russia's president) had ordered all Russian state accounts pulled out of the private commercial banks? 

No?  Then perhaps you should dispatch a bunch of angry letters to our not-so-free "free press?"

For, could that be that that's why the NWO Rockefeller (Chase Manhattan Bank – for Americans with temporary amnesia) rent-a-brains, such as Brzezinski, are now squealing against Putin as a "KGB agent?" 

If still in doubt, ask yourself:  Why have the American "free press" reported that the customs duties have been removed between Russia and Serbia (and Byelorussia) on Dec. 14, allowing a free flow of goods and services between the three countries?  Or that Serbia is now on a special regime of expedited oil and gas deliveries from Russia - in direct contravention of the UN/US embargo?  Or the fact that there are now probably more senior Serb officers working (i.e., being trained) in Moscow, Chelyabinsk or Rostov than in Serbia?  Or that a new Russian military doctrine is in the works?

Trust we don't need to explain to you, the sophisticated TiM readers, what these five news items mean, when put together? Especially after the Russians sent Clinton's Russia dough-boy, Strobe Talbott, packing with his tail between his legs after he had come to beg for an amendment to the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty.  And when the foreign minister, Igor Ivanov said, speaking in Belgrade in late December, that Russia's relations with NATO "are sinking to a new low." 

And why such SEARING HOT news items are not being reported by the NWO establishment media in the West. Because that would be bad news for the NWO "death merchants" business.

As a Russian TiM reader put it, a former military officer, upon reading the text of the TiM editor's recent speech in Canada, "you were right in your lecture in Toronto.  Kosovo is Serbia, and Russia is in unpaid debt to the Serbs, who shook her out of her criminal and treacherous slumber.  Such debts are not paid in stocks.  They are paid in blood.  It will not take another 600 years (for you) to win Kosovo back."

He added that, "thanks to Serbia's dazzling heroism and her stand against the military monstrosity of NATO, within 78 days, it electrified the air in Russia and changed the long-term political dynamics in the country.  Prior to this, many people could not define their attitudes to the West.  Today, it is very clear cut: 85% of Russians hate the USA. We all know what to do today. The old myths and delusions are gone. So much for the 'superficiality' of Russo-Serbian relations."

Just ask Putin.  And remember, his name is pronounced Poo-tin, NOT Ras-pootin (Rasputin), as William Safire, another Russophobe writing for the New York Times, suggests in his today's column, "Rhymes with Rasputin." 

But Safire has done us all at least one favor.  He has let his hatred of the Russians prevail over his better judgment.  Instead of joining the crowd, and helping spread perfidious lies, as his fellow-NWO journalists and the Clinton administration officials are doing - claiming that Washington is supposedly Russia's friend (while the NWO Princes loot and starve that nation with their "reforms"), Safire calls a spade a spade. He sized up Putin as "a cunning and energetic adversary."   Which is why Safire urged that "we should do nothing to finance his clique's power or further his tiger's ride."

Here we go again, "sanctions, sanctions"... and "bombs away" - a two-note NWO foreign policy. It'll be interesting to see how that'll work if the Washington madmen dare deploy it against Russia.


4. U.S. Plans to Unseat Milosevic?

MOSCOW, Dec 30 - Russia's Defense Ministry has information that the United States is developing a plan to unseat Yugoslavian President Slobodan Milosevic and further partition the country, the Russian military and diplomatic sources told Itar-Tass news agency.

The sources said "a US operation on further division of Yugoslavia may begin in March-April 2000 with the deployment of NATO troops in Montenegro."

To lend "a democratic appearance" to the overthrow of Milosevic, US representatives are now actively working with the Yugoslavia's opposition. According to Russian sources, the US has stepped up the volume of financial assistance to opposition forces in the country.

The US Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, is the main strategist of the plan, the sources said, adding that American strategists assume that Russia will be too preoccupied with Chechnya to attend to Yugoslavia.

Russian military experts said the US and NATO, while realizing their failure in the Yugoslav settlement, are "trying to "make international noise" in connection with Russia's actions in Chechnya.

If the US implements its plans on Yugoslavia, the Balkans will slip into a spell of "stable instability", while for Russia, the threat of NATO expansion will become real, the experts said.


TiM Ed.: Well, the Balkans have been already under an NWO-imposed "spell of stable instability" ever since the Washington/New York West Side Gang gained the upper hand against the Soviet Kremlin criminals, some 10 years or so ago.  So nothing new on that eastern NWO front, either. 

The "new news," if any, in this report is that it confirms the timing of the next phase of NATO's aggression against Serbia (about which we have already told you) – probably in the spring of this year.  And from both the Montenegrin port of Bar, and from the NWO vassal country - Macedonia.

Now, having said that, check back with us after the Mar. 26 Russian elections.  We have a sense that in the foreseeable future after that, there will be no NWO, NATO, U.S., or any other western belligerent troops in Serbia.

And that after Chechnya, comes Kosovo…  What goes around, comes around. "It ain't over till it's over," as Yogi Berra put it.  The NWO colonists should have thought about that before they started their Balkan invasions. They should have known that the region is notorious as a graveyard of empires.   So why not the NWO empire, too? "Ashes to ashes; dust to dust; stench to stench…"

The "Big Zbig," the "Madam Halfbright," the "Adolf Clinton," the "Rocky," and other NWO high priests of hate and murder of innocent people - had better keep their heads down. Justice may be served sooner than many thought.


5. Nedic at the White House

PHOENIX, Dec. 29 – In our Dec. 29 TiM GW Bulletin, "Cavorting with the Enemy", we said that, if we can get the photos, we would post the picture of the American war hero, Mike Nedic, trying to return his "bronze medal" to Bill Clinton at the White House on Apr. 6, 1999.  Well, now you can see them.  Just click on the above headline.

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