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TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-1

July 1, 1998

Imagine Shakespeare Being Banned in England; Goethe in Germany; Tolstoy in Russia; Voltaire in France; Dante in Italy... Well, It's Happened...

New World Order's Inquisition in Bosnia

The Hague Tribunal Claims Another Victim



PHOENIX - Imagine Shakespeare being banned in England; Goethe in Germany; Tolstoy in Russia; Voltaire in France; Dante in Italy; Steinbeck in America... What's the world coming to? Are we returning to the Spanish Inquisition era? Or to the communist/fascist "inter-war" period which preceded World War II?

The answer is - no! It's even worse than that. Neither the Austrian emperors, nor Hitler or Mussolini, nor Tito (the Yugoslav communist dictator) had the audacity to do something like that when they occupied and ruled Yugoslavia. But a U.S.-sponsored, Spanish inquisitor had just done it in Bosnia - in an inimical Big Brother style.

Carlos Westendorp, the neo-colonial "governor" of Bosnia, an NWO-stitched-together "country," has just outlawed the use of the famous Serb poet Njegos in the schools' textbooks. His reason? "Because Njegos' poems might offend the national feelings of the Muslims," the Spanish inquisitor reportedly said. As if that weren't bad enough, Westendorp also added that Njegos was "an ideologue of ethnic cleansing."

Well, maybe some forget-nothing; know-nothing globalist liberals might swallow this load of rubbish as gospel truth. But no knowledgeable person would.

For, Petar II Petrovic Njegos (pronounced "Nyegosh") was a 19th century Serbian poet, bishop and statesman from Montenegro, a tiny province on the Adriatic Sea which he ruled from 1830 to 1851. Njegos is the greatest Serbian poet that ever lived. His epic, salt-of-the-earth poems, like the "The Mountain Wreath," for example, published in 1837 in Vienna, synthesized much of the wisdom of the people, and became a key literary symbol of the Serbs' long struggle for freedom (maybe that's what grated on the Spanish inquisitor?). Had he lived in the 20th century, Njegos could have easily won the highest honors awarded by (unpoliticized) literary juries. There is hardly a Serb anywhere in the world who could not quote at least some passages from "The Mountain Wreath." Such as...

wpe5.jpg (7603 bytes) Black clouds had veil'd our kindly sun;

Upon our hills had darkness come;

Before our Alter flicker'd faint the lamp,

And broken every gousle's tuneful string.

The woodland nymphs had hidden in dark caves,

In fear and dread of either moon or sun.

In many a breast was aspiration fled,

Brave hearts were mourning Liberty as dead -

Gone as the sun's red glow forsakes the mountain crest,

Or sinks beneath dark waves far down the west!

And that's "ethnic cleansing ideology?" At the time of Njegos' writings, many Serb lands were still struggling to throw off the (Turkish) Ottoman yoke, after five centuries of its brutal rule in the Balkans. Njegos' verses no more advocated "ethnic cleansing" than did the Declaration of Independence or our Bill of Rights. Just as a British colony rose up to free itself from an oppressive British crown in 1776, so did the Serbs against the Ottoman sultan in 1804, and in several subsequent uprisings. Just as the American Revolution sent an awe-inspiring message to freedom-loving people around the world, so did Njegos' verses to the Balkan people struggling to free themselves from foreign occupiers.

And that's what the Bosnian Serb children are not supposed to learn in school? That their ancestors rose up against tyranny, as the American ancestors did, roughly at the same time? Why not? So that the NATO occupying force could continue to rule the Serbs in Bosnia with an iron fist and without much opposition?

By evicting Njegos from Bosnian textbooks, NATO's Spanish inquisitor has showed us the real ugly face of the NWO. What will come next? Could this be a prelude to the globalist elite's effort to eradicate patriotic texts from America's schools, just as they have already done with the Lord's prayer? (Which, by the way, Westendorp had also ordered eliminated from the Bosnian Serb schools, along with the scriptures classes).

And so, the process of "dumbing down of America" (see my Washington Times column, "Dancing 'round the Golden Calf," 8/31/97) is now evidently being exported around the world. As is our "demo farce" (see my Washington Times column, "The Demo Farce and the American Century, 11/16/96). National cultures, religions, symbols and pride - are all among the victims of such exports, as the NWO plutocrats pursue their strategy of trying to transform the once proud people into nations of mutts, and the nations of mutts into a world of morons.

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963) would have loved it! (author of the "Brave New World").


The Hague Tribunal Claims Another Victim:


THE HAGUE, Netherlands - Slavko Dokmanovic, the former Serb mayor of Vukovar who was tricked, kidnapped, and shipped off to the "NWO Bastille" in the Hague a year ago, committed suicide in his prison cell on June 29, a year after he was abducted by 20 masked New World Order commandos (see an excerpt from the TiM GW Bulletin 97/6-8, 6/29/98, at the end of this article). The 48-year old Dokmanovic was suffering from severe depression, and had tried to kill himself before during the year he had spent in jail.

No wonder he was depressed, considering the secret indictment, illegal arrest, and a kangaroo trial during which "detailed evidence against Mr. Dokmanovic was scant," according a June 30 New York Times report. His death seems to have been greeted almost with a sense of relief by some War Crimes Tribunal officials. "There will be no verdict now, and the case is herewith terminated," Christian Chartier, a Tribunal spokesman, told the New York Times.

In Serbia, the news of Dokmanovic's suicide produced some angry reactions, even among the relatively moderate opposition parties. The Democratic Party of Serbia, for example, issued a statement on June 30 headlined, "No Fair Play for Serbs," in which it condemned the International Court's "justice:"

"From beginning to end, this has been a manipulated show trial. Yet, despite of it all, Dokmanovic (defense) proved his innocence. His tragic end, however, shows that there is no fair play or due process of law available to the Serbs being tried at the Hague Tribunal... It was obvious that Dokmanovic had to be condemned at any cost."

By the way, notice the "able to prove his innocence" part in the above statement? According to the U.S. law, one is innocent until proven guilty. Guess in the NWO courts, as in the U.S. IRS tax trials, one is assumed guilty until proven innocent. No wonder Dokmanovic was depressed and traumatized by the whole experience.

"Democratic Party of Serbia has been pointing out all along that the Hague Tribunal is not a legal, but a political institution," the statement concluded. "A tragic end of Slavko Dokmanovic offers the best proof of it."

In February 1996, two unindicted senior Serb military officials were similarly kidnapped and whisked off to the Hague, where they were held illegally without charges. Gen. Djordje Djukic was later released on account of his poor health. He died in April 1996 of cancer (see "Mockery of Justice," TiM Bulletin 96-02, 2/22/96). In January 1997, Dr. Nikola Koljevic, vice president of the Bosnian Serb Republic and one of the chief Serb negotiators at Dayton, also committed suicide (see TiM GW Bulletin 97/1-4, 1/18/97). His motives were unclear.

An Excerpt from TiM GW Bulletin 97/6-8, 29-Jun-97

VUKOVAR - Slavko Dokmanovic, 47, the former Serb mayor of Vukovar, a town in Eastern Slavonia, former Yugoslavia, which gained notoriety during the civil war in Croatia in 1991, was invited by Jacques Klein, the head of UNTAES (a United Nations authority policing this predominantly Serb-populated region), to a meeting. As he crossed the Danube (river) on June 27, Dokmanovic was seized and handcuffed by about 20 masked gunmen, according to the mayor's security chief, Mr. Knezevic, who was with the mayor at the time. Later on the same the day, the United Nations reported that Dokmanovic was taken to the UN war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.

It was only then that we learned the suspect was supposedly indicted by the UN Kangaroo Court on March 26, 1996. Dokmanovic's indictment was issued secretly, according to the Associated Press. No details of the charges against Dokmanovic were available.

Ever heard of secret indictments? Unspecified charges?

We haven't. Not until now.

Frankly, this kind of "law enforcement" sounds to us more like "law entrapment." The suspect had no idea he was a suspect. He is lured by the top UN official in the region to a meeting with what is effectively the head of a foreign occupying force in this country. Masked gunmen snatch the suspect and whisk him out of the country whose laws SPECIFICALLY PROHIBIT extraditions of its nationals to the jurisdiction of foreign powers.

And that's "law enforcement?" You and I might be next on the list of the "secretly indicted" enemies of the NWO. The Nazi or the Soviet police chiefs might have been proud of the kind of "international justice" being practiced by the UN/NWO.

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