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TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-6

Dec. 17, 1999

Chirac, Yeltsin and Jiang Sing Similar Tunes

Toward a New Multipolar World of the New Millennium

Pat Buchanan Only Patriotic American Candidate


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PHOENIX, Dec. 17 - What a send-off into the new Millennium! A one-note Clinton administration strategy for global domination - bombs, bombs and bombs… Followed by a one-note "foreign policy" - sanctions, sanctions, and sanctions…

No wonder the louder the globalists' stooges in Washington are shouting, "we are in charge here," lamely mimicking one Alexander Haig, secretary of state when President Ronald Reagan was shot in March 1981, fewer people are listening. And more and more are looking for a way out of the unipolar New World Order of the 1990s.

Nor are we talking about some disgruntled blue collar workers, such as in the Battle in Seattle protests against the World Trade Organization (WTO) earlier this month. In an unusually candid interview with the New York Times, published today (Dec. 17), the French president Jacques Chirac, said that a return to a new multipolar world is "inevitable."

And who might be the powers opposing the current NWO Washington's dominance? "China, India, Europe (as Mr. Chirac believes) and Russia (according to Foreign Minister Hubert Védrine) will all be great powers in the next century," he told the Times.

Which is exactly what we had said in a series of articles on global geopolitical issues, dating all the way back toFisherGreens.jpg (8040 bytes) April 1995 (see "New Drang Nach Osten," Apr. 19, 1995, "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing," July 1998, and others - just search our Web site for additional examples). Except that now you don't have to take only our word for it. Monsieur Chirac, now in his fifth year of a presidential term which ends in 2002, also thinks so.

Plus you may also check out the disdainful manner in which the German foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, referred to the Washington global troublemakers "Big Brother." His term, not ours (see S99-151, KFOR "Peacefarce" 45).  For his subservience to Washington, Fischer had to endure the humiliation of being pelted with red paint by his own party - the Greens (see "German Greens Paint Leader Red," S99-77, Day 51, Update 2, May 13 and the photo to the right).

Comrades Boris Yeltsin and Jiang Zemin, also dished it out to Clinton et. al., even more publicly than Fischer. In a recent (Dec. 9) Sino-Russian summit in Beijing, the Russian and the Chinese presidents crowned a continued warming of the relations between the two countries with a jiang-yeltsin.jpg (36955 bytes)bear hug (see the photo).

At the Beijing summit, even the Russian NWO quisling-in-chief, Yeltsin, engaged in tough anti-Washington talk, having had his back stiffened recently by the Russian military. He warned the United States against trying to put pressure on the nuclear-power Russia over its military campaign in Chechnya.

"(U.S. President Bill) Clinton allowed himself to pressurize Russia yesterday," the Interfax news agency quoted Yeltsin as saying in reference to Clinton's tough remarks on Chechnya. "He must have forgotten for a moment what Russia is. It has a full arsenal of nuclear weapons."

And putting its money where Yeltsin's mouth was, Russia launched with fanfare its newest strategic nuclear weapon on Dec. 14. It soared eastward across 3,400 miles and seven time zones, landing as programmed in a target range on Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula just short of Alaska.

But its true impact was directed westward toward the American heartland, now shown to be within easy range of the versatile Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile.

This awesome display of force came only four days after Yeltsin, outraged at President Clinton's criticism of his war to suppress the breakaway Caucasian republic of Chechnya, placed Russia's nuclear missiles on full war footing.

In a move intended to signal that Russia means business, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, whose popularity soared for his tough stance in the Chechen war, made a display of being on hand to witness the Topol-M blast off. He issued a blast of his own when he said Russia "will use all diplomatic and military-political levers in its disposal" to resist the American president's "interfering" in Chechnya.

"The diplomatic levers are clear," Putin said, "and as for the military ones, Tuesday's successful launch of the Topol-M intercontinental ballistic missile is one of them.

In early November, Russia's foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, accused the West of interfering in Chechnya. Some of the Islamic insurgents had been trained in Bosnia, an NWO vassal country now under NATO's occupation, before being sent to fight against the Russian forces in Chechnya, according to a Nov. 10 Agence France Presse report.

At the international level, the "comprehensive strategic relationship" between Beijing and Moscow seems an effective way to thwart the "anti-China containment policy," spearheaded by the U.S. and its allies, according to the Beijing sources.

Both Beijing and Moscow are convinced of Washington's bid to build a unipolar world, a code word for world domination. In Europe, the United States is perpetrating its "hegemonism" via NATO, the Beijing sources told Agence France Presse on Dec. 15. And in the Asia-Pacific region, a quasi-Asian NATO in the form of military links with Japan, South Korea, Australia and other countries.

"Jiang and Yeltsin have settled on a division of labor with Moscow combating NATO and the 'Asian NATO'," a Beijing-based diplomat said.

Other Russian news agencies carried similar reports, saying Yeltsin deliberately stopped to make his remarks after a meeting with the chairman of China's National People's Congress, Li Peng. "This has not happened in the past and it won't happen (again) that he (Clinton) will dictate to people how to live,'' the Interfax quoted Yeltsin as also saying.

"Everything will be as I agreed with (Chinese President) Jiang Zemin,'' Yeltsin continued. "We will dictate how to live, not him.''

It is most ironic and indicative of the perverse times in which we live that Chirac, Yeltsin and Jiang are singing a similar tune, though to a different drum beat, as is the most patriotic American presidential candidate the country has had in several decades - Pat Buchanan. Who, by the way, never misses a chance to assail the communist China, such as on the occasion of the Panama Canal's turnover earlier this week, for example.

How can that be? Easy. The whole world has been turned on its head by the NWO government and media perverts. As this writer had said in both of his Washington wartime speeches:

"This is no longer a government 'OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people.' This is a government OF and FOR awto-1.jpg (29421 bytes) group of bankers, 'death merchants' and other industrialists, run BY corrupt politicians, like Bill Clinton. And it is a government AGAINST the interests of the American people."

Tens of thousands of Seattle anti-WTO demonstrators proved that on Dec. 1 (see the photos). As did tens of thousands of anti-NATO protesters in Washington on June 5 (see S99-105, Day 79, Update 1, Item 1).

wto-2.jpg (27579 bytes)So by definition, anyone who opposes such an "evil, genocidal, parasitic, Machiavellian military-industrial-financial complex enriching itself on the backs of other fellow-humans' pain and suffering," must be a "red-bloodied American" of the George Washington kind. Even in the French, German, Russian, Chinese or Serb uniforms.

Not that long ago (in 1983), President Reagan justifiably called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire. In both of my Washington speeches I also said that now, "Washington is the seat of an Evil Empire." Especially after its murderous attacks on innocent civilians in Iraq, Serbia and elsewhere with both bombs and sanctions.

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Buchanan seems to agree. "Sanctions may fairly be called America's silent weapon of mass destruction whose victims are almost always the weak, the sick, the women and the young," Pat Buchanan railed in his Dec. 16 speech at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington.

In his address, this Reform Party candidate vowed that as president he would end all sanctions depriving food, medicine and other basic necessities to the suffering subjects of rogue nations.

Speaking of Serbia, Mr. Buchanan criticized the Clinton administration for first "smashing" the country with a 78-day bombing campaign, and then denying Serbs heating oil and aid in removing the debris of war. "This immoral policy shames us (Americans) as a people," Buchanan said. "We are putting old men, women, and children under a sentence of death for failing to do what NATO itself could not do: overthrow Slobodan Milosevic."

Dictatorial governments do not justify sanctions, Buchanan said, adding, "No one has deputized America to play Wyatt Earp to the world."

Well, maybe the Princes have? After all, the "Princes of the 20th Century," the multinational companies whose interests the "American" establishment politicians serve, stand to gain from the "globocop" role which they want Washington to play. They use the American taxpayers' money (and lives of our soldiers) to further their corporate goals, through a "perpetual commerce through perpetual war" strategy. Both bombs and sanctions are at the core of their One World domination plans.

As are police states controlled by their minions…

If you're upset with what happened in Seattle, where the U.S. Constitution was shredded amid a hail of police rubberwto-3.jpg (20210 bytes) bullets tear gas canisters, you should be outraged by what happened in Argentina today (Dec. 17), another NWO vassal country which has just had a change in its "democratically elected" government.

Two men were shot and killed in clashes between the Argentinean paramilitary police and public servants, including teachers, demanding overdue pay in the northern province of Corrientes, 600 miles north of Buenos Aires. Both men, aged 18 and 26, died after being shot in the chest, according to a Reuters' news report.

"Gendarmes," who are controlled by the federal government, had been sent by the newly "elected" president Fernando de la Rua, to "keep peace" in lieu of the civilian police. Corrientes' public servants have not been paid since April, putting this NWO legacy squarely on the shoulders of the former Argentine president Carlos Menem (see "Don't Cry for Me Argentina," TiM GW Bulletin 98/2-2, Feb. 14, 1998).

Which suggests that happened in Seattle earlier this month is a child's play by comparison. For now…

Because the NWO leaders, and their academic apologists, such as Prof. Samuel Huntington, for example, aren't getting it! Or at least not the whole story. This is not only about Iraq, Serbia, Chechnya, Argentina, etc. It's also about the good old United States of America! The (once) America the Beautiful! Before alien money and agents took over our government.

Huntington's Dec. 16 New York Times OpEd piece, "A Local Front of a Global War,", states correctly that, "the age of multicivilizational empires is over." Whereupon he arrogantly lectures Russia over Chechnya to hold up Turkey's Kemal Ataturk as an example, because he supposedly dismantled the Ottoman Empire!?

Ataturk is one of the biggest genocidal butchers of the 20th century, responsible for the slaughter of about one-and-a-half-million of (Christian) Armenians. Among his other crimes, are some committed against the Greek (also Christian) minority in Turkey. And that's whom Huntington wants Russia should hold up as an example?

Meanwhile, Huntington can't see the forest for the trees. He loses sight of a bigger picture which emerges from his own comments. If the "the age of multicivilizational empires is over," as he put it, and we agree, then which is the world biggest "multicivilizational empire" which will collapse as a result?

The good old United States of America (see this writer's Washington Times column, "When Cultures Collide…" - Aug. 18, 1996). Now Washington is merely an outpost of an anti-Christian reincarnation of George III's "taxation without representation."

No wonder Chirac, Fischer, Yeltsin, Jiang or Buchanan, not to mention the humble yours truly, find themselves on the same wave length, even though few of such otherwise varied adversaries are willing to admit that. That's because George Washington America's greatest enemies are within. They do not reside in Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Belgrade or Beijing. Most live in the "tristates" around New York or Washington.

Maybe Americans anxious to win back their country, along with the U.S. Constitution which has been so thoroughly emasculated by the NWO, should focus on the Northeast, rather than on the Northwest? (as in the case of WTO). If we are to win our God-given rights and liberties back.

Derailing the WTO in Seattle was a good start. But the R&R - the Rex and the Regina of the New World Order - the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers - are at the core of the Northeast establishment. As are the thousands of their R&R minions. Including Bill and Hillary Clinton, the Bush League Bush's… the Forbes's… John McCain, Arizona's fraud hero… Al Gore… - all horses running for the same stable owners in a "demo farce" into which our political system has evolved!

No wonder all of them gang up against patriotic presidential candidates, such as Buchanan. No wonder that the only credible opposition to this unipolar NWO world today exists overseas.

The next century will inevitably become a multipolar world, just as France's Chirac predicted. And just as the early 20th century turned out to be. The only question is, will it happen after another world war? Or by peaceful means?

Americans who prefer the latter, should renounce all establishment parties' presidential candidates - Republicans or Democrats. And throw their support behind the only candidate who is fighting to win back our Constitution and our birth rights, such as life, liberty and pursuit of happiness - Pat Buchanan. We did.

In a TiM GW Bulletin, "Buchanan Jumps the GOP Ship," filed from Australia in late October, this writer said:

"On this day, Wednesday, Oct. 27, 1999, this proud American is publicly resigning his party membership in the GOP, and declaring that as soon as he is back in the States from this 'round the world trip, he intends to complete the necessary paperwork for becoming a voting member of the Reform Party of America."

That formality is now done. And the TiM editor is one of the newest members of the Reform Party. Go Pat go!

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