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March 1999


By Bob Djurdjevic

"Bosnia II" is in the making in the Serbian province of Kosovo. The U.S. government officials are stoking the fires of yet another civil war while publicly opposing it. Just as they kept adding fuel to the ethnic fire in Bosnia while claiming to douse it.

Why are they doing it? Because "perpetual war for perpetual commerce" is the true motto of the New World Order. When peace broke out at the end of Cold War, it sounded a death knell for the death merchants' businesses. So Washington's crisis factory went to work, manufacturing conflicts in strategic places around the world. Is there any wonder that the latest series of the Balkan civil wars, for example, started in June 1991, a year and a half after CIA predicted that a civil war would break out in the former Yugoslavia?

And so the beat went on… Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and now Kosovo.

But what does Kosovo have to do with Bosnia? Well, Richard Holbrooke, the "father of the Dayton Agreement" which ended the Bosnian war in Nov. 1995, inserted a clause in it about Kosovo. Resolving the Kosovo problems was one of the conditions for lifting the so-called outer sanctions on Serbia (read availability of NWO funds). Explosives intended to trigger another ethnic conflict were set. All that was left was to light the fuse when the time was right.

Nor is this hindsight. In a Dec. 7, 1995 Arizona Republic column, "Dayton Sellout," this writer called the planned Kosovo explosion a part of the "Green Interstate" strategy, building of an ethnic/geopolitical highway stretching from Bihac in western Bosnia, to Karachi in Pakistan: Its purpose:

(1) Connecting NATO West with NATO East (Turkey); (2) Projecting the Islamic influence into the soft underbelly of predominantly Christian Europe and Russia (Albanians, like the Chechens, are predominantly Muslim).

Serbia has the geographic misfortune of intersecting the "Green Interstate." And Kosovo, a southern province of Serbia, happens to lie right on this demographic and geopolitical fault line.

And so, for at least the seventh time in the last 12 months, a "Wag the Dog"-type diversion tactics unfolded in mid-January. Just as the outrageous Anglo-American bombing of Iraq in mid-December was intended to distract the public's attention from the impeachment proceedings in the U.S. House of Representatives, so was the alleged "Serb massacre" at Racak designed to outrage the world, a prelude to a military occupation of Kosovo by NATO, claiming another colony for the NWO imperialists.

This time, William Walker, an American diplomat, held center stage. "(Walker's) condemnation (of the Yugoslav government forces for the January 15 Racak 'massacre') was total, irrevocable," noted Le Monde on Jan. 21, a French publication which has been generally anti-Serb in the past. "And yet questions remain. How could the Serb police have gathered a group of men and led them calmly toward the execution site while they were constantly under fire from KLA fighters? … Why so few cartridges around the corpses, so little blood in the hollow road where twenty three people are supposed to have been shot at close range with several bullets in the head? Rather, weren't the bodies of the Albanians killed in combat by the Serb police gathered into the ditch to create a horror scene which was sure to have an appalling effect on public opinion?"

Le Figaro, another French media outlet, expressed similar doubts about Walker's claims in its Jan. 20 edition:

" The most disturbing fact is that the pictures filmed by the AP TV journalists -- which Le Figaro was shown yesterday -- radically contradict that version…. Watching from below, next to the mosque, the AP journalists understood that the KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) guerrillas, encircled, were trying desperately to break out. A score of them in fact succeeded, as the police themselves admitted. What really happened? During the night, could the KLA have gathered the bodies, in fact killed by Serb bullets, to set up a scene of cold-blooded massacre? A disturbing fact: Saturday morning the journalists found only very few cartridges around the ditch where the massacre supposedly took place."

Walker should be getting used to by now having "atrocities" blow in his face. Back in the early 1980s, he was the State Department's point-man in Central America. Except that back then, he was protecting the thugs who committed atrocities on behalf of the U.S.-supported governments. In 1988, for example, Walker became ambassador to El Salvador, where the army's brutality had grown more selective, but had by no means ended.

Here is an excerpt from, "Irony at Racak: Tainted U.S. Diplomat Condemns Massacre" - an expose on Walker written by Don North, an American journalist who was in El Salvador at the time. The story was published by The Consortium, a Virginia-based media organization whose motto is "restoring honest journalism:"

"On Nov. 16, 1989, uniformed soldiers from the notorious Atlacatl Battalion dragged six Jesuit priests, their housekeeper and her 15-year-old daughter from their beds. The soldiers forced the victims to the ground and then executed them with high-powered rifles at close range, literally blowing their brains out.

The evidence pointed to the Salvadoran army and implicated the high command. But Walker defended Col. Rene Emilio Ponce, the Salvadoran army chief of staff, a U.S. favorite. 'Management control problems exist in a situation like this,' Walker said at a news conference.

On the wider repression of Salvadoran dissidents, Walker stated that 'I'm not condoning it, but in times like these of great emotion and great anger, things like this happen'." [AP, Dec. 5, 1989]

So what's sauce for the goose, isn't sauce for the gander. In Central America Walker helped cover up atrocities; in Kosovo, he is helping manufacture them.

And what actually happened?

"Witnesses allege the attackers wore both police and army uniforms and wore Balaclava helmets (knitted face-mask caps) to mask their identities…," said Ben Works, a Vietnam veteran, now a New York-based political analyst and commentator on CBS radio.

"Villagers said armed Serbs wearing black masks had burst into their houses on Friday, seized the men from their families and led them toward the police station. Then they had turned and herded them up the hill to kill them, the villagers reported…" (an excerpt from a London Times report).

"Anyone can get uniforms. The fact that they [the killers] were dressed in military uniforms was not proof that they were military." (an excerpt from a Washington Post report).

Now, here's a little secret. The Works' quote dates back to September 1998, the last time around a "Serb massacre" in Drenica, Kosovo, Serbia, was committed by men in black so as to justify the then threat of NATO bombing. The Times' paragraph, however, is a quote from the Jan. 17, 1999 edition of the London Times about the "Racak massacre." The Post's quote, on the other hand, is what William Walker told Rep. Joseph Moakley, D-Mass., on Jan. 2, 1990, in defense of the El Salvador government forces accused of murdering the Jesuit priests [WP, March 21, 1993]

Which, of course, doesn't prove anything. The Milosevic troops certainly could have committed such the Racak crime - on orders from high up (all the way to Washington?). For, just as Saddam in the December bombing by the U.S. and Britain, only Milosevic and the KLA (Albanian) terrorists have to gain from such massacres. The Serbian people certainly do not; the American people certainly do not; and least of all, the dead Albanians certainly do not.

In fact, Milosevic and Saddam are Clinton's best pals. Any time he is in trouble with the American people, they "miraculously" manage to help him. Another crisis is ginned up. To the death merchants' delight.

A combination of Muslim and western 'black ops' types had similarly provided a 'justification' for the genocidal U.N. sanctions against Serbia with the infamous 'bread line' massacre in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in May 1992. And they had repeated their heinous 'made for TV killings' of real human beings many times since, including those at the Sarajevo Markale market in February 1994. And again in August 1995. The latter gave NATO the pretext for bombing of the Bosnian Serbs into submission during September 1995 in the largest display of military might since the Gulf War.

If Washington's crisis manufacturing weren't so tragic, it would be boringly pathetic. For, it has become so predictable. Even the densest of the dense defensive players, no matter what the sport, would not fall for the same fake seven times in a row. Yet, the Clinton administration is acting is if the American public is even more dense than that.

For the sake of the thousands of innocent civilians around the world who have paid with their lives so that the New World Order can advance its genocidal agenda - the Bosnian Muslims, Croats, Serbs, as well as the Iraqis, Kenyans, Somalis, Afghanis, Russians, Chechens, Koreans… etc. - let us hope that one of these days, the New World Order's leaders get to stand trial for crimes against humanity, not just impeachment. Perhaps the "World Court" which they helped create - the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague - could be the right venue?

Of course, only after the politicized judges which they had appointed are first removed. What was Louise Arbour, a Canadian and the chief Hague prosecutor, doing at the Macedonia-Kosovo border the weekend of the "Racak massacre?" Just happened to be strolling along? [Serb authorities had refused her entry, by the way]. Or waiting for her turn in the "save Clinton" campaign? So much filth; so little truth…


Bob Djurdjevic is an internationally published writer and founder of the Truth in Media, a Phoenix, Arizona-based non-profit organization (

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