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Dec. 22, 1999

To: The Wall Street Journal

Albright's State, Soros' Estate?

Re. "U.S. Blocks $500M Aid Deal for Russians," a WSJ story (Dec. 22, 1999)



Ned Crabb, Letters Editor


New York, NY

Here's a $500 million-question for you: Since when do the U.S. national interests coincide with private affairs of business tycoons?

Answer: Since yesterday, Tuesday, Dec. 21, 1999.

For, that's when our Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, blocked a $500 million loan guarantee by the U.S. Export-Import Bank to the Russian company, Tyumen Oil, invoking the 1978 Chafee Amendment, i.e., claiming that the deal was supposedly contrary to the U.S. national interests.

Albright's move is the latest example of abuse of power and public office by the Clinton administration officials. For, the only entities which benefit from it are one George Soros, a business tycoon, and BP Amoco, a foreign-owned multinational. Certainly not the United States of America, whose interests these officials have sworn to uphold.

If in doubt, consider what the Ex-Im loan guarantee was to be used for. Tyumen wants to buy American-made oil equipment and services! About $295 million from the Dallas-based Halliburton; and some $203 million from ABB Lummus Global of Bloomfield, NJ. And that's protecting the U.S. national interests? No wonder Mrs. Albright's detractors call her Madam Halfbright.

But the Secretary is "Madam Fullbright" when it comes to knowing which side the Clinton administration's bread is buttered on.

And which side is that? Amazingly, the same as that of the self-proclaimed "conservative" voice in the media, one Wall Street Journal, judging by some omissions from your news story "U.S. Blocks $500M Aid Deal for Russians" (International Page, Dec. 22, 1999).

The Journal never mentions, for example, that George Soros is an investor in a company which Tyumen has been trying to acquire. Why not?

Nor that Soros, as well as BP Amoco, have been using high-powered lobbyists to bring about this Halbright decision. Why not?

Nor that the "troika" (BP, Soros, Tyumen) have been embroiled in a classic commercial dispute for over a year. Why not?

Because none of the above has anything even remotely to do with the U.S. national interests? True. But silence is acquiescence.

The Journal's cover-up-by-omission suggests that your paper seems to be representing the same interests as our sorry Foggy Bottom secretary of the Soros Estate seems to be doing - those of George-the-Shark's and BP's, rather than those of the American people - your readers.

For, as a result of this State Dept. decision, the deficit-ridden U.S. economy will be deprived of another $500 million of exports which it badly needs, so as to offset some of the soaring imports from the Clinton administration's "most favorite nations," such as China, for example. And stave off Clinton's most favorite export - American jobs.

If the Journal were really a voice of "conservative" business interests in America, it would have screamed bloody murder on account of the former travesty (export of goods restriction), if not the latter (export of jobs).

Thankfully, the Journal's silence and acquiescence has at least one redeeming virtue. Now we know for sure whose interests both the State Dept. and the Journal serve: Those of George. Not the magazine's. And not George-the-Washington's. Those of George-the-Shark's. Who hails from a state called Soros. Not a part of the United States. It's an alien state (of mind). To most Americans…

Merry Christmas, Ned! I suspect you keep looking out your window at the fading Miss Liberty - wistfully and misty-eyed? For her image is getting more blurred with each passing year of the New World Order era. Blurred by its moral, not only physical, pollution.

Time to wipe off the mist from our eyes? And feed the wist in our hearts? By slaying the beast of the NWO?  What a Christmas gift that would be...

Best regards,

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Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media

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