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TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-8

Feb. 25, 1999

Reese: "Implications of this (Clinton) insanity are enormous and bad"

On the Brink of Madness

Maher: "Cloning murderous and suicidal policies"

Szepesi: "Don't they read any history at all?"


"50% of Americans in a poll do not know where to find Kosovo on a map; 54% favor sending US troops there."

Source: CBS Radio World News, Feb. 25, 1999, 0707 Central Standard Time

PHOENIX, Feb. 25 - To suggest that Clinton is a lame duck President is to be unkind to handicapped fowl. He and his cohorts seem to be on the brink of madness. The Clinton administration's domestic policy moves are haunted by the ghosts of the impeachment process. Their foreign policy is non-existent, as they stumble like drunkards from pillar to post - from one manufactured crisis to another.

In this TiM report, we examine some of the domestic and foreign policy dichotomies which give rise to a question: Is it the Establishment elite, or the People, that are on the brink of madness? Or both? Or only this writer?

On the domestic front, we are told by the establishment media that Clinton presidency has been is good for business, especially Big Business. Naturally, one would think, therefore, that top executives of large corporations would have breathed a sigh of relief when Bill Clinton managed to escape earlier this month being impeached by the U.S. Senate, after having been impeached by the House in December.

Well, think again. More than two-thirds of American CEOs and CFOs, polled by Technometrica Institute of Politics at 115 publicly held companies which rank in the top 15% by profitability, said they disagreed with the Senate verdict, according to today's (Feb. 25) Investor's Business Daily front page report. About half said they "strongly disagreed."

Meanwhile, we are also told by the establishment media polls that two-thirds of the American people agree with the Senate verdict, and still love Slick Willie despite his disgusting behavior and deceitful tongue. John Q. Public's attitude is, therefore, a "photographic negative," as IBD put it, of the business leaders' position.

So which group of Americans has lost its marbles here - the business executives or John Q. Public? Or is such a dichotomy of opinions perfectly normal for a NWO dumbed-down nation consisting of a small number of independent thinkers, and a large number of morons?

Or is there perhaps another explanation - that the establishment media polls are rigged or misleading? For, this writer, for example, does not know of a single American who thinks that Clinton should have been acquitted by the Senate.

Of course, the critics would say that there is always a chance that birds of a feather flock together; that my personal, and the Truth and Media's, circle of friends may not be representative of the American public at large. We'll grant them that. But then, neither are necessarily the establishment media polls, even if not rigged.

You see, experienced pollsters will tell you that some two-thirds of the people they call - just hang up on them. I've done it. Haven't you? I've certainly never agreed to answer questions in any poll of any kind.

In other words, the polling results represent opinions of about one-third of the population at best. And at that, it's the third which seems to have the time on its hands, or the inclination, to chat with perfect strangers on the phone.

No wonder, therefore, that the polls sometimes produce absurd answers. Such as the CBS Radio broadcast, chosen as the sub-heading for this TiM report:

"50% of Americans in a poll do not know where to find Kosovo on a map; 54% favor sending US troops there."

So what are to conclude from the above?

  • That 54% of Americans favor shooting first, aiming later?
  • That the other 46% of Americans would also send US troops to Kosovo, if only they could find it on a map?
  • That the 4% of Americans (54% minus 50%) would send US troops anywhere, even if the place is not on any map? (hell, for example).
  • That NWO pollsters cannot compute, though they can lie?
  • That the CBS statement is an example of the NWO media's utter stupidity? (it tries to solve a linear equation with multiple variables - a mathematical impossibility).
  • Or craftiness? (because that's one way of smart editors' ridiculing the stupid NWO Thought Police, by passing the ridiculous "news" right under their noses).

But, the New World Order types have never been too perturbed by their mathematical deficiencies. If it doesn't compute; change the rules, seems to be their solution to most problems. And this sometimes works, too. In dumbed-down nations...

 At 07:41 AM 2/22/99, a TiM reader asked us the following question:

"Bob Dj.: Haven't the Serbs invaded Kosovo?"

TiM Ed.: B., Kosovo is the cradle of the Serbian civilization. The Serbs have lived there (i.e., a Serb state/kingdom has existed there) since at least since the 12th century. This Serbian province is home to some of the world's greatest art treasures, all housed in innumerable beautiful monasteries from the 12-14th century. (You can find more historical facts and details at our Web site - just do a search with appropriate keywords).

Your question is proof positive of the power of lies which the NWO media propagate (that's not a criticism of you, just a statement of fact, and the "raison d'Ítre" for the Truth in Media).

Dr. J.P. Maher, a professor emeritus of Northeastern Illinois University and an expert on matters historical and linguistic worldwide, had this to say after we had shared with him the above correspondence:


Yes, ca. A.D. 500.

Although Serb and Bulgar STATES came later, Serbs and other Slavs were the MAJORITY population in mainland Greece and some of the Aegean islands until Byzantine (East Roman) Emperor ordered re-Hellenization (linguistic, cultural, not genetic) of the land.

Serbian vestiges:

= place names, in scores and scores (e.g. Igoumenitsa, near Ioannina);

= nicknames Nitsa < Anica "little Ann", Ritsa < Maritsa "Little Maria"

= the dance called Servikos "Serbian"

= the word for "wedding ring", vera ...

etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

J P Maher


Read Max Vasmer. 1940. Die Slaven in Griechenland. (The Slavs in Greece) Heidelberg. Carl Winter.

Moravcsik (a Hungarian, with a Slavic name) et al., in Cambridge Mediaeval History, s.v. "Byzantium".

Yet, here we have one Bill Clinton, and his Halfbright Secretary of State, trying to use the Pentagon and the American military lives as if they were toy guns and toy soldiers. Luckily, there is that other, small percentage, of the population, which has not been dumbed-down as yet by the New World Order propaganda. Here is, for example, an excerpt from today's column, "The real crime in Kosovo is NATO's bullying interference," by Charley Reese, an Orlando, FL-based syndicated columnist:

"Suppose, for the sake of supposing, that 10 winters hence the population of California is 90 percent Latino and 10 percent Anglo.

Suppose two factions develop among the Latinos. One wants autonomy for the Latinos of California. Another, more violent and bloody, wants independence.

Suppose the United States beefed up California's police and sent in federal troops.

Now suppose that China and Russia said that U.S. actions in California threatened the stability of the hemisphere, that the United States must grant autonomy to California's Latinos, that it must withdraw its troops and police, that it must accept occupation of California by Chinese and Russian troops to enforce the agreement the United States must sign or else get bombed.

Substitute Kosovo for California, Albanians for Latinos, and the United States and Great Britain for China and Russia and you have the situation facing the Serbs. It is absurd and mad."

Prof. Maher, the historian and the linguist, agrees with Reese to a point. Except that, "Mexican irredentists have a case," he says, "Kosovo Albanians don't. Anglo-America stole the Mexican land."  But, like Reese, Maher also thinks that the Clinton administration seems to have gone mad, and is "cloning murderous and suicidal policies." Just as the leaders of the now defunct Austro-Hungarian empire did, before it exploded to smithereens in WW I. Here's what Prof. Maher had to say in an open letter to the President on Feb. 20, 1999:

President William Jefferson Clinton

White House

Washington, DC

Mr. President:

Your policy on Serbia, as any competent observer can infer, has galvanized Russia. It is ironic that the big country has been strengthened by the little one, which you and the previous manager, Mr. Bush, had been ordered to destroy.

Before the events of 28 June 1914 in Sarajevo, Bismarck said: "some damned foolish thing in the Balkans ..." [sc. will be the cause of the next big war].

In 1999 the foolishness is US policy. Do not blame it on those "Balkan trouble makers". The trouble is now brewed in Washington and London and in the Chase National Bank; it once emanated from Vienna, Istanbul, and Berlin.

America is cloning the murderous -- and suicidal -- policies of Austria-Hungary. You have occupied Bosnia. The Austrians held it about thirty years, from 1878 until they were defeated. Things move faster these days.

After Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination, Austria delivered an ultimatum to Serbia in a stupidly transparent ploy to unleash war. Serbia bowed to all brutal conditions of the ultimatum, but one: the imperialists' demand to put Austrian police on Serbian territory. Austria declared war on Serbia and shelled Belgrade. The big powers were honest in those days. They declared war, and they called it war, not "peace process". And they flaunted the name "imperialist".

It is ironic, too, that the you have driven the communist-internationalist Milosevic to oppose stationing foreign troops in Serbia, just as Belgrade went to war in 1914 for the same reason.

Charles Vopicka [Minister Plenipotentiary to Romania, Bulgaria, and Serbia 1913-1920] wrote:

"Austria wanted war with Serbia, and ... the death of Archduke Ferdinand was welcomed as a casus belli."

NWO Errand Boy Clinton, as Bush before him, fakes "Serbian atrocities", using Croatian, Muslim Bosnian and Albanian proxies to stage acts which must then be punished.

Your administration talks "peace process" and makes war, unconstitutional war.

Your administration doesn't give a damn about Albanians: the plan is to discard your useful idiots once Big Business starts mining, oil drilling and pipeline construction through the Balkans and Turkey to Azerbaijan and beyond.

J. P. Maher

Chicago, IL

Dr. Bela Szepesi, a Hungarian-American scientist, now based in Maryland, expressed similar views about the idiocy of the current Clinton-Albright Balkan policy in his recent e-mail to TiM:

"I can't believe it either. Don't they read any history at all? The Serbs are a smaller version of Russia, with more mountains; easy to walk in, much harder to walk out alive.

Should NATO now begin a blatant interference into the internal affairs of a sovereign country, it will not only violate its own (defensive) nature, but will set off precisely the events it is trying to prevent.

The Koran essentially delegitimizes any government that is not under Islamic control and urges Muslims to overthrow such governments by force. Allowing the Kosovo (Muslim) Albanians control of Kosovo will not stop the bloodshed; it will only be the start of a much wider conflagration. Because the next target will be Macedonia, which will bring in the Greeks, the Bulgarians, the Turks and the Russians.

The Russians are seething at the US policy on Iraq, secretly contemplating to arm Iraq with antiaircraft missiles. What they have given to the Serbs, or what they will ship to them if NATO planes begin to bomb Serbia itself, is a question. And Serbia has a lot of mountain caves that can hide things (unlike Iraq).

Are we about to start WW III? The ignorance and arrogance of Secretary Albright illustrates why America's wars are started by Democrats. It is a lack of understanding that the armed forces are to protect our vital interests rather than engage in promoting social experiments around the world. Such miscalculations will be very costly as it will force nations less powerful than us to invent weapons to keep our military away from them. Biological warfare and the smuggling into this country of small atomic weapons and the like (and the use of these) will be the logical outcome of foreign adventures where vital interests are confused with political interests.

Even the failure of the US to finish the Iraqi war (which was fought over a vital interest, the free flow of oil) was a blunder that has proven costly, both politically and monetarily. We should have learned not to use the armed forces for essentially political aims. I can't believe it that anti war Liberals would meekly acquiesce to a policy of almost continuous engagement by US troops around the world and that Republicans would tolerate the illegal use of US armed forces without a declaration of war. I am afraid that such miscalculations are paid for later in much bloodshed."

Who was it that said: Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it? Surely not a member of the Clinton administration, it would seem?

So smart people world over will start battening down their hatches. Madmen are once again on the brink of trying to rule the world. Unless we, in America - with our constitutional guarantees and all - stop them dead in their tracks, the rest of the world doesn't stand a chance.

So, my fellow Americans, let us not try to "save the world;" let us try to save ourselves. Let us throw the globalists' servants out of Washington, before the globalist Washington throws us out of America! Let us reinstate our Constitution, in full and without exception, before this sorry U.S. President shreds it even more than he has already emasculated the truth. And the honor of our country.

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