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TiM GW Bulletin 99/3-2

Mar. 8, 1999

An American Soldier Kills a Serb Civilian

Wither Dayton, Sprout New War

Shades of the 1770 "Boston Massacre?"; Also, Who Is Hashim Thaci?


PHOENIX, Mar. 7 - Imagine, say, Pat Buchanan, winning the U.S. presidential election fairly and squarely as the American "Patriots Party" nominee. Imagine that the international observers, appointed by the U.N. and welcomed by the establishment Republican and Democratic parties to monitor the election, certified his victory as fair, despite protestations by Janet Reno.

Upon being sworn in, the new President naturally proceeds to make changes in line with the mandate which the People had given him. Which means turfing out the New World Order globalist quislings which had infiltrated the U.S. government over the last several decades.

Now, imagine that a foreign official, say a Spaniard, the International Olympic Committee president, Juan Antonio Samaranch, appointed by the United Nations to watch over the U.S. government, steps in and fires the duly sworn-in American President. At the same time, Samaranch appoints in Buchanan's place another NWO quisling, say, Al Gore.

Furthermore, imagine that this foreign official simultaneously issues a decree under which San Diego would no longer be an American city, but would be instead run jointly by Mexico and the U.S. Which, of course, means that Coronado Island, and the U.S. Navy operations there and in and around San Diego, would also come under partial Mexican control.

Imagine that, upon learning of this Samaranch decision, even the NWO quisling, Gore, refuses to accept the keys to the White House. Not because he suddenly loathes the loss of the American sovereignty upon which he had trampled many times before. But because the former Bill Clinton Veep fears the People's wrath more than he yearns the throne.

[By the way, this writer bets that Gore is merely posturing. After playing hard to get for a few days, he will eventually accept Samaranch's White House crown, provided it is accompanied with a guarantee of a 24/7 protection by the Spanish Guards. Fools never learn. Unlike the normal Americans who know that, "Gore me once, shame on you; Gore me twice, shame on me!" J ].

Finally, all members of the Buchanan government resign their posts in protest over the Spaniard's decision, leaving Samaranch as the sole quasi-government official in the country.

Later in the same evening, some Americans in Southern California, enter a La Jolla restaurant while still hot under the collar over the news from Washington. Spotting four Mexican soldiers, a part of Samaranch's U.N. "peacekeeping" force whom the local civilians regard as an occupying force, the Americans begin to beat the foreign troops with fists and sticks.

The four Mexican soldiers flee the restaurant, and run toward their vehicle, with Americans in pursuit. But before reaching the vehicle, one of the Mexican soldiers turns around, draws a pistol from his holster, and fires several rounds at a civilian wielding a stick. The victim dies later at a local San Diego hospital. It turns out he was a local official of Pat Buchanan's Patriots Party.

A scene from a movie? Could this really happen in America? And even if you think it could, would you call it an outrage? Or worse? Whatever the epithet, it would be surely a recipe for starting another American Revolution. The Brits know what happened when they tried to rule the American people with an iron fist.

Luckily, the preceding is indeed merely a hypothetical scenario in today's real life America. For now. Unfortunately, it is what actually happened on Friday (Mar. 5) in the Serbian part of Bosnia, a New World Order colony, which is what the Dayton agreement has reduced the Bosnian Serb Republic to.

"San Diego-Br~ko" Scenarios

Cast of Characters

SAN DIEGO CAST                             BRCKO CAST

Juan Antonio Samaranch                                       Carlos Westendorp

Pat Buchanan                                                          Nikola Poplasen

Al Gore                                                                   Milorad Dodik

Just substitute the western administrator of this made-in-Washington country - the Spaniard, Carlos Westendorp - for Antonio Samaranch; the Bosnian Serb president, Nikola Poplasen, for Pat Buchanan; the Serbian Radical Party, for the American Patriots Party; the Serb prime minister, Milorad Dodik, for Al Gore; and other elected Serb officials who resigned, for members of the Buchanan government.

Then substitute Brcko, a Serb-held town of strategic geographic and military importance (see the map), for San Diego; and the American troops in Bosnia for the four Mexican soldiers. Finally, mark the name of the Serb official shot dead by an unnamed American soldier as Krsto Micic, vice president of the Radical Party in Ugljevik, a Serb town near Brcko.

Furthermore, there are even some contradictory stories about just where, when and how Micic was killed. Our preceding scenario was based on initial western wire reports. But the Sunday's (Mar. 7) Washington Post quotes a spokesperson for the Radical Party, Ognjen Tadic, as saying that, "Micic was killed in the street at midday after being struck by three of five shots fired at him by soldiers who mistook him for someone else."

The Radical Party issued a statement in Belgrade saying "bloodthirsty American criminals and terrorists" shot Micic "in cold blood." The release also said, "American bandits ... will pay dearly for murdering Micic."

"So poisoned is the atmosphere," the Post reported, that Zivko Radisic, the Serb Republic's representative to the three-man presidency governing Bosnia, called the slaying a 'murder' in a news conference.

Even Westendorp, Bosnia's Spanish inquisitor, conceded that there may be a few days of unrest as a result of his decisions, according to a Dow Jones wire report.

Westendorp should know. He presided over the NATO forces dismantling the Bosnian Serb TV transmitters in September 1997 - a real example of practicing the western free speech, democracy and "nation-building" (see TiM GW Bulletins 97/10-8, 10/31/97, and 97/9-3, 9/10/97). But in 1998, Westendorp did something that neither the Turkish, Austrian Nazi, or communist occupiers ever did. He banned a book of poems by the famous Serbian 19th century author, Njegos. "Imagine Shakespeare being banned in England; Goethe in Germany; Tolstoy in Russia; Voltaire in France; Dante in Italy; Steinbeck in America...," TiM wrote in July 1998 (see TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-1, 7/01/98). Well, "a U.S.-sponsored, Spanish inquisitor had just done it in Bosnia - in an inimical Big Brother style."

No wonder that even Dodik, the Serb "Al Gore," told the Sunday Post that he felt "double-crossed at the moment, because the ultra-nationalist forces are being strengthened by this. We are entering a period of extreme political turbulence."

[Pardon the digression, but by using the NWO liberals' term "ultra-nationalist," Dodik, the Bosnian Serbs' "Al Gore," inadvertently confirmed who he really is - a western liberals' stooge. For, Pat Buchanan, for example, is also an "ultra-nationalist" by their definition, as is any other patriot anywhere around the world.]

Just how extreme Dodik's "period of extreme political turbulance" can be, can be seen from a historical example which Ben Works, a New York-based political analyst and military consultant to CBS Radio and Fox News, cited in his Mar. 6 newsletter. Calling the shooting of the Serb civilian by the American troops "The Boston Massacre Redux," Works described a similar incident from our history, which helped spark the American Revolution:

"In the Boston Massacre of March 1770, American Patriot rowdies decided to provoke some chilly British sentries by throwing snowballs. Those troops panicked, and in an instant, five Bostonians lay dead."

Six years later, with a Boston 1773 Tea Party thrown in between, the British "red coats" became the shooting targets for the American patriots. Just as our sons and daughters in the NATO uniforms may be in the Balkans.

And now, Bill Clinton wants to send additional 4,000 American troops to Kosovo, a part of a 28,000 strong NATO occupying force? That's like sending more Mexican soldiers to, say, Montana, after the news of the downed American patriot in San Diego had reached the local residents.

Yet, our hapless Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, once again earned her Halfbright epithet when she gloated over the Brcko decision.

"The only city that could have, and should have been granted the status of a district was Sarajevo, the nominal capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina," said in a release Dr. Vojin Kostunica, leader of the Democratic Party of Serbia, a Belgrade opposition party which has consistently criticized both the Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic, and the West, for their handling of the Balkan conflicts. "This very same U.S. administration, which has committed itself to a multi-cultural and multi-ethnic Brcko, came out against the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic character of Sarajevo. It basically supported an ethnically pure Muslim Sarajevo, without the 120,000 Serbs, who left the city in the winter of 1996 (one result of Dayton). Thus, the Clinton administration has legalized another large case of ethnic cleansing, the sole victims of which were the Serbs. Accordingly, yesterday's Brcko decision by the U.S. arbiter (Robert Owens) and the U.S. State Secretary's rejoicing about it, were not only legally debatable, but also morally shameful."

The Dayton Agreement, which ended the Bosnian war in late 1995, was being dismantled, piece-by-piece, by the various ethnic factions practically from the moment it was signed. So its life expectancy has already exceeded that of the most patients supported by artificial respiration. Which is why it will be a supreme irony if the final nail in the Dayton's coffin were to be driven by its Washington creators and their imperial viceroys, like Westendorp.

"Stupid is as stupid does," noted Forrest Gump, the not-so-bright movie character. Guess Albright and Westendorp never saw the film? Or they did, but can't tell bright from stupid? Either way, looks like the outcome will be - wither Dayton, sprout the new war.


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Wanted in Kosovo for murder of a Serb policeman, Thaci is the Clinton administration's "Rising Star" (BBC)

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PHOENIX, Mar. 7 - Imagine a 29-year old "Kosovo Albanian," who, like "The Spy Who Came in from the Cold," suddenly turned out to be the "Kosovo Liberation Army" (KLA) terrorist organization's chief negotiator at the "peace talks" earlier this month, snubbing the U.S. Secretary of State, and planting a large Rambouillet egg on her face.

Pretty bad, huh, for the NWO "hawks'" omnipotence? It gets worse...

As if the Rambouillet egg weren't humiliating enough for the "world's only remaining superpower," the same "Kosovo Albanian" did an encore this weekend. By disappearing on Bob Dole, the world champion of Albanian causes, and a former U.S. presidential candidate.

Having been asked by the Clinton administration (Madeleine Albright) to try to persuade the Kosovo Albanian insurgents (KLA) to sign on to the Washington proposed Kosovo deal, Dole's first setback was getting to them. He was refused a visa to enter Yugoslavia.

"Oops... Duh... What do we do now, Secretary Halfbright?"

"I have a bright idea, Bob. Why don't you go to the closest NWO colony, FRY Macedonia."

(If you're wondering what "FRY" stood for, it does not stand for "fry in hell." J It stands for the Former Republic of Yugoslavia... Which may fry in hell, anyway. As long as it keeps hoping that NATO would solve Macedonia's own "Albanian problem").

And so, off to Skopje Dole went. And returned. Empty-handed. As he met Madeleine Albright in London on Sunday, Dole was sporting a matching Skopje egg on his face, planted by the same person who had given earlier Madam Halfbright her Rambouillet egg.

"A key ethnic Albanian guerilla leader, Hashim Thaci (pronounced Tachi) skipped the Albanians' meeting with Mr. Dole," reported today's (Mar. 7) New York Times. "Perhaps most embarrassing, Mr. Thaci... could not be found even after, what a Clinton administration official called a scouting party, was sent to look for him in Tirana, Albania."

Now, wait a second... Wasn't this "Snake" (Thaci's nom de guerre), the "29-year old commander of the KLA," according to the New York Times, supposed to be a Kosovo Albanian? Meaning a Yugoslav citizen living in Kosovo? And if so, what was he doing in a foreign country (Albania) at a time when we were told he was supposedly selling Madam Halfbright's plan to his compatriots in Kosovo?

Furthermore, Thaci was the only member of the Kosovo Albanian delegation at Rambouillet who did NOT speak Serbian, according to the press reports. That's odd. For, when the Kosovo Albanians' autonomy was suspended by Slobodan Milosevic in 1989, Thaci was a 19-year old. Meaning, he would have attended the bilingual Serbian-Albanian schools which the Tito communists had set up in Kosovo. In other words, he would have to be fluent in Serbian.

So is this "29-year old commander of the KLA" a foreign plant? And if so, wonder what sort of a three-letter agency sent him to Kosovo? Paste another egg on its face, too. For, it looks like the "Snake" is out of the bag. And out of control. Sloppy, sloppy...

More importantly, Thaci's linguistic deficiency suggests that the Kosovo Albanian uprising may be about as spontaneous as were the Washington-instigated civil wars in Central America. In other words, not! No wonder we find some of the same American diplomats in Kosovo who were also stirring up trouble in El Salvador, for example, while pretending to douse that civil war (e.g., William Walker - see "Washington's Crisis Factory," Djurdjevic's column for The New Dawn magazine).

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