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TiM GW Bulletin 95-11

Nov. 25, 1995

On Dayton "Peace Agreement"

"Green Interstate" - Not Worth American Lives

A Confluence of NATO and Muslim Interests in the Balkans; NATO's "Iron Ring" to Replace Soviet "Iron Curtain"


A Foreign Policy Essay

By Bob Djurdjevic

PHOENIX, Nov. 25, 1995 - Suppose you steal your neighbor’s cattle, force him at gun point to sign over his farm to you, and then sell it off without his consent.

A scenario from a Wild West movie?

No. That’s what Slobodan Milosevic did to the Bosnian Serbs in Dayton. Having first weakened them militarily, he gave away their land without even telling them until the issue was fait accompli. He did it to appease the American negotiators into lifting the unfair and illegal UN sanctions imposed on Serbia in 1992.

Moral of the story? Ransom begets ransom which begets rewards. The Wild West robbers would have understood this logic perfectly. But seeing the supposedly "civilized international community" engage in such practices blows its halo away.

So be it... But the trouble is that instead of declaring peace and running like hell, Bill Clinton now wants to send 20,000 Americans as peace enforcers into this hell hole.

Now, if you were the farmer who was so brutally dispossessed of his property, and whose family was made homeless on their own land, what would you do when the sheriff or his deputies come to enforce such an unjust order?

Russia’s Strategic Position

NATO’s "Iron Ring" Tightens Around Russia’s European Neck as Former Soviet Dominions Become Western Minions; Serbia Had Been the Only Break in "Iron Ring"

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Source "TRUTH IN MEDIA," Phoenix, Arizona, USA

In the Wild West, you’d probably blast them with all you’ve got, wouldn’t you? And the Americans with a sense for justice and fairness would clap in approval.

In the Wild East (the suburbs of Sarajevo), such a farmer probably wouldn’t want to risk a frontal assault with the better armed NATO troops. Instead, he’d wait till dark, put on the night scopes, and start sniping at the U.S. soldiers one at a time. Or he would mine the roads which NATO patrols. Or he would harass, what he sees as a NATO occupying force, in any way he knew how. Just as he did when he tied up 20 of Hitler’s divisions during WW II.

"Tempt not a desperate man," Shakespeare warned four centuries ago. For, desperate men do desperate things. The Dayton "peace" will make gentle farmers into desperate guerrillas.

Yet in his haste to declare peace so that he could then commit the U.S. troops to Bosnia, Clinton is ignoring the warnings of great human minds. He is also brushing aside the lessons of history. And he is rushing headlong into a disaster which would make our Somalia experience look like a piece of cake. In Bosnia, everybody will be shooting at our forces if for no other reason then to blame it on the enemy.

Why is Clinton so anxious to put our troops in harm’s way? Because he is confusing our national interests with those of NATO. Our national security is not threatened one iota by what’s going on in the Balkans. But the former Yugoslavia, and especially Bosnia, do represent an important strategic link between NATO’s western and eastern wings (connecting Turkey and Greece with Italy and the future NATO members - Bulgaria, Macedonia, Hungary).

It so happens that the same route, the so-called "Green Interstate," also connects the various Muslim enclaves between Bosnia and Turkey (see the map). The Biha}-Sarajevo-Gora`de-Pri{tina-Skopje-Instanbul line marks the way Islam is supposed to expand from Turkey into Europe.

That’s why the Sarajevo Muslim government fought tooth and nail to keep Gora`de and Biha}, while giving up relatively easily on the less strategic enclaves of Srebrenica and @epa (further north).

That’s also why the American globalists - liberals or conservatives alike - have been backing the Bosnian Muslims - the truth be damned at times. One of them is Warren Zimmermann, a member of the Council for Foreign Relations (CFR), a liberal-minded Yale graduate, and the last U.S. ambassador in Belgrade.

"The former Yugoslavia touches on two NATO allies," Zimmermann said in his November 2 testimony on Capitol Hill. "It acts as an obstacle to communication between Western Europe and a third NATO ally - Turkey."

Balkan Demographic Wars

Actual situation prior to the Dayton peace plan, Nov. 1995

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No wonder, George Bush, another Yale graduate and a former CFR member, sent some 500 American troops to Macedonia in early 1993. In the Wild West, such a symbolic move would have been called driving a stake into the ground. In the New World Order’s power politics, the U.S. presence in Macedonia means the same thing - a stake in the ground claiming a new vassal. Which says it all about the differences between the Wild West and the New World Order.

U.S. Strategic Position

Serbia Was the Only Non-Vassal Country in Eastern Europe, Intersecting both the "Green Interstate" and the "Iron Ring"

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Source "TRUTH IN MEDIA," Phoenix, Arizona, USA

With Macedonia, Bulgaria and Albania already in the U.S. backpocket, NATO could afford to lose the nominally pro-Serb Greece and still maintain its geographic continuity. In fact, the "Green Interstate" would drive a wedge between Serbia and Greece. All that would be needed to complete this power axis would be the secession from Serbia of Albanians in Kosovo and/or Sandzak (see the map). Which will come later, unless Milosevic first voluntarily gives up Kosovo, or for that matter - all of Serbia - a more likely scenario for this new U.S. vassal.

You see, all the hoopla surrounding the Dayton Bosnia peace agreement and the subsequent suspension of most, but not all, of the sanctions against Serbia, seems to have obscured one little fact. The so called "outer sanctions" - Serbia’s UN membership and its access to World Bank loans - remain in force until Milosevic has "addressed a number of other areas of concern, including Kosovo..." Read - the Albanians’ right of secession.

This provision underlines the legal charade upon which the May 1992 UN sanctions against Serbia were founded. Not only were they illegal per se (they represented the UN’s interference in an internal matter of a member nation - Yugoslavia - contrary to its charter); not only were they unfair (Serbia was ostracized for the same or worse alleged offenses which Croatia committed with impunity in Bosnia); but there was NOT ONE WORD ABOUT KOSOVO in the UN Resolution 757!

And why should there have been? We were told the Serbs were being punished for their involvement in Bosnia. Yet now, retroactively, the U.S. has conditioned the total lifting of the sanctions on what happens in Kosovo (the next section of the "Green Interstate" under construction?), not Bosnia!?

Just another example of the Wild West reappearing on the East River! For, Kosovo is to the Serbs what Jerusalem is to the Jews; what Alamo is to the Texans. A sacred ground.

You see, the Serbs were a 60% majority in Kosovo prior to WW II. After Tito allowed unchecked abuses by the Albanians for 35 years, and due to the latter Muslims’ higher birth rates, the Serbs are now a 10% minority in the region they consider "the cradle of their civilization."

greenint.gif (18462 bytes) Anyone who has had a State bulldoze a freeway across their land without their consent will understand how the Serbs feel about Kosovo. And about Krajina. And about Sarajevo - all the regions in which they had lived for centuries. Yet to the globalists and their latest vassal - Milosevic - these names are mere exit ramps on the NATO/Muslim "Green Interstate."

So the Bosnian war has been about NATO’s new "Iron Ring" around Russia replacing the Soviets’ "Iron Curtain." It was not about ancient Balkan ethnic conflicts as the government and the media would have us believe (although the poor people slaughtering each thought it was, too).

Serbia was declared a "bogey" by the CIA in February 1989. The Yugoslav war was "predicted" by the CIA in November 1990. It was set in motion by the U.S.’s Bosnia recognition in 1992. And it was halted by the U.S. in 1995, when Clinton decided he’s gotten all he could before the 1996 elections.

In other words, Bosnia represents a confluence of NATO and Muslim interests.

So far so good. But why some kid from Brooklyn, Billings, Birmingham, or Berkeley should die for an esoteric goal like that is an enigma which no truly American President will be able to explain to his or her parents, least of all Bill Clinton, a draft-evader. And even if Congress acquiesces to such a nonsense, we must demand that our legislators’ children be the first to go to Bosnia.

Already Spc. Michael New, a member of the U.S, forces who was supposed to serve in Macedonia, is being court-marshaled for refusing such a duty. He claimed that he had sworn his allegiance to the U.S., not to the UN.

Well, how many members of our armed forces think that they had sworn their allegiance to NATO? We all know the answer - none! Which is how many U.S. troops we should send to Bosnia. Plus Clinton. At least that way he’d get a chance to serve.

 An abridged version of the above essay was published as an editorial column in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC on Dec. 7, 1995 - under the headline "Dayton sellout may bring wrath of vengeance upon U.S. soldiers."

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