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TiM GW Bulletin 97/7-6

July 11, 1997

International Justice "Progresses"...

From Kidnapping to Murder

Homicidal Negligence, Abuse of Judicial Powers, Moral Corruption - the Charges





PHOENIX - Some 20 masked gunmen kidnap a person after luring him to a meeting using deceitful tricks. They whisk him across several international borders into a foreign country where they lock him up (see TIM GW Bulletin 97/6-8, 6/29/97). The masked gang's leaders publicly gloat over this "feat," seemingly unperturbed that such kidnapping and entrapment are considered criminal acts in most civilized countries.

Al Capone's Chicago gangland reincarnated?

No. The New World Order's "international justice" at work. And at that, the relatively benign variety - the United Nations'.

What happened on July 10 was a progression from benign to a deadly strain of "international justice." The NATO "peacekeepers" (what an oxymoron!) in Bosnia, killed one person in the Bosnian Serb Republic, while kidnapping three others. None publicly indicted!

"It's 2-0 to us," a British diplomat boasted to Canada's Globe and Mail (July 11), as if killing and kidnapping people was some sort of a sporting event. "I'm bloody proud it was a British effort."

"Bloody proud" of spilling blood in cold blood? Doubt that even Don Capone would have rejoiced at something like that. After all, killing to Don Capone was settling business, not soccer, scores.

Yet President Bill Clinton, the British and German defense ministers, along with scores of other NWO cheerleaders, including the Canadian War Crimes Tribunal's prosecutor, Louise Arbour, cheered NATO's July 10 raids. But the Russian government, which also has U.N. "peacekeepers" in Bosnia, took a dim view of the NATO assaults. "Such cowboy raids threaten the whole Dayton peace process," said the Russian foreign ministry, in a July 11 statement.

Amazingly perhaps, some of the NWO's self-appointed "human rights" organizations also gave thumbs-up for such blatant violations of human rights by the NATO troops. Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and the Institute for War and Peace called on NATO countries to speed up the capture of indicted war criminals in former Yugoslavia.

"What happened yesterday was hugely important, but it is just the beginning,'' said Amnesty's Director of Legal and International Organizations Program, Nicholas Howen.

The "Official" Story...

So what did happen on Thursday, July 10 in Bosnia? There are conflicting stories about it, to be sure, although you'd never get that impression if you only read the Western press...

The Western media told us that an unspecified number of the British Special Air Service troops assaulted a party of Serbs who were about to go fishing at a lake near the town of Prijedor, in northwestern Bosnia. One of the men, the former chief of police in Prijedor, Simo Drljaca, drew a gun and fired as the threatening NATO troops ran toward him. He wounded one of the soldiers in the leg, according to the British defense secretary, George Roberts.

We are also told that Drljaca was killed in the gun fight which ensued. His son, Sinisa, 17, and his brother-in-law, Spiro Milanovic, were taken prisoner and transported to The Hague. They were returned to Prijedor the following day (July 11), after the U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright intervened, at the Bosnian Serb President's, Biljana Plavsic's request.

The raid, code-named "Operation Tango" during the planning stage, was staged with prior approvals by President Bill Clinton and the British Prime Minister, Tony Blair. And although no U.S. troops took part in the assault, the American military provided logistical support. "It was the right thing to do," Clinton told the media on July 11 aboard the Air Force One.

...And the Other (Serb) Side of the Coin

The above was the "official" NATO version of the July 10 incident. And now, here is the other side of the coin, the side which the NWO media would not let us see. The story you're about to read is based on eyewitness accounts. If these testimonies are true, what happened in Prijedor, Bosnia, on July 10 was a gangland-style premeditated murder, a "hit," in the mob's terminology.

An eyewitness to the Drljaca shoot-out, a man whose back was turned to the camera to avoid identification, told the Bosnian Serb TV (SRT) in the evening of July 10, that Drljaca was at first only wounded, and that one of the NATO assailants then "finished him off."

The following day (July 11), Drljaca's son, Sinisa and Milanovic, the brother-in-law, both of whom were with him at the time of the shooting, provided additional details about what happened. Their accounts of what they saw and heard follow below. They were recorded almost verbatim by the Truth in Media's Belgrade correspondent, who watched their SRT interview, which aired at about 10 p.m. local time the evening of July 11 (4 p.m. EDT):

The three Serbs were having breakfast when six men, five in NATO uniforms and one wearing his civvies, dashed out of the nearby woods yelling (in Serbian), "Simo lezi, Simo lezi" (in translation - "Simo (Drljaca) drop down, Simo drop down").

The boy (Sinisa, 17) and Milanovic immediately dropped to the ground. But Drljaca (the father) began running toward the lake. The NATO soldiers started after him. Three of them eventually caught up to Drljaca and jumped on his back. But he managed to throw them off for a moment, before being eventually overpowered with the help of additional NATO troops.

At that moment a black man walked toward the two Serbs who were lying on the ground (Drljaca's son and Milanovic), and ordered them to look straight down into the dirt. A shot was fired. The young Sinisa could not resist the temptation and turned his head to see what was happening. He saw the man in his civvies fire twice into his father and yell some obscenities at him.

Two NATO soldiers then lifted the dead man and threw his body over the fence. A NATO helicopter showed up on the scene. The soldiers loaded the body and the two prisoners into it.

Milanovic, Drljaca's brother-in-law, provided the following additional important details to the SRT viewers:

Milanovic said that Sinisa and he only wore swimming suits at the time of the NATO raid. Drljaca (the shooting victim) was wearing a track suit. None of the three were armed. The only shots fired were fired exclusively by the NATO assailants.

NATO spokesman, Maj. Chris Riley, said on July 11 that the Serb allegations that Drljaca had been "murdered" were totally false.

Another Serb, Milan Kovacevic, was also apprehended July 10 in Prijedor by the four British soldiers pretending that hey were delivering a Red Cross parcel to him at the Prijedor hospital, of which Kovacevic was director. Like Drljaca, Kovacevic was not on the published list of people indicted by the International War Crimes Tribunal, but was said to have been secretly indicted in March.

One day after the shooting, thousands of people marched in Prijedor and Banja Luka to protest the NATO brutality. The funeral of Simo Drljaca is planned for Monday, July 14, although his body has not yet been returned to the family. The Serb authorities are appealing for calm, but many fear the events of July 10 may cause spontaneous violence, or maybe even spawn guerrilla warfare against the NATO troops, whom the Serbs see as foreign occupation forces.

Was the New York Times Tipped Off About the NATO Raids?

The fact that we have not heard nor seen "the other (Serb) side of the coin" in the Western media at all, exemplifies the NWO government and media collusion in crafting stories their way.

The British soldier, for example, who was alleged to have been shot in the leg, was never identified in a any of the U.S. or British media reports we have seen.

Why not? We can only hope that some poor British grunt won't have to be shot in the leg by the NWO criminals to save face of the Western leaders, just in case they can't find an injured British soldier on the NATO payroll whom they could parade for the occasion.

Furthermore, the NATO Bosnia-Prijedor story was NOT a front page news in any of the U.S. regional papers we've checked out. Yet it was the top of the front page story in the New York Times. It rated a total of about 100 inches of ink (about 3,300 words) in its July 11 edition, far more than many bigger stories rate, the day after.

Why so much focus on a relatively obscure event, from a local American perspective?

The Times also dispatched its reporter, Chris Hedges, who wrote the 47-inch cover story, to the former Yugoslavia only days prior to the Prijedor raids.

And the New York daily even had a color photo of Drljaca, the shooting victim, ready in time for its early editions.

How would the New York Times editors explain such an extraordinary prescience? Or the amazing quickness and breadth with which they reacted, including an editorial and an OpEd piece by Richard Holbrooke, no less, the former chief Dayton agreement negotiator? To be published on July 11, all these pieces had to have been written the same day the NATO raids took place. Or were they written before, with just the dates, names and details inserted?

Justice, the U.N. Variety

Slavko Dokmanovic, 47, the former Serb mayor of Vukovar, a town in Eastern Slavonia, former Yugoslavia, which gained notoriety during the civil war in Croatia in 1991, was invited by Jacques Klein, the head of UNTAES (a United Nations authority policing this predominantly Serb-populated region), to a meeting. As he crossed the Danube (river) on June 27, Dokmanovic was seized and handcuffed by about 20 masked gunmen, according to the education minister in the Republic of Serb Krajina government, Milan Knezevic, who was with Dokmanovic at the time.

Later the same day, the U.N. reported that Dokmanovic was taken to the war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands. "He was lured into (Eastern) Slavonia with false promises," said Toma Fila, a Belgrade lawyer who took up Dokmanovic's defense at The Hague, according to a July 4 issue of NIN, a weekly magazine. "They lured him there by deceitful tricks. Their (U.N.) conduct was a textbook case of using gangster methods."

Worse, it was only then that we learned the suspect was supposedly indicted by the U.N, "Kangaroo Court" on March 26, 1996. Dokmanovic's indictment was issued secretly, according to the Associated Press. No details of the charges against Dokmanovic were available. Fila (the lawyer) said that "there is no factual evidence," either, to support the indictment.

But Who Will Guard the Guards?

Ever heard of secret indictments? Arrest on unspecified charges?

We hadn't. Not until June 27. Given such new "law enforcement" practices, anybody, including you and I, might be on the list of the "secretly indicted" enemies of the NWO. What if what's happening in the former Yugoslavia is only a warm up, a trial balloon for the kind of international justice we can expect right here, in the U.S., should the NWO succeed in hijacking the American Constitution?

An exaggeration?

Let's flash back to World War II, the images of which are still very much alive in the minds of the Bosnian Serb families who were massacred by the tens of thousands by the Axis powers.

Let's imagine the man in the civvies, who allegedly killed Simo Drljaca in cold blood, as a Gestapo agent.

Let's imagine the British NATO soldiers who assisted him as the dreaded Nazi "SS" troops.

Let's imagine the New York Times as one of Herr Goebbels' famed mouthpieces (probably the easiest thing to imagine J ).

We don't have to imagine the consequences of this kind of "justice" - two bullets in the back.

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