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I am just a lantern holder, we must each choose our own path


New York Times proves another President has been caught lying to American public

Impeach Obama?

From Obama vs. Obama flip-flops to outright deception



Cyprus, Snowden, NSA, Obama's "Nyet" to Russia summit, Syria - all part of new global power chess game between Washington and Moscow?

Cyprus in USA?

Here's something to ponder over the weekend... and then ponder some more: Cyprus, an insider's story about a reverse bank heist - could it happen in the U.S. - you betcha

Russian Leader Warns, “Get All Money Out Of Western Banks Now!”


Snowden Freed by Russia, US Government Furious;

Editorial: Political Pole Shift: Cold War Role Reversal


US House Votes for Continued NSA Spying


US Justice Dept files criminal charges against Edward Snowden, leaker of secret NSA surveillance story

Obama vs. Obama: Actor or President?

A story of continuing flip-flops by political acrobat; SaveTheFourthAmendment video documents latest reversal - re. NSA's secret spying on American citizens

NSA Spying Morphs into "Eurogate:" New Watergate, But on Global Scale

Snowden is in good company; US also spied on Brazil, "Cloak & Dagger" Supreme Court

Washington: Do As I Say, Not As I Do

From Turkey to Brazil: People are rising up against New World Order plutocracy

When Will America Wake Up?

Massive demonstrations rock world's fifth largest country (Brazil)


Fourth of July 2013 - An Essay on Growing People Power

Do We (Still) Care?

"Thoughts of Gavrilo Princip and Sarajevo 1914 came to mind this morning. Back then, a gunshot from a single freedom fighter started World War I. Now (2013), a news leak from a single freedom fighter might have the same effect. "

June 13, 2013 - A 15-year update to "Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce"-a Chronicles magazine 1998 column - and "Afghanistan: War for Lithium" (Mar 2013)


Washington Now Beating War Drums Again Calling for Another Foreign War: Is Syria Next?

American & Iraqi Blood for Chinese Profit

"Privatizing War" and shedding "Blood for Oil" were new New World Order inventions of the 1990s; But Iraq war tops it all: American and Iraqi blood was spilled so that Chinese can profit

Some Reactions to Washington's War Drum Beating on Syria...

A 15-year update to "When Will Wall Street Bubble Burst?"-a Washington Times 1998 column

Rotten Apples in Our Midst

Second American Revolution was carried out by corporations against individuals in last 100 years; Now it may be time for Third American Revolution - to root out all our rotten apples,

“American Demofarce II” morphs into global dictatorship: “Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce” has been official US policy for 12 years

Wither U.S. Constitution, Rise New "Evil Empire"

Law Passed After 9/11 Gives President Authority To Put U.S. Troops On The Ground Anywhere (Huffington Post, 5-17-13);

Truth in Media 1995 slogan for New World Order (globalist “elite”) became reality in 2001, shredding the American Constitution in the process (see Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce (1998)

A 15-year update to "Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce"-a Chronicles magazine 1998 column - Pentagon: "Afghanistan could become the 'Saudi Arabia of lithium'"

Afghanistan: War for Lithium?

How supposed "War on Terror" and "War on Opium" morphed into "War for Lithium" - mineral essential for building of nuclear weapons; US troops deployment soars during Obama administration as does opium production; American casualties and costs mount as only "death merchants" and their corporate brethren benefit

A 16-year update to "Plutocrats of the New World Order"-Washington Times 1997 column

Dumbing Down of America

College tuitions soar while wages languish; plutocracy is blossoming in a nation once free; widening gap between "have's" and "have not's" wiping out the middle class; why are our students mum?


Europe in Flames: Protests against bankers, governments erupt across Europe

Cure Worse Than Disease

With unemployment soaring, millions take to streets across Europe to protest central bankers' remedy for crisis bankers created when they invented the infamous "euro"; Police mug teenage boys and girls in Spain; "euro" falling apart, just as predicted in 1998 - four years before "euro" was launched

UPDATE (Nov 15): Man and Nature in Sync

Ring of Fire in Europe Echoed by Ring of Fire in Pacific


A 16-year update to "American Demo-Farce"-Washington Times 1996 column

Sandy Breaks Sound of Silence

Hurricane Sandy breaks deafening Sound of Silence in presidential debates on climate, global warming, environmental rape by energy industry; On Tuesday, vote for anybody but a Democrat or a Republican or an incumbent

also see... Romney Swings at the Wind (and Misses), Obama Not Much Better (gaiasteward.org, Aug 2012)

Electrified! Yes, But Also Robbed... (gaiasteward.org, 11-04-12)

Michigan Takes Giant Step Backward (gaiasteward.org, 11-08-12)

A 15-year update to "Dumbing Down America"-Washington Times 1997 column

Put Hollywood on Trial for Mass Murder

Movie violence has become so pervasive that it was just a matter of time before someone mimicked it in real life as Colorado movie theater shooter did, killing 12 people and wounding 58; "Dial Hollywood for Mass Murder" - bloody "reality TV" show screened July 20 in Aurora, Colorado

Also see...

At The Hague Tribunal:

Karadzic Acquitted of Genocide Charge

also see...

Witness: Chance for "Perennially Troubled Region" (Balkans) to Become Model for Conflict Resolution Elsewhere

Testimony draws praise from trial participants, but official media report omits salient comments

Electrified! (by Blue Leaf), Part 2: Greed Casts Clouds over Solar Energy (gaiasteward.org)

(also see Electrified! (by Blue Leaf)  - altzar.org, Feb 15)

At The Hague Tribunal:

Witness: Chance for "Perennially Troubled Region" (Balkans) to Become Model for Conflict Resolution Elsewhere

Testimony draws praise from trial participants, but official media report omits salient comments

So "2012" Is Finally Here: Now What?

What can we expect in this seminal year? Can we affect our future? If so, what are we to do to help ourselves and Mother Earth? (from www.altzar.org web site)

Serb General Continues to Complain of Ill Health, Bad Treatment

Mladic calls judge derisively "Comrade Orie" before judge turns off his microphone and threatens to have Serb general removed from courtroom

Once Unrepentant Serb General Repents, Apologizes to All War Victims

Ratko Mladic, accused of war crimes during Bosnian war, makes an extraordinary turn-about-face, but English-language media ignore the news; Dutch papers report apology

Defiant Serb General Ejected from Hague Courtroom

Mladic, Karadzic have a chance to become peacetime heroes, redeem not only themselves, but return dignity and honor to entire Serbian nation

Beat Swords into Plowshares at the Hague

Time to bury the hatchet, speak full truth, confess wrongs, offer amends and accept judgment standing upright again

Humane Sides of Accused War Criminals

Sometimes Truth Hurts, But It Always Sets You Free

From altzar.org, our sister web site

Water Ceremony & Prayer for Japan

Letters from Sendai (Japan)

Tale of Love & Compassion

Yen soars against U.S. dollar in aftermath of worst disaster in country's recent history

Japanese Tsunami to Hit U.S. Treasury

From altzar.org, our sister-site:

Japan Quake: Lessons in Tough Love

Floodgates which opened in 1965 with Immigration Act are now gushing more illegals than ever

Arizona Counter-Sues U.S. over Illegal Immigration

Also see...

Arizona Immigration Gone Awry: Why Rape Victim Had to Defend Herself

Analysis of new "Startup America" program

Case Makes a Case for Innovation 

Soaring Unemployment, Rising Gas Prices, Mounting War Casualties...

Stupidity on the Rise in U.S.?  Or Just Government/Media Betrayal?

... Yet Obama and Clinton "most admired Americans" (per CBS/USA Today)

Where's Uncle Sam when we need him?

TSA Patdowns: Another Government Assault on Our Rights

"Ignore your rights, and they will go away" (TiM Reader, 1995)

Major ecological disaster in the making

Red Sludge Puts Red Smudge on Hungary's Face

Triple whammy of despair grips Hungary

History repeating itself: America today, Britain two centuries ago

Poverty Up in U.S., Again

Plutocracy flourishing in America: Poor get poorer, rich get richer

Do you hear New World Order war drums beating again?  Iran, here we come...

Ginning Up Another War

UN Court at the Hague Rules NATO's Occupation, Kosovo's Secession from Serbia Was "Legal"

Kosovo: "Might Is Right," UN Court Rules

Kangaroo Court Judges Jump Again on Washington Masters' Cue, Making Mockery of International Justice

Also see "Turban for an Urban" and other TiM Readers Forum letters

Ten years after Declaration of Independence 2000 was published by the Truth of Media, we bring you an updated version with some current facts and events 

Happy Fourth 2010!

Time to laugh or cry?  Check out what a U.S. Congressman asked a Navy Admiral about Guam

Black-clad goons infiltrate, mar anti-G20 summit demonstration in Toronto

Ugly Face of Globalism

Brutal Canadian police action against weekend protesters draws out new protests today (June 29)

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Listen to a Bob Djurdjevic Mar 1, 2010 talk show interview on Badlands Radio, starting at 9:30PM eastern time on...

Hawaiian "Tsunami" Hoax

Keeping people in state of fear key to state control of people

Listen to a Bob Djurdjevic Nov 10, 2009 talk show interview on Badlands Radio, based in central Texas...

A Cosmic Radio Journey with Captain Jack

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Also check out the related Jan 2009 Editorial...

2012: Toward a New Breed of Man

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