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TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-4

Jan. 19, 1999

Another Clinton Administration's Diversion...

Tragic Deja Vu's

Another Possible Violation of the U.S. Constitution:   Waging War Is a Congressional Prerogative

FROM W. AUSTRALIA                  Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Jan. 19 - The NATO clock is ticking again in the Balkans for the fourth time in 10 months. The U.N. Security Council met in an emergency session on Monday over yet another "Kosovo crisis." The NATO supreme commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, is expected on Tuesday (Jan. 20) to read a riot act to the Serbian President in Belgrade. So we are told by the establishment media; the same folks who lied to us time and time again in the past as they worked in concert with the government warmongers in Washington.

What is actually under way this week, for at least the seventh time in the last 12 months, is another sequel of the "Wag the Dog" diversion strategy by the Clinton Administration. This one is a double whammy - the President's State of the Union address in the midst of his Senate impeachment trial, and another "Kosovo crisis."

Just as the outrageous bombing of Iraq in mid-December was intended to distract the American public's attention from the impeachment proceeding in the House (see "Klinton's Amerika: Israel's Tomahak,' ), so is this weekend's alleged "Serb massacre" in which 45 people died designed to "outrage the world"

If the latter "foreign policy" tactics weren't so tragic, they'd be downright comical. For, even the densest of the dense defensive players, no matter what the sport, would not fall for the same fake seven times in a row. Yet the Clinton administration is evidently assuming that an average American is even more dense than the densest of the dense defensive players. What arrogance! What gall!

The latest Clinton Kosovo move was a predictable as night and day. Here's an excerpt, for example, from a message which a TiM reader Mladen Vranjicanin, a former US Navy officer, sent to us on Jan. 16 - IN ADVANCE - of the actual Kosovo events:

"Third, as if by coincidence (if anyone would still believe the President), lo and behold there is another Kosovo massacre (one more the Serbs have nothing to gain by). Deputy Security Advisor David LEVY has already briefed the White House on possible course of action, and his boss Sandy BERGER, and defense Secretary William COHEN, and State Department boss, Madeleine ALBRIGHT, are likely to urge the President to wag another dog war for the duration of one week, while the Senate deliberates whether he should be removed from office (very unlikely if the troops are in harm's way, since a military action historically also raises presidential popularity a few notches)."

And now, here's what actually happened…

"Witnesses allege the attackers wore both police and army uniforms and wore Balaclava helmets (knitted face-mask caps) to mask their identities…" (an excerpt from a report by Ben Works, a Vietnam veteran).

"One thing that stands out as highly suspicious in this entire story of masked men is why would these people even bother wearing masks but not covering up their uniforms! I mean if you want to conceal your identity, you would do it from head to toe. But, to the gullible public who can be fed just about anything this Administration decides to serve, outrage has been a major propellant of American foreign policy…" (an excerpt from another message by Mr. Vranjicanin, formerly US Navy).

"Villagers said armed Serbs wearing black masks had burst into their houses on Friday, seized the men from their families and led them toward the police station. Then they had turned and herded them up the hill to kill them, the villagers reported…" (an excerpt from a London Times report).

Now, allow us to let you in on a little secret. The first two quotes date back to September 1998, the last time around a "Serb massacre" in Drenica, Kosovo, Serbia, was committed by men in black so as to justify the then threat of NATO bombing (see "Kosovo: Framing the Serbs, Acts IV, V, VI... and Counting," TiM GW Bulletin, 98/10-1, 10/02/98). The preceding paragraph, however, is a quote from this Sunday's (1/17/99) edition of the London Times. It refers to this weekend's killing of 45 Albanian civilians in Racak, Kosovo, Serbia.

Which, of course, doesn't prove anything. The Milosevic troops certainly could have committed such a crime - on orders from high up (all the way to Washington?). For, just as Saddam in the December bombing by the U.S. and Britain, only Milosevic and the KLA (Albanian) terrorists have to gain from such massacres. The Serbian people certainly do not; the American people certainly do not; and least of all, the massacred Albanians certainly do not.

In fact, Milosevic and Saddam are Clinton's best pals. Any time he is in trouble with the American people, they "miraculously" manage to help him. "Wag the Dog… Act VII?"

"If the events weren't so tragic, it would be boringly pathetic. For, the combination of the Muslim and western 'black ops' types had similarly provided a 'justification' for the genocidal U.N. sanctions against Serbia with the infamous 'bread line' massacre in Sarajevo, Bosnia, in May 1992. And they had repeated their heinous 'made for TV killings' of real human beings many times since, including those at the Sarajevo Markale market in February 1994. And again in August 1995. The latter gave NATO the pretext for bombing of the Bosnian Serbs into submission during September 1995 in the largest display of military might since the Gulf War."

The preceding, by the way, is also an excerpt taken from an old TiM GW Bulletin, 98/10-1, 10/02/98.

What is new, however, is that another impeachable offense can be added to the charges against Bill Clinton. Should this round of Clinton's Balkan saber-rattling result in a military action involving the U.S. troops, this would be yet another violation of the U.S. Constitution. Only Congress can legally wage war on behalf of the United States, according to our Constitution, not the President, as a diversion from his impeachment trial. And certainly not his bloodthirsty foreign policy advisors, such as Madeleine Albright, Sam Berger or William Cohen, for example.

For the sake of the 45 Albanians slaughtered this weekend, and for the sake of thousands of other innocent civilians world over who had paid with their lives so that the New World Order can advance its genocidal agenda - the Bosnian Muslims, Croats, Serbs, as well as the Iraqis, Kenyans, Somalis, Afghanis, Koreans… etc. - let us hope that one of these days, Clinton and his murderous backers and foreign policy advisors, also stand trial for treason and genocide, not just impeachment.  Perhaps the "World Court" which they helped create - the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague - could be the venue? Of course, only after the politicized judges which they had appointed to it are first removed.

What was Louise Arbour, for example, a Canadian and the chief Hague Court prosecutor, doing at the Macedonia-Kosovo border this weekend? Just happened to be strolling along, bored by the lack of action at the Amsterdam's bordellos? [Serb authorities had refused her entry, by the way]. Or was she waiting for her turn in the "save Clinton" campaign?

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