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June 11, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-107, "Peace" 1

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONA natologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)       Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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June 11, 1999; 10:00PM EDT - PostScript 1


Belgrade                  1. Russian Troops Enter Kosovo First

New York                 2. Four American Citizens Sue Clinton, Congress

Phoenix                    3. Djurdjevic's Luncheon Speech on Kosovo

Phoenix                    4. Media Reactions to "Communist Media -

                                    Then and Now"


1. Russian Troops Enter Kosovo First

BELGRADE, June 11 - It wasn't a race, but the Russians "won" it anyway. As NATO delayed without explanation its entry into Kosovo until Saturday (which reportedly infuriated some British commanders in Macedonia who were all set to do it today), a contingent of Russian troops was the first foreign military unit to enter Yugoslavia today.

Russian jeeps, a communication vehicle, 16 armored personnel cawpe3.jpg (19345 bytes)rriers (APCs), 23 trucks and "tank-trucks," all part of a Russian peacekeeping unit in Bosnia, passed through Belgrade on Friday afternoon, enroute to Kosovo, which they expected to reach by 10PM local time. All Russian vehicles were painted with camouflage green, and had "KFOR" signs on them, instead of the "SFOR" insignia used in Bosnia.


TiM Ed.: No reports as yet, if the smell of fresh paint was detectable.


The Russian motorcade was led by a white Mercedes of the Yugoslav Army, and a BMW of the Russian embassy, the Itar-Tass news agency reported. The 16 APCs were all flying Russian flags. The first KFOR peacemakers wore summer uniforms and flak jackets with airborne insignia.

Another unit of the Russian paratroopers reportedly also landed at the Slatina airport in Kosovo today.


TiM Ed.: Also check out "Who Won and Who Lost?" (S99-99, Day 72, Update 1, Item 4, June 3) to see the full  significance of the Russian military presence in Kosovo.


2. Four American Citizens Sue Clinton, Congress

NEW YORK, June 10 - One day after a Clinton-appointed judge threw out a lawsuit against the Clinton administration (see S99-104, Day 78, Item 2, June 9), the WorldNetDaily, an Internet publisher, disclosed that four U.S. citizens filed a new lawsuit in the New York federal court charging not only the President, but also Congress, with violations of the Constitution.

Robert Schulz, a radio talk show host in New York, along with Milan Pavlovic, Gary Loughrey, and Stephen Oughton, filed a lawsuit against President Clinton, the Department of Defense, and Congress for their part in the continuing bombing of Yugoslavia by the United States and its allied members in NATO. The lawsuit was filed in an U.S. District Court in northern New York State. Judge Frederick Scullin has been assigned to the case.

Going a step further than the congressional suit, Schulz's lawsuit declared that the War Powers Resolution of 1973, which gives the president 60 days to utilize the Armed Forces as he sees fit before asking Congress for a declaration of war, is unconstitutional.

Concerning the new lawsuit, however, Schulz told WorldNetDaily that he filed it because of his concern that something is "seriously wrong in the country." "I've been concerned for some time with what seems to be our fundamental republican principles," said Schulz, pointing out he was not talking about political parties. "Our republican principles appear to be collapsing, and with them, the rule of law."

Having filed dozens of cases against various government entities for unconstitutional behavior, Schulz told the WorldNetDaily that he was no stranger to filing lawsuits against both individuals in government and government agencies.

Reacting to the news of this upstate New York challenge to Clinton's war on Yugoslavia, Robert Drobot, a TiM reader from California, did what many of you can also do - pick up a phone, call the judge, and tell him that we'd like our Constitution back, please.

Here are some excerpts from Mr. Drobot's letter to TiM, along with the judges phone and fax numbers:

"Every so often an opportunity presents itself wherein the weight of responsible thought can cause a person to take notice of the fact that we, as a nation, are mindful of the duty they performing on our behalf. We are now in such a place.

It is all to clear that the courts hold a minority of judges, particularly federal judges who view law as a social modeling tool, and when such a discovery has been made, we tend to make use of a broad stroke, painting them all with the same indelible stain.

But just suppose for a moment that sitting in this case we have a responsible man; a man thoroughly conscious of the wording of our Constitution; a man who recognizes that all other law is subservient to the limitations declared within this most sacred document.

According to a lawsuit referenced below, the defendants have violated our nations' law through the use of our military in a combative environment (bombing and making use of ground troops) without having declared war against another sovereign nation. American taxpayers are going to be asked to pay for the reconstruction of the bombing destruction caused by this illegal action.

Shouldn't the defendants be made to pay for their war party individually? It was their war. Shouldn't it be their bill?!?! Why should the American people be forced to pay for an illegal act by officials who by act or omission brought about the mayhem and destruction resulting from an abuse of the lawful scope of their authority?

I got in touch with one of the plaintiffs, Mr. Robert Schulz, and I asked him to give me the fax or e-mail address of the judge so as I could let him know what a great job he was doing in taking on this great opportunity to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of our great country. He did the next best thing. He gave me the telephone numbers of the judge's office and his staff (I verified their authenticity).

I've already spent a buck, and called his office; leaving a message with his clerk. She was respectful, and I was courteous. There was no reason for either of us to have acted otherwise. I thought you might like to do the same. I mentioned the case number and repeated the above underlined message.

The case number is 99-CV-0845.

Judge Frederick Scullin's telephone number is (315) 448 0561.

His law clerk's name is Julie (315) 448 0560.

Barbara Woodford is the court clerk (315) 448 0556

It's a matter of responsible citizen action."


Robert Drobot, California


TiM Ed.: Hear, hear! As we said in the Epilogue to NATO's war on Serbia (see S99-106, Day 79, Update 2, Item 2, June 10)... "Stay tuned. And stay active..." Until we bring all the New World Order hooligans to justice.


3. Djurdjevic's Luncheon Speech on Kosovo War

PHOENIX, June 11 - The TiM readers who live in and around Arizona, may want to jot down on their calendars the date - noon, Tuesday, June 15. And then pick up the phone and call (480) 443-0204 or (480) 483-3352, to register for TiM editor's luncheon speech on NATO's war on Serbia, hosted by the Scottsdale-based "We Hold These Truths" organization.

RSVPs are requested ASAP as the space is limited at the Phoenix restaurant at which the talk will take place. You can also register by faxing (480) 348-1645.


4. Media Reactions to "Communist Media - Then and Now"

PHOENIX, June 11 - Following the deafening silence by most of the American establishment media about the biggest anti-war rally held in this country since the Vietnam war (see S99-101, Day 74, Item 1, June 5), we shared with the TiM readers a freelance column "Communist Media - Then and Now" (see S99-102, Day 75, Item 2, June 6). The column brought an outpouring of support from the TiM readers all over the U.S. and the world (see (S99-105, Day 79, Update 1, Item 2, June 10).

Some of the TiM readers also asked us to report back the media editors' reactions to this freelance submission. So here is the tally...

We've sent the "Communist Media - Then and Now" piece by e-mail to 535 media editors around the world. In addition, we've also sent it by fax on June 7 to 54 major establishment media organizations, both in the U.S. and overseas.

Of all those people, we've received ONE e-mail response from a Wall Street Journal editor who said his paper did not deal in media critiques. And we received ONE fax from the editor-in-chief of London's Financial Times who said that, after having personally read the piece, it was not suitable for this leading European business daily.

So there you have it. One e-mail and one fax rejection - out of almost 600 submissions And both rejections came from business papers - evidently the "nice hooligans" among the NWO murderers.

The rest of the western media didn't even bother to reply. Too busy towing the line for the NWO "lie and deny" war criminals, are we to suppose?

The very first print publication which the Truth in Media had put out under its logo was a pamphlet titled, "The Truth Rejected." It was printed in October 1992. And it was about the lies and deceptions during the then unfolding Bosnian wars in the Balkans.

Nearly seven years later, we can conclude from the above global establishment media muted response to the truth in the "Communist Media - Then and Now" - that...

(a) Truth and liberty are now higher up on an endangered species list than they were in 1992;

(b) Silence means acquiescence - by refusing to publish the above TiM piece, the NWO communist establishment media are merely confirming their totalitarian bend.


TiM Ed.: Now, just for the record, when we say "communist," we mean "totalitarian."

Back in 1969, when Bill Clinton trampled on the U.S. flag in England before traveling to the Soviet Union at the time when no "normal" Americans could ever have done it - our Draftdodger-in-Chief was merely being an old-style "red."

Now, in 1999, this turncoat NWO whore is serving the West Side Gang's totalitarian interests - the "state capitalists" and/or the "death merchants" who paid for his trip to Washington - the only winners in yet another massacre of mankind.. And the only beneficiaries in "Clinton's et. al." attempted abduction of the U.S. Constitution from the American people.

Red, blue or white? Clinton, Gore or Albright? Who cares under what symbol these hooligans murder innocent people - that of the hammer and sickle or NATO's?

Just take a look at a great cartoon, "Another NATO Humanitarian Mission," now posted at our Web site. We received it over a month ago from a Belgrade source. But we wanted to wait until NATO's occupation of Kosovo gave it a contemporary meaning.

Enjoy... Or weep... Either way, don't bother supporting Coke, Macs, Nike, CNN, Microsoft, Shell, Texaco, Motorola or IBM.   Unless you want to have your kids come home in body bags on day. 

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