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June 5, 1999

Special Truth in Media Global Watch Bulletins on NATO's War on Serbia

Issue S99-101, Day 74

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June 5, 1999; 6:00PM EDT - DAY 74


Washington                  1. The Day Serb Flag Was Flying at the Pentagon

Washington                  2. Drop Clinton, Not Bombs! (A Speech by Bob Djurdjevic)


1. The Day Serb Flag Was Flying at the Pentagon flag-srb.gif (7015 bytes)

WASHINGTON, June 5 - Mark this day - June 5! This is the day a Serb flag flew at the Pentagon possibly for the first time in history.  The red-blue-and-white Serb banner was mdc6-5-1.jpg (46088 bytes)ounted high on top of the soundstage erected on the Pentagon lawn, right next to the official U.S. Defense Department flag pole.  All around the stage, more than 30,000 anti-war demonstrators who took part in today's "March on the Pentagon," many of whom brought their own Serb flags, billowed from the top of their lungs, "Yu-go-sla-via! Yu-go-sla-via!" And "Kosovo is Serbia!"

It was a moment to behold. Hyphenated and native Americans joining together on the same field of battle - for peace and liberty.  Chinese drummers beat their drums; Serbian protesters blew their whistles; Korean demonstrators sang their songs; Greeks wrapped themselves in their blue-and-whites; the Russians, the Cubans, the Poles, the Puerto Ricans... all waving their flags, wearing the TARGET signs, and chanting: "Yu-go-sla-via! Yu-go-sla-via!"

And, "bombs and missiles - we say no, U.S. out of Kosovo!"

One older American summed up the mood in the crowd succinctly.  Dressed as an Uncle Sam from top-to-bottom, he was holding a big sign which just said: "NO!"dc6-5-12.jpg (40850 bytes)

If such an event were to have taken place in some overseas country, people might have assumed a World Cup soccer match was taking place. But this was America. Soccer is not big in this country. So the surprisingly small number of the Pentagon security detail and the Arlington Police, looked on in amusement, snapping pictures of the crowd on this hot Saturday afternoon.

And yes, as you may have gathered by now, this preceding means that the Arlington Police and the County officials backed down, unable to stop the 30,000+ marchers from closing the Memorial Bridge and the Washington Boulevard, supposedly also for the first time in history. So freedom of speech and right to peaceful assembly is still alive and well today in America. Thanks, in part, to all TiM readers who contributed to it.

But as with all rights, if we ignore them, they will go to a higher bidder. So we have to keep it up…

Meanwhile, large masses of anti-NATO protesters had assembled earlier this afternoon at the Vietnam Memorial, where the opening speeches were given, including that by your editor, enclosed below as Item 2 of this report.

After the speech, the TiM editor also gave interviews to National Public Radio (NPR), to some Russian and Chinese news agencies and local news media. The public TV network C-SPAN, reportedly carried a live broadcast of the proceedings. Predictably, there were no CNN, NBC, ABC or CBS cameras or satellite trucks in evidence. But there was a media helicopter filming the march.

Later this afternoon, CNN Headline News aired about a 15-second report, showing some of the demonstrators on the Memorial Bridge, with the Lincoln Memorial visible in the background.  CNN said that only 5,000 people participated in today's demonstrations. This contrasts with the organizers' estimates which ranged from 30,000 to 40,000. dc6-5-2.jpg (109926 bytes)

Whatever the actual number of protesters, it was without a doubt the largest anti-war demonstration held in the nation's capital since the days of the Vietnam war. As the head of the column of ranging from 10 to 30 people abreast was well past the half-way point of the three-mile+ march to the Pentagon, the tail was just entering the Memorial bridge at the Lincoln Memorial (take a look at the photo to your left... the column you're seeing does not represent even half the length of the March on the Pentagon.  And that's what CNN's says is "5,000?").

To those TiM readers who joined us either in person or in spirit; to all those who stood up and made a stand for truth and justice today, we say: "Thank you! Now you can proudly tell your children or grandchildren that you had not remained silent during the days of the American Infamy."


2. Drop Clinton, Not Bombs! (A Speech by Bob Djurdjevic)

WASHINGTON, June 5 - The following is the prepared text of the speech which TiM's editor delivered today at the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC:

Ladies and gentlemen, fellow-patriots, friends of the truth and liberty,

I come to Washington from the Grand Canyon state of Arizona to join you in your righteous protest against an American government which has become so un-American. This is no longer a government "OF the people, BY the people, FOR the people." This is a government OF and FOR a group of "death merchants," bankers and industrialists, run BY corrupt politicians, like Bill Clinton. And it is a government AGAINST the interests of the American people.

Is it in our interest to have a $5.6 trillion national debt?

Is it in our interest to pay for the IMF bailouts of Wall Street bankers in Mexico, Asia, Russia or Brazil?

Is it in our interest to have American troops stationed in over 100 countries around the world?

Is it in our interest to have to build a Kosovo Memorial right next to the wall of tears where we are now standing?wpe4.jpg (68791 bytes)

Is it in our interest to have American pilots rain death and destruction upon innocent civilians in Yugoslavia?

I agree, it is not.

We must stop that! Now!

And we must start removing the stains from our Stars and Stripes which Clinton's disgraceful government has left.

Ladies and gentlemen, I said on March 24, the day the first NATO bombs struck Yugoslavia, a sovereign country which has done us no harm, that that day will be remembered in history as the new Day of Infamy. Except that this time, American missiles and pilots did to Yugoslavia what the Japanese did to us at Pearl Harbor.

And worse...

Because NATO has been waging war on civilians.

In late April, I traveled to Serbia, where I spent five days under NATO's bombardment. What I saw was wanton and senseless devastation. NATO was waging war on old age homes, hospitals, schools, embassies, factories, churches, bridges, railroads, TV and radio stations...

In their wake of such bombings, over 1,500 Yugoslav civilians have been killed; 30% of them children.

Like the 11-month old Bojana Tosovic, killed by NATO's bombs on Apr. 11 at her home near Podujevo, along with her father.

Like the 4-year old Dejana Pavlovic, and her 7-year old brother, Stefan, killed by NATO's bombs at their home in the Belgrade suburb of Ralja on May 27.

Like Father Milivoj Ceric, a brave and unselfish Serb priest, whose head was literally blown off by a NATO bomb last Sunday, May 30.

And what was Fr. Ceric doing at the time of his death? God's work. Right after his Sunday church service, he rushed to help his injured parishioners after the first NATO strike on the Varvarin bridge. Only to be killed by the second one.

Ladies and gentlemen, Clinton has not been waging war on Milosevic; he has been waging war on Serb civilians. A cowardly war. The only kind of a war, I suppose, draftdodgers know how to wage.

Are we going to stand by idly and let our Draftdodger-in-Chief carry on such slaughter - in our name, under our flag?

And then, there are human tragedies I came across during my trip which never get reported in the media - Serb or American. Like that of the four-year old Mina. A Serb doctor treating this little girl told me that that this four-year was losing her hair. From the constant trauma caused by air raid sirens and bombs. Asked by the doctor what she feared more - the sirens or the bombs - the little Mina said the dreaded the sirens more.

And now, YOU will have a chance to find out why. What you're about to hear is no Hollywood soundstage product. It is a live recording of an air raid siren made on a Belgrade balcony in late April... (played the tape).


What usually follows this is the sound of anti-aircraft artillery fire... then of the bombs... then, the silence of the dead…

Now, imagine having to live through that for over 70 days, mostly at night, but sometimes in also daytime hours - such as when I was meeting with the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church, for example.

Imagine that, and then you may understand why a four-year old is losing her hair. And why 10 million civilians are being traumatized, not just those already killed or maimed.

Ladies and gentleman, this is not war. This is terrorism!

And we must charge the people responsible for such barbaric acts with war crimes.

No wonder most Americans who write to us say that they are outraged by such war crimes. No wonder some of them write to us to apologize for Clinton's crimes.

That is why, I also told the Serbian people, both in person and through the Serb media, that they should not hate all Americans. Nor burn American flags. That CNN and others in the media are lying through their teeth when they say that a majority of Americans support NATO's illegal war on Serbia.

Did I tell the Serbs the truth about how you feel?

I have been saying for years the real motto of the New World Order terrorists is not "world peace through world trade," as its leaders claim; it is "perpetual commerce through perpetual war."

First you knock them down; then you build them up. Either way, America's "death merchants" and their industrial and media partners-in-crime win.

Bottom line? War is good business. Just ask the CEOs of Lockheed, Boeing, Raytheon, General Dynamics, Norththrop, Grumman, United Technologies, Textron, Litton Industries and other top Pentagon suppliers whose shares soared as mankind lost.

What we are seeing at work in the Balkans, therefore, is the latest example of an evil, genocidal, parasitic, Machiavellian military-industrial-financial complex enriching itself on the backs of other fellow-humans' pain and suffering.

Not that long ago, in 1983, President Reagan justifiably called the Soviet Union an Evil Empire.

Now, Washington is the seat of an Evil Empire and Belgrade is the capital of the Free World!

Which is why it is time for all decent, patriotic Americans to sound the alarm and "just say no" to a government which uses our money to kill innocent people so that Raytheons of this world can improve their earnings per share.

All we need to do is throw out of office the politicians who sold us out to the "death merchants," and who abuse the good faith service our sons and daughters in the armed forces. They have sworn to protect our country, not Wall Street wallets!

In short, all we need to do is exercise our rights.

But do we have the courage to do it? Do our men and women in uniform have the guts to say, "hell no, I won't go?"

Not when a man who would not qualify even for the lowest security clearance - were he not President - issues unlawful orders to kill innocent people in an undeclared and illegal war.

But even if Clinton somehow dodges a war crimes trial, as he had dodged the military service to his country - he, his Secretary of Hate, Madam Halfbright, and all other NATO leaders will face a trial, sooner or later, in a higher court.

"Don't be afraid of anything except of sin," the Serb Patriarch Pavle once told me, asking me to pass this message to the faithful among the Serbian-Americans. For, in the end, he said, God "will weigh everything precisely and fairly."

Including the sins of our Liar-in-Chief!

So I say… Drop Clinton, Not Bombs!

And to Clinton I say… Clinton, Albright, Clark and Gore - we don't want your bloody war.

And to the Serbs I say… Zivela Srbija!

And to my fellow-Americans, I say… Freedom!

Fight for Freedom from financial slavery to the Federal Reserve's version of taxation without representation! Fight for Freedom from the media who lie! Fight for Freedom from the politicians who lie and kill!

Fight for your inalienable rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

[this text of the speech approximates it, but is not necessarily a verbatim transcript of, the actual talk].

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