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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-6

Feb. 22, 2000

A Global Affairs Potpourri

ECHELON: New World Order's Fifth Column Among Us

Also, Microsoft and U.S. Secret Service; Gates Invests in Nuclear Carrier Maker; "Iran-Contra" Boomerang; Holbrooke to Bully EU; Outgoing IMF Chief Hit with a Pie; Albright Mistaken for Maid, Troll?: Kangaroo Feathers 



London                        1. ECHELON: New World Order's Fifth Column Among Us

Paris                            2. U.S. Secret Service "Helped" Microsoft Design Software?

Virginia                       3. Bill Gates Buys Eight Percent Stake in Maker of

                                         Nuclear Carriers

Jerusalem                   4. An "Iran-Contra" Boomerang: What Goes Around,

                                         Comes Around

Lisbon                         5. Holbrooke to Bully Europeans for More UN Money

Bangkok                     6. Outgoing IMF Chief Hit with a Pie

Helsinki                      7. New World Order on a Roll: Albright Mistaken for a

                                         Maid, Troll?

Melbourne                  8. Kangaroo Feathers (A Travel Vignette)


1. ECHELON: New World Order's Fifth Column Among Us

New World Order - A Mutation of the British Empire?

LONDON, Feb. 13 – Governments of five English-speaking countries which were once linchpins of the British Empire - U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand - are showing the world that the old empire is not quite dead, revolutions and constitutions notwithstanding.  It has merely mutated to the New World Order whose center of gravity is now in the U.S, rather than Britain.  

Unconstitutional spying on the citizens of these once free nations by the National Security Agency's ECHELON computer eavesdropping system, sometimes even used to gain commercial advantage for the Princes of the New World Order - the U.S. based multinational companies - is also sending alarm bells throughout Europe and Asia.  Many are now beginning to realize that there is an NWO fifth column at work among us.

The latest declassified data, made available in the U.S. last week and disclosed publicly by the London Telegraph on Feb. 13 (, is showing the European and the Asian nations that some western "allies" are more equal than others.  Such as the five countries that have benefited from this secret Anglophone spy network.

The ECHELON surveillance system - run by five English-speaking nations but dominated by the US, according to the Telegraph, is reportedly capable of monitoring telephone, fax and email communications relayed by satellite anywhere in the world.  Here's an excerpt from the Telegraph report:

"The network is a legacy of the Cold War intelligence showdown with the communist bloc. But there are allegations in west European nations that ECHELON is being abused by US espionage chiefs to spy on individuals and to pass on commercial secrets to American businesses.

Britain's role has come under fierce fire as it is the only European member of the UK/USA alliance that operates the system. Canada, Australia and New Zealand subsequently joined the grouping that London formed with America in 1947 to pool security information. The sprawling Menwith Hill listening station in North Yorkshire is the most important international site for America's National Security Agency (NSA), the lead player in ECHELON.

A new report into ECHELON's electronic surveillance commissioned by the European Parliament will fuel the row when MEPs debate its findings next week. The document lists high-profile cases in which American companies allegedly won contracts heading for European firms after NSA intercepted conversations. The Airbus consortium and Thomson CSF of France were among the reported losers.

In Asia, the US used information gathered from its bases in Australia to win a half share of a significant Indonesian trade contract for AT&T that communication intercepts showed was initially going to NEC of Japan, according to a former NSA agent, Wayne Madsen, on Australian television last year. A lawsuit against the US and Britain is being launched in France, judicial and parliamentary investigations have begun in Italy, and German parliamentarians have demanded an inquiry.

In the US, a Congressional investigation into the ECHELON system starts this year amid concerns over possible privacy violations. A spokesman for the government reform committee said: "American people not only have the right to privacy, they have the right to know about it if their privacy is infringed." The committee will be able to issue subpoenas to federal officials and employees of NSA to compel them to give evidence. […]

The investigations will throw embarrassing light on the clandestine Anglophone listening operation. The biggest challenge seems likely in France, where strict privacy laws mean that it is necessary to prove only that an attempt to breach the privacy of an individual has been made, not that the intrusion was harmful.

A leading Parisian law firm said last week that it would file the French equivalent of a class action suit to sue the US and Britain, representing individuals and firms that claim they have lost contracts because of "theft of information". David Natas, a lawyer specializing in computer crime, said: "The French are extremely angry. They should tear down the listening stations in Cornwall."

In Italy, parliament's secret services committee has opened an inquiry, as have magistrates in Rome. Carlo Sarzana, an assistant chief preliminary judge, said of NSA's intercepts: 'The scope is not military'."

In Canada, a retired intelligence officer Mike Frost spent 19 years collecting top-secret information at Canada's Communications Security Establishment (CSE), Canada's equivalent of America's National Security Agency. Frost remembers a time when ECHELON was still an idea without a name.  A TiM reader has sent us the following excerpt from a report "I Spy Trouble," posted on Feb. 13 at the DSWCC-OneList Group:

"The concept of five countries collecting everything that's radiated on this planet and reporting to a central base which the five countries can draw from -- the concept was there, and some experimental work was being done at the time," says Frost.

According to Frost, the information is then sorted according to specific key words.

"For instance, if we were after a terrorist activity, we would ask the computer to give us all communications containing the words 'bomb,' 'blow-up,' 'terrorize,' 'assassination,' and any communications containing those words, be it e-mail, be it voice mail, telephone, cell phone, portable phone, whatever," he says. "The computer would recognize that conversation as containing those words and give you either a recording of the conversation or a hard copy of the conversation."

But Frost, who was trained in the U.S. by the National Security Agency, says the eavesdropping is not necessarily limited to criminals or foreigners, as is required by both U.S. and Canadian laws.

"There is no distinction made whether you're a foreigner or not," he says. "That's a tough question, because never will the Canadian government or the American government admit that they can circumvent their legislation by asking other countries to do what they can't do for themselves. However, if you just look at how the system works -- if five countries do the collecting, if five countries input their common database that five countries can draw from, it's fairly easy to see how Canada can do things for the United States and vice versa that the countries can't do for themselves."

And although Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand all play crucial roles, Frost says there's no doubt about who's "driving the train," as Frost puts it.

"NSA drives the train," he says. "NSA is the conductor, NSA tells the train where to stop, and tells the passengers where to get off and where to get on."

According to Frost, this train is running full-speed into your private life. For example, here's what could happen if you use a so-called key word like "bomb," even in a private conversation.

"Somebody will pick it up," he says. "Communications know no borders. Somebody will pick it up somewhere, and it will end up on somebody's desk if you say the word 'bomb.' I guarantee it."

Case in point ...

"A lady was on the phone talking to her friend about a school play that she'd been to the night before; her son was in a school play," recalls Frost from his own experience. "And she thought he'd done a lousy job, and she said to her friend, 'Boy, he really bombed last night. And that conversation was highlighted and ended up on an analyst's desk the next morning because the word 'bomb' was in there, and all this lady was doing was talking about her son and his play the night before. Now that conversation of that lady is held at CSE indefinitely, so if two or three or four years later, she talks about somebody else bombing or something, and the computer spits it out again as being the second or third hit on this person's name, you can graduate from being a possible terrorist to a probable terrorist. It's that easy."

So what are the perks of being targeted as a "probable terrorist?"

"If the NSA says that you are a probable terrorist and passes that information on to those responsible for that sort of activity, just think about what could happen to your life, and you'd never know why. All of a sudden, your MasterCard doesn't work anymore; All (of)a sudden, your phone is down; all of a sudden, things are falling apart in your life; and you have no reason why, and nobody'll ever tell you."

How deep can ECHELON go into someone's life?

"How deep do you want to go?" answers Frost. "Right down to the bowels, if you want. As far as you want to go, ECHELON can go into your private life -- that includes your private life with your doctor, your minister, your lawyer, your stock broker, your wife, your girlfriend, your children, your business partner, your business enemies -- as far as they want to go."

Both the United States and Canada officially deny that this massive spy network even exists. But Frost showed CBN News a station in Ottawa where such interceptions are part of the daily routine.

Intelligence experts say ECHELON is only one of many tools Big Brother can use to listen in on your life. In fact, with the right technology, government agencies can literally pull your personal information out of the air -- without ever touching your computer.

The procedure is code-named TEMPEST, and it's a trick Frost learned from the NSA. By simply aiming an antenna at your computer monitor, intelligence experts can use the radiation emitted by the monitor to reconstruct the images on your screen. No hacking, no passwords -- just another legal loophole.

"The law reads that it is unlawful to intercept intentionally radiated communications," explains Frost. "TEMPEST is unintentionally radiated, so it's therefore lawful, I suppose, to intercept this radiation. That is being done extensively throughout the world. You can imagine the implications if you park yourself outside a broker's office on Wall Street, or you go to the defense building or the CIA building and start intercepting TEMPEST radiation."

Speaking out about ECHELON has ultimately cost Mike Frost some of his own privacy.

"The pressure is being applied very subtly," he says. "Letters that arrive in an opened condition, strange things happening to my answering machine when I'm not even in the house -- it becomes unplugged or turned off, or turned on and plugged in, strange footprints on my carpet, very subtle things. Not that I can go to anyone and say somebody broke into my home, because there is no sign of forced entry in any way. Constantly, my friends will say, what's the matter with your phone; there's an echo. So these things are being done just to keep me on my toes a little bit, and I'm aware of that."

And he has a warning for anyone who says "it can't happen to me."

"If you don't want anybody to know about what you're saying, don't say it," Frost cautions. "Because if you do say it, somebody will be listening."

TiM Ed.: Also check out how the Washington "Big Brother" wagged the tail during the Kosovo war even of the most powerful nation in Europe - Germany (see ).

2. U.S. Secret Service "Helped" Microsoft Design Software?

PARIS, Feb. 19 - An intelligence report out of France, which has reached us via Yahoo's Hong Kong news service, has accused US secret agents of collaborating with computer giant Microsoft in developing a software that would allow Washington to spy on communications around the world.

Drawn up by the intelligence arm of the French Defense Ministry, the Strategic Affairs Delegation (DAS), the report quoted the newsletter Le Monde du Renseignement (Intelligence World) on Friday.

The report claims that agents from the National Security Agency, NSA helped install secret programs in Microsoft software which is currently in use in no less than 90 percent of all computers.

According to the report, "it would seem that the creation of Microsoft was largely supported, not least financially, by the NSA, and that IBM was made to accept the (Microsoft) MS-DOS operating system by the same administration".

The report also said that the Pentagon was Microsoft's biggest client in the world.

3. Bill Gates Buys Eight Percent Stake in Maker of Nuclear Carriers

NEWPORT NEWS, VA, Feb. 20 - Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, the world's richest man, has bought an eight percent share of Newport News Shipbuilding, the Associated Press reported on Feb. 20. The purchase, disclosed Friday (Feb. 18) in forms filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, is worth $68.9 million at current stock prices and makes Gates one of the shipyard's two top stockholders. He now shares the No. 1 slot with First Manhattan Co., a Madison Avenue investment firm. Both own 2.6 million shares.

Gates, with a personal fortune estimated at more than $100 billion, hasn't publicly said why he bought a piece of the shipyard. The shipyard employs about 17,300 people. It is the nation's only builder of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, which earned $97 million last year, according to the AP.

In the last year, defense industry giants General Dynamics and Litton Industries each have tried to buy Newport News Shipbuilding. Those deals were scuttled amid concerns from the Defense Department about a potential lack of competition. Gates bought his piece of the shipyard through Cascade Investment LLC, his investment firm with headquarters in Washington state. Cascade filed the required disclosure forms Friday with the SEC.


TiM Ed.: And so this renowned philanthropist and founder of charitable foundations has now joined the ranks of the America's "death merchants."  Repent, then sin… repent, then sin.  It's all par for the course, of course.  We've said as far back as 1994 that if Windows-powered PC were airplanes, they would be killing millions of people around the world - every day. 

It's also interesting to note from the above story that the Pentagon was concerned about a supposed lack of competition within its stable of "death merchants," but had no problem with Microsoft's virtual monopoly in PC operating systems.   You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours… What a world.  What a stench.

4. An "Iran-Contra" Boomerang: What Goes Around, Comes Around

JERUSALEM, Feb. 12 - Speaking of stench, what goes around, comes around, and like a boomerang, sometimes hits you straight between the eyes.  On Feb. 12, the London Sunday Times reported that an Israeli soldier was "almost certainly" killed in south Lebanon by an American missile supplied to Iran by Israel during the 1986 "Iran-Contra" affair.  More than 2,000 of the Tow anti-tank weapons, used by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah forces, were handed over to Iran by Israel as part of the swap engineered by Ronald Reagan aides Robert McFarlane and Oliver North. 

Intelligence sources said yesterday that the missiles were sent to Hezbollah via Syria in the past two months, the Times reported. They have been used to devastating effect against Israeli outposts in what Tel Aviv calls its "security zone", a ten-mile wide strip of land inside Lebanon. The soldier killed yesterday - two were wounded in the attack on Beaufort Castle army base - was the seventh in less than three weeks. Shortly afterwards, Israeli warplanes struck positions near by.

McFarlane, interviewed by the Times on a skiing break, said: "You'll remember that the Israelis pushed that deal. What a historic irony." It is an irony not lost on the Israeli public, which has lost enthusiasm for the Lebanese quagmire dubbed "our very own Vietnam". Opinion polls this week showed that 56 percent of Israelis wanted a withdrawal from Lebanon.


TiM Ed.: That's not the only irony in this caveat - that treachery doesn't pay.  Another one is that the weapons were trans-shipped through Syria, at the time the Israeli Barak government was involved in Washington-sponsored peace negotiations with that country.  Serbs have a proverb that aptly describes this kind of double- and triple-dealing.  It's not fit for print in full.  But you may surmise what the missing word is: "Lunatics are … the confused."

5. Holbrooke to Bully Europeans for More UN Money

LISBON, Feb. 16 - U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke, nicknamed the "Balkan Bully" for his arm-twisting at the Dayton Bosnia peace negotiations in November 1995, is being dispatched by Washington to Lisbon to try to convince the European Union to help him secure a reduction in America's U.N. dues, diplomats at the UN told the Reuters news service last week.

At issue is legislation in the Republican-controlled Congress that makes $800 million in U.S. arrears payments to the world body conditional on a lowering of U.S. dues from 25 percent to 22 percent for the regular U.N. administrative budget, which is about $1 billion annually. For fluctuating peacekeeping expenses, Congress demands a ceiling of 25 percent rather than 30 percent, including the surcharge the five permanent Security Council members have to pay for approving a peacekeeping operation.

Congress also wants the lower payments retroactive. The United States already has taken some unilateral deductions in the past year or so. But so far no U.N. member has agreed, leaving the United States in danger each year of losing its vote in the General Assembly as its current $1 billion debt mounts.

But so far the 15 EU members, whose current president is Portugal, have shown few signs of willingness to raise their own payments to satisfy demands from the U.S. Congress.  Several EU representatives noted that the United States already is paying below the amount that its economic standing would dictate.

The 15 EU members pay some 36.6 percent of the U.N. budget with 31 percent of the world's gross national product (GNP). By contrast, the United States, is assessed at 25 percent, but has close to 27 percent of the world's economic wealth.

France, for example, points out that it is paying 6.5 percent of the budget while its share of the world's GNP is 5.5 percent. France is the fourth-highest payer to the United Nations, after the United States, Japan and Germany.

On a per capita basis, when peacekeeping is included, the gap is wider. The French taxpayer pays an average of $3.85 while the average American is charged $2.40 annually.

Holbrooke also plans to travel to Japan and to China, possibly next month, to continue his lobbying, the diplomats told the Reuters.


TiM Ed.: Sounds to us the "Balkan Bully" may need a lot more than just his usual bullying tactics to coerce the "allies" to act against their best interests.  In the end, it would be music to the ears of patriots and taxpayers around the world, if the UN, a thoroughly ineffective, corrupt and undemocratic globalist institution, which has been used lately as a fig leaf for State Department policies, were to fall apart over money squabbles with Congress.

6. Outgoing IMF Chief Hit with a Pie

BANGKOK, Feb. 13 - The outgoing chief of the International Monetary Fund got a rude retirement present on Feb. 13 when an American anti-free trade activist penetrated security at a trade conference in Thailand and hit him with a pie in the face, the Associated Press has reported from Bangkok.  Moments before Michel Camdessus was to deliver his last speech as IMF chairman, the activist hurled a fruit-and-cream pie inside the meeting hall where some 190 nations are holding the U.N. Conference on Trade and Development.

The pie-thrower, who identified himself as Robert Reuel Naiman, 34, of Washington, D.C., said he performed the stunt to give the IMF chief "a friendly reminder of what we think of his policies and to give a warning to his successor we expect different policies."

Camdessus was chatting to delegates in the main conference hall before making a keynote speech when Naiman snuck up beside him and threw a pie with a shout of "Happy Birthday!" "It was a small cake, very tasty," Naiman told the ITV television network before he was taken away by security.

Naiman, who said he also participated in the Seattle anti-WTO protests last December, had managed to sneak his sugary projectile through a tight security cordon around the Queen Sirikit Convention Center, the site of the conference. The Thai hosts have erected a massive security curtain around the meeting, anxious to prevent a repeat of the violence at Seattle and at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month.

But a thousand activists marched on the conference Saturday (Feb. 12) calling for radical changes to the global financial system, which they say keeps much of the world locked in poverty.


Text Box:  TiM Ed.: By being hit with the pie, the IMF's Camdessus and Microsoft's Gates now have something in common.  Gates was also hit by a pie-thrower in Brussels, after attending the Davos forum in February 1998 (see "A Pied Piper").

Given the protests erupting no matter where in this world the New World Order leaders meet, perhaps the only secure venue for their future meeting would be in outer space, perhaps aboard some of the NASA space shuttles?  The only trouble is, the Russians may be able to eavesdrop on their extraterrestrial pow-wows even more easily than on planet Earth.  

So they have to move on, perhaps to the Moon, or Mars?  From this writer's keyboard, to God's ears!  J

7. New World Order on a Roll: Albright Mistaken for a Maid, Troll?

HELSINKI, Feb. 15 - It never rains, it pours.  The New World Order leaders' humiliation seems to be on a roll.  First, a cleaning lady, now a troll?  Madeleine Albright was reportedly mistaken for a cleaning lady by a group of Kosovo Albanians at the Rambouillet (France) talks a year ago.  But now, the webmaster of STOP NATO! Web site - - Javier Bernal, has sent us his report about a supposed visit to Finland by the U.S. Secretary of State (or Hate, to be more accurate).  We suggest you read it with tongue in cheek:

"On the heals of an embarrassing incident where a group of (Kosovo) Albanians understandably mistook Madeline Albright for a hotel cleaning lady, the U.S. Secretary of State has again been the victim of misidentification. While on a diplomatic mission to Finland, Madam Albright frightened a group of school children who mistook her for a troll.

Trolls have a long history in Scandinavian folklore, and a reputation for being ugly, nasty and dangerous. In Finland, children are warned to behave themselves lest the trolls come and take them away. BSNN does not know if the children in question had misbehaved or not, but they certainly do not like trolls, and they certainly were afraid of Ms. Albright.

According to reports, Albright was taking a walk through one of Helsinki's beautiful parks when she tripped, dropping her attaché case. Her attaché case came to rest under a small stone bridge. Ms. Albright, being a resourceful woman, made her way under the bridge to retrieve the case.

While Albright was under the bridge the children came along and lingered for a few moText Box:  ments, unaware of what lurked beneath them. As she was  walking up from under the bridge, Ms. Albright again tripped, kept herself  from falling, and began hurling the most un-diplomatic, foul language imaginable.

Upon seeing such a sight, the children became frightened, screamed and  ran to the nearest police station, where they filed a report. Albright was briefly detained before her identity was verified by the U.S. embassy.

Little Johannes Lindqvist, of Helsinki, told BSNN, "I was so frightened. Just earlier that day my mother warned me to be good at school or a troll might take me away. But I wasn't good that day. Then on my way home that terrible, horrible, awful, deplorable, little troll came screaming at us. I feared I would never see my family again!"

All charges against Madam Albright have been dropped. The State Department refuses to comment on the incident.

BSNN news"


TiM Ed.: The "BSNN news" and "" are fictitious names, as far as we can determine.  But the Stop Nato! home page is for real: 

8. Kangaroo Feathers (A Travel Vignette)

MELBOURNE, Feb. 20 - Finally, for some even lighter fare, here is a real life travel vignette which the TiM editor wrote this weekend in Melbourne, Australia, and sent it as a literary postcard to his daughters and some friends:

"Could not help but think of you two, and your visit to Melbourne with us in 1994, as Mom and I were walking around the city today.  Our hotel (Hilton) is at the edge of the Olympic Park, where that tennis center and other sports stadiums are.

Mom was a bit off with her yesterday's temperature assessment (in the 90s). Actually, yesterday was 40C (well into the 100s F). Today, it has cooled off somewhat (28C) but it is more humid.

On our way to the tennis center, I saw another huge sports arena still under construction, but almost finished.  I asked a lady passer-by what that was going to be. 

"Another tennis center."

"Another tennis center a few hundred yards away from the Australian National Tennis Center? (where the Australian Open Grand Slam tournament is played).  What on earth for?"

The lady smiled and shrugged.  "Why not?" she said.

"And you're paying for it," Mom bravely added.

Later in the day, I asked three more Melbourne residents why a second huge tennis center was being built.  Nobody knew the answer.  But they all suspected that they were paying for it.

So go back to the part of my Sydney lecture which deals with the three preferred creatures of the New World Order - ostriches, sheep and sardines, and you can count some Melbourne resident among the ostriches.

After lunch, Mom and I walked through the parks to the magnificent Australian War Memorial Shrine in a park south of here. You may remember the one we took you to in Canberra.  This one is every bit as large and well kept.

We were lucky to get there just in time for a wreath-laying ceremony.  Afterwards, I talked to the Aussie colonel who laid the wreath. The announcer said his name was Col. George MacKenzie, so I was wondering if he was maybe related to the Canadian Gen. Lew MacKenzie (the former UN Commander of Sarajevo in 1992).

He replied tongue in cheek, "well, I am sure we are, maybe three or four generations ago."  Then he asked me where I was from, and we had a nice little chat.

After that, Mom and I talked to a couple of guards of the War Memorial.  Being her usual shy self, Mom asked me, looking at their hats, "wonder what those feathers are?""

So I turned to the two soldiers and said, "my wife would like to know what those feathers are."

"They are kangaroo feathers," one of the soldiers replied.  "Kangaroos are really hard to catch, so their feathers are very rare and special."

"You wouldn't be pulling my leg, would you?" I asked.

"Nah.  Would we ever do that?"


"You know the little pouch the kangaroos have?" the second soldier joined the conversation.

"Yeah.  What about it?"

"That's where the feathers come from."

"Really?  And does a chicken have lips? "Nice going, lads, except that we have more kangaroos on our land than you blokes have probably ever seen au naturel.  So you should find yourself another Yank tourist to try your jokes on."

Then the first soldier got serious and told us that they were emu feathers.

"That's a much better use of emus than the other one I've seen in Australia."

"What's that?"

"Turning them into emu pies."

Everybody laughed again.

What I didn't tell him is what another good Aussie friend of ours told us over dinner in Canberra, back in 1994, when you girls were with us. "Except maybe for France, Australia is the only country in the world which eats its national symbols" (emu and kangaroo).  :-)

After that, there was a regimental ceremony rehearsal in front of the Memorial which we watched for a few minutes. Hope this is not the best Aussies have to offer in their army.  The regiment looked to me, even as a lay person in military matters, as a rag-tag bunch of soldiers who could not even line up straight in a row.

As we were leaving, we passed a male and a female soldier leaning on a stone fence along the side of the Memorial.  We smiled to each other and said hello.  Then looking at their feathers, I added, "I see you two have lost your kangaroo feathers."

The two cracked up."


TiM Ed.: You can find additional Australian and other travel vignettes from around the world at our Web site if you click on the "Travel Vignettes" button on the left frame.

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