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TiM GW Bulletin 2001/1-5

Jan. 20, 2001

January 2001

TiM Readers' Forum

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Some reactions to... Coopetition: New Russian Foreign Policy

CALIFORNIA - Support for Defense Missile System

LOS ANGELES, CA, Jan. 17 - We received the following letter from Doug Hill, a TiM reader from California:

“Thanks for the interesting e-mail. I wholeheartedly disagree with the second article as I support the implementation of a missile defense system. Those that shout the loudest in disagreement with that needed defense mechanism are generally listed as our most vile enemies, North Korea, China, and Russia (I don't care what anyone tells me, we will always be in a tentative arrangement with both Russia and China).

When asked why we were realizing a period of relative peace, Henry Kissinger responded, "Because we have the most bombs!" A succinct appraisal but a very valid one.

By the way, that comment was uttered before the Clinton debacle. You could just sense the total loss of respect and fear internationally with the "I want to be everyone's friend"-approach to foreign policy exhibited by Clinton and Madeline Halfbright. Always love these dissertations!”

Doug Hill, California


ARIZONA - Cop and Vet: We’re Facing an Undeclared Was in the Southwest

PHOENIX, Jan. 16 - We received the following letter from Doug Hill, a TiM reader from California:

“Dear Sir: As a veteran and cop, I am very concerned with what is occurring in our Country and especially in the southwestern states and cities. I am writing this letter asking you to please look into the threat posed to our country from not securing our southern border.

Since the Chinese have been in our hemisphere recently contacting several countries south of us, and the fact that the border allows hundreds of thousands to freely come across, not to mention the fact that rail shipments are rarely checked if ever coming across, I believe that there is an extremely real national security problem with the lack of concern by the Republicans and Democrats over the border.

Could you imagine what could be brought onto our soil through the Mexican border? And how easy it would be to pay off anyone in Mexico for cooperation? Especially considering the love lost between Mexico and us.

I find it hard to believe that the plotting Chinese have not already thought of this Achilles Heel of ours. If you use just a little imagination you could see the enormous potential for a disaster to come across and hurt us big time. 

I am writing this letter to you in hopes that you will be the one to bring to national attention the threat posed to all of us regardless of race that is coming across our unsecured southern border. It seems that anywhere else in the world when refugees or terrorists illegally cross a countries boundaries and cause death and destruction not to mention drain billions of dollars from the citizens, the U.S. and U.N. step in to secure that nation s borders and protect the people of that country.

Here in the American southwest, we are facing an undeclared war in which innocent civilians and police officers are dying at an alarming rate. And no one is taking the steps necessary with the assets we already have in place to control our border.

Not all of these illegal aliens are coming here to live by the laws of this land and contribute to its well being. Many know they can cross the border with impunity and commit whatever acts they choose without care of getting caught. Think about the number of trains that roll across the border daily with all those rail cars and never get inspected! This was told to me by a retired rail worker of over 25 years.

There are vehicle theft rings, drug rings, burglary rings, and more operating here causing the death of American citizens as well as murdering police officers at an increased rate. Can you imagine what else has come across this border reference possible terrorist activity? And if it has not happened yet it is only a matter of time.

Over one million a year are crossing over undetected are they all helpless women and children? I don t think so. With ever increasing frequency cops are being murdered by individuals that don t even belong here.

Just recently one morning, a Phoenix officer was ambushed by three Mexican males that flagged him down on the side of the road then opened fire on him. They drove away in a vehicle with Mexico plates. There was absolutely no provocation for this attack.

I have been a cop here for over 10 years and have had to release almost every illegal I have come across because the I.N.S. has told me to. This has even happened with the illegals who possessed assault rifles?! I have done a little research on the illegal alien problem as I know you have, I would love to compare notes with you as I could probably knock your socks off. Please see if you have the time to respond to my plea.”

John Frieling, Phoenix, Arizona


The TiM editor replied to Officer Frieling as follows:

“I share your concerns, as you may recall from the speech I gave at the 2000 AZ Reform Party convention: .”


AUSTRALIA - Truth in Media Is What It Is Alright

AUSTRALIA, Jan. 5 - We received the following letter from Mark Edwin, a TiM reader from Australia:

“Just finished reading the "coopetition" article, what a very complete and unbiased view. Keep up the "great" work, Bob. "Truth in Media" is what it is alright! Thanks mate...”

Mark Edwin, Australia


To which the TiM editor replied:

“You're welcome, Mark.  Glad to hear you liked it. 

"Unbiased?"  Probably not.  All opinion pieces and analyses are supposed to be biased.  Truthful?  Definitely.  And as complete as God lets me see the truth. Cheers, mate!”


CALIFORNIA - We Are Witnessing the Rise of the 4th Reich

CALIFORNIA, Jan. 5 - We received the following letter from Angie Carlson, a TiM reader from California:

“Bob, as regards the report you sent today Coopetition: New Russian Foreign Policy (TiM GW Bulletin 2001/1-2, Jan. 5, 2001):

Great, wonderful, gratifying, what you convey.  About time the "only superpower," was knocked right off her self-righteous pedestal. The U.S. has become dangerously mad with power run amok, in her "only superpower" status.  She has become maniacally arrogant, downright treacherous and immoral.  She needs to be balanced by another superpower.  How about this report below, (after my remarks) for "Coopetition"? 

When I read the following report in reference, I almost fell out of my chair.  Deja Vu!!  I wasn't at all surprised at this new tête-à-tête between Russia and Germany, it seemed perfectly logical, but before I read the report, I was intrigued with just how the EU would manage to decouple from "under" the U.S. power block--and as France angrily insists--and still be competent enough to defend the confederation of EU nations, against any superpower. 

Just how would the E.U. replace the U.S./NATO force as its main protector and with the necessary arsenal, to make the EU at least a parallel power with the U.S. if not a bigger power, in short order.  And here is the perfect answer, via Germany--a rich, highly disciplined and supremely efficient provider and trainer.  A perfectly logical match for all in Europe, and at the same time, enfolding Russia in a cozy partnership, overcoming any potential adventurism from her, in any future.

I have been watching Germany's rise for a long time, since her miraculous WWII recovery and her "coming of age." I have studied her history and her "inside" and Diaspora underground, who have managed to instill themselves within our government, (in powerful positions) many of our top defense companies, although many under assumed names, including in those of South and Central America's governments and corporations, some in the Arab regions, plus Spain and other places. 

I believe strongly we are witnessing the rise of the 4th Reich--Germany is managing this peculiar event as only Germany can do, through her ingenious co-opting of the EU family of nations--but with her explicit nationalism covertly in the fore.  The EU's next great protector, sub rosa, but Germany the great leader!!  Brilliantly, now Germany will have an established great warrior partner with big guns and lots of troops, at the same time, Russia maintains her former position of glory, but within the watchful, controlling eye of the EU federation. While we know that Russia and her arsenal need refurbishing, what more efficient and capable nation, than Germany to rebuild Russia and coddle her in the EU fold.

Just amazing!!  It makes sense.  

As far as Russia defaulting upon her loans owed to the damned criminals of the Paris Club?  Indirectly, the new partnership unfolding with Russia and Germany, will serve the Paris club, minus the US, with services exchanged.  As far as I see it, the U.S. deserves not one red cent, as she set Russia up for controlled disintegration, via Gore, et al and by facilitating the Russian oligarch's looting of Russia's wealth.  But look at the agreement Russia is making concerning Germany's new partnerships in her broken industries.  This is strategically ingenious and economically, a fiscal miracle.  Plus, about two months ago, Germany and Russia's heads of State, met recently in Moscow, to plan and soon close a deal for Germany to rebuild Russia's dilapidated oil lines and become the major exporter of oil to the EU, making the EU independent of Middle East oil or any foreign oil.  The EU, a major nuclear power and free of energy concerns: the near future major superpower.  Furthermore, it seems the EU currency will soon be the world's reserve currency.

Now, as far as the "prolific headline" media reports concerning NATO's troops fallen ill due to depleted uranium via the NATO bullets raining on Bosnia and Kosovo, causing the illness of numerous troops and a rising death numbers--notably, the BBC constantly reminds its worldwide audience, "the depleted uranium bullets were only used by the U.S."  I see this curiously saturation reporting as building an anti NATO atmosphere in the world, but targeting specifically the European ear--in a nutshell, to justify Europe's new EU Army going solo, minus the bully "only U.S. super power." 

Angie Carlson, California


Some reactions to… Heartwarming Christmas Story II

ALABAMA- Why Do I Feel Safer in Moscow Than in Atlanta or Chicago?

ALABAMA, Jan. 13 - We received the following letter from a TiM reader from Texas, who forwarded the comment from an Alabama-based friend, posted on the Russian AOL political board:

“I just spent about a month in Russia - Moscow and Siberia - I loved it. I'm not a wealthy American... but I kept getting this angry feeing: 'Why were we lied to for so many years about Russia? Why do I feel safer in Moscow than Atlanta or Chicago?

There's something about walking on a sidewalk in Siberia to a theatre that is absolutely wonderful in comparison to driving my Ford escort to the Mall in Alabama.

I know this is provocative - but in America I am no longer free to speak my mind in the work place about sex, religion or politics or anything approaching it that might be construed as 'politically incorrect'. Our 'leaders are truly a regime of lawyers and the TV media is a wasteland of talking head celebrity millionaire-types who for so many years lied to us about Russia?  I like Russian women, but  because they are 'educated' - not obsessive uneducated pseudo-feminists.

If an American man is looking for a Russian 'housewife,' he ought to consider this - the Russian woman is likely to be better educated, more independent and truly liberated than her American counterpart. Her motive in seeking a foreign husband is due to the seven to one female to male ratio in Russia, and the USA may not be her #1 choice in foreign countries... for obvious reasons.

There's something culturally bankrupt about a redneck preacher from the USA standing in front of an 800-year old cathedral in Russia trying to 'save souls'. I live in a county in Alabama where half the population is on public assistance and the number of children that are abandoned in one form or the other to the Department of Human Resources is shameful. Recently one of the wealthy family's in town made a trip to Eastern Europe to 'get an orphan'; the hypocrisy was utterly sickening - especially the way the local media propagandized it.  Maybe one day 'America will ' tear down its wall too?”


Some reactions to… "Robber Baron" Era Is Back

CANADA - Vanderbilt’s Comment Taken Out of Context

OTTAWA, Canada, Jan. 19 - We received the following from Geoffrey Wasteneys, a TiM reader from Ottawa, Canada:

“It was I believe, Andrew Carnegie who said (before Theodore Roosevelt's Anti-Trust Legislation), the time for competition in business is ended. It is wasteful of resources. Now has come the time for Monopoly.

Strangely enough the breakup of Standard Oil, now being reversed by some strategic mergers, served to make J.D. Rockefeller massively wealthy as the shares in the companies were given market values.

The frightening thing is not that monopoly is actually being welcomed, but that the politicians and their advisors don't really understand what is taking place The monopolists don't understand either. The USSR failed BECAUSE it was a monopoly.

By the way that remark by Vanderbilt was taken out of context. In an economy move, he had ordered that the brass plates on the steam locomotives on the Long Island Railway that were a feature much admired, should be removed. It took a lot of time and elbow grease to keep them polished. His P.R man said " but the public (those who traveled on the trains) likes them."

Vanderbilt's response was, "the public be damned."

Geoffrey Wasteneys, Ottawa, Canada


WASHINGTON (state) - This Is Your Best Yet!

Washington (state), Jan. 19 - We received the following from Gerald Adkins, a TiM reader from Washington (state):

“Bob, I couldn't resist the urge not to bother you - BUT THIS IS YOUR BEST YET!  What a hero you are.”

Jerry Adkins, Washington (state)


More reactions to… Kostunica, Depleted Uranium Stories

AUSTRALIA - Kostunica: Naïve Politician or Moral Vacuum?

SYDNEY, Australia, Jan. 19 - We received the following from Natasha Rusjakovski, a TiM reader from Syndey, Australia:

“There exists in the Yugoslav (I use the term in its original sense, i.e. to describe all southern Slavs) psyche a curious need to adore "The Leader" - possibly borne of the desire to feel free from having to think for ourselves. Therefore it did not surprise me to see the pure joy exhibited when Kostunica so 'valiantly' stood up for his country and refused to meet with the war crimes prosecutor.

People just need to bear a few things in mind, methinks: actions speak louder than words.

1) Kostunica has been full of verbal support for his country and its sovereignty, but has without fail turned around and done the exact opposite every single time. In true Machiavellian style, he initially tells us what we want to hear, thereby softening the blow when he invariably does the opposite.

2) Kostunica was perfectly willing to ride into power on the back of an illegal, violent coup, and his claims to legitimacy and legality reached their apex when his 'supporters' burned the ballots that were meant to prove that he had indeed won the election.

3) You do not get anywhere in politics by being honest, and he's gone quite a long way, in lovely company I might add. Djindjic and Albright are really allies to be proud of...

Kostunica seems to be at best a very naive politician, and at worst a moral vacuum in coincidental possession of honest facial features.”

Natasha Rusjakovski, Sydney, Australia


QUEBEC - What About DU Impact on Serbian Civilian Population?

QUEBEC, Canada, Jan. 19 - We received the following from David A. Kyne, a TiM reader from Quebec, Canada:

“Sir:      I have read your latest update in the matter of depleted uranium rounds with interest. I must admit however, that I am confused about whether or not this matter is harmful. The individual whose message your reproduce on your page (Brad Dolan) does sound as though he knows about this issue.

            My own position in this matter is with regard to the position taken by the "canadian" government and the statist media establishment which "cheerleads" it's ever more preposterous internal/external socio-political "globalist" policies.

            The "Canadian" media, obsequious and subservient to the "interests" of Ottawa and Washington, make much of the matter of depleted uranium and it's possible deleterious effects upon the deluded NWO Mercenaries who attacked little Serbia last year. But they never refer to its effects upon the civilian population of Serbia, - against whom the war was really waged and who sustained the greatest number of casualties. Apparently, the Serbs, who are being demonized in the Western Media in much the same was as the German population in the Second (Zionist) World War, do not deserve media (or medical) attention with regard to what the effects of this ordnance may be having on them. Or, perhaps, they have some form of "immunity" to radiation poisoning, cancer, sterility, hair loss, or thyroid dysfunction?

            What intrigues me about the "canadian" coverage in this matter, is the manner in which the "origin" of the depleted uranium is never noticed. Where did this substance come from, who mined, refined and milled it? Who smelted it down and poured it into molds to be used as cannon rounds against tanks, commuter trains, sidewalk cafés, nursery schools, and hospitals?

            The answer, the "middle power" (sic) "conscience" of the global(ist) "community," the "dominion" of "canada."!!! "canada" has been mining and smelting uranium since the days of the Manhattan Project. In fact the uranium for the "Squash Court Reactor" (so-called because it was actually built in an old squash court, was mined on the north eastern shore of the Great Bear Lake in the North West Territories during the Second World War.

            My father, many years later actually visited the site to oversee the removal of large, large capacity oil tanks which the company he was working for required for it's own fuel storage. He described to me a "blasted" landscape (even by Arctic standards), and the area around the site looked poisoned and desolate. Uranium "yellowcake" was blowing around like fine dust, and leaching into the lake. And he also found the "vestigial" evidence of espionage. As his men were moving an large oil tank off it's foundations next to an old building, an lead coated "brick" or uranium, which someone (many years earlier) had "purloined" and secreted for retrieval at an later date was discovered wedged between the tank and the building. It had obviously been put there deliberately. It was taken to the shoreline to be loaded about a barge. But was so heavy that the ham-handed construction worker dropped it on the shale beach. It split and uranium yellowcake spilled into the lake. My father, to this day, recalls the site as an very insalubrious place.

            And several years ago, a documentary (which might be suspect) discussed the "Inuit" of Great Bear, some of whom had been recruited to work at the site, who had an much higher incidence of cancer and an higher mortality generally than the aggregate White/Non-White population in the north.

            And today, on the shores of Lake Ontario, in an small picturesque lakeside town named "Port Hope," the refining (that is the "state") refining company "COMECO" runs day and night, swing shift, to process this stuff and sell it off to the highest bidder. Including the US Defense Establishment and NATO.

            How do I know about COMECO? I grew up just up the road from Port Hope in the 1960's and 1970's and as an child in school was fed an regular diet of empty propaganda regarding "canada's" "nuclear potential" and tripe about the size and purity of "our" uranium reserves, most of which has remained in the ground to this day; with the exception of the that which currently taints the soil of Kosovo/Serbia. And I actually lived in Port Hope for 16 months in the early 1990's and I shall make mention of this; there were people who would work in Port Hope but would not live there. They arrived to work (my own branch manager of the time was a commuter), and they would leave (that is, leave town), in the evening. Because, rightly or wrongly, they believed that spending too much time in Port Hope was dangerous to their health.

            But the "canadian" media does not talk about such things; they only address the "soft" or "oblique" issues of "NATO" (sic) soldiers who have "mysteriously" fallen sick.

            Are you a "NATO" soldier, from Portugal, or Italy, or Spain, or Germany or the United States who is critically ill at the present time? Did you load or stack depleted uranium rounds on an apartment building parking lot in Kosovo, or an school playground "requisitioned" from the local Serbian "minority;" are you an Serbian, previously healthy, now chronically ill and weak? Have an number of your friends or family members died an mysterious death, due to cancer or some "untraceable" pathogen? Please send the bill for your treatment, your chemotherapy, your coffin and your funeral to: "Atomic Energy of Canada Limited/COMECO Industries," c/o the PMO (Prime Minister's Office), the East Block, House of Commons, Ottawa, New World Order "dominion of canada."

David A. Kyne, Quebec, Canada


MARYLAND - The West’s “Depleted Conscience”

MARYLAND, Jan. 19 - We received the following from Bob Vunovich, a TiM reader from Maryland, who sent this letter also to the Washington Times editors:

“The Washington Times (TWT) editorial of January 12, 2001, "Toxic NATO politics" bemoaned the depleted uranium (DU) "squabbles" currently taking place among the NATO countries that participated in the war on Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and earlier on Iraq.

The editorial states that until such time as the use of the "most powerful munitions" in NATO's arsenal (i.e. those containing DU) can be scientifically tied to leukemia deaths and illness to service personnel, the continued use of this "substance" that is "vital in warfare" is urged. 

Sandwiched between a weak attempt to dismiss any possible health hazards from DU and the need for the continued cohesiveness of the NATO alliance, lies the apparent justification for the editorial's position - MONEY.  The costs to cleanup all of the sites that NATO has deliberately contaminated would be astronomical.  Not mentioned in the editorial would be the costs of settling lawsuits filed by affected civilians and military personnel.

As an example of cleanup costs, the editorial states that to cleanup about 152,000 pounds of DU from the Jefferson Proving Grounds (JPG) in Indiana cost U.S. taxpayers about $4 - $5 billion dollars.  (It should be noted that some 260,000 tons were used against Iraq.)  The article notes that on impact, DU-loaded munitions become "radioactive dust."  However, the editorial neglected to mention that at JPG, the DU-loaded munitions were tested only against soft cloth targets, thereby significantly reducing the amount of radioactive dust that would spread into the environment on impact.  When NATO's DU-loaded munitions struck non-soft targets such as tanks, bridges, trains, barracks, hospitals, schools, factories, apartments and homes, contamination from the radioactive dust must have been significantly greater than that at JPG.

To cite another example, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) recently testified (6/27/2000, GAO/7-RCED-00-225) that cleanup at Paducah, Kentucky would not be complete until some 500,000 tons of DU are converted to a more stable form and removed.  This cleanup too will cost billions of dollars and years to complete.

If, as is claimed by The Washington Times editorial, DU is not harmful, why is the U.S. government wasting billions of dollars to cleanup sites in the United States?  Why are U.S. citizens demanding that their land and ground water be protected from the long-term effects of DU?  If their fears are "unfounded," the editors should so educate both Congress and the American people.

If, on the other hand, the editorial's position is that when NATO distributes DU  the affected people's concerns are "unfounded," then to use a phrase coined by President Kostunica of Yugoslavia, that clearly demonstrates the editors "depleted conscience."

The wagons have been circled and the fox has been sent to watch the chickens.  Javier Solana, the former secretary-general of NATO and now the European Union's foreign and security policy chief will head an investigation into the "safety" of DU.  Safety?  Solana states up front that there is no evidence of a link between the illnesses reported by NATO personnel and the use of DU ammunition.  Even more remarkably, he states that "The evidence points in the other direction."  Is Solana saying that DU is a health benefit?

If Solana hasn't already filled all the slots on his investigative group, I would recommend Lazlo Botz, head of Hungary's military intelligence officer, as a person most qualified to help get to the facts in this issue.  Botz claims that this current controversy over DU is "part of Milosevic's anti-NATO propaganda," and that the Yugoslav army may have "delivered radioactive material to the critical area."  Botz goes on to say "the first information about radiation and weapons came to our knowledge from Yugoslav sources in 1999.  This clearly proves that it was a hysteria provoked by the Milosevic regime."

Solana and Botz are two peas in a pod who as representatives from democratic countries would insure that we get the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help us NATO.”

Bob Vunovich, Maryland


Some reactions to… "Robber Baron" Era Is BackJan. 22, 2001

CALIFORNIA - 19th Century Colonialism Seems Positively Benign

CALIFORNIA, Jan. 22 - We received the following feedback from APV, a TiM reader from the California, who wishes to remain anonymous, but whose identity is known to TiM:

“I have had occasion to participate as a outsider in some of the stuff you describe (i.e. looting of assets under the guise of restructuring, etc).  And it is far, far worse than you describe. I saw it both in Eastern Europe 1992-99,and in Indonesia 1997/98.

It makes 19th century colonialism seem positively benign.

APV, California


U.S. - Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Poorer

PHOENIX, Jan. 20 - We received the following feedback from Kurt Konietzko, a TiM reader from the U.S.:

“Hi TiM. I liked your article on the Robber Barons coming back. The Corporate Coronation is taking place today. I know you refer a lot to the New World Order.  I don't think it is new.  It is Business as Usual (BAU). The Rich get Richer and the Poor get Poorer.

“Apparently, a democracy is a place where numerous elections are held at great cost without issues and with interchangeable candidates.”  (Vidal Gore)

Best wishes,

Kurt Konietzko, Citizen


POLAND - Today’s “Robber Barons” Are Well Organized Global Banks

ZAKOPANE, Poland, Jan. 20 - We received the following comment from Marek Glogoczowski, a TiM reader from Zakopane, Poland:

Dear Bob, Two and a half years ago, I delivered a speech, "Investors - or Robber Barons - Invasion of Europe" at the TEAM meeting at Budapest. (This speech was then published in "Forward", Damascus, Syria, Nov. 1998, and in "North Star Compass", vol. 7, no 6, Canada) Your recent article "'Robber Baron' Era Is Back" is an excellent development of my old Budapest's speech. 

And now, here is my old speech, which I delivered at Budapest's 1998 meeting of "Dissidents from dying Europe":

The European Futures Congress - Budapest, 26-28. June. 1998

Marek Glogoczowski (Chramcowki 10a, 34-500 Zakopane, PL)


A few months ago, the public of some countries was nearly "accidentally" informed about an apparently secret, international "Mutual Agreement on Investment" (MAI). This latest commercial "Bill of Rights" will - in the nearby future - practically abolish the principle of sovereign states: all members of this latest version of "Cordial Entente" will be at the mercy of the OMNIPOTENT  MULTINATIONAL CORPORATIONS, having the right of a free transfer of not only merchandises, but also benefits and personnel from country to country.

The "disclosure" of apparently secret MAI paragraphs have stirred some anxiety in Western Countries. Contrary to it, media of newly "won to capitalism" Eastern Europe are still conspicuously silent about this ultimate proposal of national self-annihilation. The idea of such "Agreements on Investments", permitting the richer to suck at discretion the poorer and weaker, is not new.

It is sufficient to recall commercial treaties of the last century England with decaying at that time Chinese Empire. Those famous "opium agreements" permitted British merchants to push freely opium into Chinese bourgeoisie, in exchange for Chinese reserves of silver. In this memorable case, "Investors" were ordinary gangsters working with the full comprehension of the British Royal Court.

In last ten years, we witness a similar "Peaceful Gangsters" invasion of Eastern Europe. Thanks to programs of economical "restructuring", realized in Poland by a famous team of Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and George Soros, working on the behalf of International Monetary Found, from any dollar "invested" in failing Polish Banking System, a well informed investor was able to recover, in period of only two years, three dollars. Thanks to freshly liberated, previously considered as criminal, aggressive usury, in this, two years long period of "reforms", several billion of dollars was siphoned out of the country, creating the loss of nearly four million of jobs and a nearly total collapse of Polish industry and agriculture.

It is worth to add, that foreign and domestic "investors" were able to buy at ease the complicity in this affair of all important mass media, also of the Catholic Church, and of still influent officials of former "communist" party.

Another European country which has refused in April 1990 a program of "restructuring", similar to that in Poland, was Yugoslavia. Its president Milosevic fired at that time World's Bank advisers and Soros assistants. This disobedience of former Yugoslavia to programs of pillage and destruction, prepared by "dons" of World's Banking system, was at the very origin of war in this country: as it has been ultimately disclosed (in few newspapers) the professional "reformer" Jeffrey Sachs, fired by Milosevic, immediately traveled to Slovenia to urge the local government to split with Belgrade, assuring Slovenian officials that some Western Powers will back up the idea of a partition of Yugoslavia.

The "creeping war" of Atlantic Europe with Southern Slavs still goes on, but only few people knows what is played beyond the Big Business controlled screens of mass media. I would like to recapitulate here the message of French historian and publicist Yves Bataille delivered at Prague during the Panslavic Congress early this June. I've memorized very well its points for I was charged of a simultaneous translation of his speech from French to Russian. And here is an account of methods used by Americans in their fight for Freedom, Peace and Democracy in Europe.

First. At the moment of the formation of multinational UN Peace Forces in Croatia and Bosnia, CIA has introduced to its staff about thousand secret agents whose goal was to stir the further subversion against the Serbian Republic. When other methods failed, those "Blue helmet" camouflaged, secret agents have perpetrated three major mortar massacres at Sarajevo, about which "oncoming" events the residing at Sarajevo, well selected journalists were informed in advance.

As everybody knows it, those massacres made possible the NATO bombardment of the Serbian Republic of Bosnia and the present incorporation of this part of ex-Yugoslavia into the NATO controlled territory of Europe.  On my own I can add to it, that CIA previously instigated the "Red Brigades" terrorism in Italy, as it has been documented during the Italian governmental crisis few years ago* .

Second. Yves Bataille, who has lived for five years with his Serbian wife in Belgrade, has informed us, that all US institutions in Yugoslavia - no matter whether political, economical or cultural - very quickly occurred to be focuses of organized dissent and "fight for independence" of local mafias, Microsoft addicts, and other "ethnic minorities", especially in Kosovo's capital Pristina.

In light of this message, we can easily understand the origin of other interesting events happening in the present day Europe: - In Byelorussia, western embassies were recently "invited" to move out from their residences. In this simple way the government of this, relatively sovereign, country has cut off the moral and financial support for the "fight for independence" of local enthusiasts of so called "Atlantic Europe".

In Kosovo, the struggle for independence is evidently orchestrated by US "freedom" services, which work all over the world in the same way: only a year ago, by a sudden move into the Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraqi Army was able to kick out hundreds of US agents preparing there a similar to this in Kosovo "fight for freedom".

Third, the most serious. Mortar's massacres at Sarajevo, for which Serbs were accused, and which opened the way to NATO occupation of Bosnia, are reminiscent of the outbreak of the Second World War, more than 60 years ago. By a similar actions organized by the German secret services and attributed to Polish Army, insidious attack at the broadcasting station at Glivitz, Hitler got a pretext for a Blitzkrieg in Poland.

This historical association indicates that the ethics of the NATO of today is exactly the same as the ethics of former Nazi Germany. And that's the point. In order to suppress such unwelcome associations, the so called "European" propaganda used to picture, the desperately fighting for the independence and integrity of Yugoslavia, Milosevic as an incarnation of Hitler trying to build a "Great Serbia".

Such a demagogic association was made, for example, by George Soros in his book "Underwriting Democracy". This also resembles methods of Goebbels propaganda and it is not the only example. According to the well known American linguist and publicist Noam Chomsky, masters of American Mass-media Empire use without hesitation the known trick of a petty thief, who cries the first "thief" pointing at the victim of his pickpocket aggression.

The "free American" habit of pushing all responsibility for crime on victims of criminal aggression is at the origin of major cognitive perversions and psychopathic of our liberal - i.e. free-to-lie - society. As in Orwelian Year 1984 utopia, all slogans predominant in Western propaganda camouflage the opposite meaning. I will give only few examples:

When we hear about the "Peace forces of NATO," we have in mind the bunch of professional terrorists who in recent years organized spectacular wars not only in Yugoslavia but also in Iraq; when we hear about Human Rights, we should expect the enforcement of mass unemployment, decaying standards of education, rising banditry and the growing economic necessity of prostitution.

Moreover, all this "democracy-imitating façade" is only the mask permitting the so-called Investors - which in United States at the turn of centuries were called frankly "Robber Barons" - to do whatever they wish, both with human communities and with our natural resources. Many intelligent people see this organized corruption, and I will recall here an opinion of my American friend, alpinist and physicist Joe Weis, who died in Alps already twenty years ago:

"We will all go down the drain". The same pessimism we can feel in the book "Djihad against McWorld" written by Ben Barber, one of advisers of Bill Clinton. But contrary to the author of this last book I do not agree that "free market" behaves like a plane with an automatic pilot, in which no one is able to correct the flight. To the contrary, the secrecy of the recent MAI treaty, as well the "schedule" of the war in Yugoslavia (Zbig Brzezinski once mentioned that "the card of Kosovo will be played the last") indicate that we witness a true Conspiracy of Investors:

Those "Robber Barons" of today are very well organized in Bank Corporations, and despite an external impression of a "chaotic progress" they behave in a very coherent way. Those "pushers of modernity" do not act alone.

As observed it, in last October's issue of World Affairs, the guru of Polish ecologists, Prof. H. Skolimowski, "without much exaggeration one can say that high-paid intellectuals and a huge army of experts now form a new class of prostitutes". Regimes consisting of enterprising, ever traveling "investors in human stupidity", employing consenting prostitutes - and ritual scapegoats - as tools to acquire the wealth and celebrity, were known already in deep Antiquity.

Everybody knows the Biblical story of enterprising Patriarch Abraham who used his family members as "tools" to acquire not only the wealth, but also the redemption of sins, and the glory of the "Father of Nations". A modern version of such, Bible-styled "Empire - or rather, Emporium - of Abraham" has been recently imagined by the known writer Salman Rushdie in a book "Moor's Last Sigh".

It is not by accident that Rushdie mentions in this significant book the name of George Soros, the true "(God)Father" of our famous Open Society. In actual, post-modernist times, the previous, Spartan and Platonian values of early European societies are completely forgotten, but the antique, pre-Christian, Biblical concepts of "social justice" are still present.

As Noam Chomsky points out in his recent book, "Year 501, the Conquest Continues", American people are brought-up with historical imaginations and social ideas borrowed from Old Testament. It is also well known that vicious, commercial "liberties" of the Anglo-Saxon civilization are in a large extend modeled upon equally vicious, biblical "freedoms to rob and enslave", given by the Divine Providence to the "Chosen People".

The present commercial liberalism, imposing the total privatization, is an imported "antique novelty" at the European Continent. It precludes the supremacy of the "part" ("Chosen Nation of Investors") over the "whole" (the rest of the Planet). As the reaction to "individualizing" and "privatizing" achievements of the French Revolution, two hundred years ago was born the Hegelian "holistic", romantic conception of the State, realized at the time by the Prussian anti-liberal and aristocratic regime.

In present day Europe traces of such "ancient-new regimes" we find only in few, desperately struggling for their survival, small countries like Byelorussia and Serbia.

I would like to end my message with few quotations from the paper submitted by Yves Bataille at the Panslavic Congress three weeks ago. He glorifies in it (the European) mission of Serbs. "Their resistance shows the way. The point of rupture, of the counter-attack and the destruction of enemy finds itself at Balkans. We need a sanctuary for liberation battles. Where to place the geopolitical Piedmont which would gather forces necessary for (our) liberation?"

Is such a statement an example of craziness of this French intellectual, or a pertinent proposal for an action? In any case it is evident that only by our active support of regimes fighting with America incarnated "Leviathan", we will be able to earn some freedom and decency, not only for ourselves, but also for our environment, which is tortured at present in wickedest ways by the USA-grown army of mindless "modernity pushers".

P.S. January 2001: Recent "elections" in Serbia put into waste basket Yves Bataille's dreams about the "new Piedmont of Europe". Bataille (and especially his wife, Mila Aleckovic-Nikolic) evidently knows Kostunica, and even met with him at Paris last December. As I heard by phone, they still hope (why?) that not everything is yet lost.”

Marek Glogoczowski, Poland


Some reactions to… “How Washington Bought Yugoslav Presidency”Jan. 22, 2001

PHOENIX, Jan. 22 - By contrast to the skepticism by the above Polish TiM reader, we received two letters from two Americans, both married to Serb spouses and living abroad, urging us to consider for publication a letter from a third American, also married to a Serb and living in Belgrade. 

So by way of introduction, we first bring you the comments from Polly Platt of Paris, France, and Charles Alverson of Parage, Serbia (regular TiM readers may recall earlier contributions from Mr. Alverson to the TiM Bulletins), followed by the letter from Pat Andjelkovic, the American now living in Belgrade, with whom the first two correspondents are acquainted:

FRANCE - TiM Too Quick to Condemn New Serb Leaders

PARIS, France, Jan. 7 - Dear Bob, I do hope you will publish Pat Andjelkovic's letter from Belgrade that she sent you. I hope you really read it carefully.

Perhaps you have information that we don't have -- and as you know, I am one of your most faithful and enthusiastic readers. But it hurts me very much and others I know, that you were so quick to condemn the new leaders in Belgrade.

No one knows better than you that Yugoland has been wracked by successive disastrous upheavals since 1941. Now finally the country has the immense good fortune to have a man of integrity and vision as president. Kostunica is a patriot with brains and heart. He may not be a businessman or a politician (though he has done pretty well as a politician, for a professor) but he is certainly a statesman. He has given his countrymen hope. They are giving him confidence. They want a chance to live decently. It seems to me the least that the rest of us can give him is the patience and good will that his countrymen give him. I would like to see us giving him more than that: real help.

You have given your news column a name which commands attention. And which demands the utmost conscientiousness and scrupulousness from you. People will believe you as long as you live up to it. You have a huge responsibility in how people feel about your country of origin. Will the people of Yugoslavia be de-demonized in the years to come, or will they remain savages and brutes in the hearts of the people of the West? Are you giving us the "Truth" about them?

Do, please, listen to people in Belgrade like Pat Andjelkovic. Otherwise, all my best wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year. Sincerely,

Polly Platt, Paris, France


To which the TiM editor replied, in part:

“Thanks, Polly, for your evidently heartfelt and well-intentioned message.  I appreciate your sharing your feelings and opinions with me.  If good intentions were ruling the universe, the world would be a happy place.

As for your comments about Serbian politics and how many Serbs now see themselves, they are colored with strong emotion, just as they were 10 years ago when "everybody" cheered Milosevic.  I was hoping that people (in Serbia) might have learned from that.  Guess not...”


SERBIA - Worthy View of a Resident American

PARAGE, Serbia, Jan. 20 - I know you would not like to miss the following. Of course, it is your ball and you are free to take it home if you don't like the way the game is going. But I don't think Ms. Andjelkovic represents any special interest except that minority that respects reality and like to see it represented with some objectivity and that appreciates plurality and like to see a variety of views represented.

I think that her views as a long-time and observant resident of Belgrade are worth noting. It may not suit your political agenda to acknowledge or spread her observations, but that is up to you.  Since she experienced the bombing (and reflected that experience in a book that she has since published) as a resident and not as a visiting fireman, I think her views are both valid and worth airing. All best,

Charles Alverson, Serbia


SERBIA - Don’t Lambaste New Belgrade Government

“BELGRADE, Dec. 30 - Dear Bob, I am an American woman, living and working in Belgrade (married to a  Serb) for 24 years. This country has become my home, and I remained here during the bombing. Because I made every effort to do so by learning the language, customs, and overall culture, I have become very ingrained in this society, and am in a position to comment on your about electricity cuts etc. The article was forwarded to me by a friend in France. I am familiar with your writings because, especially during the bombing, I checked out your site from time to time.

In the writings I refer to, you quoted a great deal (perhaps in entirety; it wasn't clear from the lack of quotation marks) of an AP article dated December 28th. From the shift in tone, it would appear that your comments begin with "Far be it from..." but again, I am not sure. The contents of the AP article were indeed truthful. Bothersome and even intolerable in some cases as the cuts may be, up until today we have at least been "blessed" with spring-like weather. Now the weather is getting much colder.

I am certain you know from being involved in the media that (even in your case) newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, internet news exaggerate or otherwise embellish reports to get a "good" story so that people will read, look at, listen to them and not others. I am not excusing this at all. Unfortunately, most people take what they read, hear, or see in the media as the gospel truth, without questioning. This you know and are hoping to point out to others. However, there are some inaccuracies in your recent writings.

My son was born here in 1978. When he was still under one year old, Belgrade (perhaps Serbia all over; I only was concerned then with my immediate surroundings) also had 8-10 hour power cuts during the winter. There were protests then, though in those days, people thought twice about REALLY protesting in mass. I remember this very clearly because it is extremely difficult to entertain and take care of a baby in the dark.

My daughter was born nearly two years later, and we were still experiencing cuts. Your statement about Serbia having had "ample electrical power until such time that NATO ...bombed..." is simply not true. In fact, during most of the winters we lived here there were power cuts. So blaming the old regime for the power outages (You say "cheap politicking") rings more true than not. Certainly the power networks were not maintained, even when Tito was around, and thereafter.

This year, in particular, even Mother Nature didn't lend a hand, and sent no rain from May all throughout the entire summer. You only have to drive over any river here to see that its level is way below the norm.

The Serbs (and other long-time foreigners) I know here are very enthusiastic about the new regime. Most realize that you cannot undo nearly 13 years of dictatorship overnight, even with outside help. Nobody I know welcomes the cuts, but given a choice whether to return to the old regime or stick with the new, there is no doubt in their minds. They know that the overall situation here is on the up; there is no denying that. Only persons like the "self-described Milosevic supporter" mentioned in the (I believe) AP article would think of saying, "You wanted democracy, now you got it." He appears not to have noticed the winter cuts in previous years I've referred to, or else he was fortunate enough (?) to live in Milosevic's neighborhood, where the lights remained on. Milosevic used to blame others for his shortcomings, but that's where it stopped--with blame. At least now the new government is trying to find solutions, and will, because other governments are now willing to help.

The same Serbs and foreigners I've referred to above despise the likes of the NATO alliance big-names such as Jamie Shea, Madeline Albright, et. al. We and others know the bombing was ineffectual, unjust, and that the whole war on Serbia failed, ideologically and even in some ways tactically. But it was war, even if undeclared, and in war terrible things happen. Property is lost, people die, boundaries are changed, etc. Except for those who lost loved ones, homes, or who were seriously injured, most don't want to wallow in the past.

You can't change that, even with the imagined apology you have Kostunica demanding from the West. "Serb lackeys?" " Western puppets?" " Western quislings?" "Kow-towing?" Kostunica as the "devil"? I regret that you use such clichés, because they only detract from your otherwise commendable intentions of spreading your version of the truth, fairly accurate though it may be.

In fact, those very words echo SPS/JUL's incessant pre-election advertisements. If indeed the persons you refer to are what you say and are doing what you say, they are behaving in that manner for the good of the people who elected them, minus the 4.5 million you mention. Milosevic did what he pleased with MUCH, MUCH less support from "his" people. But please--to say that those 4.5 million are suffering for the "stupidity and gullibility of their fellow citizens" is just too outrageously naive. Did your heart go out to the other millions under Milosevic for "stupidity and gullibility" then?

If you believe that Serbia was bought, sold out, stolen, or auctioned away, that's your right. But it would seem, and no one (except SPS/JUL hardliners) has questioned the outcome of the elections. If Serbia is leaning westward, that seems to be the will of its inhabitants, who now have the same right of freedom of speech as you do in the USA, where you can always express yourself as you please. I do not welcome the idea of rampant materialism, chains of fast-food restaurants, and other more negative sides of capitalism, but if that is what people here decide to accept, so be it. It will remain to them to open their doors to invite jobs in, but to just say "no" to selling their souls.

I know that you have very close contact with people here, and that you have visited Belgrade/Serbia, even during the bombing, and that is admirable. You are certainly much well-versed in speaking about happenings here that most outsiders. However, it just isn't the same thing as living here all the time, which would allow an interested person like yourself to become deeply involved in the happenings here, first-hand, on a long-term, daily basis.

So please don't lambaste the members of the newly-formed and elected government here. For certain they have/will have their shortcomings, but they are light years away from those they've replaced, and naysayers' rantings ring false. No matter where we are on this planet, we do not live in a perfect world, but we can only strive for an amelioration of the situation around us.

Pat Andjelkovic, Belgrade, Serbia


TiM Ed.: Just one factual clarification which is not intended to take away anything from Mrs. Andjelkovic’s valid points about the power outages before the new regime took over last October.  The TiM comment about the availability of electricity in Serbia was also based on personal, firsthand experience at the time of the bombing.  During the entire period the TiM editor spent in Serbia in April 1999 under the NATO bombs, there was not a single power failure. 

The TiM readers can relate to that as some of our reports were being written and transmitted literally as bombs were falling around the building in which this writer was writing them.  Obviously they could not have been transmitted without power.

In fact, having seen the blackouts during the bombing raids in wartime WW II films, this writer was amazed at the scenes of Belgrade and other Serb cities glistening in lights with tracers of the AAA (anti aircraft artillery) and blazing targets on the ground providing a spectacular backdrop against the night sky.  Some of these images are still available at the TiM site, as living proof of what Belgrade looked like during the bombings (see ). 

In May 1999, after the TiM editor had left Serbia and returned to the U.S., NATO started to attack Serb power stations, causing widespread blackouts.  The TiM Bulletin also pointed that out.  Clearly, this has only exacerbated the already weakened power grid due to the problems that occurred under the Milosevic and Tito regimes.


Final Reactions to… Depleted Uranium StoriesJan. 22, 2001

CALIFORNIA - No One Is Going to Get Cancer from DU

PASADENA, Jan. 20 - We received the following from Jack Perrine, a TiM reader from Pasadena, California:

“You are constantly publishing stories as if you actually believed that DU would hurt someone.

Granted DU has some radiation associated with it and it can be measured. We might call that level X. Due to the great success Liberals have had in destroying our education system most people are utterly convinced that radiation was something created by evil scientists about 1940 in building the atomic bomb... and most people are utterly convinced that a single bit of radiation will instantly cause cancer and bring their life to a horrible end.

Meanwhile back in the real world the simplest bacteria spend 25 percent of their genes in coding for entities that will proof read as the Bacteria splits so that radiation caused errors will be eliminated before they harm the bacteria.

The same brain dead Liberals that are so sure that the most minute bit of radiation will bring cancer and a horrible death all go off to Aspen or Vail and ski......and if the radiation associated with DU is of level X the background level of radiation at Aspen or Vail is like 10X... and never mind that people have been living in areas of rather high altitude in the Western States of the United States / Bolivia and north thru Columbia / Tibet for eons with no higher rates of cancer... IT IS STILL NECESSARY to believe that the most minute bit of radiation will cause instant cancer and a horrible death.

But in getting to Aspen or Vail these same brain dead Liberals are happy to fly....and the radiation at 40,000 feet is really at a very high level. If the radiation at the Sun Deck at Aspen is of Level X then the radiation in an airliner at 40,000 is like 10 to 25 times X... But while all the world's great deliberative bodies can waste their time over DU no one seems concerned over the much higher levels of radiation that all air line passengers are exposed to.

Not only that but Depleted Uranium or not emits alpha particles that the thinnest piece of tissue will shield against while at the Sun Deck at Aspen or in an airliner one is exposed to Cosmic Rays with enough energy to go thru the skin of the airliner as well as the skins of the passengers. But no one has ever caught cancer from flying and no one is going to get cancer from being near DU...  and all the silly debate over DU only shows successful Liberals were in destroying the education systems of the world.”

Jack Perrine, California


AUSTRALIA - DU Possesses Significant Residual Health Risk

BRISBANE, Australia, Jan. 20 - We received the following from David Peterson, a TiM reader from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia:

“Hello. I would like to comment on the depleted Uranium dangerous/harmless discussion. My University education is in physical chemistry and physics so my comments are not without basis.

Depleted Uranium is for the most part not radioactive and poses only minor radiation hazards. In this, most studies will verify and it is these studies that people saying DU is harmless point to. However, this "minor hazard" is only referenced "outside" the body where the skin performs a protection mechanism. These studies are not particularly useful as indicators of the radiation hazards of inhaled particles.

The gentleman that defended DU earlier said that DU is no more harmful than Lead. The problem with that is that Lead is an extremely toxic substance and when inhaled can cause lifelong chronic illness and early death. For this reason, it is illegal in all civilized countries to use lead in paint.

Basically, the human body is not designed to deal with large amounts of heavy metals. "Large amounts" is relative, because heavy metals were only found in very minute amounts before the mining era. We are still at a loss as to the full extent of effects of various metals on the body. But it is safe to say that the larger the atom of metal, the more difficulty the body has in excreting it and the more danger it poses to internal organs.

Most atoms with a weight of over 60 are to be considered harmful to humans. (and for that matter most higher forms of animals)

The average atomic weight of Lead is 207

The average atomic weight of Mercury is 200

The average atomic weight of Uranium (depleted or otherwise) is 238

Therefore, DU poses a significant residual health risk to the entire area, especially if it is in fine particle (dust) form.

The actual risks are, at this stage in our modern scientific learning, simply unknown, but it is likely to cause significant difficulty for the liver, the body's main detoxification organ. The bone marrow is the body's supply source for blood cells and it is probable that lodging of heavy metals in this area could cause genetic mutations of the blood cells. This can result in Leukemias and Anemias. DU dust is far from harmless, and people with little knowledge in the field should refrain from attempting to say it is. 

It is only to be expected that politicians responsible for would use ill referenced articles to defend their actions. But it is inexcusable for educated people to babble their rhetoric as though it were gospel. Thanks.”

David Peterson, Brisbane, Australia


NEW YORK - Moratorium Should Be Placed on DU Usage Until Long-term Health Effects Are Known

NEW YORK, Jan. 22 - Here are the final UPDATE on the DU controversy topic.  We give the “last word” to LTC Jack Allan, USA (Ret), a TiM reader from New York City:

“Dear Bob: I have monitored your site off and on now for about two years and always found it informative. I would like to comment on the DU Munitions controversy.  Your readers must remember that DU Munitions are part of our weapons arsenal. They have a unique purpose that of penetrating hardened metal and or armor. These munitions have only one purpose, to kill without prejudice. Unfortunately war is hell and sometimes in battle though it would be nice that only the enemy would be killed, as General George S. Patton once said; “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his”. General Fred Franks of the Gulf War fame also commented that when he went to battle would like 100% of the odds on his side. Unfortunately in war both sides have a tendency to lose soldiers, this also includes civilian causalities.

Though efforts are made to attempt to keep these deaths extremely low, war is just that, war. An active struggle between competing entities. People die, land is destroyed and neither side really cares about environmental concerns. This is why waging war has to be a last course of action, when all else has failed. This sounds harsh. Such is war.

However, in the case of the bombing of Yugoslavia many of the targets were indeed targets of terror and not military targets. The use of DU Munitions against armor does give our side an advantage. That advantage can give us that limited edge that can break the enemy’s back. Unfortunately, in the Yugoslav case these munitions should not have been used in close proximity to civilian centers. In Yugoslavia’s case, war should not have been the case. We should have given the diplomats more time to do their job..

The controversy surrounding DU Munitions is caught in a Catch 22 situation. The first problem is that baseline environmental factors were never included with DU Munitions. DU, yes, plenty of baseline data is available. DU munitions not much that matters. Who cared? The development of this weapon like I said before is to kill the enemy; the fact that there is a potential additional health problem is just a collateral effect of the weapon if properly used. Since there are no baseline environmental factors established all the studies and arguments pro and con are just plainly academic at this stage.

Secondly, we do not know what quality control was really used in the development of DU Munitions. No one has said just how much DU is really used in the manufacture of the round. Again this leads to further complications in assessing any environmental hazards.

Third, Depleted Uranium is just that Deleted Uranium; several of your readers have already detailed what DU is and its effect also as a heavy metal. For those who have the nerve to stand in writing declaring that this controversy is much to do over nothing. I would like to see them stand in the contaminated area long enough to be exposed to either prove themselves right or wrong. Don’t worry no one will voluntarily subject themselves to this type of testing.

Finally, right now the US Government is subjecting rats to DU Pellets to obtain the environmental baselines or LD 50, (Lethal Dose 50%) that is needed to ascertain environmental effects on humans, as we say, placing the cart before the horse.  Until we have the actual environmental baselines that are needed all these arguments are again, just academic in nature. There is also talk about replacing DU with Titanium. However Titanium or ( Ti ) Atomic Number 22, is just as hazardous as DU in the heavy metals spectrum. Except unlike DU, which can be discovered by Geiger Counter, Ti cannot. So instead of understanding the problem we will just hide it.

Until we have a better understanding of the long-term health effects of these weapons a moratorium should be placed on there usage and we must have all environmental considerations in place before placing a weapon like DU Munitions in our arsenal. We must understand what these weapons can do for the long-term health of non-combatant human beings so that we can if necessary counter their effects. I realize this is confusing, DU Munitions is meant to kill, yes that indeed is an effect, actually the primary one. 

However that is just one effect and what I am saying that once the aggression is done, some of our weapons can still do the same in term of exposure from there by products in the long term. All these factors we must understand before we use any weapon. However, the use of war is more important to understand, even more than the weapons used. The use if war as a diplomatic tool is the real root cause of the problem.  Regards,”

LTC Jack Allan, USA (Ret), NYC, New York

For additional TiM readers’ comments about the Yugoslav affairs and the depleted uranium controversy, check out… . 

For additional scientific information on the DU, check out the reports and the site of the Federation of American Scientists  - in .PDF format or if that doesn't work for some reason it's on their main page .

And with these letters and links, we close the TiM Readers Forum on the topic of the DU.


BOSNIA (RS) - Jobs in “Republic of Kosovo”

BANJA LUKA, Republka Srpska, Jan. 22 - We received the following from Bojan Suzic, a TiM reader from Bosnia (RS):

Hi Bob. I'm from Banja Luka (Republika Srpska) and I visit your site often (since 1999).

There is one thing I thought it could be interesting.  While I was reading "Glas srpski" (18.1.2001), I had founded one advertisement. This advertisement has been launched by SEED (SouthEast Europe Enterprise Development), concerning job for full-time engineer and engineering consultant.  The text is:

"Southeast Europe Enterprise Development (SEED) isa an internetionally financed program of assistance to the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Sectors in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia and >>>>Republic of Kosovo<<<<....."

This is one more example (from the sea of examples:) how "foreign non-govermental organizations" work and a bit about their principles.

We (the Serbs) in Bosnia are in very hard conditions regarding our rights and freedom. Neither OHR nor EU respect Dayton's peace agreement, and from day-to-day we see situation is far from the Dayton truth and reality, but cannot change things. I'm scared the new war is coming!

Stay active - keep up good work!  Regards.

Bojan Suzic, Bosnia (RS)

For additional TiM readers’ comments about the Yugoslav affairs check out… .

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