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TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-5

Dec. 16, 1999

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December 1999


In this issue...

Some reactions to... "Belgrade Takes Over Montenegro Airport" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-3, Dec. 8, 1999)

U.S./Missouri           Montenegrins Sought to Lecture U.S. Marines

U.S./N. Carolina      US Marines to Invade Montenegro via Port of Bar?

U.S.                           A US Marine: Serbs Will Survive Against All Odds

Some reactions to... "A Game of Geopolitical War Dominoes: Yesterday Kosovo, Today Dagestan, Tomorrow Taiwan?" (Special TiM GW Bulletin S99-136, Aug. 12, 1999)

Russia                   Nagorny Karabakh: Little Known Case of "Ethnic Cleansing"

Some reactions to... "NWO 'Liberals' Cancel Christmas" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-4, Dec. 15, 1999)

U.S./Alaska                  I Want My Country Back!

U.S./Ohio                    Hope Your Sense of Outrage Does Not Fade

U.S./Florida                 "Evian" Spells "Na´ve" - Backward!

Australia                      Keep Sticking Up for Us!

U.S./California            Another Christmas Cancellation - in LA Area

U.S./Missouri               The Manger Scene Is Back!

Some reactions to... "Slovak NWO Vassal Shuts Down Newspaper over Its NATO Criticism" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-1, Dec. 3/99)

Slovakia                       NWO Is Destroying the Velvet Revolution's Legacies

Some reactions to... "Stitching the New World Order Flag" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4, Nov. 21, 1999)

U.S./New York          Excellent Stitchery!

U.S.                            Simply Fantastic!

U.S./California          One of the Best!

U.S./California          Most True, Cogent, Fitting…

Some reactions to... "TiM Editor's 'Tour de Serbia' Lectures" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-4, 9/17/99)

Bulgaria                      New York Times: "You Can't Refer to Serbia"

Some reactions to... "TiM Editor's 'Tour de Canada' Toronto Lecture" - (Dec. 11, 1999)

Canada                      A Humanitarian Action: Climb for Children

Some reactions to... "Belgrade Takes Over Montenegro Airport" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-3, Dec. 8, 1999)

U.S./MISSOURI               Montenegrins Sought to Lecture U.S. Marines

MISSOURI, Dec. 9 - We received the following feedback about the situation in Montenegro from Mr. Veroljub Ckautovich of Missouri:

"Last week I received a request from an individual as follows:

'Dear Val,

Perhaps you or your father know of someone from Montenegro who could speak at Camp Lejeune, NC. I'm looking for a native Montenegrin who could lecture on the region, politics, religion, culture, infrastructure and history of Montenegro.

We'll pay salary, travel, meals and lodging. Probably one overnight. This needs to happen ASAP,

before Christmas. Do you know of anyone?

Thanks again,'

I suspected something was up, now it's clear. I guess Vojvodina is next."

Veroljub Ckautovich, Missouri


TiM Ed.: If still in doubt as to why the U.S. Marines at Camp Lejeune, NC, are suddenly interested in the Montenegrin culture, read on the next reaction to our Bulletin…


U.S./N. CAROLINA           U.S. Marines to Invade Montenegro via Port of Bar?

NORTH CAROLINA, Dec. 9 - We received the following feedback about the Pentagon's plan for Montenegro from SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.):

"As I am writing this, the USMC is completing a Command Post Exercise (CPX), scrubbing the bugs out of the Operations Plan (OPLAN) for the invasion of Montenegro at the port city of Bar to 'guarantee Montenegro's independence from Serbia.' The basics of the plan is to seize Bar, off-load a tank-heavy brigade task force, and (according to my sources in the Pentagon) '... if we can capture Bar and get our heavy armor on the ground, we'll simply pound our way into the Montenegran interior. If we make it that far, there is no reason to stop at the provincial capital.'

My sources recommend our Serb friends - quickly - invite the Russians to occupy all critical objectives in Montenegro (ports, airports, transportation nodes, major cities, etc.) coincident with the disarming of all Montenegrin police, military, etc. That was the only war game scenario that stopped the invasion dead in its tracks.

I'm not joking. You can pass this to our Serb friends, or tack it up on your bulletin board so I can remind you after the fact that I told you so."

SFC Steven M. Barry, USA (Ret.), Editor, "The Resister," North Carolina


TiM Ed.: To which we replied:

"Thanks for your feedback, Mr. Barry. I know you're not joking. Far from it (we enclosed the above letter from Camp Lejeune, NC).

So now we also have a probable timetable... early in the Y2K. My guess - it would be later in the spring, when the snow melts. What a way to start a Millennium! With another NWO invasion...

But it would take a lot more than landing the US Marines at Bar to take Montenegro. The Ottoman Empire NEVER managed to do it after 500 years of trying. If you've never seen how rugged that part of the world is, suggest you get an atlas or some travel brochures and take a peak. NATO's heavy armor won't stand a chance - with or without the Russians.

I am no military expert, but I have traversed several war zones in the 1990s. In this case, it seems to me that a handful of well fortified soldiers could hold a NATO column at bay for as long as their ammo and supplies last. The Yugoslav Army is well aware of that. As I am sure is NATO. But I am not certain that the likes of Madam Halfbright are. Nor care...

For what it's worth. Thanks for your concern."


U.S.                                    A U.S. Marine: Serbs Will Survive Against All Odds

PHOENIX, Dec. 9 - We received the following comment/reaction from Mr. John Marinkov, a former U.S. Marine with 14 years' of service, regarding the situation in Montenegro:

"What would the U.S. do if the United Nations or NATO worked actively to wrest one of American states away from the American federal government? What gives them the right?

Also, why is it so important to break up Yugoslavia? Here comes thuggery on a global scale again.

I am shocked and appalled at the western world, and especially the present U.S. and British administrations. Indeed, this is the behavior of the New World Order, it cannot be the behavior of America that I have known, served, and would have died for (as a U.S. Marine for fourteen years) on any battlefield, any time, anywhere.

This nation has turned against her friends and have joined her enemies. But the Serbs will survive against all odds, they always have and always will. Not only that, but they will victorious! Somehow when the smoke clears, Germany will not reach her Berlin to Bagdad dream, it will fail as it did in WW I."

John Marinkov, a U.S. Marine (ret.)


Some reactions to... "A Game of Geopolitical War Dominoes: Yesterday Kosovo, Today Dagestan, Tomorrow Taiwan?" (Special TiM GW Bulletin S99-136, Aug. 12, 1999)

RUSSIA:         Nagorny Karabakh: Little Known Case of "Ethnic Cleansing"

PHOENIX, Dec. 9 - We received the following abridged version of the letter from a Russian reader who ably introduces himself at the outset, so we won't have to:

"I am 36 year old Russian and a graduate of one of the top Soviet naval academies. I have engineering degree plus experience of service in maritime units of the then Soviet Border Guards and participating in 1988-1990 in what came to be known today as the first Caucasus war.

The reason? I was born and lived a significant part of my life in the city of Baku, and know Azerbaijan and the region extremely well. Whence is the subject of my letter to you - your column regarding the geopolitical dominoes in Caucasus (see S99-136, "Peacefarce" 30, Item 1, Aug. 12 - "A Game of NWO War Dominoes: Yesterday Kosovo; Today Dagestan; Tomorrow Taiwan?").

I have to state that I have a profound admiration for your work and share in a very large degree your views on the present geopolitical situation. Yet, I have to make some, in my view important, comments, especially since sources I was using, at least until recently, are by far more informed than even leading intelligence institutions in USA specializing in problem. This particular statement is about Nagorny Karabakh. Plus my personal experience with the events in Caucasus in the late 1980s allows me to talk competently on this subject.

I have to point out that while I agree with your domino-theory and flanking march of NWO relative to Russia, Nagorny Karabakh, nonetheless, was a very specific affair. [...]

Nagorny Karabakh, and especially its Tophana area, are historically AZERI's regions with special cultural and religious significance for these ancient peoples both in Zoroastrian and Islamic senses. If Palace of Shirvansheikhs in Shemakha and its historic connection to Karabakh has anything to do with Armenia, then I am not who I am. And now most important...

On November 14, 1988 I was visiting my KGB clinic (Border Guards were assigned to it the same as direct KGB personnel) which was located in the main building of KGB of Republic on what then was Oilers Ave. The mayhem there was incredible. When I caught up with Chief of Medical Service of KGB of ASSR, he finally explained to me that all ground forces in Azerbaijan (and they were mostly Slavic) were put on alert and aviation was in the air trying to locate... 100 000+ of ethnic Azeris who were driven that night from their places in Armenia through mountain passes into Azerbaijan.

Later this day all was confirmed. My brigade (although strictly naval) was also put on alert and things started to unravel. Indeed, tens of thousands of people were located moving from territory of Armenia into Azerbaijan, many of them barefoot, with children, with barely any possessions, many of them beaten, some women raped etc. All hospitals were packed with those people. I wonder if this does ring a bell?

On November 17, 1988 Baku blew up (remarkably with most of the Russian community supporting the Azeris' case). I am not going to go into further details on what had happened after that…The point is - it was not Azeris who had started the whole thing, and no Islam was involved in it until 1990. […]

In conclusion, the blame for what had happened in the Caucasus in relation to Karabakh in large degree lies strictly with the Armenian elites in Yerevan. And while this also could be explained by the NWO model, one fact should not be forgotten--religious affiliations aside, that even today, with enormous western money pumped into it, Azerbaijan is more predisposed toward Russia than is the case with Armenia.

Best regards and my profound admiration."

(name and location withheld at the writer's request, but known to TiM)


Some reactions to... "NWO 'Liberals' Cancel Christmas" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-4, Dec. 15, 1999)

U.S./ALASKA                      I Want My Country Back!

ALASKA, Dec. 15 - We received the following feedback about our Christmas editorial from Joanne Odd of Alaska:

"OH, YES, YES, YES!!!!! When I look around and see that I am the ONLY Caucasian, English-speaking person in the store... I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!

I returned a phone call to a friend in a hotel in Tampa, Florida today, and when the operator answered, I could not understand a word she said. After asking her to repeat it two times... I STILL could not understand the name of the hotel.

Ninety percent of the time when I call to order an item on the phone... the person who answers can hardly speak enough English to understand THEM....

I read in the paper that the local Air Force base allows WITCHCRAFT worship... complete with people dancing naked under the full moon.... But we CAN'T have a nativity scene at CHRISTMAS????

Our forefathers were not constrained from asking for God's help and guidance.... but we can't even have the schools call it 'CHRISTMAS VACATION'??? It is now 'Winter Holiday'????


Joanne Odd, Alaska


U.S./OHIO                       Hope Your Sense of Outrage Does Not Fade

OHIO, Dec. 15 - We received the following feedback about our Christmas editorial from Diane Bernish of Ohio:

"WOW, you're on a roll. The last time I got on a rant like that, the Cleveland Plain Dealer in its lead editorial branded me, and the small community newspaper that I published, with the dreaded "A-s" word (anti-semitic).

That's called an NWO elephant bashing a conservative/libertarian gnat. Life was made quite miserable for me after that. I was stomped by several powerful Jewish organizations which led an advertising boycott against us and an entire page of the Cleveland Jewish News was devoted to bashing my newspaper.

I refused to apologize, which really drove them nuts. Some of my brave conservative Jewish friends tried to defend me, and they too were reviled. We were merely trying to point out the unfairness of some of the current PC dictums, as you have done.

Also, when I visited Russia in 1973, I was served Chicken Kiev in Leningrad and you know that whatever they served you on the plane no matter what they called it, ain't no Chicken Kiev.

Re: the Evian water, spell it backward -- the joke's on us all! Have a joyous and peaceful Christmas celebration. We always had a Nativity scene in front of our building at Christmas

Here's hoping your sense of outrage does not fade! Best regards,"

Diane Bernish, Ohio


U.S./FLORIDA                  "Evian" Spells "Na´ve" - Backward!

FLORIDA, Dec. 15 - Another TiM reader from Florida, George Jovicic, had the same idea - about spelling "Evian" backward:

"Bob, you are right in explaining everything, Thanks. Would not 'Evian' be if you read backwords 'na´ve' for this naive paying people?

Thanks, Bob, we love you! Count on our support all the time.

George Jovicic, Florida


AUSTRALIA                     Keep Sticking Up for Us!

AUSTRALIA, Dec. 15 - And here's a reaction from Down Under:

"Bob, keep sticking up for us. Someone has to. Much appreciated."

Peter McCallum, Australia


U.S./CALIFORNIA          Another Christmas Cancellation - in LA Areala-start-xmas.gif (81177 bytes)

CALIFORNIA, Dec. 15 - And here's a tongue-in-cheek comment from a California who asked that the name be withheld (but is known to TiM):

"The Director of the Head Start Program for underprivileged kids has canceled Christmas in the Head Start classrooms out here in the LA area.

No decorations of Nativity Scene, OR Santa allowed in classrooms. Although most of the kids are Black (Christian), Armenian (Christian), or Mexican (Christian.) It is now just to be a HOLIDAY.

I doubt the fact the director is of the Jewish faith has anything to do with this. (I also bought the Golden Gate Bridge last week.)

A fan of your newsletter. Please keep me incognito. Thanks."

(name withheld at the writer's request, but known to TiM), California

updated.gif (168 bytes) Dec. 21, 1999: We've now received a copy of that Head Start director's directive, cancelling Christmas in the Los Angeles area community centers.   It was signed by "Richard Cohen, Ph. D."


U.S./MISSOURI               The Manger Scene Is Back!

MISSOURI, Dec. 15 - And here's another comment/update from Mr. Veroljub Ckautovich of Missouri:

"You are right and tight about the 'Happy Holidays'. The NEW Mayor of St. Ann, Missouri, is doing his Christian thing and the Manger Scene is back.

From the place where out of the 20,000 Bosnian 'refugees,' 92% are Muslim, 5% Croatian, and 2% Serb.

We don't know when you sleep, but --WE LOVE YOU, MAN!!!"

Veroljub Ckautovich, Missouri


Some reactions to... "Slovak NWO Vassal Shuts Down Newspaper over Its NATO Criticism" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/12-1, Dec. 3/99)

SLOVAKIA                       NWO Is Destroying the Velvet Revolution Legacies

SLOVAKIA, Dec. 7 - We received the following reaction to our Slovakia-Albright piece from a TiM reader in that country (his exact location is known to TiM, but is being withheld since the NWO is so similar to the autocratic governments which had once ran this country - into the ground):

"I read a very interesting article about Slovakia in the TIM bulletin. I would like to say, that Mr. Martin Lipocky's commentary (especially about political parties) was perfect.

Maybe it would be also interesting for other readers that ZMENA has been founded 23.11.1989, as you have written, which is only a few days from the start of a Velvet revolution (16. or 17. 11.1989, in Slovakia the revolution began 16th November, but the world remembered the 17th).

In its beginning, ZMENA was formed by journalism students with much effort.

I think it is the aim of (the) Slovak government to destroy everything that has something common with the (Velvet) Revolution. If you realize that one-sixth (1/6) of the government members (now) were the members of STB (State secure police during the communism), you can better understand why."

Marek Grezo, Slovakia


Some reactions to... "Stitching the New World Order Flag" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/11-4, Nov. 21, 1999)

PHOENIX, Dec. 16 - We've received quite a few complimentary comments about the subject NWO flag piece. Here's a selection of some of them:

U.S./NEW YORK                 Excellent Stitchery!


Stephen of the Eire Fire in New York


U.S. (state unknown)          Simply Fantastic!

"I would like to send another donation. This article was simply fantastic. May God protect you and keep you on this Earth for many, many years!"

N.S., (state unknown)


U.S./CALIFORNIA             One of the Best!

"Thanks for one of the best TiM GW Bulletins I've seen yet! That quote from Milosevic about Eagleburger, a Secretary of State, calling David Rockefeller 'Sir' is PRICELESS! That quote says it all. That's what the U$A is all about -- Money. Nothing more. Not 'democracy,' not 'human rights,' not freedom. Just money and raw, immoral, ruthless -- and diabolically deceptive -- power."

David Thomas, California


U.S./CALIFORNIA             Most True, Cogent, Fitting…

"Its motto:'Perpetual commerce through perpetual war'. Bob, the above statement of yours is one of the most true, most cogent, most fitting, as a descriptor of all that entails the NWO game of corruption."

Angie Carlson, California


Some reactions to... "TiM Editor's 'Tour de Serbia' Lectures" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/9-4, 9/17/99)

BULGARIA                         New York Times: "You Can't Refer to Serbia"

TORONTO, Dec. 12 - We received the following epistle written by Jared Israel, publisher of The story was about an article written by Blagovesta Doncheva, a Bulgarian intellectual, whom we also quoted in speeches during our "Tour de Serbia" in September 1999.

Israel said that his article "was picked up by, and other web sites, and it was e-mailed all over the Internet. A New York Times reporter gave it, in a printed form, to a woman on the editorial staff of the New York Times op-ed page." Here's the rest of Jared Israel's account of that conversation, with our editorial comment after that:

"That editor contacted me. The Times was willing to print something based on the article. I conferred with Ms. Doncheva. Acting as her agent, so to speak, I had a most interesting conversation with the woman from the NY Times.

Our conversation went like this:

Jared: I'm frankly surprised that you're willing to print something that so thoroughly contradicts your editorial policy.

Editor: We always print things that contradict our editorial policy. That's the idea of the op-ed page.

Jared: So Ms. Doncheva will be able to write anything she wants?

Editor: Of course not. We edit for style, it has to meet the standards of the Times, and also for content.

Jared: You mean you'll edit her stuff politically?

Editor: Of course.

Jared: Such as?

Editor: Such as she can't refer to Serbia.

The Times' restriction is quite interesting. You will notice, in reading the original, that the article uses the experience of Bulgaria to warn Serbs who support the "Democratic Opposition" not to fall for the seductive promises of the West. Doncheva argues that whatever terrible suffering the Serbs have gone through, these are nothing compared to what will befall them if the IMF and Soros Foundation boys get hold of them. (The) IMF loans are the gift that kills.

Also she exposes the role of the present Bulgarian leadership, which she says is quite similar to the Serbian "Opposition", in prostituting itself to support the NATO bombing of Serbia.

The Times would allow none of this. They were willing to print an edited version - the story of what had happened in Bulgaria, though diluted and blunted - but the soul of the piece, the warning that the program of the "Democratic Opposition" would destroy Serbia - that conclusion could not be stated. Not negotiable. End of discussion.

So why did they print it at all? Here's my opinion: The NY Times is read by the whole top and middle leadership of the New World Order. Such people have to know what's going on. One of the places where they find out is in the NY Times. So while the Times is loaded with distortions - for a study of those distortions, see Credible Deception: The Times and the Sudan Missile Attack or go to - while the Times is in fact thoroughly slanted it must also keep its readers informed. Hence the willingness to print Doncheva's report, though in a watered-down form.

Ms. Doncheva thought, and I agreed, that despite this it was worth getting the article into the Times, if only that the tragedy of Bulgaria might be told in a 'credible' forum."


TiM Ed.: So there you have it. In black and white. "She can't refer to Serbia," said the New York Times editor. No surprise there, if you're a long time TiM reader. We've said numerous times that the Times is a bigoted, racist organization which whose editorial policies make a farce out of its front page slogan - "all the news that's fit to print." Which we suggested should be changed to "all the news that fits our opinions."

But we were surprised by two other messages which emanate from the above exchanges. First, that Ms. Doncheva thought, and Mr. Israel agreed, to let the Times editors cut out "the soul of the piece," as Israel put it. Such a voluntary censorship is even worse than the garden variety kind which the establishment media practice, such as the Times. For, it signals a writer's willingness to prostitute his/her values and integrity for the sake of getting his/her name in print.

Second, for any Internet publisher to refer to the New York Times as a "credible forum" is one way of ruining one's own credibility. Any truth and liberty loving patriot would probably choke at the suggestion that the New York Times is a "credible forum." Its hateful anti-Serbian stance in covering the Balkan wars of the 1990s would have made Herr Goebbels proud.

Nor was this an "accident." The Times' editorial policies have been fomenting anti-Serbian hate consistently for at least the last 11 years. Check out the TIM GW Bulletin 97/8-3, Aug. 10, 1997, for example. Here's an excerpt:

"We started to track the(Serb) media demonization trend back in late 1988. By March 1993, we (Truth in Media) had produced an extensive study documenting four years of anti-Serbian propaganda by the NEW YORK TIMES, for example (TiM Bulletin 93-03, Mar. 8, 1993). Our research encompassed some 1,200 NYT articles, including 120 Editorial and OpEd pieces on the subject of Yugoslavia, three of the four years being BEFORE the Bosnian war started.

Of that total, 93% were anti-Serbian, 7% were anti-Croatian; NONE were anti-Muslim!!

Furthermore, we were able to prove that the NYT editors DROVE the Balkan news, not the other way around. In 1990, for example, the Letters on YU topics outnumbered Editorials and OpEd articles by a 17-8 margin. But by 1992, the year in which the Bosnian war stared, the Editorials and OpEd columns dominated the Letters by a 89-32 margin.

In late March 1993, our report was presented to the NYT editors in person by a concerned American. They just shrugged it off."

And that's a "credible forum?"


Some reactions to... "TiM Editor's Toronto Lecture" - Dec. 11, 1999)

CANADA                        A Humanitarian Action: "Climb for Children"

VANCOUVER, Canada, Dec. 15 - We received the following message from Nash Djordjevic, a world class mountain climber, about his humanitarian, tax-deductable (in Canada) action - "Climb for Children:"

"Please review the enclosed letter about my action 'CLIMB FOR CHILDREN' . Should you find any part or whole thing interesting or useful for your work, please feel free to use it. Thank you for your tremendous work on education people about the truth in this tough world."

Nash Djordjevic, Canada

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