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TiM GW Bulletin 98/10-2

Oct. 11, 1998

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October 1998


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TiM Editorial Comment: "NATO's Deadly Game of Eeney; Meeney, Miney, Mo…"

 Some reactions to: "The Kosovo Conundrum: Preaching the Virtue of Chastity While Chastising Virtue" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/9-7, 9/30/98); plus other TiM readers' letters on the escalating Kosovo Crisis:

Germany: n NATO Bombing to Start in 48 Hours…

Serbia: n …Maybe Not

Italy: n List of Potential Serb Targets

U.S./Washington: n U.S. Officers Warn of Risks

France: n High Noon in Belgrade!

U.S./Florida: n What About the Truth, Justice?

U.S/Washington (state): n A Russian-American Calls for Orthodox Christians to Unite against NATO's Aggression

A reaction to TiM's Letter to The European re. its racist hate mail letter published on Oct. 5:

Australia/U.K.: n Different Strokes for Different Folks

A reaction to "Wall Street Boom, Main Street Doom," a CHRONICLES column, October 1998.

U.S.: n No More Wars in 21st Century; Only Games

TiM Editorial Comment: "NATO's Deadly Game of Eeney; Meeney, Miney, Mo…"

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Oct. 11 - Already oppressed for 10 years by a communist turncoat dictator (Slobodan Milosevic), and having suffered nearly five years of genocidal sanctions (1992-1996) imposed by the New World Order cabal, a tiny European, predominantly Orthodox Christian nation of 10 million is now engaged in a deadly game of "eeney, meeney, miney, mo…" Will NATO bomb us, or won't it?

In this TiM Readers' Forum, our correspondents from all over the world offer their own answers to these questions, some prompted by our recent Bulletin "The Kosovo Conundrum: Preaching the Virtue of Chastity While Chastising Virtue" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/9-7, 9/30/98). According to an Oct. 8 dispatch from a German source, the bombing of Serbia should have already started. But a "usually reliable" Belgrade source suggests the whole thing is just a big NATO bluff, designed to make Milosevic's consent to deployment of foreign troops in Kosovo appear palatable to his own people.

Time will tell which alternative will end up being "it." For our money, we are leaning more toward the position of our Belgrade sources. That's because ever since the summer of 1994, Milosevic has been playing the role of a "designated bogey," thus facilitating the realization of the U.S. government's geopolitical aims in the Balkans, and the dismemberment of his own country. In return for Milosevic's being such a good bogey, Washington has repeatedly propped him up whenever the Serbian people rose up against this former communist (for more details on that, check out my column "Kosovo: Why Are We Involved?," the WASHINGTON TIMES column, July 5, 1998; the column is available at our Web site).

But if, in the end, NATO does end up waging war against Serbia, even if only to absolve Milosevic from the responsibility of giving up Kosovo, the action will set a dangerous precedent. It will mean nothing less than the end of national sovereignty and all inherent rights which sovereign nations have enjoyed for centuries world over. As a result, any nation will now have reasons to fear the capricious wrath of the "world's only remaining superpower," the new neo-colonial Big Brother. Capricious, because the new Big Brother's power is only based on a "might makes right" legal principle.

For example, even if the Serbian government did do what the West is accusing it of having done, and even if the protection of supposedly endangered minorities is the overriding legal principle which outweighs the issues of national sovereignty, how can one explain the fact that this only applies to Serbia? The U.S./NATO never bombed Turkey over its atrocities against the Kurds; or China over Tibet; or Indonesia over East Timor; or Israel over its various enemies, including even extra-territorial military assaults on neighboring countries; or Russia over Chechnya; or Great Britain over Northern Ireland; or Spain over its treatment of the Basques; or…

In short, NATO's involvement in the Balkans is NOT about protection of civilians - Albanian or any other kind. It is about projection of power into a political vacuum created by the end of the Cold War. And about connecting NATO East (Turkey) with NATO West (Bosnia) - over the backs of a small predominantly Orthodox Christian nation whose territory unfortunately happens to intersect these NATO strategic interests. (For more on that, including the maps delineating these interests, you may wish to peruse our Web site, and do a search for "Green Interstate").

If the Serb leader had been smart, he would have realized all this, and would have worked for his country to become a part of NATO, just as the predominantly Orthodox Christian Greece is, for example. As it were, Milosevic totally misread the geopolitical tea leaves around the end of the Cold War. This former communist counted on the backing of the Soviet Union as he chose to snub the world's biggest superpower (in the 1989-1990 period). When the Evil Empire collapsed, Milosevic was left stark naked, without a friend in the world. And the Serbian people have been paying the price for his arrogance and stupidity ever since.

In August 1994, Milosevic finally realized his error, turned coat, and turned on the Bosnian Serbs, too (whom he had been supporting prior to that). He became a western vassal, a "designated bogey," and a facilitator of the destruction of his own people. What followed was NATO's bombing of the Bosnian Serbs in August-September 1995; expulsion of some 250,000 Serbs from Croatia; the Dayton "Peace Accords" - actually the terms of surrender which Milosevic had signed in November 1995; and NATO's occupation of the Serbian territories in Bosnia n early 1996.

And now, the next (Kosovo) phase of NATO's expansion in the Balkans is about to unfold - with or without the bombing of Serbia. The "perpetual war for perpetual commerce" globalist principle is being affirmed once again in Kosovo. Which means that the U.S. and other western taxpayers can now start playing an "eeney, meeney, miney, mo…" game of their own: How much money and how many human lives will this overseas troops deployment cost us?


Some reactions to: "The Kosovo Conundrum: Preaching the Virtue of Chastity While Chastising Virtue" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/9-7, 9/30/98); plus other TiM readers' letters on the escalating Kosovo Crisis:


GERMANY, Oct. 8 - We received the following dispatch from a TiM reader in Bonn, Germany:

From reliable sources in diplomatic circles in Germany, we learned that NATO intends to BEGIN BOMBING SERBIA WITHIN THE NEXT 48 (FORTY-EIGHT) HOURS.

Using the excuse of a KAL massacre that the West has been trying to pin onto the Serbian Police and Army, NATO - particularly Germany (out of revanchist interests) and the USA (always good for a fight, as long as it is far from home and against an adversary weaker and smaller who can't fight back) - have had plans in the drawer for weeks - if not months to bomb and eventually colonize (in Bosnia they call it a "protectorate") the southern Slavs.

The outgoing Kohl administration, after losing the elections agreed on Sept. 30, to provide NATO with 14 of their hi-tech "Electronic combat reconnaissance" Tornado aircraft for the aggression against their traditional enemy. A foreign affairs spokesman for the new SPD government, promptly declared that the Schroeder Government was in agreement with the deadly "donation." Junior partners in the new government, it has taken the Greens' military specialist a while before she declared 2 days ago that the Greens would not jeopardize their chances of obtaining ministerial posts over the question of agreeing to bomb Serbia. So much for post-war German pacifism, that had once been the trademark of Green foreign policy.

Given the fact that all of the other parties further to their right, will surely vote in favor of "giving the Serbs what they deserve (also for having dared to have been on the winning side in the First and Second World Wars)", the only party that could pose a problem to the steel-helmet fraction is the small Party of Democratic Socialism (PDS). Whether this party remains true to its socialist roots (and its name) or whether it bows to the strong "teutonic" pressure from the right to be(come) a "good German" still remains to be seen.

It takes little imagination to see that what is now in preparation against Serbia, is a war of aggression. This would simply be another of the "post-war" clauses that will be stricken from the Post-post-war constitution of the Federal Republic of Germany.

George Pumphrey

Bonn, Germany

TiM Ed.: Well, 48 hours have now passed since we received the warning from Germany and no bombs have fallen yet. But bombing Serbia isn't necessarily the only way for NATO to carry out its expansion, as you saw from our above Editorial Comment.



SERBIA, Oct. 9, 7:41 AM (L) - We received the following dispatch from a TiM reader in Belgrade, Serbia:

World Serb Congress is authorized to state that our usually reliable western European sources said that the authorization for a bombing of Serbia is being postponed. The gist of a highly confidential report which Ambassador (Richard) Holbrooke submitted to his superiors (following his latest meeting with the Serbian president, Slobodan Milosevic) said among other things:

1) Milosevic has accepted deployment of FOREIGN troops and their occupation of Kosovo;

2) The U.S. government hasn't yet reached a decision as to the participation of American ground troops;

3) Occupation will be carried out mostly by European armed forces;

4) Number of troops - 30,000 to start with, rising later up to 70,000 troops;

5) Bombing can still take place if there is some sort of a new provocation; perhaps another attack on Albanians. Or another "KLA" atrocity, directed by NATO, which will be pinned on the Serb armed forces.

An additional personal comment by our Belgrade correspondent:

Starting with the elimination of the Republic of the Serb Krajina (in Croatia), the Bosnian Serb Republic, and now in Kosovo and beyond, the New World Order powers that be are carrying out a "Divide and Conquer" action, first and foremost against the Orthodox Christian Serbs. Well informed people around here fear that Americans may bomb Serbia so as to install a foreign dictatorship. Or Milosevic (Seselj - leader of the Serbian Radical Party and Milosevic's coalition partner) will promise us, just as General Jaruzelski promised the Poles in 1981: "I will be a kinder henchman."

Angelina Markovic




ITALY, Oct. 8 - We received the following Italian translation from Jela Jovanovic, an art historian. An Oct. 1 article by Vincenzo Nigro, a reporter for the Rome-based La Repubblica (Rome) spelled out a possible NATO plan of attack on Serbia:

NATO Plan of Attack Ready: Serbian Bases and Radars in NATO's Gunsights

ROME -- NATO's plan of attack against the Yugoslav Army is ready. All the countries in the alliance have informed Brussels of their broad amenability to taking part in a military action, indicating the air strength, the bases, and the men that would be placed under the orders of SACEUR, NATO's supreme commanders in Europe. According to information that La Repubblica has obtained from the Farnesina [Italian Foreign Ministry] and from the [Italian] Defense Ministry, "the military preparations are complete; all that is missing are the last and most sensitive political decisions."

The 16 NATO ambassadors met in Brussels yesterday. The United States asked its allies to formally place their forces at the disposal of the supreme command, the penultimate step prior to a military action. There is a little bit of everything in the "menu" cooked up by the military planners in Brussels, ranging from air strikes to the deployment of a land contingent in Kosovo. The most realistic options, however, provide only for air strikes: blitzes carried out in order to ground the Yugoslav Air Force and to block its land Army. The objective: to stop the military offensive in Kosovo and to allow the parachuting of humanitarian aid from NATO planes to the Kosovar refugees. The air strikes would take place in four stages.

First Stage

This is the stage known as SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defense). After winning the consent of all its member countries, NATO would conduct a strike consisting of the launch of "cruise" missiles from US Sixth Fleet units sailing in the Adriatic and the Ionian seas, and from fighter-bombers flying over central Europe. The data that would lead the missiles straight to the Yugoslav air defense radars has already been fed into their computers: The first to fall would be the radar units in Radovanici, in Zagrade, and in Ulcinj on the Adriatic coast. Then it would be the turn of the radar stations in Nova Varos and Kopaonik, in Kacarevo, and in Dimitrovgrad. The missile strikes would target also the radar network's command centers in Podgorica, in Obrva, and in Banovci. These are the installations in which the data from the radar stations is put together and processed in order to provide the Yugoslav officers with an overall picture of possible air strikes. At the end of this first stage, Yugoslavia's air defense would be totally blind.

Second Stage

After the missile attack, NATO envisions launching its first fighter-bombers directly over Yugoslav territory. The Yugoslav Air Force's air bases would be the fighter-bombers' targets: first of all, Podgorica, a training airport where a number of fighter planes from the bases furthest to the rear have been redeployed; then the airports of Pristina, of Nis, and of Obrva; and also the airports of Batajnica and Kovin, which are closer to the Hungarian and Romanian borders.

If NATO ever does decide to launch a military attack, this would be its most sensitive stage: On paper the Serbian Air Force, commanded by General Ljubisa Velickovic, has some 850 pilots at its disposal, and fully 200 of those pilots are trained and qualified to fly supersonic fighter aircraft. The Yugoslav pilots have at their disposal a number of MiG 29's, the most modern Russian-built fighter plane, and above all they can use also a few dozen MiG 21's, a now aging fighter plane but one that is still capable of putting on a decent performance in an air defense role.

In the initial stages of the attack, NATO has made allowances for the eventuality of a response against the ships stationed in the Adriatic or against its closest bases, namely those located on Italian territory. That is why fighter aircraft, AWACS radar aircraft, and electronic interception aircraft capable of eavesdropping on radio communications between military airports and Serb pilots, will be kept in the air all around Serbia. The allied air armada would have the task of preventing all flights and in particular any Serbian air strikes against Italy.

Third and Fourth Stages

In these two stages NATO's aircraft would concentrate first on all the other Serbian military installations and then, if necessary, on roads, railroads, and bridges across which Serbian troops might move into Kosovo. These are the most "extreme" options of an air attack that would have weighty repercussions throughout the Balkans, but that many people in Brussels at this juncture feel to be the only option left to stop Milosevic's armies.



WASHINGTON, DC, Oct. 9 - The Philadelphia Inquirer's Washington correspondents, Richard Parker and John Donnelly, assisted by Knight-Ridder's Lori Montgomery, said in an Oct. 9 report from Washington that some U.S. officers are warning of the risks associated with the planned air strikes against Serbia. Here are some excerpts from this article:

"Before initiating any type of operation in Kosovo we need to think this operation through, from beginning to end state," Gen. Henry Shelton, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Tuesday (Oct. 6).

Yugoslavia's armed forces are showing signs that they will fight, according to U.S. and NATO officials. Yugoslav warships are putting to sea in the Adriatic, and men with military experience are being recalled to serve. About 14,000 government troops remain in Kosovo.

"They will fight back," a U.S. Air Force officer with extensive experience in the Balkans said of the Yugoslav forces. "They have good air defenses. They will try to hit our ships and shoot back at our planes. They will launch their air force to get in and mix it up. If we're looking to go toe-to-toe, we'll win. But do we have the stomach for what that means?" said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Despite morale problems among conscripts and a lack of money for new equipment, Yugoslavia retains a formidable system of Soviet-style air defenses, a small navy of submarines and frigates, and an air force with some modern combat planes.

"They're not a match for us in the air, but it will by no means be a cakewalk," said Lani Kass, a military analyst at the National Defense University.

The prospect of ground troops may prove so controversial that it could force NATO to back away even from the air campaign being prepared – or to launch a military operation in which few officers have confidence.

"There is a lot of skepticism in the U.S. armed services," said Michael Gary Roskin, a former Balkans analyst at the U.S. Army War College. "The feeling is we would in effect be fighting for [Kosovo Albanian's] independence. In cases like this the U.S. military is always reluctant because they are the guys getting killed."



PARIS, France, Oct. 10 - We received the following comment from a TiM reader in Paris, France:


NATO military intervention in Yugoslavia is imminent.

If in the following days no unambiguous signs are given to abandon the bloody military intervention, I am inviting all the people who are convinced that military option could not be the solution to social conflicts, to join me in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, in the park of Kalemegdan, around the Monument of Gratitude to la France, at 12.00 p.m. every day starting Monday 12th October 1998.

Presence in Belgrade at that particular time will be the only means of expression of our demand for peace in the Balkans. Apart from a concrete request to NATO and international community to cancel its military intervention in Yugoslavia, no other political stance will be taken.

Dr. Dragan Pavlovic, M.D.

Research Fellow, University Paris 7

Director and Editor in chief of "Dialogue", Paris, France



FLORIDA, Oct. - We received the following comment from Vance Porter, a TiM reader from Florida, who sent us a copy of his commented contributed to the Orlando Sentinel:

In WWII only one of the ethnic groups in the Balkans resisted the Germans, much to their detriment, the Serbs, but they have a long history of resisting conquerors regardless of the consequences. Over 1.5 million ethnic Serbs were killed by the Germans and their Balkan allies, the Croats and the Muslims. Hitler and his collaborators tried to exterminate the Serbs. Now NATO forces (read American forces) are preparing to wage war with Serbia, our erstwhile ally, over the alleged killing of 14 Kosovo Muslims by Serbian forces.

I say alleged, because it isn't clear that they did the killing. Muslim witnesses claim the perpetrators wore a mixture of Serbian police and military uniforms and they also wore ski masks to hide their identity. Serbian police and military do not conduct joint operations. Serbian troops do not wear masks. If you wished to hide your identity, wouldn't you also remove your uniforms? On the other hand, the KLA or Kosovo Liberation Army and Western 'black ops' types have a history of committing atrocities and then blaming them on the Serbs to rationalize Western military intervention, i.e., "Made for television killings." The Serbs have nothing to gain by such a stunt, the fighting is ostensibly over and they won. The KLA have everything to gain; they could snatch victory from humiliating defeat. It could just as easily have been the KLA or American Green Beret types who committed the killings. It could also have been the British.

My money is on the Brits. They have a recent history of pulling these kinds of tricks in the Balkans. When they return to their units they brag about it to their mates over a beer, and to others who happen to be listening. Killing defenseless women and children wouldn't phase the Brits. They have one of history's longest running streaks of unpunished war crimes. It begins at least as early as the slaughter of French prisoners of war after the battle of Agincourt in 1415 ("Coup le gorge": Shakespeare's Henry V, Act 4) through the atrocities of the Boer War, the incendiary bombing of the civilian population of Dresden and on to the present.

The only ones who visibly benefit from any atrocities in Kosovo are the KLA, Bill Clinton (in a "Wag the Dog" scenario) and perhaps a few international bankers. Somebody must be making big money from all this strife. Otherwise, why would we get so exercised over the deaths of a few Kosovo civilians?

We didn't become involved when one million civilians were killed in Rwanda. We didn't bomb Moscow when the Russians invaded Chechnya, wiping out entire communities. If the truth were known, the American taxpayer financed that conflict. The amount of financial aid we were pouring into Russia at the time approximately equaled the $6.2 billion cost of that war. We said nothing when the Chinese communists committed genocide in Tibet. Some of the world's peoples call America the Great Satan. The Great Hypocrite would be equally appropriate.

I don't carry any brief for the Serbs, although I think that they are getting a bum rap. But I am offended by the abysmal ignorance of history exhibited in today's (10/8/98) editorial page cartoon by Dana Summers: the one where a Serb supposedly asks for Hitler's approval.

Vance Porter




WASHINGTON (state), Oct. 7 - We received the following comment from George Sprukst, a TiM reader in Edmonds, Washington:


All of us, regardless of our ethnic backgrounds, have not been strangers to some degree of discrimination and/or persecution at some time in the past on account of our religious beliefs. (In this age of evil rampant, many of us experience such even today.) And there can be no doubt that we can expect more of the same -- unless we take a resolute stand and make ourselves heard while we have not yet been silenced for good (a very real possibility, if we allow it to happen).

Many of us who were born abroad have already witnessed the loss at our historic lands and/or the loss of our national sovereignty -- either through enemy takeover or through the deliberate fragmentation of our lands into mutually-hostile regions.

We have seen our churches closed and allowed to fall apart or purposely pulled down and demolished by those who seek the destruction at our respective Orthodox Christian cultures, in order that they might be able to impose the "demonocracy" of their alien "New World DIS-Order" upon us!

Today, our Serbian brothers and sisters in the Faith are experiencing just such persecution. Seeking to protect themselves within the borders of artificially supported "sovereign republics" hostile to their Orthodox Christian Faith and to their cultural and national aspirations, which were unlawfully created (no one, after all, asked them concerning their wishes in the matter) they are themselves labeled "aggressors" and "persecutors" by the very Western nations which are responsible for the situation in which they now find themselves. (Clinton is even contemplating the bombing of Serbia in order to inspire "terror" in the "sub-human Serbian beasts"!)

The Western media, too (with very few exceptions), are as hostile to the Serbian national movement as they ever have been -- and, in fact, continue to be -- to the Russian one. And this hostility is born not so much of political issues (although it may well masquerade as such) as it is born of ethnic and religious prejudices and hatreds...

The PC ("post-Christian") West especially detests the Orthodox Christian Faith that Faith of the Apostles, that Faith of the Holy Fathers, that Faith which alone is at Divine origin -- or the "post-Christian" West detests Christ our God, who said: "Know, that if they have hated Me, they will hate you, also!"

They know that so long as the Orthodox Christian Faith exists, that Faith which originated not as a result of human common consent, but in an unrepeatable historical phenomenon, realized through the reality of the Holy Spirit’s descent upon the Apostles at Pentecost -- so long as it remains true to Christ by remaining true to itself, so long shall it be impossible for them to enthrone their false "’New Age’ King of the Universe" (their spiritual son of satan, whom they have long awaited) and to erect their "New World DIS-Order" upon a firm foundation.

To be an Orthodox Christian means not only merely to be called such, but also to fulfill all that which the Orthodox Church teaches. An Orthodox Christian who consciously violates the Church’s teaching -- one who sins without regret -- is no better than the godless. This we all know. And we are all aware that one can sin by actively doing that which is evil. But how many of us pause to consider that one can sin just as much -- and sometimes even more -- by refusing to do that which is good!

If the holy Apostle Paul admonishes us that one who will not provide for those of his own natural household is to be accounted as being "worse than an heathen and a publican," how much the more so, then, is one who will not provide for those of his own spiritual household! "Love thy neighbor. . . " Christ teaches us -- and who is more a neighbor unto us than one who confesses the same Faith, one who is a member of the same body of Christ, despite any outwardly apparent differences in language or custom.

If we remain silent now -- now, while we still have an opportunity to speak out; now, when the anti-Serbian propaganda-mills are pulling out all the stops in their vicious attacks upon the Serbian nation, in a vile attempt to "dehumanize" and "satanize" the Serbian people (thus enabling others subsequently to slaughter them with impunity, with no pangs of conscience an old, but still very effective trick!) -- then, in betraying the Serbs in this, their hour of need, we will be betraying not only our Faith, we will also be betraying our God ("for inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of these, 'the least of my brethren, ye have done it unto me!").

Yes, if we remain silent now, we will be accomplices to the antichrist’s servants as they strive to impose their satanic "New World DIS-Order" tyranny upon a Nation that has known many Saints -- many holy men and women;

. . . a Nation that has run red with the blood of countless holy martyrs slaughtered through the centuries by Ottoman Turks; by Bosnian Janissaries (sons of Orthodox Christians, taken young from their parents and raised as fanatical Muslim soldiers, then released against their Christian kith and kin); by Hitler’s Nazis; by Cardinal Stepinac's Croatian Ustashe (whose brutality was such that it sickened even the Gestapo!), and by Tito's communist commissars;

. . . a Nation that is slated for potential annihilation by the forces of evil as they prepare to unleash yet another war in order to bolster the sagging "popularity" of a puppet-"president," governed exclusively by his lust for ladies of easy virtue; a war that has the potential of turning their dream of limitless power into a world nightmare beyond mankind's wildest imaginings!

Let us unite, then, in supporting our Serbian brothers and sisters, both morally and materially; for, in supporting them, we will, in effect, be supporting ourselves lest it come to pass that yesteryear they came for the Russians, and we did nothing; today they come for the Serbs, and we do nothing; tomorrow they will come for us, and there will be none left to do anything! . . .

First, last, and foremost, let us pray for them! And let our prayers be not merely empty words and gestures as were those of Hamlet’s uncle, whose ". . . prayers fl[ew] up," but whose "thoughts remain[ed] below," for "words without thoughts do not to Heav’n go!" Rather, let us pray with all our hearts, from the innermost depths of our souls, following the spiritually sage advice of St. John of Kronstadt: "Do not let your prayer evaporate and only dry words remain from it, but let it breathe with the warmth of the (Holy) Spirit, like moist, hot bread, just taken out of the oven."

And, having prayed, "put on the whole armour of God, gird up your loins," and register your opposition to American and Western European genocidal intent by contacting The White House, at: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Washington, DC 20050, Tel: 202-456-1414 Fax: 202-456-2461.

Give voice to your God-given RIGHT not to be forced into subscribing to President Clinton's and Madeleine Albright's "post-Christian New Age" mentality and let them all know that you do not approve of Clinton's clumsy attempt to bolster his sagging "popularity-rating" by involving America in a needless war which could easily escalate into a nuclear nightmare of untold proportions, a true holocaust for which your children and your children’s children will curse you through all eternity. (Bush, it is true, tried it in both Bosnia and Iraq, but he was smart enough to pull out in time Clinton, however, is no Bush.)

It is not only immoral for Clinton to terrorize the Serbs; it is likewise immoral for him to commit innocent American lives to become embroiled and possibly perish in yet another so-called "police action" by a "peace-keeping" force, - this, when hundreds of American P.O.W.s and M.I.A.s from the World War II era through those of Korea, Vietnam, and Cambodia have not yet been returned to their families, nor even been accounted for, -- all merely in order to bolster and increase his waning popularity in the polls, brought on by his illicit dalliances with ladies of easy virtue!

It is immoral for him to do this at the expense of innocent Christian blood and the untold suffering of countless Serbian victims; of non-combatant men, women and children, whose only "crime" consists of their Slavic ancestry and their Orthodox Christian Faith; nor is it any less immoral for him to do this at the expense of those poor Albanians (especially the Orthodox Christians among them) who have already fallen prey to and been victimized by the terrorist KLA Mafiosi, and who thus would be subjected to double jeopardy, from both within and without.

So, inform the powers that be in Washington, DC that you strongly oppose the proposed genocidal bombing of a tiny nation which is struggling valiantly -- and in the face of overwhelming odds, at that, -- to protect and preserve her historic homeland, her Orthodox Christian Faith, and her ancient Slavic culture from those who would seek to impose their satanic "New World DIS-Order" upon her; this, while paying nominal lip-service to "national self-determination"!

Flood newspapers and magazines with letters to the Editor and Op-Ed pieces expressing your opposition to American involvement in Yugoslavia and telling the public the TRUTH of what is REALLY going on there -- and WHY! --as most Americans, in general, tend to live in a world of pseudo-facts, artificially created for them by their media and increasingly pounded into their heads. Consequently, unless they have sure guides to set them straight, they have no effective way of discerning reality from the most wild and incredible things with which the media daily bombard them -- and which, in time, become "dogmatic truths" for them: "dogmatic truths" that none are then allowed to doubt or to gainsay. Those who do so in Western European nations, where "truth is no defense," are already frequently being subjected to extradition and lengthy prison sentences for things that they might have said or written elsewhere!

George Spruksts, Director

Russian-American Information Services


A reaction to TiM'a Letter to The European re. its racist hate mail letter published on Oct. 5:


WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Oct. 10 - We sent today the following letter to the editor of The European, in response to a letter by Tamara Honar, Geneva, Switzerland, published in Letters, The European, October 5, 1998, pg. 55, Issue 437:

Dear Sir,

"The Serbs are a pariah race - the rotten apples in Europe's barrel," writes Tamara Honar, Geneva, Switzerland (published in Letters, The European, October 5, 1998, pg. 55, Issue 437). "They must be neutralised."

We all know that fascism and racism are on the rise in Europe. But what kind of a message is The European emitting by publishing such racist hate mail as the above example? That Hitler or Goebbels have risen from the dead and have rejoined your board of editors? Or is it just your publisher that shares their racist "values?"

Bob Djurdjevic


Truth in Media

Phoenix, Arizona

(Letter transmitted from Western Australia, where I am currently traveling).

P.S. For my full address, tel/fax nos. etc., please refer to our Web site shown below.


LONDON - To which the TiM editor received the following e-mail from The European's letters editor:

>Thank you for your e-mail of 10 October to in

>response to Tamara Honar's letter in issue 437 of The European.


>I would have thought that a letter purporting to come from someone

>having founded a Truth in Media organisation would have been a little

>less disingenuous. To accuse the European's Letters page of sharing

>racist values because it prints a representative range of letters from

>its readers is breathtaking. Are you advocating that we censor or

>rewrite the material we print?


>The only truth in the media that you probably recognise is the material

>you write yourself or have some control over.


>Best wishes


>Roger Evans

>Letters Editor

>The European

>Tel: 44171-418 7786

>Fax: 44171-713 1840


To which the TiM editor replied:

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Oct. 10 - Whoa, Roger! What a reaction, coming from a letters editor!? I must have touched a raw nerve. And have come close to the truth. Otherwise, why the negative conjectures about what the Truth in Media is or does?

Here is an editorial test for you. Suppose Ms. Whatever had written to you: "The Jews are a pariah race - the rotten apples in Europe's barrel. They must be neutralised."

Would you have printed that? If not, why did you print the above racial slur about the Serbs? Because they don't own or control the establishment media? Thus different strokes for different folks?

Which is why I hope you will also permit me a conjecture of my own: Bet you've never even visited our Web site, have you? Yet, you have formed evidently strong opinions about what the Truth in Media is or isn't. Why [such bias? Because my name ends in "…ic?" What if it started with "Gold…"- or "Green…"-something? Would that make it fit for print?]

Roger, maybe you should check out the Truth in Media's Reader Testimonials section, after all. Perhaps then you would understand why so many Americans, Brits, French, Australians, Russians and other nationals in several dozen countries around the world where the Truth in Media Bulletins are read, feel so alienated by the establishment media. You see, Roger, if there were the truth in (establishment) media, there would have been no need for the Truth in Media.

But I'll let the Truth in Media readers judge that by sharing our correspondence with them. I always trust the TiM readers' opinions. In turn, I hope you will let The European readers judge my letter - by publishing promptly, and without censorship, which you allege was the reason for publishing Ms. Honar's racist hate mail.

If you don't... Well, what can I say? Other than you'd be only proving the point of my cryptic letter to the editor, which no fair-minded editor could possibly turn down on account of its length (only two sentences!), or other "usual excuses." So back to Hitler and Goebbels…


Bob Dj.


A reaction to "Wall Street Boom, Main Street Doom," a CHRONICLES column, October 1998.


U.S. (state unknown) - The next war will not be fought - it will be played. By 2018, there will be no wars. There is no crime. There is only the game. In a world where corporations rule the world and no one asks questions ( Political Correctness)- the vicious and barbaric 'sport' of Rollerball satisfies the violent impulses of the masses. The champion becomes too good for his own good as the corporations in their paranoia fear he is too popular and could revolt the masses against the prevailing rule (the New World Order or right wing extremist Global Fascism). Mediocrity must prevail to prevent a threat against the status quo.

The master plan may be in the movie Rollerball, 1975. Making an example of people, Americans, is becoming a criteria in judicial cases rather than just enforcing the law in a reasonable and seasonable manner in each case.

A wrecker-owner OKC confronted the IRS as they attempted to possess his equipment and livelihood. He defended his position physically and apparently was found guilty as an "example " even though the IRS was apparently found to be in the wrong. Another case was determined similarly this week.

Thomas Kip Walls

(state unknown)


From TiM's "Ostrich of the Month" Award...

  ...To TiM's "Letter of the Month" Fan Mail

WESTERN AUSTRALIA - Again, no "Ostrich of the Month" award for October! Looks like TiM education may be working. Or "ostriches" may be still vacationing... J Whatever the explanation, we are pleased. So instead of our "Ostrich of the Month" piece, we are bringing you again, as in September, some  "Letter of the Month" fan mail:

Re: "Put the UN Justice on Trial" - letter to the WSJ (Sept. 23)

The depth of your knowledge and your ability to tell a forceful and moving story are remarkable. Thank you for all the work you do on behalf of the truth, and thank you for including me on your mailing list.


David Codrea


Re. A Reform Party of AZ speech (Sept. 5)

> …Others just liked the truth in the Truth in Media's message.

I ***ALWAYS*** like the truth, even if it stinks up the joint.

Thanks, this is one I'll save as well.

Jerry Humphreys



For Your Smile... J Monica Enters Nunnery?

monica-nun.jpg (9376 bytes)  The Web Lampoon mocking "news story" suggests that Monica is especially qualified to become a nun since she has been spending so much time on her knees.

From "The Web Lampoon," (,

Courtesy of

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