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TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-3

Aug. 6, 1998

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August 1998


In this issue...

Some reactions to: "Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce" (a CHRONICLES column, August 1998)

U.S./Texas:   n Faceless Multinational Corps. Must Be Held Accountable

U.S./Pennsylvania: n Prof Will Use in College Class

U.S./Oregon:   n Top Drawer Material

U.S./Alabama: n Just Plain Excellent

Some reactions to: "Northern Ireland: A War of the Hooligans" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-6, 7/26/98):

Australia:     n An Utter Simplification of Life

U.S./Arizona:     n You Connect Dots Well

U.S./N. Carolina: n It's an Irish Thing

Some reactions to: "New World Order's Inquisition in Bosnia" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-1, 7/01/98):

U.S./New Jersey: n A Persecution of Christians

A related commentary: "Three Legs of a Stool"

U.S./Texas: n Three Legs of a Stool: Foundations of the NWO

Some reactions to: "Small Caps Sinking First" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-1, 8/02/98):

South Africa: n A Prelude to a World War?

Some reactions to: "Russia, IMF and Global House of Cards" (a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 7/26/98):

U.S.:    n What Hope Is There for Russia?

U.S./California: n It's China, Stupid...

U.S.:               n What's a Billion Here, a Billion There...?

TiM's "Ostrich of the Month" Award      

For Your Smile... "Bill Sux" (but which Bill?) J

Some reactions to: "Perpetual War for Perpetual Commerce" (a CHRONICLES column, August 1998)


TEXAS - I have enjoyed your series of articles. Helps me to think from a new perspective. The article on privatization is perhaps the most intriguing so far. I agree with you that the "privatized markets" are skewed in favor of the already rich and powerful, and the "little guy" who tries to get into the operation loses through purchasing at inflated price along with members of the public who loose the assets already purchased.

However, what is the model by which transformation will occur? It seems at one end of the spectrum is out and out socialism by whatever name. Socialism seem to be grossly inefficient, at least in the long run. If the vast majority of individuals were dedicated to the public good (Marxist idealism?) then socialism can work. However, such is never the case in the long run. The elite of the state resort to propaganda and brute force to make the people work for "the People." Over time, the facade is revealed and the people rebel (either with protest and guns, or with drunkenness and absenteeism). Socialism is not a sustainable system unless it is called by its more ancient name (slavery) and run as such.

At the other end of the spectrum is individualistic capitalism. Individuals do what they can for personal gain and the "invisible hand" of the market place is supposed to provide a check and balance on the system. As long as capitalism was individual, there were a few checks on the system. Wealthy individuals stood to lose significantly if their affairs were mismanaged. Therefore they tended to limit their expansions to either fields they truly understood or to a scope that they (or personally trusted others) could oversee. If their investments were in businesses beyond their ability to control, serious damage could be done to them.

However, two innovations have entered the capitalistic field. One is the modern corporate structure. The other is compound interest (which Einstein called humankind's most powerful invention.) I will not address the second except to say that compound interest, either through loans or the stock market, allows for major consumption totally apart from production. Once enough assets have been accumulated, an individual cannot spend the interest on consumer goods fast enough to deplete the principle. Only through the divisions of inheritance can these patterns be broken.

In this modern world, economic power has been removed from moral and even financial responsibility. Furthermore, the corporation as a non-human person has been granted immortality. While most corporations fail to achieve international status and billions in wealth, enough do that they have become the major players in the international market place. The real players are so big that few individual investors have any influence on their management or policies.

To a large extent, the public loves the system, at least as long as the profits are high and the bull market continues to run. The average Joe can make paper profits through his or her retirement plan, IRAs, personal investment, etc. without investing themselves morally in any enterprise. Assets can be diversified to the point where apart from a major (across the board) downturn in the economy, risks are minimal. In order to have a just economic order, several things are necessary.

(1) Personal economic risks must accompany the possibility of returns.

(2) Personal moral and legal responsibility must be placed at the hands of those who make decisions.

(3) Only individuals should be allowed to purchase stocks-- no holding companies and layers of corporation. (Perhaps an exception might be made for mutual funds; perhaps not; but certainly banks and insurance companies-- the original founders of corporation-- should be excluded.)

(4) Corporations should be chartered for a single economic enterprise-- coal mining, automobile manufacturing, hotel operations, running an airline, etc. If they were in the buggy whip manufacturing business, and the car came along, then alert individuals might want to invest in throttles and linkages, but it would take another corporation.

(5) Corporations should have a natural life. I really don't have any idea of what that life should be, but entities which accumulate assets for hundreds of years have an unfair advantage in the market place. Perhaps forcing corporations to narrow their interests would achieve this goal as the market place changes.

I do not suggest that the above is practical or achievable. But nameless, faceless multinational corporations owned and controlled through interlocking boards of directors must be held accountable for their actions. They are like the Hydra of Greek mythology-- multi-headed monster who grows two heads back for every one cut off. They have more economic power than most governments. The majority of stock is controlled and voted not by individuals but by other corporations. To untangle the mess in order to place responsibility on an individual would take an army of accountants and attorneys a series of lifetimes.

That's my two cents worth. Again, thanks for your thoughtful columns.

Walter Lee



PENNSYLVANIA - Bob: This is outstanding, and I will distribute it to my political economy class this fall.

Steve M.

Professor, Duquesne U.



OREGON - Bob, this was top-drawer material. Unfortunately, after reading it I wanted to push a dirt encrusted wooden tent stake in my right eye. Now I fully understood what they meant about the "rich man and the eye of the needle". I sure wouldn't want to rub shoulders with these NWO elitists in heaven when I go there. Of course, they probably won't go to our heaven; they probably have one set aside which is better and with more amenities. Oy vey! There is no justice. Thanks again for your magnificent thoughts.

G. C. Adkins, M.S.

St. Martin College, Oregon


ALABAMA - Just plain excellent, Bob. Perhaps more in-depth on the Russian "crush" of Kulaks before and during Stalin would put a starker spotlight on history. Keep it coming and have a fun day.

Lynne Zielinski,

Alabama (formerly a CT Yankee - now in King Cotton's Court)

Some reactions to: "Northern Ireland: A War of the Hooligans" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-6, 7/26/98):


AUSTRALIA - I have just read your article on the North of Ireland. Whereas you have obviously spent some time in Northern Ireland recently, it is a complete and utter simplification of life, history and the troubled times in Ireland to describe the Northern Ireland situation as something akin to the gangland war fare of LA or New York.

Did you visit Belfast in the late 60's and early 70's? There you would have found the route of the problem and seen a bit of light. Was Martin Luther King standing up for the same rights as present day LA thugs?

Did you visit Belfast during the Hunger strikes of the late 70's and early 80's? How many ghetto thugs died on hunger strike for the right to legitimate recognition of their struggle for cultural expression and their right to exist; the cover up of the "Kincora Boys" scandal, the "Shoot To Kill" policy, the imprisonment of the Birmingham Six and the Guilford 4, the torture in prison, Internment, The Special Powers Act, all of these were "Official British Government Policy?"

Whereas the peace process, with plenty of help from Bill Clinton and the Irish American community, has helped to steer a path towards some form of settlement, do not be fooled into thinking that decades, if not centuries, of injustice and misery are nothing but a misunderstanding away. Trust is something that needs to be built, and until it is all that is still is the surface of the water.

Whereas it is true to say that criminal activities take place and that such criminals DO take advantage of the problems of the past, sadly such people exist everywhere, including Bosnia and Serbia. Your analogy with LA gang violence shows a lack of appreciation for the situation in Northern Ireland and its history.

Fergus McGettigan



ARIZONA - Your writing is marvelous; you connect dots well. I am of Irish heritage, my husband is of English heritage. "Hooligans" exist everywhere, wreaking havoc in South Bronx, Northern Ireland, Africa... They are opportunists and idiots who use anything for an excuse to bully and fight. Most people of all nations want to raise their families in peace and harmony and get along. I've always wondered why young men follow old fools to war for their greedy purposes. However, some young men and idiots just love violence and thrive on hate and chaos. This is a universal problem that hopefully will wear thin with "Truth In Media" (reports).

Keep up the good reporting Bob, it is truly appreciated.




NORTH CAROLINA - It's an Irish thing Bob; you just can't understand it... Unless you're like me. Otherwise, I enjoy your postings. We'll have peace there some day. In fact, I'd like to see a truly United Kingdom, just not from an English point of view. It's time we (the Irish) wore the pants in the Kingdom. Hehe.... Keep up the good work though.

Steve Layne

North Carolina

Some reactions to: "New World Order's Inquisition in Bosnia" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/7-1, 7/01/98):


NEW JERSEY - What you're looking at, I believe, is America and the United Nations doing "testing" on foreign soil. They arrest Christians, kill them, persecute them and so on. What is frightening is what is NOT being seen, and that is, as I said, I believe, the fact that America is trying this and that so that when the time comes to pull this off in America they will have it down to a science.

Already they have been largely successful in keeping the people in a state of apathy. The introduction of the Internet, while necessary for their coming monetary program, has alerted a large number of people. These people must, in their minds, be "taken care of." As a correctional officer, I think that I shall soon be an inmate for no other reason than that I am a Christian. I believe I am, or have been prepared for this. Are you? Is the rest of our nation? It's coming unless we apply 2nd Chronicles 7:14, and humble ourselves before God.

David Brollier

New Jersey

TiM Ed.: Since the time our subject Bulletin was published, the NWO's War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague has claimed yet another (Christian) life. Milan Kovacevic, 57, a Bosnian Serb former Prijedor hospital director, who was abducted in July 1997 in a commando-style NATO raid (see TiM Bulletin 97/7-6, 11-Jul-97), was found dead on August 1 in his cell - about three weeks after his trial began (on July 6). The official cause of death was a heart attack. Legal proceedings against Dr. Kovacevic have now been ended, the Court spokesman told Reuters. How convenient!

On June 29, a former (Serb) mayor of Vukovar, Slavko Dokmanovic, hanged himself in his cell at the Hague. And in early 1996, the unindicted and ailing late Serb General Djordje Djukic, who was kidnapped by the NATO forces and shipped out to the Hague in February 1996 (see TiM GW Bulletin 96-02, 2/22/96), was eventually returned to die in his homeland.

So the NWO's kangaroo court is earning quite a reputation for itself - as a "death camp" of sorts for Serb prisoners who don't even survive long enough to hear a sentence being pronounced. If this keeps up, soon there may be only the judges left. Wonder if a role reversal may be in order, given a shortage of live Serb prisoners?


A related commentary...


TEXAS - In order for the One World Government to be completely implemented, there remain but three major items to be accomplished. All three are already underway. The superstructure is complete, these things must follow. It has long been a goal to accomplish them by the year 2000.

A World Court

More than the current court at The Hague, there is a movement to implement an International Criminal Court which will supercede all national courts. In June of this year, 1998, the conference in Rome agreed on most of the details. The large question yet unresolved is whether the members of the Security Council will have a veto over this court's decisions. The American Supreme Court is about to become an inferior court.

A World Tax

It is "unbecoming" for a One World Government to have to beg for money from its members. It is imperative (to them) that they have the ability to derive independent income without the consent of sometimes not-so-subservient members. The plans for these are already in the works, and you may look soon for the most attractive one to be implemented: The Planetary Lottery! After all the brainwashing in our Dewey Camps, you can expect schoolchildren to line up to spend their lunch money in order to "save the whales," or some such scam. Inasmuch as a lottery is a direct tax on stupidity, the funding potential here is virtually unlimited!

You may also look for a "mere" dollar a barrel tax on oil from the ocean floor, a "mere" one percent tax on international flights; a "mere" one percent of international financial transactions; UN treasury bonds; a tax on all arms transfers, etc. These proposals, supported by the Clinton administration, will amount to Billions of dollars in annual revenue. You may rest assured that the current benign nature of the UN will be soon unmasked when their funding becomes independent of the USA and the larger nations.

A World Army

As Chairman Mao said, "All power comes from the end of a gun," and these people just happen to subscribe to a lot of Mao's teachings. This is essential in order to collect the taxes and enforce the decisions of the World Court.

There are already proposals at the UN that every nation turn over to the UN ownership and control of every military base, and restrict its own military activity to domestic policing of its own people. (See Blue Geopolitics, The United Nations Reform and the Future of the Blue Helmets, by Vicence Fisas, forward by UNESCO Director General Federico Zaragoza. page 134.)

When the neo-conservatives of today suddenly realize that their sons and daughters can be drafted into mercenary military service of the UN, there is going to be a sudden shift in their appreciation of the meaning of "involuntary servitude" in the Constitution, but by then it will be too late -- the "living document" will have become an historical relic.

Daniel New


Some reactions to: "Small Caps Sinking First" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-1, 8/02/98):


SOUTH AFRICA - In the past, the prelude to a war has always been preceded by the money masters building up the country and war machine beforehand, and then relying on the greed of the dictator (with some egging on by the money masters, or by creating other threats ) to pull them into the required conflict. It happened to Hitler; it happened to Saddam. Is it happening to China?

John Taylor

South Africa

TiM Ed.: Absolutely, John. You're a good student of history... Remember that old joke-question about the difference between mechanical and civil engineers? Answer: Mechanical engineers build the weapons; civil engineers build the targets. Right now, both western engineering breeds are engaged in building up China. Just as they had been in Iraq, etc. China ought to be a big target, for sure. The only question is - could it be too big for mankind's good?

Some reactions to: "Russia, IMF and Global House of Cards" (a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 7/26/98):


U.S. - You are right on, saying it as straight as anybody, and much better than I could have said it. Glad I'm a subscriber and see your Truth in Media. Will visit your Web site.

The NWO and the global economy is going to come crashing down soon. Maybe China will be the one country that is less affected than any other? What hope is there for Russia after Yeltsin's criminal wrecking party?

Maxwell Aley

(state unknown)


CALIFORNIA - I saw Clinton on TV, and he claimed that the big trade deficit was all due to the fact that the Asian counties have devalued their currency! That one is a big bold faced lie. China is responsible for most of the deficit, and they are still pegged to the dollar.

Audrey Johnson



U.S. - When $17 billion isn't a crisis, I have a minor problem of $10 billion. Thanks.

Bill Huff

(state unknown)

TiM's "Ostrich of the Month" Award  

PHOENIX - Guess this may be a (backhanded?) compliment to the Truth in Media's endeavors... We have found no one worthy of awarding the "Ostrich of the Month" Award for July 1998. Hear, hear...!

For Your Smile... J

You would want to read the following story, which a TiM reader had sent us, with a tongue-in-cheek...

API - Time Magazine reports an interesting case of high-tech graffiti. It seems that a couple of Intel engineers working on the design of a recent version of the Pentium microprocessor included a message that describes their feelings about Bill Gates, president of Microsoft, a good corporate pal of Intel's.

When a portion of the Pentium chip is examined under a powerful scanning electron microscope, the phrase "bill sux" is clearly visible, etched into the surface of the chip. The "flaw" in the chip was only discovered by accident well after the chip was released into the market, too late for Intel to prevent the chip from being used in the manufacture of tens of thousands of PCs.

Intel says that both engineers responsible were former employees of Motorola, makers of the chips that are the heart of the Apple Macintosh. Both engineers have since been fired by Intel.

TiM Ed.: The first thing that came to mind as your editor read the above "news release" was that this Bill (Gates) was not the only Bill who "sux." J

Which helped prove that this "API" story was a hoax. No date, no names of the supposedly fired engineers, for example... Nor does "AP" (Associated Press) usually sign its stories as "API."

But we had to trace this spoof from Canada, to Serbia, to Sweden to California - before we were able to prove that this was a hoax.

Nevertheless, it was evidently good entertainment for the techno-doodling nerds who created the spoof "cartoon." Wish some of them would devote their creative juices to solving the real world problems (such as the Y2K, for example), rather than wasting them on knocking other nerds. For, the people already know that "Bill Sux." Nor do they have to be told which Bill...

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