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TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-1

Jan. 8, 1999

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January 1999


In this issue...

Some reactions to... "Silence over Plight of Persecuted Christians" (a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 12/28/98)

U.S./Arizona: n Censorship and Double Standard

U.S./(state unknown): n A Superb Article

Singapore: n Where Christianity Is Said to Be Thriving

Some reactions to... "Klinton's Amerika: Israel's Tomahawk" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-7, 12/21/98)

U.S./Texas: n A Case of Textbook Treason

Canada: n I Second the Motion

U.S./Florida: n Why Can't the Fools in Power Ever See the Truth?

U.S./California: n Stand by for Big Macs and Pepsi in Iraq?

South Africa: n No Accident!

Some reactions to... "Seven American Senators Urge Ouster of Milosevic," (TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-8, 12/26/98)

U.S./DC: n What's All the Fuss About Serbia, Anyway?

U.S./New York: n Saluting the Seven Senators' Courage

Some reactions to... "Two Faces of Globalism: Yin and Yang," (TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-8, 12/26/98)

U.S./California: n A Generation of Brainwashed CEOs

Sri Lanka: n What's All the Fuss About Serbia, Anyway?

U.S./California: n A Stunning Depth of Economic Troubles

U.S./Missouri: n Right On! I Intend to Survive…

  TiM's "Letter of the Month"

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Some reactions to... "Silence over Plight of Persecuted Christians" (a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 12/28/98)


WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Jan. 8 - Here's a reaction to the above article from a reader in Arizona:

ARIZONA, Dec. 28 - Silence as a form of censorship? It is strictly the American way! All the news that's fit to print, Sherlock; anything we don't like or don't want Dumb and Dumber to know we will just ignore. Sure, there are differences between countries that simply prohibit the news that's politically negative and this one. We just make getting the true news so convoluted that most people don't bother. The sinister nature of the forces of evil that govern this establishment in the name of democracy have also devised crowd control methods that work much better than any of the totalitarian regimes could ever devise: there is no need to use police; just make sure everyone is in debt and no one will strike, complain or rebel. It is the ultimate serfdom because on the surface it seems to provide the most for the people while taking everything away from them -- not only their freedom but their WILL too. Here in the land of the free a waitress can be fired for expressing political views to a congressman. Sure you are free to say what you want, and I am free to can your ass!

In my years in New York, I had met many an interesting individual. One Orthodox Jewish rabbi once explained their Sabbath practices to me, especially those dealing with prohibition of using mechanical devices such as electrical switches, even toilet paper rollers. You pick up a book and drop it on a lamp switch to turn of the light; that way, he said to me, you didn't operate the switch -- the book did. Or, you tell a child to switch the lights off, the child being innocent cannot commit a sin by doing it. In all this, the doing is done by someone else through a premeditated scheme of events. The mastermind claims innocence because crimes and sins can only be a burden on the man if he actually DOES them!

Yet, if that were the case, neither the Nuremberg trials could ever have been held, nor sentences passed. Which brings us to the factor of double standard which is present as well. One of the reasons the US imposes a northern No-Fly Zone in Iraq is to "protect the Kurdish minority." Yet a few miles north, our ally Turkey is free to exercise genocide on the Kurds to its heart content.

Funny how both of these factors -- claimed innocence in a masterminded plot or action, and double standards -- seem to define the entire current administration and its policies, notwithstanding its blind eye on Christian persecution in friendly countries. Our own president to this day will not admit he lied under oath because Monica had sex with HIM, but he didn't have sex with her (it's that book thing...!). He only passively masterminded the events (he calls the shots after all), but he doesn't flip the switch!

M.V., US Navy officer (ret.)



U.S./(state unknown): A SUPERB ARTICLE

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Jan. 8 - Here's a reaction to the subject from a reader in the U.S.:

U.S., Jan 4 - Just a few thoughts regarding your superb article - "Christianity Under Siege... Revisited," and the various articles on euphemistically described anti-Christian nature of American and British foreign policy.

I was bemused at the decision of the Security Council (excluding Russia and China) to establish a permanent court to hear human rights abuses. It is located in Italy. An article on International Court for Human Rights reported how the Italians armed the turkeys (sic) in the 1921 conflict. Also, let us not forget the axis nature of Italy in WW2, not to mention the terrors committed by their forebears on the Orthodox faithful in the name of Catholicism in Yugoslavia and Albania.

How the bloody hell could Italy host the International Court for Human Rights? This is analogous to making Hitler the chief/corporal (sic) judge for deciding the innocence of the gas chamber operators, or the commanding officers of these leisure/footnote of history camps.

Cyprus defenses are idolized by Jewish fanatics. Israel publicly thanks Greek Cypriots for their valiance in saving the Jews during WW2. And it PRIVATELY SPIES ON CYPRIOT DEFENCES ON BEHALF OF Turkey. Some gratitude!

START 2 intends stripping Ukraine, Russia, etc in the region of the Eastern Europe of their nuclear DEFENSE capabilities; while actively arming the desert nomads in the Palestine territory and the nomads of the Ionian region with NUCLEAR AND BIOLOGICAL arsenals.

Is it "Madeleine Allspite's" intention for her lapdog "Butcher Butler" to create a fascist foreign policy that favors a horde of desert nomads who hide behind the martyr of six million Orthodox Christians and Gypsies? Do they believe that with a biased media, through captive marketing, the destruction of the ideals of the American nation can be replaced by a SUSTAINABLE new 'land of the deceived?"

Once again all the best in the New Year, and remember all who are celebrating our Lord's birthday in hostile environments.

George S.

(state unknown)



WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Jan. 8 - Here is a reaction to our subject article by Dr. Chalres Collins who has been a Christian missionary in Singapore for 17 years. He is also a leader of the national movement of uniting the churches for evangelism. His Ph.D. thesis was written on a subject related to evangelism and church planting in Singapore.

SINGAPORE, Jan. 4 - Greetings from Singapore--where the church is alive and in VERY HEALTHY CONDITION.

There is not a single person in the world who has any knowledge of Christianity in Singapore that would acknowledge that only 1% of Singapore is Christian. Even the Singapore government (which traditionally downplays the growth of Christianity for fear of social upheaval as the traditional religions are threatened) has acknowledged that at least 13% of Singapore is Christian and that the faith is growing faster than any other religion here. All this data is backed by regular census reports in all the daily newspaper and other government documents.

It is true that 75% are Chinese, and 15% are Malays, but only 6% are Indians, and 4% are a mixture of Eurasians, and other foreign workers: Indonesians, Filipinos, Indians, Bangladeshis, Sri Lankans, Americans, British, Australians, etc. etc.). But an interpretation that all belong to their traditional religions - that is, that all Chinese are Buddhists, Taoists, Confusians, or adherents of Chinese Religion (an amalgamation of the traditional religions as well as animistic, folk beliefs); or that all Malays are Muslims; or that all Indians are Hindus - is patently not the case at all! In the last 30 years, and especially in the last 10 years, hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Indians (and even some Malays) have converted to Christianity.

As for my estimate of 15% to 20% being Christians, it is widely regarded by the (Christian) Church in Singapore that the government's latest religious censuses were designed to provide a lower percentage of Christians (13%) in order to downplay the dramatic growth of the Christian faith in the last generation. Christian leaders in Singapore believe, based on church membership and attendance records, that the Christian population of Singapore ranges anywhere from 15% to 25%. The general feeling among most leaders I associate with is that Singapore is approximately 18% Christian.

Generally speaking, the Church here enjoys freedom of religion and we have no persecution of Christians in Singapore. I hope this is helpful to you and to the people who rely on you for news of the Church around the world.

Dr. Charles Carroll



Some reactions to... "Klinton's Amerika: Israel's Tomahawk" (TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-7, 12/21/98)

WESTERN AUSTRALIA, Jan. 8 - Whew! Where to begin… First of all, we were immensely gratified by the overwhelming support from the TiM readers which this TiM GW Bulletin elicited. We are sorry that we can only publish a few of the TiM readers' letters in this Forum. But we are grateful to all who have written to us.


TEXAS, Dec. 22 - I second your motion for charges of treason. Anytime a nation's sovereign body from which laws emit is undermined and overthrown by a power which is foreign to that sovereign's power source, that seems to be textbook treason. And that's what has occurred, repeatedly. I have the State's own record that establishes that as fact.

However, this, while encompassing your hypothesis, would broaden and extend the body of wrongs as well as the body of criminals. The case record I speak of had its onset, in court, in 1977, and has been under timely appeals, in a ever widening area, for these past two decades.

Bohna Bone




CANADA, Dec. 22 - I second the motion… I've mailed over 100 letters all over the world.

Guenther Ostermann




FLORIDA, Dec. 22 - You are the first, and so far, the only, editorialist to state my own sentiments exactly and clearly. I am glad to see that you can be as intolerant of crimes against Muslims as you are of crimes against Orthodox Christians. I will no longer see a Serbian slant in your reports.

Re. the quote of a wounded Iraqi: "Are you American or British? I will get even if it takes me forty years."

It will not be only that one wounded Iraqi. It will be a vast number of his Muslim brothers. The traitor at 1600 Pennsylvania Av has sown the seeds of disaster and religious war.

Among the nations that have been the victim of blockade and sanctions let us not forget Cuba. With all commerce and communication with the US cut off, Castro has managed to survive for four decades. A large and hate-filled refugee community waits for Castro to die. Then they or their children will go back and reclaim the homes, lands and businesses they left in 1959 or 60. The present occupants will not give up easily and you will see blood ankle deep in the gutters of Havana.

Why can't these fools in power ever see the truth?

Art Ayotte




CALIFORNIA, Dec. 24 - I just finished reading your essay about the recent attacks on Iraq by the United States and Britain. I don't believe the reports about "weapons of mass destruction" being present in Iraq. Instead, my theory is that the Anglo-American empire is trying to use military and economic pressure to persuade Mr. Hussein to make "sovereignty concessions" and thereby essentially become another client state of the empire. It would seem that the motive is to keep Mr. Hussein in power, but persuade him to act as the "puppet" ruler who would act in the interests of the empire. This would include allowing Anglo-American corporations to enter Iraq and build factories and sell goods.

My theory also assumes that the wave of terrorist attacks which have taken place in the United States during the past year, such as sabotage of railroads and bombings of buildings etc., are the work of professional saboteurs financed by Iraq as the only means available to that country to fight back against overwhelming military odds.

If my theory is correct, we will know it when we see idiot box images of Iraqis eating at McDonalds, drinking Pepsi, and shopping at WalMart stores. Note how this has happened to the Chinese and the Russians. The financial juggernaut of this empire appears invincible. I expect it to control the entire world before I pass from the scene.

Lewis S. Coleman




SOUTH AFRICA, Dec. 22 - Just as many people think that Clinton is waging the war in Iraq to cover up the Lewinsky affair, it is more likely that the Lewinsky affair is the cover of for the disastrous American foreign policy.

I am sure that President Clinton and his advisers also watch films and know what some people will be thinking. And that they always remember Roosevelt's dictum - if something happens in politics, it is not an accident; it was planned that way.

Perhaps the Lewinsky affair was an accident, but the emphasis given in the 'liberal' press is no accident.

John Taylor

South Africa

TiM Ed.: The Lewinsky affair was no "accident," either, John. Unless sunrise or sunsets are also "accidents."


Some reactions to... "Seven American Senators Urge Ouster of Milosevic," (TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-8, 12/26/98)


WASHINGTON, DC, Dec. 28 - Why does the US government care who is president of Serbia, anyway ? It is a rather small and poor nation with no real threat to us (US), or even to Europe. Back when this was the flashpoint of WW I and WW II, I could understand the concern. But today, what's the big deal? Why do we interfere in internal affairs of small nations involved in a civil war with in their borders? That's like England sending troops to stop the American civil war in 1864, and dictate our borders.

TiM Ed.: Absolutely. Which is why I compared the NWO to the British Empire in a CHRONICLES column (Feb/98) - also available at our Web site ( But, for an update on the geopolitical significance of Serbia today (it intersects the Karachi-Bihac Islamic "Green Interstate"), I suggest you go to our Web site (, and do a search for keywords "green interstate." Then read the articles which pop up.



NEW YORK, Dec. 26 - It's great that seven Senators have the courage to sign anything of substance, no matter who wrote it.

Hugh Bone

New York


Some reactions to... "Two Faces of Globalism: Yin and Yang," (TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-8, 12/26/98)


CALIFORNIA, Dec. 14 - Mergers and Acquisitions are popular just as a carcass is popular for vultures. They allow corporate drones to make a buck and maintain the smoke-and-mirrors "booming" economy. But take a look under the hood, and here's what you'll find:

1. Big Write-Offs for "In Process" Research and Development -

Acquiring companies are writing off the "in-process Research and Development" up front and in total, even as they report the benefits to shareholders. Sometimes the R&D write-offs approach 100% of the acquisition cost. It's a quick way to get tax-free earnings, new products, and eliminate competition. Gone are the days when this expense was averaged over four years.

According to a 1997 study by Baruch Lev, an accounting professor at New York University, the number of companies doing this during the 1990s has jumped more than 100-fold to 389 since the 1980s, with the average R&D write-off accounting for 72% of the total acquisition cost. The average boost to earnings was 22% over the next four quarters.

2. "Zone" Pricing -

Once a smaller company is acquired in a target market or "zone", the acquiring company lowers prices to cost, or below cost to destroy any remaining "mom and pop" businesses. After the small guys are gone, the prices go back up to even higher levels. This is an old monopoly trick, and it should be prosecuted. We supposedly have antitrust laws?

3. Inventory "sharing", "hiding", or "sales" -

These scams are more popular in "joint venture" operations, but they apply to mergers and acquisitions as well.

Inventories are "owned" by one company and "sold" by the other, depending on where the tax advantages are. Or a larger company will move inventories to the acquisition's warehouses and count them as "sales". Sometimes the inventories are moved just to hide the fact that they haven't sold.

4. "Restructuring" Charges -

A growing number of companies are boosting earnings by writing down assets with "restructuring charges" that should be just normal operating expenses. This replaces higher quality earnings from sales with "eating the seed corn" type earnings. General Motors is a prime example. In a recent five-year period, it wrote down more assets than it earned from operations.

This sort of stuff has been going on in a big way since the early '90s. We've got a generation of brainwashed CEOs who can't understand why Globalism isn't working the way they've been taught all their lives. So modern corporate decision-making has degraded into "sweep it under the carpet," and"deal with it later" just to satisfy Globalist ideology and fanaticism, and Wall Street's megalomania.

Steve Upton




SRI LANKA, Dec. 24 - Much of the history of how nations have been destroyed by banking has, of course, been suppressed by bankers. Bankers grew from goldsmiths. Goldsmiths had safes to keep gold and other precious metals in. Travelers on business were always in danger of getting robbed, so when they arrived in a city they would leave their gold with the smiths for safe-keeping. The smiths began to give their traveler customers vouchers to show what they had on deposit. When vouchers were traded instead of the gold, the smiths started lending out vouchers on the deposits. They quickly discovered that could lend out their deposits several times over, in the form of vouchers. This became more lucrative, so they gave up smithing. It also created inflation. When the economies started to collapse, they bought protection from their kings.

In ancient Babylon, they became closely tied with the "Gods of Baal" priesthood, allowing them to store their fortunes in the temples. The temples were made sanctuaries for this very reason. Warring parties would not invade the temples, because that is where both sides kept their money.

* "Thou shall not lend money at interest." Lev. 25:37

* "nor lend anything at interest." Deut. 23:19

* "To a foreigner you may lend with interest." Deut. 23:20

* "He that lends not with interest,... is upright." Psalm 15:5

Another word which now means abusive interest, but which at that time held the same meaning as above - usury:

* If you lend to poor you may not take usury. Exod. 22:25

* may not give food with: Lev. 25:37

* He who increases wealth by usury.... shall leave it to him who is kind to the poor. Prov. 28:8

Wendell Solomons

Sri Lanka



CALIFORNIA, Dec. 14 - A well-researched article that shows the stunning depths of our economic troubles...

As one who is writing a book that uses economic intelligence in the subplot, I still am amazed at the situation. I constantly come up against the novelist's dilemma: truth is stranger than fiction. Few seem able to see with their eyes and hear with their ears...

John Kenneth Galbraith also believes we're heading for another Great Depression.

John Bruni, writer




MISSOURI - Bravo! Bob. A great job of alerting the wary with a splendid array of facts. Conclusions were right on as well.

I was born in 1924 and can remember well the depression years of the thirties. I have lived many years abroad as a career petroleum geophysicist with the most major of the major oil companies. I later did consulting around the world...even out in far west China. I have a global view and having spent six years living in Indonesia, know what misery can do to a people.

Since the Russian Revolution was not Russian, rather it was Jewish (Bolsheviks), I do not dislike our fellow Aryans of old Russia. I have sincere feelings of sympathy for their terrible plight of this moment. They have suffered enormously this century. I am outraged at the theft of what little wealth Russia had by these Wall Street Mandarins.

The "Golden Calf worshipping tribe" makes up the brains of this grand theft combine. However, the bulk of the American people haven't a clue any of this is going on. Remember the reported comment of Nikita Kruschev concerning Americans. Allegedly he said, "Americans are so stupid that when you spit in their faces they think it's raining."

That comment comes from the early sixties. The average American is a hell of a lot dumber today than he was then. I am taking the warnings of a coming disaster very, very seriously. I live in a small town in the Ozark Mountains. I intend to survive, along with my wife and I, and our children. Of course, at the moment they are in the big cities... But they know where to come.

Ernest Hume



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P.S. We'll let you in on a little TiM secret: Your editor never sits at his computer. He always stands upright while doing his work. Until now, he thought that all this was because of his youthful sports injuries to his lower back. But now, he can see that there is another reason why God made him do it… J Long live the "Internet evolution!"

For your smile... J


(Author Unknown)

Helium was up, feathers were down.

Paper was stationary.

Fluorescent tubing was dimmed in light trading.

Knives were up sharply.

Cows steered into a bull market.

Pencils lost a few points.

Hiking equipment was trailing.

Elevators rose, while escalators continued their slow decline.

Weights were up in heavy trading.

Light switches were off.

Mining equipment hit rock bottom.

Diapers remained unchanged.

Shipping lines stayed at an even keel.

The market for raisins dried up.

Coca Cola fizzled.

Caterpillar stock inched up a bit.

Sun peaked at midday.

Balloon prices were inflated.

Scott Tissue touched a new bottom.

And batteries exploded in an attempt to recharge the market.

But, cheer up. The stockmarket is at an all time high. And the U.S. economy is strong, we are told, as three new bonds are being issued:

* Lewinsky bond: Has no maturity

* Gore bond: Has no interest

* Clinton bond: Has no principle

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