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TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-2

Feb. 9, 1999

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February 1999


In this issue...

Some reactions to... "Toward Nations of Mutts" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99)

U.S./Alaska: n Excellent article!

U.S./Alaska: n Disgusting, Offensive, Disturbing…

U.S./Oregon: n Absolutely the Best!

Unknown: n Biggest Case of Racial Bigotry

Canada:   n Very Glad to Read Truth in Media

Britain:   n A Super Article

France:   n Same Thing Here…

South Africa: n Take a Look at Europe

Japan:   n A Brit Gasping for Breath Over Article's Idiocy

U.S./Alabama: n Fired for Refusing to Speak Spanish

U.S./California:n It's Lonely Being a Copernicus…

A reaction to... "The Natives Are Getting Restless" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-7, 1/30/99)

U.S./California: n No Way to Treat a Euro-Friend

Some reactions to... "Brazil Central Bank's Revolving Door" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-1, 2/04/99)

U.S./New York: n The Tobacco Angle on Brazil Crisis

Russia:    n Enjoy TiM E-zine

U.S./Florida:           n A Feeding Frenzy on Brazil's Gold

Some reactions to... "Toward Nations of Mutts" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-2, 1/12/99)

WESTERN AUSTRALIA - The TiM readers' response to the above column has been truly amazing. Following the electronic publication of the Mutts article on the Internet, and after evidently many, many repostings thereof by various news groups and/or lists - with or without authorization, reader reactions poured in from all over the world. The vast majority were very supportive. But we've also received some very critical comments. What follows below is a small sampling of reader reactions.

We regret that, due to a large volume of mail we've received, we could not publish most of them. Regrettably, we have had to abbreviate even all of responses selected for publication. We are grateful, however, to all who wrote in a well-intentioned spirit of free speech and exchange of ideas.

One last comment before we let you go on to taste the real "beef"… We have intentionally selected for publication a DISPROPORTIONATE number of CRITICAL letters relative to the APPROVING ones. We did it for two reasons. First, because a smart person can learn more from his enemies than from his friends. Second, because we wanted you to see an important pattern. Most of those who objected to some, or all of our subject essay, did it in an ad hominem style - i.e., they attacked the person (the writer), or his race, or his ethnicity, or his religion - NOT his arguments. And now, on to the "beef"…

"AN EXCELLENT ARTICLE! Filled with the resounding ring of truth."

J.O., Alaska


"America does not want to be a culturally poor, exclusive country club, intolerant and greedy. Your map of the US as seen in 2050 is the last straw. Disgusting, offensive, disturbing, and entirely WRONG."

C.H., Alaska


"A powerful piece. Absolutely the best!"

C.V.B., US Army officer (ret.), Oregon


"This is the biggest case of racial bigotry I have seen in a long time."

"Ish," an anonymous critic - location and profession unknown


"I was very glad to read your TRUTH IN MEDIA. We have here a 'media terror'" (in Canada).

L.H., a Hungarian freedom fighter 1956, Canada


"A super article, but you forgot about poor old England. It's here, too." (non-Euro immigration).

R.S., United Kingdom

TiM Ed. (our reply, sent to the above reader): "I know. I've been to Birmingham, Manchester, Camden Town (London)... France and Germany are even worse. I'll save those sad cases perhaps for another story. Have tried to keep this piece on a straight and narrow."


"The same situation exists in France."

J.E., France


"It's not just the 'wasp' countries - it's the whole of Europe. If present demographic trends continue in Europe, England will be like the West Indies/Pakistan, France like Morocco, Germany like Turkey, Sweden like Singapore, Denmark like Bosnia. And then, they will all invade Italy because that will be empty, just like after the fall of the empire."

J.T., South Africa


"Sometimes I like your column, but the latest one on Obedient Mutts had me gasping for breath with disbelief at its idiocy. It would take a much longer riposte to deal with all the muddled and downright silly thinking contained within it… [nevertheless, this TiM reader posted the longest 'riposte' of them all!], but as you probably tossed it off in half an hour (given the speed with which you publish on the Internet), probably an equivalent amount of my time is all it is worth.

[Tim Ed.: For TiM readers' info. only - our "Mutts" column had a 'gestation period' of over two years!].

I am, by the way, for the record, a card-carrying Brit, working in Japan, having previously lived in West Africa, and with a Canadian wife. So, I guess I can live with a little cultural diversity around the place. Sorry that you don't seem to be able to… you seem to have so many hang-ups about religion and ethnicity derived from your own ethnic background."



TiM Ed. (our reply, sent to the above reader; square brackets delineate subsequent comments):

"Glad you liked some my columns. Far be it that I would want to try to change your mind about anything. You're certainly entitled to your own thoughts and biases. But just for your own edification, since you've jumped to a number of inaccurate conclusions'…

I happen to travel probably over 150,000 miles annually around the globe, as should have become obvious to you from my previous reports. I am also married to a Canadian [which would not be obvious to you]. My wife and I live on several continents. Our children (now grown-ups) are all involved in international global businesses - on Wall Street and elsewhere. My Arizona-based company has more clients in Japan and Europe than in my home state (Arizona). My best friend is a Chinese. Our next door neighbors are Jews. [Getting the point?]

In other words, when it comes to 'cosmopolitanism,' what you've read above (my Mutts essay) has come from one of the 'insiders' on that topic, not a lay observer. [And a former immigrant to boot]. And this "insider" has concluded, based on first-hand experiences, that globalism sucks.

That having been said, thank you for your elaborate response to the subject article [especially given the fact that you evidently 'tossed it off in half an hour' ('an equivalent amount of my time is all it is worth')]. Except for the insulting part ('arrogant and rather stupid population of people like you'). With that emotional outburst, Mr. J.E.! You've just knocked yourself down to the bottom part of the (TiM) 'reasonometer' scale.

And here I thought that the Brits still had a 'stiff upper lip' and knew how to keep their cool. Guess no longer… [after the upper lip was bashed a few times by the natives? Which is how empires are lost]. Sayonara from Australia!"


"Good, Bob! My son-in-law quit his construction foreman job Saturday when told HE would have to learn to speak Spanish to his Mexican incompetents who could not cut ONE straight board out of four. Guess that's what it's gonna come down to. God Bless American! Hugs…"

Lynne, Alabama


"Very well done… In my humble opinion, if you keep following the mystery back and back, you come to the reality that most good people would rather be tied to a teeming hill of fire ants than risk being seen as 'racist' by their friends, family or community. To avoid this taboo, people will do almost anything. Hopefully things are changing..."

T.A., California

TiM Ed. (reply): "It's lonely being a Copernicus at a time of the 'flat earth' theory. But hopefully 'things are changing,' as you said. As they did when people discovered the truth about the earth's shape."

To which T.A. replied: "Excellent analogy. Also geocentric theory. As others have pointed out, just like back then, the 'proof' theories being spun to prop it up are becoming ever more creaky, convoluted and bizarre."


TiM's Final Word: And now, the editor's final word, borrowing from the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1850): "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed; second it is violently opposed; and third, it is accepted as self-evident."


A reaction to... "The Natives Are Getting Restless" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/1-7, 1/30/99)


WESTERN AUSTRALIA - We received the following comment from a TiM reader in California:

I read your article about immigration policy and its impact on reducing the Northern European portion of the population of North America with some interest. For some time, it has been obvious to me that the immigration policy is but one part of a many-faceted program of genocide of Northern Europeans in North America. I would add the following:

1. Tax Policy. The graduated income tax, coupled with inexorable price inflation, has the effect of financially emasculating the husbands of middle-class families, who are primarily Caucasian. Inflation-driven increases in wages result in a higher proportion of income being taxed away, thus resulting in reduced buying power for the head of the household. This, in turn, disturbs the "balance of power" of the marriage in favor of the wife as the common response to this decline in the husband's effective income is to have the wife go to work. The indirect effect of this is a lower birth rate as well as a higher divorce rate among the Caucasian middle class.

2. Marriage Law. Around the same time as the infamous changes in the immigration law, the traditional marriage law, which was designed to promote patriarchy, was changed in every state of the United States. Previously, the law was designed to minimize divorce, and to discourage the wife from wholesale attack and seizure and destruction of the husband's assets, if any. These patriarchal marriage laws have been replaced universally with "Community Property" divorce laws, which make divorce easy, and which invite the wife to attack her estranged husband's finances, and otherwise give the wife every possible advantage. History teaches a clear message that the male must be "propped up" by laws and customs so as to at least partially offset the "biological superiority" of the female in the context of marriage. The institutions of marriage and family are indispensable to civilization, for this is the only way yet found to successfully "civilize" the young. We call this patriarchy, and no culture or society has ever succeeded without it. When the patriarchal laws and customs are wrecked as in the manner of our present times, a social and cultural disaster is sure to follow. This has played a prominent role in the destruction of previous iterations of Western Civilization, such as the Romans. Needless to say, the change in the marriage law has resulted in a sharp increase in the divorce rate, and a reduction in the birth rate, of the Caucasian middle class. The Caucasian middle class is vastly more affected by these changes than are other racial and ethnic groups, for reasons elaborated next.

3. Welfare Policy. The welfare laws are designed to encourage welfare recipients to have children. In fact, until very recently, the more children, the more money disbursed. I have witnessed the dramatic impact of this in the delivery room, where I serve as an anesthesiologist. Most of the welfare recipients, of course, are from the negro and spanish-speaking portions of the population. Many of these women have become virtual breeding machines largely on account of these generous welfare rewards for additional children. The same welfare laws discourage marriage or even the presence of an adult male. In fact, if an unrelated live-in adult male is found to be present, the recipient is threatened with loss of benefits. Such an arrangement is hardly conducive to the inculcation of civilized values among the children of welfare recipients. To make matters worse, the traditional cultural values of the Caucasians, and perhaps even their inherited temperament and intelligence, is such that in my observation and experience, those Caucasian female welfare recipients who have children almost invariably limit themselves to two children. In fact, this has impressed me to the point that I have asked several of them why they are having a tubal ligation on the occasion of the arrival of their second child. The response is always the same: "Two is enough; two is all I can handle; two is all I can afford, and two is all I want!"

4. Criminal Policy. The legal structure has been assaulted by court decisions and changes in the laws, mostly emanating from the federal level, which have lessened the severity of punishment for violent crimes and mandated virtual "country club" existence for criminals, complete with guaranteed comfortable living conditions, regular opportunities for exercise, good food, free and excellent health care, and even connubial visits. Whenever possible, parole is granted as soon as possible, even for violent and dangerous repeat offenders. This is no accident. These policies are designed to encourage career criminals, whose primary victims are the Caucasian middle class. This has the effect of raising the cost of living for the middle class, who are obliged to move to more expensive neighborhoods etc. in an effort to avoid crime.

5. Propaganda. The middle class Caucasian male is persistently portrayed on the "idiot box" as well as movies etc. as greedy, selfish, and violent, especially towards women. Such portrayal is hardly consistent with reality. In fact, other racial and ethnic groups have dramatically worse records in this regard than the Caucasians. The increase in crime and violence in general which has occurred in all races and classes in recent years can in fact be traced to government policies and the resulting economic conditions which reduce purchasing power of the male, which causes frustration and fosters domestic violence. This persistent portrayal of the Caucasian male in a negative manner has had a dramatic impact. The young Caucasian male, who is demonstrably more "shy" than the males of other races, has withdrawn socially and economically. I noted that in my daughter's high school, all candidates for class officer positions are strikingly dominated by females; males seldom run for these offices. When I was in high school, the opposite situation prevailed. This type of propaganda might reasonably be expected to have the greatest impact on the most intelligent and sensitive individuals, regardless of race.

6. Job Policy. Caucasian males are very nearly excluded from federal government jobs, in favor of women and so-called "minorities". Various laws rig jobs and contracts in the private market in favor just about everyone except the Caucasian male, thereby discriminating against him in the workplace.

7. Education policy. Admissions policies, quotas and financial aid policies are all affected by laws which discriminate against Caucasians, especially males, and in favor of "minorities" and females.

8. Abortion. Legalized abortion plus legalized and easy access to birth control technology, regardless of parental consent, has had by far its greatest effect on Caucasians, with devastating effect on their birth rate. As in Roman times, the birthrate of the Caucasian middle class has fallen as families have abandoned farm life in favor of industrial jobs, in which context children are no longer needed for productive work, and are in fact an economic burden. Birth control has been employed more by those of Northern European descent than those of other ethnic groups, mainly on account of their cultural values, which involve avoiding pregnancy outside marriage and in the absence of favorable economic & social circumstances. Simultaneously, other ethnic groups have been encouraged to breed, as pointed out above. The combined effect of these policies not only discriminates against Northern Europeans; they also discourage the most intelligent and fit members of all racial and fit members of all racial and ethnic groups from having children, while literally subsidizing those least fit (i.e. the welfare class).

9. Immigration Policy. I would like to add a few comments to the excellent discussion of this topic which was presented in TiM. It should be noted that the racial and ethnic groups which are being virtually recruited to come to North America represent the most culturally backward, unhealthy and undesirable elements which can possibly be found anywhere in the world. As examples, I would refer to the thousands of hardened criminals who have been obtained from the jails of Fidel Castro in Cuba, and the "Mountain People" of Vietnam, who have lived in government concentration camps for the last 20 years or more, and have no idea of how to function in the job market. Many of these latter believe that rice comes only from a bag. Even the welfare authorities of the United States despair of finding a way to introduce these people into U.S. society with any success. For many years, Mexican authorities have been quietly dumping undesirable elements of their society on the U.S. border, encouraging them to cross the border and not return. Such individuals are not only recruited to come to America, but also promised all sorts of government help and welfare program handouts. Their chances of becoming useful and productive citizens is thus minimal. Meanwhile, Caucasians of Northern European origin who do manage to come to the United States are met with a barrage of harassment in the form of bureaucratic obstacles to obtaining citizenship or permanent residency status. I have learned this first hand from Canadian nurses who have come to this country, all of whom are of the highest character and who possess valuable skills, and are welcome additions to this society. In other words, the real immigration policy is a lot more evil and destructive than one could ever know from reading the legal decisions and newspaper stories.

10. Homosexual Rights. Much confusion and misinformation exists on this subject. Male homosexuality is a developmental disorder, and is a catastrophe for those individuals so afflicted. The fate of the homosexual is determined during gestation. Such individuals are virtually women who are trapped in men's bodies. Many famous homosexuals, (i.e., Leonardo da Vinci, Tchaikovsky, etc.) have made wonderful contributions to civilization. The problem is that homosexuals seek one another out and constitute a clandestine but unified and powerful political force which promotes their unique and selfish interests throughout all ages and societies. Such activity tends to undermine civilization in a variety of ways. Witness the recent AIDS epidemic, which was almost exclusively a homosexual problem. Organized homosexual political activity demanded virtually unlimited money and resources be devoted to finding and providing a cure for AIDS, and their political pressure and lawsuits severely damaged the ability of medical researchers to conduct proper scientific testing and evaluation of treatments.

During the 1960's the official description of homosexuality was changed from "abnormal" to a "variant of normal". Since then homosexual "rights" have been promoted to the point that heterosexual marriages are now afflicted by unfair taxation, despite the fact that civilization literally depends on heterosexual union for its very survival.

11. Women's Liberation. This phenomenon is hardly new. During its beginning stages, the Roman Republic featured an extremely strict patriarchy, to the point that the eldest male theoretically had the power to practice polygamy, or to sell his wife and children into slavery, or even put them to death. Nevertheless, such things were virtually unheard of. Instead, those early Romans had large, well-disciplined families which were the backbone of their nearly invincible armies. Later, as the republic became an empire, a "Women's Liberation" movement took place, with thousands of women marching on the forum carrying signs and screaming slogans, demanding their "rights". Rome declined swiftly thereafter. Women's "Liberation", then and now, is a movement which is clandestinely financed and promoted by wealthy interests with the evident intention of disrupting the fertility and family values of the Caucasian middle class.

Massive and catastrophic changes are now inevitable in North America. During the next 50 years the Northern European portion of the population will disappear like snowflakes in July, by virtue of their negative birth rate coupled with the fertility of the other groups and immigration policy. The biological quality of the population, and the average level of intelligence, will decline precipitously. Wealth will become even more concentrated than at present, and the vast majority of people will lead the lives of slaves. Wild behavior, crime and disorder will become widespread on account of the disappearance of marriage and family and any of community and cultural values. This will represent the prelude to a new "Dark Age", and the present civilization will follow the footsteps and fate of Rome, Athens, Babylon, and the Egyptians, all of which were empires in the White Man's World.

Welcome to the "Global Plantation", where human beings are to be reduced to the status of cattle.

Dr. Lewis S. Coleman, Anesthesiologist


P.S. I forgot to mention the following item:

12. Disruption of community. The ancient Inca, prior to the arrival of the white man, had perhaps the most drastic form of totalitarian government ever recorded in history. Workers were assigned mates as well as jobs, and at frequent intervals, marriages were broken up and the partners moved to distant parts of the empire and commanded to marry other people. The purpose was to disrupt community values and friendships, thereby snuffing out the possibility of organized political opposition. Our modern industrial society achieves the same result by creating an environment in which workers are regularly hired, fired and transferred. People frequently switch companies altogether. The net effect of all this is that few people manage to form deep and lasting friendships, just like the Inca. Is this an accident, or does it constitute deliberate policy of the ruling elite?


Some reactions to... "Brazil Central Bank's Revolving Door" (TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-1, 2/04/99)


NEW YORK - Brazil is about $40 billion into IMF to shore up the currency. In December (1998), Brazil filed a $33 billion lawsuit in the U.S. against the tobacco companies. Think they want a tobacco windfall to match to their IMF repayment schedule? I do. Problem is the meltdown beat them to the punch in the short run.

Ben Works

New York


RUSSIA - Thanks for the 'Brazil Central Bank's Revolving Door.' We really enjoy reading your e-zine."

Tanya and Alexander Samoiloff


FLORIDA - There will be feeding frenzies until all the gold deposits in Brazil are stolen, by false promises of fake money. Japan a year or two ago tried to pay off the Brazilian national debt for mineral rights to one, if not the largest gold deposits in the World. As you know GOLD is REAL Money not credit options that are backed or leveraged by those who hold the purse strings, like the World Bank, or the International Bankers.

In my impression, Brazil would do better to leave the Gold in "Them Thar Hills.".. This will insure their own National security, and aid to prohibit others to manipulate the rape of a nation and put them into 'servitude'.

Rev. George A. Lambert, "a 100 % Disabled Veteran of the Vietnam era and a Constitutionalist" - by his own description.


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