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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/3-2

Mar. 7, 2000

March 2000

TiM Readers' Forum

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Some reactions to... "Buchanan on the Stump" (TiM GW Bulletin 2000/1-5, Jan. 21 2000)

California                                Way to Go, Bob!

U.S. (state unknown)              Keep On Charging!


Some reactions to... "A Cleaner, Neater World.  Hardly." (an analysis of global investments - TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-1, Feb. 2, 2000)

Washington (state)             Markets Poised for a Tumble?

U.S. (state unknown)          Britain Controlling America’s Strategic Oil?


U.K. (Cyprus)                     Truth About Cyprus


Some reactions to... "New World Order and Serbia,” English Text of the Sydney Speech, Feb. 20, 2000)

Queensland                            Kudos for a Marvelous Speech!

England                                  With You (Serbs) All the Way!


Some reactions to... "Haiderbash Is On.  Democracy Is Off in Europe" (TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-4, Feb. 23, 2000)

Illinois                                     Fascists Are Running the EU Now

Austria                                    TiM Reader Is Wrong about Slovenians

                                                 Being Oppressed

Slovakia                                  Real Neo-Nazis Are The Ones Attacking



Some reactions to... “ECHELON: New World Order’s Fifth Columns Is Among Us” TiM GW Bulletin 2000-2/6, Feb. 22, 2000)

France                                    A Secret NSA/CIA Alliance

Texas                                     This Makes Me Sick!


Some reactions to... "McCain: A ‘Fraud Hero’" - TiM GW Bulletin 2000/3-1 (Mar. 1, 2000)

Texas                                      Campaign Coverage: Act of Treason by

                                                 U.S. Media


Some reactions to... "Albright for President" - TiM GW Bulletin 2000/3-1 (Mar. 1, 2000)

Czech Republic               Albright Pelted by a Czech Egg!  

Slovakia                          Masaryk, Havel, Albright - Equally Anti-Slovak


For Your Smile…

W. Australia                           TiM’s Oxymoron of the Month

W. Australia                           If the ISPs Were Farmers…

Some reactions to... "Buchanan on the Stump" (TiM GW Bulletin 2000/1-5, Jan. 21 2000)

California: Way to Go, Bob!

CALIFORNIA, Jan. 23 - We received the following feedback from Robert Drobot of California.  Here's an excerpt:

“Way to go Bob ! ! !

The Internet is the only place Pat is getting a fair shake, and your focus on him brings even greater impact to a presidential candidate the government-globalist media complex view as their worst nightmare.

A clear example of the fear and loathing the mind controllers have for Pat Buchanan was revealed this past January 6th, when Pat was invited into the lion's den to speak to Boston's World Affairs Council.

The media came  --  60 of them. But not a word of what Pat had to say hit print. The following Sunday, the network talking heads didn't bat an eyelash. It didn't happen. As far a America was concerned, there was no Boston speech  - with one enlightened exception on- the Internet. 

Because the transnational globalists who own the network and print information sources decided  they were not going to bring America's attention to a major foreign policy position paper by Pat Buchanan calling for reciprocal trade policies with foreign countries.

        Trade policies that will not require American businesses compete with foreign companies having an unfair advantage; that government bids be limited to American companies who produce their products in America using American workers.

        That we need to re-establish the age old concept of 'charity begins at home'. That we say in a proud voice, "America First" ! ! !

        That all of the above is contrary to the plans and intentions the globalist New World Order, comprised of the likes of the Boston World Affairs Council, has for America and American Citizens.

The censorship of Mr. Buchanan's advise to the Boston World Affairs Council was a blatant act of election tampering.

Pat's speech is circulating on the Net, and courageous web news sources, like "Truth in Media" and "The Wanderer" recognize their credibility lies in full disclosure reporting, and act to meet this crucial ethical standard in their publications.

It takes a great deal of courage to stand and be counted, when the going gets rough. Paul Likoudis and Bob Djurdjevic are such men.”

Robert Drobot, California


TiM Ed.: Mr. Drobot is right on in his spotting that another chapter of the American “demo farce” is unfolding before our eyes in the election year 2000  There is no real debate on issues that matter, such as those our California reader pointed out.  There are no real differences between ANY of the Democratic or Republican parties’ candidates.  There are only puffed up and powdered up puppets of the New World Order pretending as if there is some sort of a contest going on.  To the attention or cheers of only of the worst specimen among our dumbed-down masses.

If there is a contest, it is merely a test as to which one of the four leading establishment parties’ candidates – Al Gore, Bill Bradley, George W. Bush, or John McCain – can kiss up better to the Princes of the New World Order, the multinational bankers and industrials.  It’s the latter NWO leaders that have picked the willing Democratic or Republican political whores to take part in America 2000 “demo farce.” 

As the TiM editor has been saying for years, the only chance Americans these days have to vote FOR AMERICA is to vote against ANY Democratic or Republican parties’ candidates. The only chance Americans have to regain her souls, i.e., win back our Constitution, is to vote for Pat Buchanan.

So rather than “Way to Go, Bob!,” the headline of this piece should rightfully read, “Go Pat Go!”


U.S. (state unknown): Keep On Charging!

U.S. (state unknown), Jan. 25 - We received the following comment from Warren Appleton:

“Just a word of thanks to you to encourage you to "Keep on Chargin'. Let us pray that you are right about Putin being a believer. And let us thank Him for Jesse Helms and his speech at the U.N.

Somehow, we must make the NWO the key issue of the presidential campaign,- which will take a miracle again.

God bless you and protect you in these days.”

Warren Appleton

Some reactions to... "A Cleaner, Neater World.  Hardly" (an analysis of global investments - TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-1, Feb. 2, 2000)

Washington (state): Markets Poised for a Tumble?

WASHINGTON (state), Feb. 7 - We received the following comment from Steve Upton, a TiM reader, in the state of Washington:

“Bob, as you already know, many markets are having problems in this new year.  The dollar may be due for a tumble, and if it does, it'll take everything (down) with it.  Most markets are rigged to keep the dollar up, however.  It's falling vs. oil and scarce metals like platinum.  The dollar's been strong vs. gold since 1990, due to a 10-fold jump in production ("heap leaching" method) and mines selling forward. 

However, Canada's Placer Dome (i.e., Bank of England) announced yesterday that it's jumping off the "cheap gold" ship, will no longer sell forward, and that other mines should do the same!  The Fed has inverted the yield curve in one fell swoop by ratcheting up short rates and then announcing a long bond buyback this week.

This all spells trouble for derivatives players who held the delusion that the NWO takes care of its own. It looks to me like the American branch of the NWO may be left holding the bag.”

Steve Upton, Washington (state)


U.S. (state unknown): Britain Controlling America’s Strategic Oil? Hardly.

U.S. (state unknown), Feb. 15 – We received the following comment from Monte Burgher, a TiM reader:

“Is it just me? British Petroleum, Standard Oil, AMOCO, Enco, Exxon, and Shell Oil are all owned (in part) by the Bank of England. It also looks like they (the UK/Bank of England/BP) own most of Alaskan oil? (So) our strategic oil is controlled by a country we've been at war with twice. Hmmm…”

Monte Burgher


TiM Ed.: Except that the country “we’ve been at war with twice” (Britain, including the Bank of England) is also controlled by the same evil New World Order “robber barons”/parasites that America has been trying to get rid of, unsuccessfully so far, since more than 100 years ago.  And who have been trying to reverse, successfully so far, the results of the American Revolution, over 200 years ago.

Some reactions to... "New World Order and Serbia,” English Text of the Sydney Speech, Feb. 20, 2000)

Queensland: Kudos for a Marvelous Speech!

QUEENSLAND, Australia, Feb. 24 – We’ve received many favorable comments about the TiM editor’s Feb. 18 lecture at St. Stephen’s church hall in Sydney, Australia. We are sorry we cannot publish them all, but are grateful to all TiM readers who have written to us to express their support.  We bring you, however, one comment from a non-Serbian Australian reader as a case in point, and another one from a Greek-Cypriot, based in Britain. 

Russell Mathews, author of the lines that follow, hails from the Australian state of Queensland.  He is a Member of the Standing Committee of Convocation of The UNIVERSITY of QUEENSLAND, an Accountant, Mathematician, Computer Logician, Taxpayer's Advocate and Counsel before Administrative Appeals Tribunal, and an Australian Securities and Investment Commission Agent.  He sent us his comments under the headline, “A Marvelous Speech in Sydney!”

“I was pleased to read the English translation of your recent speech given in Sydney.  It certainly gives us hope, and guidance on the method to employ for the downfall of the NWO.

You have a much better understanding than I of the situation and history of the Balkans, but I could already appreciate much, well some anyway, of what you said.  In fact some of what you said I had written in my article completed 8 Feb last for New Dawn Magazine, but yet to be published.  It was good to read your speech. Thank you.”

Russell Mathews, Queensland, Australia

U.K. (Cyprus): With You (Serbs) All the Way!

U.K. (Cyprus) – We received the following comment from Stelios Stylianou, a TiM reader based in Britain:

“I read your TiM Bulletins and like the way you report, as do already many other TiM readers. As a Greek-Cypriot who wants to see his family return to the north of Cyprus, currently under NWO occupation, just like Kosovo, I would like to give you some information regarding the NWO.

Well the NWO has been in existence before the Nato bombing of Serbia. A book was released last yea,r featuring the war criminal Henry Kissinger, about the conspiracy against the Cyprus invasion.

As you know already the Colonel of Greece was behind the Coup of the president of Cyprus to unify with Greece.  But the NWO was all behind it.

Since Cyprus has good relations with Soviet Russia, the American government under Nixon planed to divide Cyprus ten years before the invasion. The reason why he planned this is obvious, he believed that Cyprus was going to become a Soviet state, and that communism was going to spread to the Mediterranean.

That is why the invasion happened. The Turks were helped to invade the country by Kissinger supplying them weapons so to establish their goal to prevent Cyprus becoming a Soviet state.

One country that did try to stop the division of Cyprus which was none other than the U.K. But was vetoed by the NWO government of 1974.

So even though there is a ‘peace farce’ in Kosovo, at least the Russians are patrolling the northern part of Kosovo to prevent that from ever happening again.

So as you see, dear Bob, Kosovo is at least of now under the NWO occupation, but with an anti-NWO army right at their door step.  Which is why Milosevic must be laughing.

When Serbia signed that so-called peace agreement the NWO government, the NWO planned to use the same agreement on Cyprus.  But it caused an outcry from the Greek-Cypriot public, when NWO puppet Clerides proposed the implementation of Nato-troops in Cyprus.

Quoting from the public, they said, "No to Nato troops! No to Nato troops!" And Clerides backed down.

What is worse, the Cyprus media is serving the interests of the NWO by saying the Serbs repressed the Albanians out of Kosovo. Which as you know is B.S.

Just like the Australian media, the Cypriots reporters are the same NWO puppets, just like the rest.

Feel free to let your presence known on the Cyprus Broadcating Corperation at -  to voice your disgust at the media for going against its Orthodox brethren. I hope the information is enough to let you know Nwo has been far longer than realised. Till the truth is unleashed, the NWO seems to be hell bent on destroying us all. Good luck! I'm with you all the way!

Stelios Stylianou, Great Britain

Some reactions to... "Haiderbash Is On.  Democracy Is Off in Europe" (TiM GW Bulletin 2000/2-4, Feb. 23, 2000)

Illinois: Fascists Are Running the EU Now

CHICAGO, Feb. 14 – Northeastern Illinois University’s Professor Emeritus, J.P. Maher, has sent us the following comment:

“With Haider in the government Austria will not be any more right wing than she is already. In his polit-blabber to WW II veterans, Haider did no more than Ronald Reagan, when he laid a wreath at the Bitburg Waffen-SS cemetery.

Austrians can now taste how it is to be ganged up on by “the international community”, after compliantly helping to dismember Yugoslavia, once a darling of “the West”, but now turned by PR companies and the State Department into “a pariah state”.

Israel’s recall of her ambassador from Vienna is hypocritical in view of the previous recognition of the only state in Europe where the Hitler salute is publicly and massively practiced Croatia.  Vehement protest of this state was dispatched to  President David Levy by Ephraim Zurov of the Wiesenthal Foundation (Jerusalem), as the latter told me in Budapest in 1997.

The real objective of Albright’s new campaign is not to quash holocaust denial. Wiesenthal biographer Hella Pick, whose Jewish family fled Austria in 1938, holds that Haider is a joke. Hella Pick has always known she is Jewish. The real goal is to force Austria to abrogate her 1954-55 Peace treaty with Russia and to join NATO. The real target is Russia, and woe to little countries that lie in the way. Shades of 1938-1939.

Sounds like the real fascist governments, and they are in power now, are the ones that launched “humanitarian bombers” against buses, trains, market places, pharmaceutical factories and obstetric hospitals.

The lash presumably meant to flog Haider will lead to a Waldheim-backlash, increasing and cementing his power. It will really harm only wage slaves in the tourist business, inn keepers, ski instructors, cooks, waiters and waitresses.

Pfiat Enk! [Behuete Euch Gott!]”

J. P. Maher, Chicago


Austria: TiM Reader Is Wrong About Slovenians Being Oppressed in Austria

VIENNA, Austria, ,Feb. 15  – We received the following comment from Marinos J. Yannikos, a TiM reader who currently resides in Vienna, Austria:

“Let me clarify first that I am not a supporter of the Freedom party in Austria, and that I'm certainly not proud of some of the views they represent. That said, let me add that I have relatives in Carinthia, and have lived there for several years.  So I am reasonably well informed about the situation there.

Herman de Tollenaere claimed in his Counterpoint, among other things, that "Haider banned Slowenian children in Carinthia from learning their own language at school [though the Slowenian language has a longer history in Carinthia than German has]. "

This is not only completely wrong, it also insults the precious work that has been done in Carinthia to support the Slovenian minority in the past decades. The Carinthian education system provides not only Slovenian as a subject, but also bilingual classes (with two teachers!) throughout the whole bilingual area of Carinthia up to the 3rd class of primary school, while there is also provision for secondary and higher education in the Slovenian language.

Check out these homepages of Carinthian schools, for example: or

I suspect that Herman had heard or read somewhere a distortion of the fact that Haider was attacked for implementing a decision by the Austrian Parliament (!), which said that it was ‘no longer necessary for candidates for leading positions in schools to speak both Slovenian and German languages unless they were hired specifically to teach both these languages!’ (many people had complained about this because they thought it had given an unfair advantage to Slovenian candidates).

It is ridiculous to claim that the Slovenian minority (officially approx. 2-3% of Carinthia's population!) is being neglected, or even suppressed, as opposed to the Austrian/German minority in Slovenia, whose existence has not even been officially acknowledged by the Slovenian government, despite repeated efforts. But that is a different, albeit related matter.”

Marinos J. Yannikos, Vienna, Austria


TiM Ed.: Interesting, isn’t it?  Each time the New World Order tries to make a stew, or a goulash, out of the thousands of unique and carefully crafted ethnic and cultural differences which has taken God thousands of years to create around the world, something always pops out which doesn’t fit the NWO’s crude, monolithic, materialistic, globalist mold? 

Could it be because the NWO silly “elite” are “…into the wind” with their One World order of things?  How many more Austria’s, Slovenia’s, Serbia’s, Kosovo’s, Russia’s, Chechnya’s… how many more Spain’s, Basques’, Walloons or Flemish… will it take before they get to understand that God is blowing their wet emissions right back into their faces?  And that it is a losing battle for them?


Slovakia: Real Neo-Nazis Are The Ones Attacking Haider

BRATISLAVA, Slovakia, Feb. 5  – We received the following comment from Martin Lipocky, a TiM reader from Slovakia:

“I've just read some sick agency reports on the situation in Austria.  In one of them, coming from the AP agency, the author instead of using the official name of FPO used the term neo-Nazi in his entire report trying to pre-prepare public opinion and brainwashing. This just confirms his low IQ. (TiM Ed.: Or high propaganda quotient?)

And this all despite the Austrian president, the FPO's opponent, who denies the FPO is Nazi party. However, this very important president's expression was never reported in NWO media giants. Of course, which of them would admit their own misinformation?

Every man should know that neo-Nazi parties are banned in all European countries. If the FPO is not banned, it logically means, it is not neo-Nazi. Otherwise Austria would not have been admitted to join EU if FPO is Nazi. Logically! That's one thing.

Some US and European "primitive democrats" have gone too far. Do they really think that they have right to own democracy? Who owns it?  The New World Order vassals in made-up so-called "Intl. community" that does not exist or the sovereign people's votes? The governments should realize that New World Order is the enemy of democracy and freedom.

What's more dangerous? The bombers of fascist pro-terrorist NATO or Haider himself who has stated he will not participate in the new government, he wants to stay a governor in his office in Corinthia? If you want to play democrats, accept what a sovereign nation decides to do. If there is Haider in the government, it will certainly not affect other countries. And these are words of a foreigner from Slovakia as myself, a few tens of miles away from Vienna. Who will pay off Austria's financial and stock losses due to the sick Jewish intentional prejudices? . (TiM Ed.: Not all Jews, as you saw from our “Jews for Haider” articles in this TiM Bulletin).

I'm disgusted of the governments that preach others not seeing themselves. Belgium should reconsider its immoral "EU-valuable" laws on euthanasia, abortion, homosexual marriages etc. Israel should reconsider its persecution of its national minorities, and take a look back at the history on how many dead Arabs and Palestinians Israel was founded. The governments of the US and Canada are a separate chapter as reminding the waged cowardly undeclared war against Serbia - evident fascism.

No doubt about Haider’s past excessive statements he regretted later. But the NWO world vassals did not notice a very important thing - the reconciliation between the two former strong opponents: anti-NATO Haider (FPO) and anti-neutrality Schuessel (OVP). Or has Schuessel been converted to a "nazist" and NATO has lost its sheep? No, European "Union" that is just imposing diplomatic sanctions against Austria will just counter-productively make Schuessel, the politician of "European format" before, wake up from a sleep.  Popularity of Haider has also increased, because Austrians have just realized the disgusting flavor of the power of the NWO. That's why the President have to agree with this government against his conviction, because otherwise he had to recall new elections.

Let's live in the free world. Keep in mind the democracy is not what is well-suited right for you or Madeleine Halfbright & Co.-worldwide. If sovereign people in the free country elected them, other government, especially US, should hold the step and shut up unless anything wrong has been done.”

Martin Lipocky, Bratislava, Slovakia

Some reactions to... “ECHELON: New World Order’s Fifth Columns Is Among Us” TiM GW Bulletin 2000-2/6, Feb. 22, 2000)

France: SCS - A Secret NSA/CIA Alliance

PARIS, France, Feb. 23 – We’ve received the following English language translation of a Feb. 23 article published by the Paris-based Le Monde (The World) from a TiM reader who wishes to remain anonymous.  It was sent in reaction to our subject piece on the Echelon, a spying and eavesdropping system run by, and for the benefit of, five predominantly Anglo nations (U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia and New Zealand).  The Echelon, whose existence was for the first time acknowledged this year by the U.S. government, is starting to raise the hackles of an increasing number of other countries around the world.  The Le Monde piece is a case in point. 

It is also another example of how “unfree” the U.S. media really are.  To get a better understanding to what extent our Constitution has been shredded by successive New World Order servants at the White House and on Capitol Hill, we, Americans, are now forced to get the news about what happens in Washington – from Paris!  Such as the apparent birth of another three letter acronym which is threatening our rights and liberties - SCS. 

Ever heard of it?  If not, read this French report with intense interest…

Le Monde, February 23, 2000

A Secret Alliance Between the CIA and the NSA

In the United States, the NSA and the CIA have created a common agency, named Special Collection Service (SCS), whose activities are highly secret and whose role is to give to Americans, in all clandestinity, information on new means to overcome the difficulties encountered by interception operations caused by progress in encryption for protection of world communications.

The existence of the SCS is not officially recognized. It is known only that this new federal agency brings together CIA and NSA teams expert in decrypting of transmissions especially protected against any intrusion which comes from the outside.

Indeed, the NSA usually carries out its remote interceptions relatively "passively:" it intercepts what it is asked to oversee. However, the encryption of communications by the same parties that transmit them has become increasingly effective. It requires time - and money - to access these communications, and it becomes difficult "to crack" without reliable and easy access to suspected equipment.

It is thus necessary to find processes which allow authentic - but secret - intrusions into the targeted systems, i.e., "active" electronic and data-processing mechanisms, like, for example, the possibility of introducing viruses, of collecting key words which will facilitate their locations with impunity, and of infiltrating computers or communication networks. Only the CIA, thanks to its agents specialized in "covert actions" - in other words clandestine operations on the ground - is able to intervene. This is the reason of this alliance between the CIA and the NSA, through joint teams which work to the benefit of the SCS.”

J. I.


Texas: This Makes Me Sick!

TEXAS, Feb. 23 – We’ve received the following comment from Ron Ates, a TiM reader from Texas. 

“About item #4 (An "Iran-Contra" Boomerang: What Goes Around, Comes Around), this is not the first time that the state of Israel has indirectly killed her own brave young soldiers. In 1994, the Rabin govt. turned over to the Palestinian police thousands of kalashnikovs/1 million rounds of ammo that the Israeli army captured in Lebanon in the 1980's. All of this so the Arabs could have guns to ''defend themselves''

A few years ago a ''mini intifada'' erupted in the Gaza, and the territories backed by the Palestinian police.over 40 Israeli soldiers were killed/wounded by these same weapons in the hands of the Palestinian police. This makes me sick!!!

Ron Ates

Some reactions to... "McCain: A ‘Fraud Hero’" - TiM GW Bulletin 2000/3-1 (Mar. 1, 2000)

Texas: An Act of Treason by U.S. Media

TEXAS, Feb. 23 – We’ve received the following comment from Colette Mauboussin, a TiM reader from Texas:

“Thank you for all of the articles concerning Senator McCain of Arizona ho is indeed a 'false hero'.  It is beyond my comprehension how our American media can be so thoroughly corrupted and 'imbibed' by the lies and deceit of the Clinton administration and most politicians.  The media's deliberate and open 'mind-conditioning' of the American people is sacrilegious and an outright act of treason. 

The only hopes left to the minority of us who inform ourselves in places other than the media, are organizations such as Truth in Media who are unafraid to speak the truth backed up with facts.  For this, I thank you sincerely.”

Colette Mauboussin, Texas

Some reactions to... "Albright for President" - TiM GW Bulletin 2000/3-1 (Mar. 1, 2000)

Czech Republic: Albright Pelted by a Czech Egg!

BRNO, Czech Republic, Mar. 6 – Ever since the Rambouillet Kosovo “peace farce talks” disintegrated last February (1999), planting a large diplomatic egg on the face of the U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, we’ve been occasionally bringing to you our photo-cartoon of “Madam Halfbright,” such as in the subject TiM Bulletin which commented about her possibly running for president – of the Czech Republic, her native country. 

Well, now some of her countrymen and possible future subjects of her imperial New World Order rule from the Prague Castle, have pelted Madam Halfbright with real eggs in Brno, Czech Republic, on March 6, shouting “death to American imperialism!” 

What a start to a presidential campaign, Madam Halfbright.  As Teddy Roosevelt said, “you can fool some people all the time (such as the dumbed-down western masses in America, Canada, Britain, Australia or New Zealand); you can fool all people some of the time (such as with the NWO demonization of the Serbs, and other Orthodox Christians); but you can’t fool all the people all the time “(such as your countrymen in the Czech Republic).

And now, here’s an excerpt from an Associate Press March 6 report which describes what actually happened in Brno:

“After finishing a speech to an enthusiastic audience at Tomas Masaryk University in this industrial city 125 miles southeast of Prague, Albright was milling about in the crowded entrance hall as bystanders cheered.

Suddenly, two men shouted ‘death to American imperialism,’ and began hurling eggs. Albright was spattered slightly.  She was rushed upstairs quickly (TiM Ed.: To clean up her dress?  Or her act?) before leaving for another appearance.

Police Capt. Zdenek Lubas said several people were detained for questioning, but declined to give further details.

Before the speech, she met privately with about a dozen students from the Gypsy minority to discuss affirmative action (TiM Ed.: Meaning how to force the Czechs to accept unwanted immigrants, just as the NWO succeeded in America and EU?). 

Albright has urged Czechs to follow the example of Masaryk.  Using that theme, U.S. officials said Albright has urged the Czechs to undertake judicial reform and encourage tolerance for the country's Gypsy, or Roma, minority.

She has also encouraged the Czech Republic to become more involved in Western moves to bring democracy to Yugoslavia's main republic, Serbia, and to help promote ethnic stability in Kosovo, a province of Serbia.

Albright said Sunday that the people of Serbia ‘do not deserve’an autocratic leader like President Slobodan Milosevic. (TiM Ed.: Meaning they ‘deserve’ a conniving NWO quisling, such as Vaclav Havel, who was rejoicing as NATO bombed Serbia’s civilians?).

Albright also said democratically minded leaders from former Soviet Bloc countries could offer advice to opposition figures in Serbia on how to unite in the face of authoritarian rule. (TiM Ed.: Meaning, the way the Yeltsin quislings tried it in Russia?  Madam Halfbright seems to have neglected to mention their utter demise).”


TiM Ed.: And now, stand by for a classic example of how half-truths and falsehoods can be pawned off on unsuspecting, dumbed-down western masses as if they were historical facts.  The following lines were also included in the above AP report:

“Albright's father, Josef Korbel, a Czech diplomat, fled with his wife and children to London as Germany took control of Czechoslovakia at the onset of World War II.

When the communists took over Czechoslovakia in 1948, the family then migrated to the United States.”

True, Josef Korbel, was a Czech diplomat.  True, he and his family did flee Czechoslovakia after Germany took it over.  True, his family migrated to the States after the communists took over in 1948 (though not before living in Switzerland and London for some years).

But it’s the OMISSIONS of the truth which totally distort the impression which an average, dumbed-down AP reader, who knows diddly-squat about history, would have gotten from this AP propaganda story.

Josef Korbel was a Czech ambassador to Belgrade, Yugoslavia – BEFORE and AFTER WW II (see pictures of the little “Madam Halfbright” swimming in Belgrade’s river Sava in Belgrade with her parents, for example, AFTER WW II – “Da Bull”).

Josef Korbel and his family were also Jews.  They had found a safe haven from persecution and felt at home among the Serbs.  That is why, in part, Albright’s father was also a great Serbophile, who once said that if could be born again, he wished he could be born a Serb.  He is probably turning in his grave seeing from high up into what sort of a Serbophobic monster his daughter has turned out to be.

Slovakia: Albright Pelted by a Czech Egg!

BANKSKA BYSTRICA, Slovakia, Mar. 9 – Ever since the Rambouillet Kosovo “peace farce talks”

“1. After reading the Associate press March 6 report from Brno on your TIM site, "Albright has urged Czechs to follow the example of Masaryk", I was shocked she was able to say it publicly, although I understand what kind of politic she is.

Masaryk, the first Czechoslovak president, after the WWI, was a strong supporter of the idea of one "Czechoslovak" nation. As a result, the Slovak people party (SLS or later HSLS), gained many votes in favor for the idea of more independent Slovakia from the Chechia.

As Masaryk did not recognize the Slovak nation until his death, I think the Albright's statement is a faux pas.

2. In a Slovak radio broadcast I heard Albright speaking Czech with strong American accent. She said Mr. Havel reminded her of Masaryk for the whole world. This is true if you can go over the "whole world", by this she was obviously meaning the NWO of her establishment. Concerning Slovakia and especially the Slovak nation, Havel is exactly the same type as Masaryk was (i.e., anti-Slovak). She was absolutely right!

3. I saw on the Czech TV (CT 2) - on teletext, some "information" about the ethnic problems "in Serbia and in Kosovo." That is like saying the same about the Czech Republic and Sudetenland, or about France and Alsace region (i.e., both Sudetenland and Alsace are integral parts of Czech Republic and France respectively). I hope these little comment of mine will help you.”

Marek Grezo, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia

For Your Smile…

W. Australia: TiM’s Oxymoron of the Month

W. AUSTRALIA, Mar. 4 – Received from a U.S. national religious group:



W. Australia: If ISPs Were Farmers…

W. AUSTRALIA, Mar. 4 – Received from a U.S.-based Internet Service Provider:

“You really got me laughing with this one.”

Sent in response to the following TiM editor’s quip:

“My assistant says she will frame your line, ‘The Internet is not a perfect world.’  J

Which is an understatement, as far as I am concerned.

If farmers were tending to their sheep or pigs with the accuracy of the Internet, most of their livestock would be dead by now. And only the fittest, leanest among the farmer Homo Sapiens would still be around. Probably eating or [smoking? J] the grass which their livestock never got a chance to finish.”

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