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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/6-4

June 7, 2000

June 2000

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Some reactions to... "Aztlan: America’s Kosovo" (Djurdjevic’s Speech, May 20, 2000)

Texas                          A Million Thanks!

France                         Elated!

Arizona                       From the Chair…

Virginia                       Finally, from the Man Himself


Some reactions to... “Gen. Ojdanic in Moscow” and "The Other Side of the Coin” (Letter to Toronto Star, May 21, 2000)

Toronto                       A Shocking Editorial

Australia                     I Salute You

Ottawa                        Governor General: Passing the Buck

Quebec                       Governor General’s Moral Decay


Some reactions to... "Artemije: A Naïve Lamb or a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-5, May 16, 2000)

Kosovo                       Serbs Refuse Bishop Artemije’s Help


Some reactions to... "Kosovo Sex Slaves” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-7, May 28, 2000)

Italy                            British Teen Kidnapped by Albanians, Forced to Work as Prostitute


Some reactions to... "Rocky’s Rockettes” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-6, May 25, 2000)

Maine                         Time for Another Boston Tea Party?


Some reactions to... "NATO Media in Serbia Closed” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-6, May 22, 2000) and "Opposition Rally Fizzles as Belgrade Sizzles” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-8, May 28, 2000)

Serbia                         Bravo!

Serbia                         “Studio B” Did a Good Job


A complementary article to... "Njegos Banned in Bosnia” (TiM Bulletin 98/7-1, July 1, 1998)

Bosnia                         Nobel Literary Laureate, Some Serbian Songs Also Banned in Bosnia!

Norway                       Croat War Crimes Convict, Snitch, Freed Early!


Some reactions to... "The Day Milosevic Broke Serbia’s Heart” (TiM Bulletin 2000/6-2, June 3, 2000)  

Austria                        NATO Threatened to Nuke Belgrade?


Thought of the Day…

For Your Smile…

Some reactions to... "Aztlan: America’s Kosovo" (Djurdjevic’s Speech, May 20, 2000)

Texas - A Million Thanks!

TEXAS, May 21 - We received the following feedback from Colette Mauboussin of Carollton, Texas:

“A million thanks to you, Bob, for your brilliant speech at the Arizona Convention, and for the presence of Mr. Pat Buchanan, another man like yourself, who speaks the truth.  Your views, writings and valiant efforts are most appreciated by this reader who wishes you, your country and all that you do, a long life.

I'd like to mention that I also appreciated looking at your 'red, white and blue' clothing at the Convention.  Thank you for EVERYTHING!”

Colette Mauboussin, Texas


France - Elated!

FRANCE, May 22 - We received the following letter from Francois Thouvenin, a TiM reader from France:

“Boy, it really feels elating to read such things written by a thoroughbred American ! In France too, we have rotten politicians who do not give a damn about their country and open it up to all would-be immigrants in the world, including the galaxy ! (You should try "our" Arabs, for instance: Mexicans are sweet doves as compared to them...) And the same is true for the rest of Europe.

Now, this is exactly what NWO is all about: wantonly killing individual nations in order to have one huge flock of senseless, ever-consuming, ever-obeying sheep. Under the politically correct guise of the "melting pot" immigration (both legal and illegal), lies the best mean to realize this Satanic objective... (remember the Babel tower ?)

Your America is the America that we, the French, have always loved: a country of freedom, pride, truth and honesty, not a leftwing warmongers' reserve!

Long live France, America and Serbia!! Down with the Halfbright line!! "Populists" of all countries, UNITE!! Buchanan for President!! (if I may so wish, being a foreigner).”

Francois Thouvenin, France


TiM Ed.: Of course, you may, Francois!  There are no foreigners among the patriots of the world.


Arizona - From the Chair…

ARIZONA, May 22 - We received the following letter from Gene Kirkman, chairman of the Arizona Reform Party:

“Bob, I didn't get the opportunity to congratulate you on your excellent speech at our convention. It's rare that a convention has two highlights, your address and Pat Buchanan's carried the day for us. I know I speak for all our Reform Party members in saying, "Thank you" for taking the time to help us. It means a great deal to all of us and serves renew our energy as we fight to change American politics. Thanks again.”

Gene Kerkman, State Chair, Reform Party of Arizona


Virginia - Finally, from the Man Himself…

VIRGINIA, May 31 - Last but not least, here’s a reaction to the speech by the Man himself - Pat Buchanan:

“Dear Bob: This is just a personal note of thanks, both for your loyal support, and that terrific speech at the Reform Party Convention. Let us give the New World Order types a battle they will never forget - or recover from. All the best, Pat.”

Pat Buchanan, Virginia

Some reactions to... “Gen. Ojdanic in Moscow” and "The Other Side of the Coin” (Letter to Toronto Star, May 21, 2000)

Toronto - A Shocking Editorial

TORONTO, May 21 - We received the following letter from Christopher Black, a Toronto lawyer, who enclosed his own reaction to the Toronto Star story about the Serb Gen. Dragoljub Ojdanic’s visit to Moscow in early May:

Friends, I sent the following to the Editor of the Toronto Star re. their editorial on the "Offensive Visitor".

Dear Sir,

Your editorial is shocking in its complete disregard for the truth and its complete servility to the Nato propaganda machine. When WW III breaks out as a result of Nato's aggression in the Balkans, you and your newspaper will have to stand to account to the people of the world.

I will not go into the mountain of facts that you continue to remain ignorant of or deliberately ignore regarding the causes of the war on Yugoslavia, who caused it, why they caused it and how the myth of human rights violations is used to justify it. You have access to the same information as I do so I can only conclude that your newspaper is bent on deliberately lying to its readership and that therefore you have sunk to the level of a propaganda sheet.

I am attaching two papers for your edification if that is possible.  The first a paper on the nature of the ICTY I presented first in Bonn, Germany last May at an ant-war conference and later presented in Paris last October.  It has since been published in several journals around the world including lately Mediterranean Quarterly of Duke University Press. 

The second, regarding the true role of Louise Arbour in the attack on Yugoslavia, was published in Z magazine in the USA in February, and Canadian Dimension magazine in March/April.  I am sending the papers as they appear in the US e-zine Swan's.  Perhaps you will learn why the Russians welcomed their visitor, and why your newspaper should start telling the people the truth about Canada's cowardly role in this war.  But I won't hold my breath.”

Christopher Black, Toronto


Australia - I Salute You

TORONTO, May 21 - We received the following cryptic comment from Boris Mihailovic, a TiM reader from Australia:

“Outstanding. I salute you. Good luck with Pat. Kind regards,”

Boris Mihailovic, Australia


Ottawa - Governor General: Passing the Buck

OTTAWA, June 1 - Having heard that Canada’s Governor General, Adrienne Clarkson, had announced her intentions to honor the former NATO commander, Gen. Wesley Clark, with a medal, we sent her the following letter on May 22:

Subject: Your May 18 announcement re. Gen. Clark

Adolf Hitler also pinned medals on "deserving" Nazi "heroes." Do you want to emulate that western leader's steps in history when you pin the Meritorious Service Medal on the unindicted war criminal Gen. Wesley Clark for his "indefatigable efforts" in annihilating Serb civilians?

In case you haven't heard, NATO bombers under Gen. Clark's command killed over 2,000 civilians, 79 of them children, during the 79-day air campaign. You may wish to check out the enclosed letter to the Toronto Star for additional details.”

Bob Djurdjevic, Truth in Media, Phoenix, Arizona


To which Canada’s Governor General replied on June 1, basically passing the buck to a committee:

“On behalf of the Governor General of Canada, I thank you for your recent e-mail. The Governor General has taken due note of your concerns regarding the award of a Meritorious Service Cross to U.S. General Wesley Clark.

The Governor General bestows honours on behalf of all Canadians to recognize merit in various fields of endeavour. All honours including the Order of Canada, Bravery and the Meritorious Service Decorations are awarded by the Governor General on the advice of duly constituted committees. In accordance with the regulations of the military division of the Meritorious Service Decorations, a military advisory committee reviews files of candidates and the Chief of the Defence Staff recommends names to the Governor General.

On the Governor General's instructions, your comments have been brought to the attention of the Meritorious Service Decorations Advisory Committee (military division) and of the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Again, thank you for writing to the Governor General.”


Quebec - Governor General’s Moral Decay

QUEBEC, June 4 - We received the following letter from David A. Kyne from Quebec:

“IN THE MATTER OF: Feminist Whore Adrienne Clarkson and the "decoration" of General Clark

I am an graduate student and student of law and I live in Québec. I am a Catholic Conservative and a Sovereignist (Secessionist).

I was quite struck when I read your account of the exchange between your organization and the far left feminist harpy currently occupying the post of "Governor - General." As an aside, if you have not seen "Ms" Clarkson in person, she (or it) is an aging Asian female who has adopted Caucasian "monikers" as social camouflage.

I do not watch television very often, because I have a PC and Internet access. But I was not aware that Clarkson gave Clark a medal.  This is preposterous.  But par for the course up here north of the 49' parallel.

Even on line, I read nothing of this unsavory development.  But nevertheless, the "Canadian" socialist federal government has a habit of doing things which it's citizens generally do not find out about until after the event has been concluded. If ever.

You ought to look a little closer at the personal/social background of "our" "G-G." (governor-general). She (it) originally married a man by the name of Clarkson.  The marriage failed. And then Adrienne decided that what she really wanted to be was a career woman and professional "activist."  So, she left-"ditched" her two children, both daughters, now in their late twenties, early thirties, and went out into the world to make a career. She left her family behind as if they had never existed.

At the time of her "investiture," these persons were approached and stated that they had no intention of attending the ceremony "honoring" the neglectful bitch who had walked away from them as children. And they did not in fact attend.  Relations between "mother" and daughters are non-existent. Sincerely Yours,”

David A. Kyne, bac., (hon), maitrise


TiM E.: Thank you for your feedback, Mr. Kyne, and for sharing the info. about Mizz Clarkson.  Sounds like she is one of the "Amazing UN Amazon Women," such as Hillary Clinton, Madeleine Albright or Janet Reno, about which we've written before.

Just one clarification, as far as we know, Clarkson has NOT yet presented this award to Clark; only had announced her intention to do so.  Which was the point of our writing to her, to try to stop that nonsense.

A reaction to... "Artemije: A Naïve Lamb or a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-5, May 16, 2000)

Kosovo - Serbs Refuse Bishop Artemije’s Help

GNJILANE, June 5 - We received a letter from a TiM reader who enclosed the following article from the June 5 issue of Blic, a Belgrade daily:

“Serbs from Cernica refuse help from Bishop Artemije

Gnjilane/Cernica - The majority of Serbian population in the village of Cernica near Gnjilane refused to take financial help of the Serbs from the Diaspora that Bishop Artemije tried to give to them, Serbian sources report from Kosovo.

Bishop Artemije came to Cernica several days after the incident of May 28 in which one Albanian killed three Serbs and wounded two persons of Serbian nationality.

Only two Serbs took financial aid of 100 German Marks. Others refused it because they do not agree with the work of Serbian National Council (SNV) members in the Kosovo administration.” (TiM Ed.: of which Artemije is a part).


TiM Ed.: Guess these Kosovo Serbs don’t see the Bishop as just a “naïve lamb?”  And they probably haven’t even read our early March commentary about him - “Artemije, His Disgrace.” 

By the way, for those TiM readers who may not be familiar with the local geography, Gnjilane is the HQ of the American sector in the NATO/KFOR occupied Kosovo.

A reaction to... "Kosovo Sex Slaves” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-6, May 22, 2000)

Italy - British Teen Kidnapped by Albanians, Forced to Work as Prostitute

VICENZA, Italy, June 5 - A TiM reader has sent us the following article from the June 5 edition of the London Telegraph in response to our story about the Kosovo sex slaves:

“A British teenage girl was kidnapped by Albanians while holidaying in Italy and forced to work for 15 hours a day as a prostitute for five weeks, police said yesterday.

The 18-year-old daughter of a Briton and his Latvian wife, from Southgate, north London, was so badly beaten by her captors that she temporarily lost the sight of one eye.

Police in Vicenza, near Venice, said that when they broke into a city-centre flat on Friday and arrested her two captors, they found her "completely terrorised". Earlier the girl, who was born in Riga, had managed to raise the alarm. She pretended to the Albanians that she had a Latvian friend who she thought "would like to also do the same work".

Borrowing a mobile phone from her Albanian captor to ring the friend to "ask her to come to Italy", she rang her mother and, speaking in Latvian, told what had happened and gave the address where she was being held.

Hours later, police in Vicenza broke into the flat and arrested two Albanians: Riza Engjellush, 21, from Durres, an illegal immigrant, and Violeta Boboci, 25, a prostitute from Berap.”

A reaction to... "Rocky’s Rockettes” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-7, May 25, 2000)

MAINE, May 25 - We received the following letter from David Crane, a TiM reader in Maine:

“If you hear of anyone getting another "Boston Tea Party" together for goods brought in from China, have them pick me up on the way. Also I need your mailing address again for donations.  (P.S.: Maine has 2 LIBERALS masquerading as ‘moderates’).”

David E. Crane, Maine

Some reactions to... "Opposition Rally Fizzles as Belgrade Sizzles” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-8, May 28, 2000) and "NATO Media in Serbia Closed” (TiM Bulletin 2000/5-6, May 22, 2000)

Serbia - Bravo!

BELGRADE, May 25 - We received the following two reactions from two Belgrade TiM readers, of roughly the same age and educational background, yet with evidently diametrically opposed views of the situation in Serbia.  First, here’s a letter from Milos Lazarevic:

“Having read your articles about so-called independent television Studio B, all I can say is: BRAVO! I should know what kind of a TV is that, I live in Belgrade.

Let me introduce myself: I am a 25-year old student of computer science. My father is a university professor and I used to live in the U.S. from 1984 to 1986. 

I'll get straight to the point. Not only do I support what the Government of Serbia did with Studio B, I think it should have been done a lot earlier. But it seems that the government waited for every anti-Serb rat (I'm sorry if you think that these words are harsh but I couldn't find any other) to take his or her turn in expressing hysterical hatred towards anything that has a Serbian attribute attached to it. And you need no more than one attempt at guessing that they are just as enthusiastic in their sycophancy towards NATO, and everything that it stands for.

For months, I’ve had to listen to them banging on about how the governments of NATO countries want our country to prosper in every way, how they "didn't want to bomb Yugoslavia, but President Milosevic gave them no choice(!!!)". Recently I have not been able to watch their political shows, they were that disgusting!

Their call for an uprising and an armed revolt was simply the last drop. It is quite obvious that Studio B was a TV in the service of NATO's Reichministry for People's Education and Propaganda (look in encyclopedia under Goebbels, Joseph Paul), and that it's primary goal was not to inform people but to promote NATO interests in Serbia. If someone doesn't believe this, just take a look how much money they received from USAID and other such organizations.

And they have the nerve to call themselves "independent"! But the icing on the cake was a letter of support from none other than Javier Solana, the man who formally gave the order to start NATO's war against the people of Yugoslavia! Anyone supported by Solana should disappear from the political scene in Serbia!

Let me tell you, just in case you got the impression, I am not a supporter of Slobodan Milosevic. I could write a book about all the bad things he has done, but my opinion of him does not make me blind to the facts, unlike some other people. I am not about to participate in actions to overthrow him so he could be replaced by people who are ten times worse than he is, in every way. The only thing that would make me leave Serbia would be if the so-called "democratic opposition" were to come to power. Serbia would be a country without freedom and thus without a future.”

Milos Lazarevic, Belgrade


Serbia - “Studio B” Did a Good Job

BELGRADE, May 25 - And now, here’s a letter from Damjan Tatic, also of Belgrade, followed by some correspondence that the TiM editor exchanged with this longtime TiM reader:

“I hope that you, your family and all your praise - worthy associates at "Truth in Media" are doing fine. I had begun following TiM Bulletins over two and half years ago, and found it very valuable source of information and analysis. Keep up the great work!

However, I have to react to a rather disappointing article that found its' way onto TiM couple of days ago. It is Mr. Tisma's ecstatic attempt to justify Milosevic regime's unconstitutional takeover of Studio B. The takeover is unconstitutional since under Serbian Constitution the work of media is free of censorship and actions against a media (in the mentioned case of call to violent overthrow of constitutional system) may only be taken on basis of decision of a court and not by Government decree.

Don't get me wrong, I am not a supporter of Serbian Movement of Renewal SPO, never have been. Studio B's policy to serve as a "loudspeaker" of that party and its leader Mr Draskovic was often irritating, at times well below the standards of professional journalism. However, Studio B was the only TV station in Belgrade that had provided continuous, well-argumented criticism of Milosevic's regime, often based on in-depth analysis of the disastrous rule.

One must not forget that Studio B was the first TV station in Belgrade that had reported about the sufferings of Serbs and other non- Albanian population in Kosovo and Metohia once KFOR and UNMIK had arrived there. In its continuous reports on sufferings of Serb and other non- Albanian population in Kosmet during the NATO "peacefarce", Studio B often reminded its viewers who is the politician who had authorized the arrival of NATO troops in Kosmet, even though he had vowed that "foreign military boot shall never stain the sacred soil of Serbian Kosovo" (perhaps that was not the exact wording of Milosevic and his media, but that surely was the message!).

In the wide variety of guests that are part of opposition, Studio B invited the leader of the moderate nationalist (word "patriot" had been so abused and tainted in Serbian political language that I prefer not to use it) Democratic Party of Serbia DSS, Mr. Vojislav Kostunica, for interviews on couple of occasions. It had also given decent coverage to DSS's criticism of NATO, White House Establishment and "international community" in general, especially their devious deeds in Kosmet. I DO miss all of that now that Milosevic's regime took Studio B over.

Furthermore, few other non- regime media, such as Radio Index - the most popular and in my modest opinion the most professional radio station in Belgrade - that had office in Beogradjanka building have been illegally prevented to work.

To conclude, I feel that Mr. Tisma's gloating over the takeover of "NATO media" in Serbia is downright one-sided, partisan and had not deserved such coverage at the TiM site, especially not over the reports on the police brutality in Belgrade on May 17th and 18th.

Using the not too peaceful protesting of small portion of demonstrators as an "excuse", the police brutally broke the demonstrations up. In order to stamp out the attempts of further protest, after dispersing the demonstrators on Thursday may 18th special police forces began beating up and arresting indiscriminately anyone they "deemed suspicious" - it could've been any person that had the misfortune of being downtown Belgrade that evening. People were dragged out of restaurants and cafes and brutally beaten up in front of frightened customers and staff. Up to 40 people were arrested, at least 16 were seriously injured, 6 very seriously indeed, according to local sources ( "Danas" daily, internet sites of some Serbian opposition parties like DS). Such information, in my modest opinion, is far more worthy of inclusion on TiM site than the text Mr. Tisma had written!

Mr. Djurdjevic, thank you for your time. Continue the good work with the Truth in Media. Take good care.  Warm regards”

Damjan Tatic, Belgrade, Serbia


TiM Ed. : To which the TiM editor replied. 

“If you care to share it with me, I'd be interested to know what your age is?  The reason I am asking this unusual question is that we've also received some polar opposite reactions from a 25-year Belgrade resident, who was totally in support of Mr. Tisma's comments. 

It seems to me that both of you are smart, young and passionate people who may one day regrettably be at each other's throats, thanks to the divisive policies of the West that are being pursued by some Serb opposition leaders.  I think it is of paramount importance for Serbia's survival that such an internal conflict NOT be allowed to happen. 

Of course, the Milosevic goons must be condemned for their violence. But so must be the calls for a violent uprising by Vuk Draskovic and others that had precipitated the police reactions.  And which Studio B, and other "NATO media" (as you saw some TiM readers call them) had broadcast, as I was told.” 

Criticism of the regime? Yes. Open forum for free, civilized discussion?  Yes. But no responsible, truly independent, media outlet would have allowed its air waves to be used by one party to broadcast calls for an armed insurgency. Unless, of course, such media were not really independent; were working for the enemies of the Serbian people; were intentionally provoking the Milosevic regime; and were asking for the trouble that they eventually got.”


To which Mr. Tatic replied:

“Thank you for your prompt response and kind words J  It is a reaction one may have expected from you. J

As for your question, I am 31, am a lawyer by education (Mastera Degree in International Public Law - so I am also professionally interested in "TiM's" remarkable analyses of international politics ).  And at the moment I am working in a non-governmental organization for protection of heritage ( I am also volunteering in number of disabled people's organisations, since I am disabled wheelchair user myself).

Certainly, calls for armed uprising is something one cannot approve of, not just because of democratic principle, but also since such irresponsible calls are something that both the NWO lords and Milosevic's regime await with open arms and cynical smiles - even more woe for Serbia ...

I am among majority of those opposed to Milosevic's regime that believe that the conditions for fair democratic elections can be won only through peaceful resistance and civil disobedience to the regime, and not through "armed insurgencies" (to be quite truthful, such a thing in a Serbia today seems much more like a fantasy than like possible reality, even when a portion of crowd gathered at meetings had chanted "Uprising, uprising" - exception being some sort of military coup, which number of people also sadly dream of ... ).

I am happy to observe that many young people, mainly the students, share that opinion and that over the past few days some moves in the direction of yet another peaceful student protest have been taken. Some friends who had attended today's rally on Student's Square said that there was quite a lot of people and that it was peaceful ... The way it ought to be!!!

In retrospect, I may have used some harsh words in describing Mr. Tisma's work, but I just felt irritated by the one - sidedness. It is a mistake many in Serbia fall in nowadays - either you are "a patriot" and then you support Milosevic or you are "a democrat" and thus you shall unconditionally support the "Western democracies". Some are already beginning to realize that such a dualism is not correct and hopefully many more will do so in near future ...”

A complementary article to... "Njegos Banned in Bosnia” (TiM Bulletin 98/7-1, July 1, 1998)

Bosnia - Nobel Laureate, Some Serb Songs Also Banned

BOSNIA, Oct. 8, 1999 - Nearly two years ago, we published the following comments in a TiM Bulletin about the New World Order’s “nation building” and spreading of “freedom” and “democracy” in Bosnia:

“Imagine Shakespeare being banned in England; Goethe in Germany; Tolstoy in Russia; Voltaire in France; Dante in Italy; Steinbeck in America... What's the world coming to? Are we returning to the Spanish Inquisition era? Or to the communist/fascist "inter-war" period which preceded World War II?

The answer is - no! It's even worse than that. Neither the Austrian emperors, nor Hitler or Mussolini, nor Tito (the Yugoslav communist dictator) had the audacity to do something like that when they occupied and ruled Yugoslavia. But a U.S.-sponsored, Spanish inquisitor had just done it in Bosnia - in an inimical Big Brother style.

Carlos Westendorp, the neo-colonial "governor" of Bosnia, an NWO-stitched-together "country," has just outlawed the use of the famous Serb poet Njegos in the schools' textbooks. His reason? "Because Njegos' poems might offend the national feelings of the Muslims," the Spanish inquisitor reportedly said. As if that weren't bad enough, Westendorp also added that Njegos was "an ideologue of ethnic cleansing".”

Well, this week, a TiM reader sent us a story that reads like “Act II” of the “NWO Inquisition in Bosnia,” an article by Aleksandra Priestfield titled “Rewriting History,” posted at the Swans Web site.  The ban in Bosnian Serb school libraries now evidently also includes the works of Dr. Ivo Andric, a Nobel literature laureate, some Serb folk songs from WW I, such as “Tamo Daleko” (“There, Far Away”) and “Krece se Ladja Francuska” (“The French Ship is Leaving”), and even Yugoslavia's national anthem.

Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“A startling press conference was held in Banja Luka, the "capital" of the Serbian part of Bosnia (the Republika Srpska) on October 8, 1999. It was triggered by the extraordinary actions of the European Community, that banned (amongst other things) the works of Nobel laureate Dr Ivo Andric from the textbooks of Republika Srpska schoolchildren…

In a response to this flagrant interference into the culture of a people, not to mention the breaking of the bloodily-enforced Dayton agreement, Professor Predrag Lazarevic, educational consultant, had this to say:

     ‘First of all, what are 'offensive' texts? They are texts which promulgate lies about another race or nation in order to demean or insult that race or nation.  But something rather strange has occurred here - texts revealing truths about another race or nation have now been presented as 'offensive'…

     The international community has gone further. It  maintains that texts which were not offensive to the totalitarian government of socialist Yugoslavia are suddenly deeply so. Which texts, then are we talking  about?

     First and foremost, this concerns the work of Ivo Andric. A well-known excerpt from his novel "The Bridge on the Drina" has been deemed offensive - an extract dealing with the Turkish 'blood tribute' , the taking of Christian children from the territory of occupied Bosnia…

     Another thing that is apparently upsetting is the  Yugoslav national anthem, 'Hej Sloveni' ('Hey Slavs')…  I was surprised, but upon reflection I understood that what was 'offensive' in this song was the sentence Damned be he who betrays his homeland, which sentiment is obviously uncomfortable for those who may be feeling this way.

     There are other examples. Songs like 'Tamo Daleko' ('There, Far Away') and 'Krece se Ladja Francuska' ('The French Ship is Leaving') have been excised from musical studies. I don't know who wanted this - perhaps the French, in order to avoid accusations of collaborating with the designated aggressors in Yugoslavia? …

     With this type of politics we are supposed to enter the European Union. I don't know how the French would react if their major literary works became unacceptable - Balzac, Stendhal, Hugo - or how the English would react if someone questioned the worth of Milton or, God forbid, Shakespeare. And in our country Njegos (one of our foremost poets) is being put under the microscope.

     And to conclude, Mrs Alexandra Stiegelmayer [of the EU] warns us that unless we accept the renovation of the symbols of [Turkish] occupation, unless we accede in toto to the demands from the EU, we will not be accepted.

I would like to ask Mrs Stiegelmayer - how can we even ask to be members of the European Union when the international community has turned Bosnia into the lowest form of protectorate? Is it possible that in a sovereign country of any description a civil servant from the UN, however exalted his position, can displace the legally elected President of a Governing Council, can render irrelevant any member of that Council, can unilaterally make decisions and thrust them upon a people, can meddle with that people's traditions, history and past, and deny the right of free election - to meddle, in a word, with the very stuff of democracy?”


TiM Ed.: Of course, it is possible, Prof. Lazarevic.  That’s what the European Union and other globalist institutions are about: thought control and autocracy, not freedom, democracy or sovereignty!  Just check with Mr. Joerg Haider and his Austrian supporters, whose democratically expressed choices were also struck down by a gang of EU autocrats (see “Haiderbash Is On!”).  

If Western Europeans continue to behave like sheep, ostriches or sardines, and allow such travesties to continue, it may not be long before Balzac or Shakespeare are indeed banned in the EU, just as Njegos and Andric already are in Bosnia. 

For the rest of the Priestfield article, click on Swans Web site.  After Sunday, June 11, this story may be found at:

Norway - Croat War Crimes Convict, Snitch, Freed Early

NORWAY, May 26 - Students of history and of the Hague kangaroo court may remember the name Drazen Erdemovic.  He is a Croat who claimed he was forced to shoot the Muslim prisoners in the aftermath of the fall of Srebrenica in July 1995.  It was this allegation that was used by the War Crimes Tribunal for indictments of Dr. Radovan Karadzic, then president of the Bosnian Serb Republic, and Gen. Ratko Mladic, the top Bosnian Serb military commander. 

Well, looks Erdemovic, who was actually convicted at the Hague for his own crimes, has just received a payoff for being such a good a snitch.  Here’s a letter we received from Yann Grundt, a TiM reader in Norway, where Erdemovic had been serving his sentence:

“The biggest paper of Norway, Verdens Gang, 23/may -2000, p14, writes that Drazen Erdemovic is released after 3.5 years of prison. He was sentenced in 1996 to 10 years of prison. As he cooperated, the sentenced was reduced to 5 years. Erdemovic has been in a Norwegian prison, and it is usual here to release prisoners after 2/3 of their sentence spend in jail.

According to the paper, Erdemovic has admitted to have killed 100 people, and he is a key witness against the general (Mladic) and Radovan Karadjic in the Hague.-

First the kangaroo court makes the prisoner admit to Gogolian numbers (100 killed by one man), and then they just release him after having been some time in a "first class" Norwegian prison. The Soviet trials were not that ridiculous when you look at  the Hague. Except if they really has found and have identified the bodies of the men killed by Erdemovic.

Maybe you could write an article "Treason and Trade among the Kangaroos"?” 

Yann Grundt, Norway

Some reactions to... "The Day Milosevic Broke Serbia’s Heart” (TiM Bulletin 2000/6-2, June 3, 2000)

Austria - NATO Threatened to Nuke Belgrade?

AUSTRIA, June 4 - We received the following comment from Gerhoch Reisegger, a TiM reader in Austria, who has himself written and lectured extensively on Yugoslav affairs:

“I read your comments with great interest. What is missing in your article about the "Surrender" is the fact, that Ahtisari’s (Finland’s president) message to Milosevic’s question "What if we don’t accept?" was: "Then we will flatten Belgrade!" - i.e., threatening the use of nuclear bombs.

Earlier, this nuclear threat a British paper titled "NATO must go nuclear!" which has not been reported on the continent!

So the correct label for surrender would rather be: Extortion or exaction! There was no alternative, because the cowboys have a record of doing what they "promise" (remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki!).”


TiM Ed.: To which the TiM editor replied:

“Thank you for your letter, Mr. Reisegger.  Such threats are nothing new.  What's new is a Serb leader caving in to them.  Suggest you reread the original article which you reference above, particularly the section "Milosevic is no Prince Lazar." 

This may be difficult for pragmatic westerners to understand, but Prince Lazar faced the same or worse odds as Milosevic, and Prince Lazar didn't blink.  Nor did the defenders of Belgrade in 1915 or in 1941 - most of whom perished doing their duty. 

When Milosevic became a Serb leader, he started walking in some very large shoes.  Obviously way too large for the man that he is.  (I am not speaking out of school.  I know him personally, as you may have also discovered at our Web site).

For more on what really went on in Belgrade and elsewhere a year ago to make Milosevic surrender, check out the following articles at our Web site:  and”


Thought of the Day…

“The fear of death is the beginning of slavery.”

                -- Daniel D. New (Texas, 1996)

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