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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/5-3

May 10, 2000

Belgrade One Year Ago and Now - A Photo Album

Milosevic Regime Tightens the Noose on Freedom in Serbia

Even NWO Establishment Media Starting to Acknowledge NATO's Impotence; Belgrade Gives Money for a Muslim School, Not a Serb Church - "Green Interstate" at Work?



Phoenix                       1. Home, Sweet Home…

Nis                               2. Milosevic Regime’s Judge Sues Mayor of Nis

Novi Pazar                  3. Milosevic Regime Funds a Muslim School, Spurns a

                                          Plea from the Orthodox Serbian Church

New York                   4. Even Establishment Media Starting to Acknowledge

                                         NATO’s Impotence in Its War on Serbia

Belgrade                     5. A Stroll Down the “Embassy Row” and the Memory Lane -

                                        Belgrade, One Year Later (A Photo Album)  

Holland                       6. Biggest NATO Patsy? Plus, Why the Clinton Administration 

                                         Encouraged Higher Oil Prices

Pristina                       7. International Kangaroo "Justice" Blossoms under Kouchner May 10, 2000


1. Home, Sweet Home…

PHOENIX, May 9 – Finally home, after an 83-day, 30,000 mile+-trip around the world!  Hope you’ve enjoyed some of the perspectives from overseas which we brought to you in the 17 TiM Bulletins published while traveling, not to mention the lectures the TiM editor delivered in Australia. 

As expected, we’ve struggled with a myriad of technical issues in foreign countries so as to stay in touch with you, not the least of it being slow dial-up lines.  We understand that for some of you, who also have to put up with slow dial-up lines day in and day out, it has been a hardship to have to read the full text of the TiM Bulletins by accessing our Web site, rather than in plain text, by e-mail.  Thank you for your patience and perseverance. 

Now that we’ve back in the U.S., we’ll resume our practice of sending you the TiM Bulletins both in plain text, AS WELL AS by posting them at the Web site.  Until our next overseas trip, of course.  Just keep in mind that our stories are CONSTANTLY updated, and that the e-mail text that we send you is often merely the first edition of a story.  So we recommend that you keep checking the TiM Web site daily, so that you would not miss out on some important news or commentary.

The latest TiM Bulletin - the TiM Readers’ Forum is a case in point.  In the two days since the publication of the original Bulletin, we have updated it with not less than seven new stories.


2. Milosevic Regime’s Judge Sues Mayor of Nis!

NIS, May 8 - The motto “kadija te tuzi, kadija to sudi” (“judge sues you; (same) judge sentences you”) was the hallmark of the Ottoman “justice” system.  Under the oppressive post-NATO war Slobodan Milosevic’s regime, Serbia seems to be reverting back to Turkish times. 

Text Box:  In a move unprecedented even for the autocrats of the Milosevic’s “New Serbian Order,” Dragan Marjanovic, a district judge, has filed charges against the mayor of Serbia’s third largest city - for standing up for freedom of the press in Serbia. 

Zoran Zivkovic, mayor of Nis, a member of the (opposition) Democratic Party, was one of the Nis officials with whom the TiM editor met during his September 1999 “Tour de Serbia” (Zivkovic is left in this photo). Here’s a message TiM received from his office on May 8:


On March 27 1999, an inspector sent by Federal Ministry of Telecommunications broke on premises of TV SOKO (independent Sokobanja TV station) accompanied by ten policemen and attempted to seize transmission equipment. He was stopped by quick reaction of municipal head and by large number of citizens that gathered in front of TV SOKO building. Inspector managed only to seal the premises. Explanation for this action issued by Federal ministry of telecommunications says that "program of TV SOKO created panic and unrest among citizens, and it also disturbed constitutional order and defense of the country".


Nebojsa Ristic   The poster for which Ristic was imprisoned

Several days later, editor and director of TV SOKO, Nebojsa Ristic, was arrested and sentenced on one year in prison by ruling of Municipal Court in Sokobanja. The court found that Ristic had committed the felony by displaying a "Free Press, Made in Serbia" poster in the station's studios. Poster symbolically presented repression over free media in Serbia.

The District Court in Sokobanja declared that Mr Ristic had "provoked unrest among citizens and caused them to mistrust the decisions of state agencies, and he committed criminal act of disseminating untrue information". Ristic's attorney appealed in District Court, which in return only confirmed decision of Municipal Court in Sokobanja… (More on  –

Not long a time after the decision on Nebojsa’s imprisonment was confirmed, the rallies started in Sokobanja at which the citizens expressed their strong support for the fellow citizen. The Mayor of Nis, Zoran Zivkovic, was among other opposition politicians who attended the rallies and openly condemned the repression of the regime which failed to accept any appeal for Ristic’s release from prison. Repeating the words he uses on a daily basis in his attempt to open people’s eyes and make them understand the cause of their decade-long misfortunes, this time he also openly spoke about the judge of the Municipal court – DRAGAN MARJANOVIC, whose decision was final in Ristic’s case.

Nobody has ever brought charges for offenses against the ruling authorities in this country.

The charges against the Mayor of Nis were, however, filed by the judge MARJANOVIC, for being offended himself. . . .

The trial is being held on Monday, May 8th 2000 at the Municipal court in Bor.

“I am wandering what the judge was offended by; these were the suggestions what  the citizens of Sokobanja, as well as himself should do, now that there was no hope for Nebojsa Ristic to be released from prison,” says Zivkovic. “I will repeat the same words at court!”

Check out the City of Nis web site - - for updates on this developing story.


3. Milosevic Regime Funds a Muslim School, Spurns a Plea from the Orthodox Serbian Church

NOVI PAZAR, Mar. 8 - While the TiM editor was traveling around the world, we received at our Phoenix office a snail mail letter from Fr. Miloje Petronijevic, a priest at the Orthodox Serbian Church’s Rajetica District, in southwestern Serbia which borders on its Kosovo province.  The letter revealed a shocking attitude of the ruling Milosevic regime.  Here’s an excerpt in our translation from Serbian:

“…In these difficult times and suffering of the Serbian people, at a time when over 70 monasteries and churches have been destroyed in Kosovo, the residents of the village of Izbice (the only pure Serb village at the border with Kosovo) decided to start building a new church of the Holy Trinity.  Thereby, we are proving that the force that builds is more powerful than the force that destroys.

The village consists of 70 homesteads and has a population of about 300… After our plea for financial help for construction of the Holy Trinity church from the Belgrade Minister for Religion… the prime minister of Serbia gave the money (235,000 DEM, about $108,000) to the Muslims for construction of an Islamic religious school in our town, ignoring the plea from the Serbian Orthodox Church.”

The spurned Serb priest then goes on to solicit a donation from TiM and its readers around the world for construction of the Holy Trinity church.  He also provides a bank account number at a Belgrade bank.  But as we know all too well, due to the U.S./U.N./E.U. sanctions, no international banking transactions are possible.  Therefore, those among the TiM readers who are interested in donating should see to it that their donation is personally delivered to Fr. Petronijevic in Novi Pazar:

Fr. Miloje Petronijevic, SRPSKA PRAVOSLAVNA PAROHIJA REJTICKA, ul. Miodraga Jovanovica, 36300 Novi Pazar, Serbia.


TiM Ed. Now, Milosevic wouldn't be kissing up to the Muslims of Sandzak (where Novi Pazar is) because this predominantly Muslim district in Serbia lies right on the "Green Interstate," would he?


4. Even Establishment Media Starting to Acknowledge NATO’s Impotence in Its War on Serbia

NEW YORK, May 8 - Even the New World Order establishment media are starting to acknowledge NATO’s impotence in its 1999 war on Serbia.  The New York-based Newsweek magazine, for example, whose owner is the Washington Post, is running in its May 15 edition a story under the headline, “The Kosovo Cover-up.”  Here’s an excerpt:

“It was acclaimed as the most successful air campaign ever. "A turning point in the history of warfare," wrote the noted military historian John Keegan, proof positive that "a war can be won by airpower alone." At a press conference last June, after Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic agreed to pull his Army from Kosovo at the end of a 78-day aerial bombardment that had not cost the life of a single NATO soldier or airman, Defense Secretary William Cohen declared, "We severely crippled the [Serb] military forces in Kosovo by destroying more than 50 percent of the artillery and one third of the armored vehicles." Displaying colorful charts, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. Henry Shelton claimed that NATO's air forces had killed "around 120 tanks," "about 220 armored personnel carriers" and "up to 450 artillery and mortar pieces."

An antiseptic war, fought by pilots flying safely three miles high. It seems almost too good to be true—and it was. In fact—as some critics suspected at the time—the air campaign against the Serb military in Kosovo was largely ineffective. NATO bombs plowed up some fields, blew up hundreds of cars, trucks and decoys, and barely dented Serb artillery and armor. According to a suppressed Air Force report obtained by NEWSWEEK, the number of targets verifiably destroyed was a tiny fraction of those claimed: 14 tanks, not 120; 18 armored personnel carriers, not 220; 20 artillery pieces, not 450. Out of the 744 "confirmed" strikes by NATO pilots during the war, the Air Force investigators, who spent weeks combing Kosovo by helicopter and by foot, found evidence of just 58. […]

The risk is that policymakers and politicians will become even more wedded to myths like "surgical strikes." The lesson of Kosovo is that civilian bombing works, though it raises moral qualms and may not suffice to oust tyrants like Milosevic. Against military targets, high-altitude bombing is overrated. Any commander in chief who does not face up to those hard realities will be fooling himself.”

For the full Newsweek report, check out .


TiM Ed.: Of course, you, the TiM readers, had a chance to read about all this as early as June 24, 1999.  In a Special Kosovo “Peace Farce” TiM Bulletin S99-114, we wrote about the cunning Yugoslav Army in a story headlined “How Serb Dummies Fooled NATO Dummies.”

It is also interesting how the NWO establishment media continue to gloss over the war crimes that NATO leaders had committed by bombing civilians and civilian objects, which resulted in the death of over 2,000 civilians, in addition to the 576 Serb soldiers who were killed by NATO. 

“Civilian bombing works,” gloats the Newsweek.  We’ll see if that’s how its writer and editors continue to feel if New York City, or Newsweek offices, for example, become bombing targets in a retaliatory “humanitarian war,” launched perhaps by the forces opposed to the New World Order neo-colonial aggression?  After all, those same NWO media folks also cheered or silently acquiesced the murder of Serb journalists and technicians, the Serb TV stations were hit by NATO (see “The Day NATO Shot at Journalism”).


5. A Stroll Down the “Embassy Row” and the Memory Lane - Belgrade, One Year Later (A Photo Album)

BELGRADE, Apr. 25 - At the time we filed our TiM Bulletin “The Day NATO Shot at Journalism” from Belgrade, we promised to post at our Web site the photos we took during the TiM editor’s walk down the “Embassy Row” and the memory lane.  So here you are, just click on the following URL:

Narration about the “then and now” scenes is provided as caption to the photos, such as in this photo of the TiM editor with His Holiness, Patriarch Pavle, taken at the Patriarchate, where the two also met on April 16, 1999, during one of the first daytime NATO raids in Belgrade:


6. Biggest NATO Patsy? Plus, Why the Clinton Administration Encouraged Higher Oil Prices

HOLLAND, May 8 - We received the following feedback from Mr. Z. Slavujevic of Amsterdam, Holland:

“Dear TIM,

Responding to the TiM Bulletin about Bob's April visit to Serbia. Gasoline prices in Europe are far higher than mentioned in that Bulletin:


        gasoline        2.55 nlg = 2.28 dem

        diesel          1.80 nlg = 1.60 dem


        gasoline        1.8-1.9  dem  (difference between in town-on highway)

        diesel          1.4-1.5  dem

Which probably shows that the Holland is the biggest slave of the NWO.”

Z. Slavujevic, Amsterdam, Holland


TiM Ed.: Using the above information, plus our own experience in traveling last week through Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and the comments of some of our fellow-passengers who were returning from Italy, we’ve compiled the following table of gasoline prices in the NATO/EU countries vs. the U.S. vs. Serbia:



In local currency

In US $


 (per liter)

 (per gallon)







Czech Republic



























U.S. (Arizona)












Source: Truth in Media, Phoenix, Arizona


So, as you can see, the country that NATO attacked and ravaged during its 79-day bombing campaign a year ago; the country that has endured eight years of genocidal U.N and U.S.-led sanctions; the country in which gasoline was as rare as hens teeth a year ago; that country - Serbia - now enjoys lower gasoline prices than the “victorious” NATO/EU countries.  And even the U.S. prices (in Arizona), although less than half that of the average European gasoline prices, are now slightly higher than those in Serbia. 

Such is the price of hollow “victories.”  Except for the multinational oil companies, of course, some of the leading “Princes of the New World Order,” who are laughing all the way to the bank, as the western consumers and taxpayers are reeling under the financial burden of another expensive NWO neo-colonial war.  

Remember the NWO motto, according to TiM: “Perpetual war for perpetual commerce?”  You’re experiencing it every time you fill up at service station.  And this is no accident...

Why Clinton Administration Encouraged Higher Oil Prices

Oil ministers from OPEC nations have quietly told national security advisors on Capitol Hill that the oil production cutbacks -- and resulting price increases -- are being implemented at the request of the Clinton administration on behalf of Russia, Indonesia, Mexico and Iran, the WorldNetDaily reported today (May 9).  

The reason? To pay off bad loans by bad New World Order bankers.  And to drum up business for the American "death merchants." Here's an excerpt from that article:

"Russia, Mexico and Indonesia are reported to be directing their increased oil profits toward paying back overdue Western loans. According to one government defense advisor, the windfall profits are part of a larger scheme to use the American (TiM Ed. and European) public to pay off failed and corrupt investment schemes in the three countries.

"The American public is paying off bad loans to bad countries made by bad bankers," stated a national security advisor.

According to Vice President Al Gore, the recent hike in gas prices is due not to a shortage of oil, but rather to the Clinton administration's deliberate move to encourage an oil price increase.

"I think the reason is because we more or less asked the organization of petroleum producing countries to raise oil prices in helping Russia develop its economy," stated Gore on March 1 in response to a question about rising gas prices.

The largest Middle Eastern oil producers reportedly agreed on the cutback of oil production in order to increase income for weapons purchases. Several oil states have announced major weapons buys from the West, including a recent multi-billion-dollar purchase of Lockheed/Martin F-16 fighter jets."

7. International Kangaroo "Justice" Blossoms under Kouchner May 10, 2000

PRISTINA, May 7 - Slobodan Milosevic is not the only one making a mockery out of Serbia's legal system (see the first story above).  International kangaroo "justice" seems to be blossoming under the KFOR/UNMIK  administration led by Bernard Kouchner, a French Jew who was appointed to this position because of his vociferous anti-Serbian public stand in the past. Some 40 Serb war crimes suspects have been languishing in Kosovo jails, despite the fact than no charges have been filed against them.  

And how could they have been?  Remember the "genocide" that the Serbs were supposed to be committing against the Kosovo Albanians, according to the New World Order lapdog media reports from a year ago?  Well, only four bodies have been reportedly unearthed so far this spring.  And God only knows who these people were, and what they had died from.  That's some "genocide."  Kind of like Madeleine Albright's Srebrenica "massacre," also now decomposing at the Hague due to lack of bodies.

Here's an excerpt about Kouchner/Kosovo from a May 7 AFP News report:

"An unprecedented war crimes tribunal, placing international judges in local courts, is to be launched in Kosovo to jumpstart a legal system blocked by case overload and fears of ethnic bias, UN officials here said.

Some 40 suspected Kosovo Serb war criminals are held by UN police and with many of them on hunger strike after almost a year in pre-trial detention, pressure is mounting for their cases to come to court. Only 13 have been indicted, said one legal expert, while the others are held on suspicion.

Under UNMIK's own regulations they can be held for 12 months before either having to face trial or being released, but Welberts was adamant they would not walk free if the tribunal is not ready. "It must be. I don't even want to consider that possibility," he said, adding that UNMIK would try to renew the detention period if necessary. "By regulation you can do anything in this system," where UNMIK head Bernard Kouchner has wide-ranging executive powers, he said."


TiM Ed.: "By regulation you can do anything in this system?" Isn't that how the Ottoman occupiers of Serbia also ruled?  Or any other autocrat, in the East or in the West?


"Even in petty cases, (Krister) Karphammer (TiM Ed.: A Kosovska Mitrovica international judge from Sweden) said there was frequently pressure on all involved. "The witnesses, victims and even the translators are often threatened," he said. "Sometimes witnesses do not answer a summons, they hide or give false testimony," he said, stressing the problem was affecting all of Kosovo.

International legal experts say that while security and pressure on judges make trying suspects in Kosovo difficult, they prefer to hold the trials here rather than in the war crimes court in The Hague. The International Criminal Tribunal on the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) has only indicted five people after the Kosovo conflict, Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic and four of his ministers.

Pantz (TiM Ed.: UNMIK legal head Sylvie Pantz) said the ICTY was still blocked by cases from the three-year Bosnian war, while trials in Kosovo could be part of the healing process for a society ripped apart by ethnic war."


TiM Ed.: Making a mockery of a justice system is supposed to be a "healing process?"  These kangaroo court judges must have visited too many Kosovo poppy fields. 

Feedback: Home:logolittle.jpg (9114 bytes) Search:

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