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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/4-8

Apr. 29, 2000

A Remaking of the World's Geopolitical Map?

Dangerous Nuclear Saber-rattling in Washington, Moscow and Beijing

Russia Warns on U.S. Missile Defense, Expands Its Nuclear Umbrella to Cover Allies (Serbia?), Sends Powerful Fleet to the Mediterranean; U.S. Navy to Buy Missiles from Russia; Chinese Warplane Challenges U.S. Jet 



In this special TiM Bulletin on global affairs, we bring you a series of reports that may cause you to find out where your nearest nuclear shelter is after you’re finished reading them - right after you first chew out your congressman and senator, of course, for allowing Clinton and our corrupt Congress to risk the lives of 260,000 million Americans so as to please their “death merchants” masters.


 Belgrade                     1. Dangerous Nuclear Saber-rattling in Washington,

      Moscow, and Beijing

New York                   2. Russia Warns on U.S. Missile Defense

Moscow                      3. Russia Expands Its Nuclear Umbrella to Allies (Serbia?)

Moscow                      4. Russia’s Powerful Northern Fleet Squadron to Sail South

Washington                5. Clinton Foreign Policy Legacies: U.S. Navy to Buy

     Russian Missiles, Russia and China to Gang Up on U.S.

Beijing                        6. Chinese Warplanes Challenge U.S. Jet

Kosovo                       7. Russian Soldier Savagely Tortured and Murdered Apr. 30, 2000

Pretoria                      8. South Africa, China Seek New "New World Order" Apr. 30, 2000 

Prague                        9. Kosovo: A Reach Too Far: Europe Also Weary of U.S. 

                                        Missile Defense Shield May. 3, 2000  


1. Dangerous Nuclear Saber-Rattling in Washington, Moscow and Beijing

BELGRADE, Apr. 29 – One year ago today, the TiM editor was giving an address at the St. Sava Cathedral in New York, shortly after returning home from the bombed out Serb capital.  One year later, back in Belgrade again, the Serb capital seems tranquil and peaceful on this unseasonably warm Orthodox Easter. 

But looks can be deceiving.  As the Serbs pray for peace in packed churches during the Easter services, those with ears close to the ground and senses attune to geopolitical saber-rattling, can hear a distant rumble of war drums in Washington, Moscow, and Beijing over a new U.S. missile defense system.  And other things.

That’s because America’s “death merchants” put a squeeze on their “Golden Boy” in Washington a.k.a. our Draftdodger-in-Chief to deliver a huge increase in the nation’s spending on arms in the last six months of his tenure as President.  Political cost to Bill Clinton is zero, so he gladly obliged.  But financial and physical costs to the American taxpayers are likely to be enormous. 

Erecting this missile defense system to give the nation a limited protection from a ballistic missile attack would cost nearly $60 billion through the year 2015, according to a congressional report released Apr. 25.  The report, said Sen. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., “confirms my fears that we are rushing into a decision on national missile defense without knowing everything we should about the financial, technological and diplomatic implications,” the Associated Press reported the same day.

In fact, this “missile defense” could also cost millions of Americans their lives in a nuclear holocaust, and deliver the tens of millions of survivors a slow and painful death.  As the thoroughly corrupt Washington politicians help their thoroughly corrupt arms race sponsors help themselves to our wallets once again in a renewed nuclear arms race. It is a a race that America is likely to lose despite a loud ringing of the “death merchants” cash registers.

And it all started last June 11, when NATO’s bombing of Serbia ended.  Here’s how the TiM editor put it in his recent lectures in Sydney and Perth, Australia:

“The Balkans is known in history as the graveyard of empires.  The Ottoman and the Austrian empires broke their backs there.  The Third Reich was also buried there.  God willing, that's where the New World Order’s Evil Empire will bite the dust.

As a former Russian naval officer put it recently, quoting a famous Russian author, Valentin Pikul, "(in battle) the Serbs stand like a rock, and fall like a cliff."  The “tsunami” which the fall of Kosovo has unleashed is yet to reach the western shores.  But there is no doubt that it’s on its way.

The end of the North Atlantic Terrorist Organization, also known as NATO, started as its bombing of Serbia ended.  The Serbs and the 250 Russian troops (without Boris Yeltsin’s knowledge or approval!) changed the course of history on June 11, 1999, when they snatched the sophisticated underground Slatina (Pristina, Kosovo) military airport right under the noses of their gleeful but klutzy NATO “Uebermenschen” (see S99-107, "Peacefarce" 1, Item 1, June 11).

From that day forward, the Russian quisling, Boris Yeltsin, became merely a model for a future wax figure in a New World Order museum.  On that day, the epitaphs for Clinton, Blair, Clark or Albright were written.

After June 11, it was just a matter of time before the official foreign policy began to reflect the new anti-western political climate in Russia.  Yeltsin’s appointment of Vladimir Putin, a total unknown in the West, to the post of the prime minister on Aug. 9, was the first step.  Yeltsin’s stepping down as Russia’s president on Dec. 31, completed his transition from a president to a wax figure.

It was an apt New World Order anti-climax to be played out on the last day of the 20th century.  It was also a prelude to a western sunset. 

For, the first day of the new century also gave mankind its first glimpse of the new dawn rising in the East.  Russia’s new acting president and a born-again Christian, flew out of Moscow with his wife at the crack of dawn to be with his troops in Chechnya on the first day of the first year of the new century.

At the same time, the western leaders partied in the comfort of their palaces.  Just as the Austro-Hungarian royals happily toasted the new century one hundred years ago, oblivious of their impending sunset.

And so, God’s World Order is once again unfolding as it has been for millions of years.  The sun is rising in the east, and it is setting in the west.  Sooner or later, a new dawn will rise and shine on Kosovo, too.”

Unperturbed by such glum prospects, and blinded by conviction of their infallibility and superiority, the “death merchants’” Washington proxies continued their saber-rattling last December, trying to pull the wool over the Russians’ eyes in the waning days of the Yeltsin presidency.  It didn’t work.  Russia “sent Clinton's Russia dough-boy,  Strobe Talbott, packing with his tail between his legs after he had come to beg for an amendment to the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty,” we noted in the TiM Bulletin “Is Putin Putting Russia Back on the World Powers Map?”. 

But America’s “death merchants” were not to be denied.  They kept the pressure up on the Clinton administration to deliver the promised goods.  And so the saber-rattling continued throughout this spring, too, despite the high-profile courtesy visits that Britain’s prime minister, Tony Blair, and Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, exchanged this month (see “Blair Upstaged by Putin”).

And what’s the upshot of all that?  .  The alarm bells are sounding in all non-NATO nuclear capitals around the world.  NATO’s bombing of Serbia last year, and Washington’s saber-rattling this year, has set Russia on a war footing.  And China is not far behind. 

In this special TiM Bulletin on global affairs, we bring you a series of reports that may cause you to find out where your nearest nuclear shelter is after you’re finished reading them.  Right after you first chew out your congressman and senator, of course, for allowing Clinton and our corrupt Congress to risk the lives of 260,000 million Americans so as to please their “death merchants” masters.

No wonder the establishment media have been feeding us the Elian story ad nauseam to distract us from a real cover piece - that the Washington politicians are literally gambling with our lives.  Turn off Elian, tune in TiM for news and analysis from New York, Washington, Moscow and Beijing.

2. Russia Warns on U.S. Missile Defense

NEW YORK, Apr. 25 - Russia has again warned the U.S. against developing a new missile defense system, saying there can be no further talks on nuclear disarmament if the project goes ahead, the BBC World reported on Apr. 25.  Foreign Minister Igor Ivanov said any attempt by the Americans to modify the existing Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) treaty would jeopardize future arms control agreements.

Speaking in New York at the five-yearly review of the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), Ivanov said current system of arms control agreements was “a complex and quite fragile structure.  Once one of its key elements has been weakened, the entire system is destabilized.”

Moscow recently ratified two key nuclear weapons agreements, and was congratulated by the U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan “for the leadership the Russian Federation is showing in this area.” The Russian parliament ratified the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (Start II) with the United States a week ago.  By contrast, Annan warned that a U.S. missile defense system could lead to a new arms race.  

Former Soviet boss, Mikhail Gorbachev, also warned the United States of its dangerous “superiority complex” and said that, if the 21st century became known as the second “American Century,” the rest of the world would suffer.  

Speaking in New York, Gorbachev criticized Madeleine Albright, the U.S. Secretary of State, for saying that there were exceptional circumstances in which the U.S. had the right to use military force unilaterally, even if other countries objected. “I don't think the world will accept this approach,” he said, responding to a speech by Abright on Monday night (Apr. 24).

Washington is expected to decide whether or not to deploy the new missile defense program in October, just before the presidential elections.  But Clinton is not waiting until then.  After frantic negotiations with the Russians, Clinton has suddenly added a meeting with Putin in Moscow on June 4 to his long-before planned European itinerary. 

Clinton’s goal? To try to cajole, bribe or intimidate the new Russian president.  He will not succeed.  Putin is no Yeltsin and Clinton is no Kennedy.  So Slick Willy is likely to leave Moscow with his tail between his legs, just as his emissary Talbott did six months earlier. 

3. Russia Expands Its Nuclear Umbrella to Allies (Like Serbia?)

MOSCOW, Apr. 25 - A top military official, General Valery Manilov, first deputy chief of the Russian general staff, told a news conference that Russia's new military doctrine, which expands the conditions under which nuclear weapons could be used, also covers aggression against allies, the Interfax news agency reported on Apr. 25. 

Interfax did not specify what countries Manilov considers allies. Russian officials have previously said that the so-called “nuclear umbrella” applies to Byelorussia, which has signed a treaty with Russia.  At the time, the Yugoslav foreign minister and some other Belgrade officials said last January that they expect their country to become the next member of the union.  And Russia’s president, Putin, and his Byelorussian counterpart, Alexander Lukashenko, both said that the new Union is open to “anyone who shares our fundamental principles.” 

“Like Serbia,” the TiM concluded last January (see “Deafeaning Silence in the West: Sign of Fear That End Is Near?”). 

The new Russian doctrine has raised concerns among some western observers because it says Russia could use nuclear weapons if other means to repel an aggressor fail. Previous policy said nuclear weapons could be used only if Russia's sovereignty was threatened.  The new doctrine also toughens the conditions under which nuclear weapons could be deployed, including Russia’s right to be the first to deliver a nuclear strike (see Putin Approves New Military Doctrine”).


TiM Ed.: The preceding means that NATO expansion has now been probably stopped dead in its tracks, with the Kosovo seizure last June being its last foreign land grab.  And that any further NATO aggression, such as the planned invasion of Montenegro (at the “invitation” of its vassal president, Milo Djukanovic - see TiM Readers Forum, December 1999), can only take place at the risk of a nuclear war with Russia. 

This will give the “powdered princes” at the State Department, the Pentagon and in Brussels a reason to look themselves in the mirror and see how fast they can blink.  As for Madam Halfbright’s “military doctrine” - “what's the point of having this superb military that you're always talking about if we can't use it'?"” (Madeleine Albright’s question to General Colin Powell in 1993 re. Bosnia) - it will be exposed for what it is: A bloodthirsty dimwit’s idea of when and how to wage war. 

By contrast, ancient Chinese warriors have always believed that the greatest achievement of a military leader is to win a war without having to fight it.  But don’t expect Madam Halfbright or her boss ever to get it.  Especially after crafting a “military doctrine” that has now awakened not only the hibernating Russian bear, but also the Chinese panda (see another story in this issue) and the Bengal tiger (India). 

Let us hope that it will not take a nuclear attack by all three deadly predators before the slumbering Americans awaken to the fact that their greatest enemies are not in Moscow or Beijing, but in Washington.

4. Russia’s Powerful Northern Fleet Squadron to Sail South

Military Expert: “Serbia Heroically Did Its Part; Now It’s Time for Bigger Guns”

MOSCOW, Apr. 29 - Russia’s Northern Fleet is ready to sail south and be deployed in the Mediterranean Sea, a Russian military expert who occasionally advises TiM on military affairs has just reported in his latest missive to TiM. 

Vice-Admiral Mikheev, the Chief of Department of Combat Readiness of the Russian Navy, announced Thursday (Apr. 28) a complete readiness of the Squadron of the Russian Red Banner Northern Fleet for departure to Mediterranean Sea shortly, according to the latest (Apr. 21) issue of Nezavisimoye Voennoye Obozreniye (Independent Military Review -  Here some excerpts from our correspondent’s message:

“Furthermore, the admiral gave a full list of the ships complement of a squadron leaving on patrol, as we all may understand, mostly for Yugoslavia’s causes. Here it is:

1. Heavy Aircraft Carrying Cruiser (TAVKR) "Admiral Kuznetsov";

2. Heavy Nuclear Missile Cruiser (RKR) "PeterThe Great";

3. Heavy Missile Cruiser "Marshal Ustinov";

4. Large Anti-Submarine Ship (BPK) "Admiral Chabanenko";

5. Large Anti-Submarine Ship "Admiral Kharlamov"

6. 5 (FIVE) !!!!! multipurpose nuclear submarines

7. Host of other ships of support and intelligence nature.

By Mikheev’s own words, the firepower of this squadron is several orders of magnitude superior to that of the 5th Operational Squadron which was marking its presence in the Med. during 1970s and 1980s.  

In addition, for the first time in her history, Russia places in the Mediterranean a naval might of unprecedented scale and power. Geopolitcal implications of that are enormous.  To be frank, Russia went for a "full monty" in this game around Yugoslavia.  And here’s why:

1. This Squadron is not the only one thing which deployes into Med. Recently (a month ago) completed massive exercises of Russian strategic air armies based on Engels (Southern Volga region), as well as a completion of full upgrade of the vast arsenal of Russian strategic airborne cruise missiles X-55 to the level of SMART munitions (now those X-55 are at least equal, in some superior to latest US Tomahawk updates), and placing them at disposal of newly formed units of Russian Strategic Air arm, including 16 newest TU-160 Black Jack Strategic Bombers, marks a dramatic reorientation of Russian geopolitical focus towards Southern flank.  And all this is thanks to Serbia, of course.

Apart from the gigantic squadron operating now in Med. (read: in defense of Yugoslavia), those strategic air armies are now completely capable of launching of SMART strategic long-range munitions (with ranges exceeding 2000 nautical miles) from Black Sea area into Med., with the objective of surgical annihilation of NATO's naval assets there.

2. Complement of the Russian Squadron sent into Med. is stunning in all respects. Now Russia will have around 35 strike aircraft (and mind you--these are not wimpy F-18s, however numerable). The SU-33 Naval Flankers are undeniably best strike and dog-fighting aircraft in the history of the world air carriers.

This plane, apart from featuring flying characteristics unknown to US aircraft, including its unrivaled range on the internal fuel, features also the array of weaponry which varies from state-of-the-art AA missiles to the unprecedented choice of long-range, standoff anti-ship missiles, including air version of already known to us Moskit--all of them capable to break through US Navy's Aegis umbrella.

Plus Russia gets on the order of 25 ASW helicopters also in the area. Apart from that--air defense capabilities of this whole squadron are also unprecedented since AD systems of "Peter The Great" as well as "Marshal Ustinov" feature multilayered, long, medium, short range, low altitude surveillance "pie" and firepower capable of dealing even with massive air attack including multiple launches from NATO's ships and aircraft of their standoff weapons (as it is clear--any attempt to even close on such group to a distance of about 400 nautical miles is suicidal), which, as we know, come down to the same Tomahawks--slow and easily tracked over sea surface targets.

We already spoke about what "Admiral Kuznetsov" (and of course US naval "specialists" will talk how inferior this ship will be to any US naval carrier task group) and "Peter The Great" are in the whole order of things--such "couple" alone can deal with any asset US navy will put against it.

But that is beyond the point--let Tom Clancy’s of the NWO media write their fantasies. Take a look at "Admiral Chabanenko". All ships in this grouping are NEW (less than 10 years old). Admiral Chabanenko is brand-new, commissioned in January 1999. By the words of Admiral Kuroedov, it is "the ship of the 21st century". This is true. "Admiral Chabanenko" IS the world's most powerfully armed and equipped ship (although does not carry Tomahawk-type ammo as US Arleigh Burke-class destroyers) which boasts best in the world anti-ship and ASW capabilities for its class--ships with a displacement up to 9000 tons.

She also features advanced, with elements of artificial intellect combat control systems, which are in some respects even superior to anyway awesome data-processing capabilities of other warships in this group, but these are some technical details.

3. But the main stunner is yet to come. I was, honestly, awestruck despite all my Russian naval considerable experience, that Mikheev openly announced the deployment of multipurpose nuclear submarines. Most stunning, Mikheev underscored that there will be five of those and that they will be newest ones.

This is more than just an announcement.  This is a warning. For the last three decades, the US naval undersea force was clinging to a single alleged advantage they had in their sub - a lower levels of noise, the parameter which can not and must not be viewed separately, but only within the framework of the overall tactical-technical parameters of a weapon's system.

But as we know conventional military academic wisdoms do not apply in Pentagon and Tom Clancy's realm. As a result, not only did by mid-1980s the Russian nuclear subs close the gap in noise levels with the best of US undersea assets, but apart from doing this, they armed their nuclear subs with array of weaponry which surpasses anything in US arsenal about by 15-20 years.

To name a single example (recently, a US "businessman" was detained in Russia by FSB exactly on this subject - TiM Ed.: See the next story), each Russian nuclear sub (and now diesels too) is armed with the thing known as Shkval. The first modification of this rocket-torpedo was delivered to the Soviet navy already in early 1980s. This is a unique weapon, whose rocket travels UNDER WATER with the speed of about 200 Knots (!!!!) over a distance of 12+ nautical miles. 

This makes any "fairy tales" about torpedo shootouts with Russian subs merely "fairy tales". There is no protection against Shkval.  It is completely immune from any jamming, its precision is awesome; overall, it is a super weapon.

But there are many of those on Russian subs. Now five of them go to Med. Why? To do the same as they always did--to look out for US aircraft carrier task groups and their escorts and if necessary to apply some of those weapons, including cruise missiles of an Oscar-class subs whose single salvo of 12-16 missiles in conventional mode is capable to obliterate whole carrier task group of any size. There will be, obviously 2-3 of those Oscars, and 2-3 Akula-class subs, which also armed with Strategic Cruise Missile Sampson with underwater start. Sampson is better and longer-range peer of US Tomahawk.

Now that we are finished with all this light “ techno” intro, let’s look at strategic implications.

Russia moves into Med at least 10 ships of the First Rank, at least six of them nuclear powered. Five of them are nuclear submarines. All of those 10 ships are capable of carrying tactical and strategic nuclear weapons. Tonnage of the whole thing is around 250 000 tons. That’s a naval missile power unprecedented for this area, even during worst times of Cold War.

Apart from that, around 16 newest TU-160 Black Jacks and around 60 updated TU-95 Bears will stay on alert with long and medium range SMART munitions hidden in their bellies, ready to work "on call" for this squadron.

In other words, a remaking of the world’s geopolitical map is beginning. Remarkably, NOT A SINGLE person in Russia hides the fact that all this because of Yugoslavia.  

I am starting to believ, that even Serbs themselves, let alone all western politicians or the media, deeply underestimated the strength of the Russian pro-Serb sentiment, as well as the changing political dynamics in Russia after NATO's aggression.  But this is very much within the framework of the Russian national character: Slowly, covertly, accumulating steadily and naggingly, visceral anger begins to manifest itself only when the patience runs out. It usually takes a lot of time, but it is also usually very deadly. Genghis-Khan, Napoleon and Hitler experienced that first-hand. […]

The fact is also that India and China, one, the largest democracy in the world, the other the most populous country in the world, not only ask, but demand from Russia immediate leadership in global affairs.  If in doubt, just review India's or China's press.

In summary, this Med. deployment is about historic responsibilities of the Russian nation. Serbia heroically fulfilled her enormous task.  Now it’s time for bigger guns to enter the scene.  The rest of it - “human rights,” “democracy,” “morality”… and other NWO excuses for attacking Serbia were buried in Kosovo's ground one year ago.  Now they are nothing more than idle rhetoric for “politically correct” morons. The sooner American society understands this and all enormous implications of it, the better the chances all of us will have to avoid bloodshed during the inevitable remaking of the global society."


TiM Ed.:  Looks like this May Day may also portend an upcoming Mayday call by the New World Order leaders?

5. Clinton Foreign Policy Legacies: U.S. Navy to Buy Russian Missiles, Russia and China to Gang Up on U.S.

WASHINGTON, Apr. 28 - Bill Clinton will leave the worst national security legacy of any president in the last 100 years, according to Rep. Curt Weldon, R-Pa., considered one of the leading expert in Russian studies on Capitoll Hill, the WorldNetDaily reported on Apr. 28.  Weldon is also chairman of the Military Research and Development Subcommittee and a senior member of the House National Security Committee

"The Clinton administration foreign policy is totally bankrupt. President Clinton is a foreign policy nightmare."


TiM Ed.: Except for the “death merchants,” who are ringing their hands with glee no matter who the customer is.


“After the Soviet Union fell, the Russian people danced in the streets, declaring their love for America,” Weldon said.  “Now they are throwing stones and paint at our embassy in Moscow” (he was referring to the daily protests at the U.S. embassy in Moscow during NATO’s bombing of Serbia in 1999).

There is growing evidence that the Russian and Chinese partnership also means increased weapons sales from Moscow to Beijing.  And adding insult to injury, on Tuesday (Apr. 25), the WorldNetDaily reported that the U.S. Navy intended to purchase Russian missiles -- the same type previously sold to China. The Chinese missiles are reportedly armed with nuclear warheads.

Weldon promised to hold "classified" hearings on U.S. Navy attempts to buy Russian-made 3M82 Moskit (NATO code-name SS-N-22 Sunburn) anti-ship missiles (the 3M82 Moskit anti-ship cruise missile, NATO code-named "Sunburn"). Weldon questions whether the U.S. Navy can stop the supersonic cruise missile.

“We are ready to hold hearings, including classified sessions, to study the Sunburn issue. I don't think we can defend ourselves against this kind of technology. The Russians are said to be bankrupt and backwards, yet here we are buying the leading edge of weapons technology from Russia,” said Weldon.

In July 1999, defense analyst Richard D. Fisher wrote an evaluation of the Russian-built Sunburn missile being sold to China.  "The Raduga Moskit (Sunburn) anti-ship missile is perhaps the most lethal anti-ship missile in the world," wrote Fisher in a review of the Chinese navy.  Fisher thinks the U.S. Navy cannot stop it. 

"The Moskit combines a Mach 2.5 speed with a very low-level flight pattern that uses violent end maneuvers to throw off defenses. After detecting the Moskit, the U.S. Navy Phalanx point defense system may have only 2.5 seconds to calculate a fire solution -- not enough time before the devastating impact of a 750-lb. warhead."

According to Weldon, Russia is a world leader in military technology. Weldon asserts that Russia is also selling missile technology to other hostile powers. "The Russian military continues to lead the world with the best weapons," noted Weldon. "The Russian government continues to invest heavily in advanced military technology. The Russian military investments also include money from the United States, profits from sales to our military like the Sunburn and Ma-31 missiles, and from other funds.


TiM Ed.: So much for the myth of a “weak Russia,” that the establishment media is feeding us.  So “if you can’t beat them, join them.”  Or steal from them…


"The current flap over the alleged U.S. spy caught by the Russians is centered on advanced Russian submarine propulsion technology -- Russian military technology that is superior to U.S. systems.

Weldon also called the Clinton foreign policy “a disgrace.” “The Clinton administration gets away with things like a short-term, two-week effort with Prime Minister Blair to kick out (the Serb President Slobodan) Milosevic,” he said. “Twelve months and several billion dollars later, the failed effort has left Milosevic in power, thousands of U.S. troops stuck in an endless deployment, and thousands of innocent Serbs dead.”

“Unfortunately, the next president will have to pay for Clinton's misadventures. The American people will have to pay. It could be in Korea, in Taiwan, in the Middle East or with Pakistan and India,” Weldon concluded somberly.


TiM Ed.: Or in Kosovo, first and foremost?

6. Chinese Warplanes Challenge U.S. Jet

WASHINGTON, Apr. 28 - Chinese warplanes challenged a U.S. reconnaissance jet on Thursday (Apr. 27) over the South China Sea as the aircraft monitored exercises by the People's Liberation Army in southern China, the Pentagon officials said.

Rear Adm. Craig Quigley, a Pentagon spokesman, told reporters that two Chinese J-8 fighters flew within two miles of a U.S. Air Force RC-135 Rivet Joint reconnaissance aircraft.

"This is a reconnaissance aircraft, Air Force aircraft, well into international airspace, that was approached by two Chinese fighters," he said, according to a Washington Times Apr. 28 report. "They did not come very close to the aircraft. I don't consider this a particularly unusual event."

Pentagon officials said the RC-135 was monitoring Chinese military exercises under way in southern China. The RC-135s usually fly in the region several times a month and are challenged by Chinese jets during a small portion of those flights.

The encounter comes at a time of heightened tensions between China and Taiwan following the election of a pro-independence president, Chen Shui-bian, in Taiwan last month.

Beijing envoy Tan Shubei issued a new threat against Taiwan Thursday, warning Taipei it faces "disaster" and "hostility" if it fails to accept China's policy toward the island it views as a breakaway province.

Official Chinese news media earlier had reported that Mr. Tan had threatened to go to war, stating that "if they don't accept the 'one China' principle and that Taiwan is a part of China, then the result will not be peace, but war; not harmony, but confrontation; not good will, but enmity."

Richard Fisher, a specialist on the Chinese military with the Jamestown Foundation, said the incident appears similar to a Chinese submarine encounter with the U.S. aircraft carrier Kitty Hawk in 1995. Chinese jets intercepted U.S. aircraft that detected the submarine during that incident.

"These kinds of things have been increasing since that happened," Mr. Fisher said in an interview. As a result of China's military buildup, "the United States is going to have to be much more aggressive in reconnaissance of [People's Liberation Army] activities," he added. "I expect there will be many more opportunities for the PLA Air Force to intercept U.S. intelligence aircraft."

The RC-135, known as "hog" because of its extended nose, is a key intelligence collector for the U.S. military, used recently in the conflict in the Balkans. They can fly for up to 20 hours at a time and collect electronic-signals intelligence, such as military communications, at distances of hundreds of miles.

The J-8 is a twin-engine interceptor built by China based on the design of the Russian MiG-21. The most advanced version, the J-8 IIM, is armed with air-to-air missiles, and 30 mm cannon.

Defense officials said the RC-135 was seeking intelligence on possible Chinese military force redeployments from northern China, as well as on China's new command-and-control system known as Qu Dian.  The U.S. aircraft flight originated at the U.S. Air Force base at Kadena, Japan.


TiM Ed.: Way to go, Japanese U.S. vassals!  So if the shooting war breaks out between China and Taiwan, and the U.S. military gets involved, the conflict may quickly engulf Japan, too, despite its vassal politicians’ pacifist proclamations.

7. Russian Soldier Savagely Tortured and Murdered in Kosovo  Apr. 30, 2000  

KOSOVO, Apr. 28 - Another Orthodox Christian became a martyr this Good Friday 2000, as you can see from the following message which we received from a TiM reader of Russian descent who now lives in Australia:

"XPICTOC BOCKPECE! Christ has arisen! [...]

On this Good Friday, the body of Russian soldier Aleksandr Semin was found in Kosovo. He was tortured and killed and his hands and feet were crushed into bloody mess.

The blood of ordinary Slavic Orthodox Christian men, as well as deaths of many thousands others, is on the hands of "democratic reformers" of Russia and Ukraine who are Judas of modern time. But I do believe in Resurrection of our people.



Hristos Voskrese!"


TiM Ed.: To which the TiM editor replied:

"Vaistinu voskrese!

Nikolai, I am just about to into the church for the Easter services. Will light a candle and say a prayer for that brave Russian soldier. As you saw from our latest report, help is on its way from the Northern Fleet, albeit too late for Aleksandr Semin.

Bob Dj."

In fact, the editor lit five candles in a packed church from which the faithful overflowed even into the street: Three for personal reasons; one for Aleksandr Semin; and one for all Orthodox Christians who have been driven from their Kosovo homes by NATO and the Albanians.

7. South Africa, China Seek New "New World Order" Apr. 30, 2000  

PRETORIA, South Africa, Apr. 25 - South African President Thabo Mbeki and visiting Chinese President Jiang Zemin said on Apr. 25 that they would work for a new world order in which no one nation dominates and the developing world's interests are promoted, according to a Reuters report.

"Mr. President, our countries and peoples are united by a common resolve to build a better life for themselves," Mbeki told a state banquet in Jiang's honor held in Pretoria. "We are committed also to contribute what we can to ensure a more equitable international political and economic order which addresses the just aspirations of the billions of people who belong to the developing countries."

Earlier in the day the two presidents signed a joint declaration setting up a bi-national commission, which said the principles of sovereign equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries should be upheld. The declaration said South Africa and China would seek to reduce the negative effects of globalization on developing nations. Mbeki also highlighted the need for debt forgiveness for poor countries and said he backed China's bid to join the World Trade Organization (WTO).

"Geographically speaking, China and South Africa are far apart, but in terms of our friendship our hearts are very close," said Jiang, the first Chinese head of state to visit South Africa.

Meanwhile, another Chinese official speaking at a United Nations conference in New York also lashed out at the current New World Order and the proposed U.S. missile defense system.

''Disarmament should be conducive to the enhancement of every country's general security instead of becoming the instrument and means for a few countries to strengthen their military superiority by weakening or restricting other countries,'' said the director general of China's Department of Arms Control and Disarmament.  

The conference held every five years to review progress made to implement the 1970 treaty intended to contain the spread of nuclear weapons. Sha Zukang didn't name the United States. But he left no doubt about whom he meant as he referred repeatedly to ''a certain country'' and ''a certain military power'' and a ''certain superpower."

What it added up to was an allegation that the Clinton-Gore administration which is also at this time trying to persuade Congress to give Beijing permanent normal trade-relations status "rampantly intervenes in other countries' internal affairs and willfully resorts to force.''

 9. Kosovo: A Reach Too Far: Europe Also Weary of U.S. Missile Defense Shield May. 3, 2000  

PRAGUE, May 3 - The U.S. European "allies" who are also upset that Washington is pushing for this missile defense system, especially at a time when they (the Europeans) are finally talking turkey about creating a European defense force (sans Washington, of course). To Washington's chagrin, of course. So you may eventually add Europe to the Russia+China vs. the U.S. equation.

You can also see how it was all quite predictable from my 1998 Chronicles column, "A Bear in Sheep's Clothing".

And just think, it all started to unravel with NATO's "victory" over Kosovo. In time, history will show that Kosovo was NATO's and NWO's a "Reach Too Far."

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