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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/4-5

Apr. 19, 2000

Israel Shrugs Off U.S. Protests over Its AWACS Sale to Red China

One Traitor Exposed, Many More to Go...

Motorola, Other "Princes," Follow Clinton Administration Cue - Selling Out the U.S. National Security Interests



Tel Aviv                      1. Israel Shrugs Off U.S. Protests over Israel’s Sale of

                                         AWACS to Red China

Chicago                       2. Chicago Tribune: “This U.S. Radar Is Not Israel’s to Sell”

Chicago                       3. Motorola Also in a Huge Deal with Red China

Washington                4. China Delivered Missile Technology to Libya

Washington                5. Washington Cancels Sale of Destroyer to Taiwan

Washington                6. CIA Boss: China Can Strike Anywhere in the U.S.


1. Israel Shrugs Off U.S. Protests over Israel’s Sale of AWACS to Red China

TEL AVIV, Apr. 3The U.S. Defense Secretary, William Cohen, while on a whirlwind 24-hour visit to Israel, has strongly criticized Israel's sale of advanced radar systems to China the BBC news reported on Apr. 3. 

Cohen's criticism of Israel was unusually strong and clear.  "With tensions running as high as they are between China and Taiwan, we see this as being counterproductive," the U.S. Defense Secretary said at a joint news conference with Barak, one week before the Chinese president’s visit to Israel to seal the deal. "I have indicated before that the US does not support the sale of this type of technology to China because of the potential of changing the strategic balance in that region," Cohen said. 

Barak said Israel was aware of U.S. sensitivities on the issue, but would not budge.  China and Israel only established diplomatic ties in 1992, although military co-operation is believed to have begun secretly at least a decade earlier.

The Israeli-Sino AWACS deal is reported to be worth $250 million.  The radar is thought to be more advanced than even U.S. and NATO's E-3 AWACS that supposedly achieved a 98 percent reliability rate in the 1999 air war over Kosovo.

Cohen and Barak were supposed to be holding talks about the strategic relationship between Israel and the U.S.  The $17 billion-package that the Israelis requested is thought to include the Tomahawk cruise missiles - though reports suggest Washington is far from convinced that Israel needs these highly accurate weapons.  Nevertheless, Cohen made a proposed US military assistance package conditional (only) on Israel and Syria reaching a comprehensive peace agreement.


TiM Ed.: Whoa, Nelly!  Stop this nonsense.  Let’s try to decipher the above “New World Order speak:”

“Strategic Relationship between Israel and U.S.” = Read - how many more billions of dollars the American taxpayers will be forced to shell out by our treasonous Washington leaders while our supposed “allies,” and beneficiaries of all this aid, continue to jeopardize America’s security (no, we’re not referring here to the Pollard spy case, or the USS Liberty; check out the Item 3 in this Bulletin). 

“Treasonous Washington Leaders” = Cohen’s verbal public slap on the wrist over the China sale was followed by an offer of a $17 billion carrot which was NOT conditional on Israel’s canceling its China AWACS deal.  No wonder Barak read Washington’s message correctly - as the Clinton administration’s green light to proceed with Israel’s sale to Red China.

Of course, Washington’s and Israel’s biting the hand that feeds them (that of the U.S. taxpayer) is nothing new (see “Israel Stabs America in the Back, Sells AWACS to Red China”, Dec. 1999).  What is new is Barak’s gall to proceed despite a widespread public condemnation in the U.S., including even some of the American establishment media (see the next story).

2. Chicago Tribune: “This U.S. Radar Is Not Israel’s to Sell”

CHICAGO, Apr. 14 – The Chicago Tribune editors came out in the open with their gloves off, publishing an unusually stinging attack on Israel’s sale of the AWACS radar technology in their Apr. 14 editorial, titled “This U.S. Radar Is Not Israel’s to Sell.”  Here’s an excerpt:

“Israel's plan to sell airborne early warning and control systems (AWACS) technology to the Chinese has rightly outraged the Clinton administration and members of Congress. Israel may be among the closest of U.S. allies, but there are times when the U.S. interest should and must take precedence. This is clearly one of them.

Chinese President Jiang Zemin is in Israel this week for the first official state visit by a leader of the People's Republic of China to the Jewish state. But the visit has been overshadowed by growing controversy over the outfitting by Israel Aircraft Industries of a Chinese-owned, Russian-made Ilyushin-76 aircraft with Israel's advanced Phalcon AWACS system, and the PRC option to acquire at least three more such planes outfitted by Israel for $250 million apiece.

What's frightening about the sale is that it would allow China to use its warplanes much more efficiently in offensive and defensive operations, eroding America's advantage in a future war--Taiwan, for example…The administration ought to tell Israel it's unacceptable to be helping the PRC put U.S. lives at risk.

Israeli officials counter weakly that it is not U.S. technology they are selling, and the specific radars and software are homegrown. Perhaps, but that hardly absolves an ally that collects $3 billion a year in aid from the U.S. taxpayer. It is almost axiomatic that Israel has derived much of its technology base in such items from U.S. economic and military assistance over the years.

It is particularly galling that Israel would ask for upwards of $20 billion in security aid to offset a proposed peace deal to return the Golan Heights to Syria--including AWACS planes--and then proceed with a deal that puts U.S. forces in Asia potentially in danger.”

3. Motorola Also in a Huge Deal with Red China

CHICAGO, Apr. 11 – Israel is not the only U.S. ally putting the lives of the American troops at risk.  Some “American” multinationals are doing it, too (all that are doing business with the Chinese military-industrial complex). 

Take Motorola, for example, a Schaumburg, Illinois-based company, and one of the Pentagon’s top defense contractors.  Motorola’s recent technology sales to Red China, evidently with approval, or at least without any objections, by the Clinton administration, makes Israel’s AWACS deal look like small potatoes.

The World Affairs Brief ( ) quotes Terence Jeffrey of the Human Events in his Apr. 11 report as having reported a “shocking inside story of Motorola's $1.5 billion investment in China's high tech computer and communications industry.  Typical of the way China does business with Western investors, Motorola agreed to "localize both its staff and operations inside China.  Here’s an excerpt:

“China requires that corporations who have any military-related technology set up manufacturing within China. This policy has been agreed to by Russia as well as the U.S. government (TiM Ed.: Did you know that?). This allows China to clone the technology at will without having to evade all foreign corporate assets and turn them directly into war production centers. Here's a brief list of the damages Motorola has done to the U.S. national security:

- Spent $1.02 billion last year on locally sourced materials, components and services by forming partnerships with Chinese suppliers and helping them with designs and new technology.

- Established 6 joint ventures and 10 cooperative projects with some of China's best enterprises and research facilities and erected an 18-story building in Beijing's business hub.

- Set up 18 research and development centers in China with 650 researchers including a National Research Center for Intelligent Computing Systems in Beijing, which is dedicated to research and development of advanced computer technologies."

- Established three micro-processor/controller laboratories at universities in China, and will expand this program to 20 additional universities over the next five years.

All of these joint ventures will help further China's quest to become self-sufficient in high tech military systems.”


TiM Ed.: And just think, that’s only Motorola; one of the many Princes of the 20th Century –multinational companies that are robbing the American taxpayers blind; exporting their jobs overseas, while endangering our country’s security.  Add to the Motorola saga the Boeing, Hughes, IBM or other unsavory Chinese sources of sensitive U.S. high-tech products; consider that they are all doing it with the blessing of the Clinton administration (see the “China Wing of the New World Order”, Jan. 1998, as well as “Who Lost China?”, Aug. 1999), and then you may fully understand the Clinton/Bush sellout of the American people’s national security interests.


And just in case you think that’s the end of the Clinton/Bush administrations’ treacheries, read on.  The same source (the World Affairs Brief) also reports that the Clinton administration gave a giant boost to China's military potential by giving China a modern version of its integrated war planning command and control software.  Here’s an excerpt from that report:

“This system is a forerunner of what our military uses to manage and integrate Army, Navy and Air Force elements into a seamless battle plan' where all elements can share real time data through satellites to control the movements between different military units. Without these complex management tools, war planners cannot respond in a timely manner to battle front changes relative to on going intelligence gathering.

China needs this desperately before the next war. While the version given to China by the Clinton Pentagon is not our latest, China's new research centers will soon have the tools to adapt and modernize it--thanks to Motorola's generous investments…

Thus, it is the height of hypocrisy when the Clinton administration make cautionary statements to Russia about technology transfers to Iran and Syria. The words mean nothing… The list of double talk and violations of this administration's own rhetoric are too numerous to catalog.”


TiM Ed.: So why should we be surprised that Israel’s Barak seems to have figured it all out, and wants his country to get a piece of this “milking Uncle Sam” action?  Or to get in on the auction of our wallets and lives, if you prefer?  Treason has always been a very lucrative business.  Until one gets caught.  Which may happen when “what goes around, comes around,” such as the “Iran-Contra Boomerang”, Item 4, Feb. 2000.

4. China Delivered Missile Technology to Libya

A Taiwanese National Used as an Intermediary?

WASHINGTON, Apr. 13 - The Washington Times reported on Apr. 13 that China is aiding Libya's attempt to further develop its long-range missile program with technology transfers, according to the U.S. intelligence officials.  The National Security Agency supposedly included details of China-Libya cooperation in a classified report early this month.

The Washington Times said the reports of China’s technology transfer to Libya is the latest in a series of cooperative efforts between China and Tripoli. Intelligence reports late last year indicated that Beijing was supplying the North African nation with a hypersonic wind tunnel, other reports linked China technicians with Libya's current long-range missile program. Also, China has agreed to build a railroad system in Libya.

The newspaper said the wind tunnel is expected to be used for missile tests while the railroad project is believed to be a cover for the counties' weapons-technology cooperation.  It is thought that Tripoli may use Chinese technology to improve its Al-Fatah missile, which has a range of some 600 miles (more than enough to strike at Israel, for example), although the device is yet to be tested in flight.

The newspaper cited U.S. defense officials as saying the Libyans may also be looking to incorporate the longer-range Taepo Dong missile from North Korea. Other signs that Libya is working to import knowledge and devices for its weapons programs include the arrest on Apr. 12 in Switzerland of a Taiwanese businessman who was charged with trying to smuggle Scud missile part into Libya. Last November, British officials confiscated a shipment of missile components, believed to have originated in North Korea, bound for Libya, the Washington Times reported.

5. Washington Cancels Sale of Destroyer to Taiwan

WASHINGTON, Apr. 18 – And what is the supposedly “U.S” Clinton administration doing about all this additional pressure on our national security that the Sino-Israeli moves are putting?  In a move clearly intended to appease Beijing, Washington has just canceled a sale of a destroyer to Taiwan!

The BBC said that Parris Chang, a leading member of Taiwanese President Chen Shui Bian's Democratic Progressive Party, accused Washington of making the decision in an effort to appease Beijing.  He told the news network that by trying not to offend China, the US had ignored what he called Taiwan's legitimate and urgent security needs.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon (i.e., the same double-talking, two-faced Defense Secretary Cohen, who “protested” Israel’s AWACS sale to China) had recently advised the Clinton administration against the sale of the destroyers to Taiwan.


TiM Ed.: Go figure!?  Taipei should learn from the fate of the erstwhile Vietnamese U.S. allies in Saigon.  With friends like the NWO Washington, no country, including America,  needs an enemy. 

So if you can’t beat them, your might as well join them.  At least in a re-union of Taiwan and Red China, a Chinese would be embracing a Chinese.  Just as was the case when the North and South Vietnam reunited, some 60,000 American lives notwithstanding.

Is that the real “secret agenda” of the Clinton administration’s unflagging support for Red China, its Belgrade embassy bombing and other snags notwithstanding?  “Only puny secrets need protection. Big discoveries are protected by public incredulity,” noted Marshall McLuhan in his 1972 book “Take Today.”

We never seem to learn, do we?  If in doubt about this cynical comment, read on…

6. CIA Boss: China Can Strike Anywhere in the U.S.

WASHINGTON, Mar. 22 – Not only Russia but China too can now strike anywhere in the US, the CIA director George Tenet told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Mar. 22. Earlier, a Chinese arsenal of 20 nuclear warheads atop inter-continental ballistic warheads was considered a danger only to parts of the U.S. mainland, like the West Coast.

Tenet told the Committee at a Mar. 22 hearing that both Russia and China had capabilities to strike at military and other targets throughout the US. “To a large degree,”' he said reassuringly, “we expect our mutual deterrent and diplomacy to help protect US from this, as they have for much of the last century.”

“Over the next 15 years, US cities will face ballistic missile threats from a wide variety of actors --North Korea, probably Iran, and possibly Iraq,”' Tenet said. “In some cases, this is because of indigenous technological development, and in others, because of direct foreign assistance,” Tenet said.


TiM Ed.: Right.  Such as the “foreign assistance” by the “foreign agents” who have been installed by the New World Order’s Princes in Washington masquerading as the U.S. government.


While the missile arsenals of these countries will be fewer in number, constrained to smaller payloads, and less reliable than those of the Russians and Chinese, they will still pose a lethal and less-predictable threat, the CIA chief said.  Other countries that today import missile-related technology, such as Syria and Iraq, may also emerge in the next 10 years as suppliers.


TiM Ed.: A line right out of the “Wag the Dog” movie script?  Remember the Albanian “suitcase bomb?”  It seems that real life continues to follow Hollywood’s virtual reality.  Makes you wonder who is in charge of “real life,” doesn’t it?


Furthermore, Iran may be able to supply in the next few years not only complete Scuds, but also Shahab-3's and related technologies if Teheran continues to receive assistance from Russia, China and North Korea, Tenet said.

He also claimed to have reported to the Clinton administration the delivery of Chinese M-11 missiles to Pakistan several years ago, but the government chose not to admit it publicly for political reasons.

During the hearing, Senator Kerry of the Committee said, “When China, with the M-11, was engaged in its transfer (to Pakistan), and we knew pretty well that it was, we didn't really do anything.”

“Indeed, in that case, our job was to detect the transfer of those M-11's back in the early 1990s, and we did that and reported it. Then it becomes a matter of how you (the Clinton administration which has to certify the transfer) pursue a policy toward China,”' Tenet replied.


TiM Ed.: So there you have it – straight from the mouth of the CIA boss.  Even Tenet, a Clinton appointee, appears to have reached a limit of participating in Clinton administration’s betrayal of America. 

It was one thing to feed “Charlie” (the VC) the 60,000 or so American “Forrest Gumps” morning, noon and dusk for almost two decades. It’s an entirely different level of treason, however, to expose all 260 million Americans to a nuclear holocaust by the Red Chinese, which the Clinton administration and its congressional patsies, have been awarding “the most favored nation” status year after year. 

Their joint betrayal of everything “American” (meaning liberty and justice for all) may be even putting FDR (Franklin Delano Roosevelt) to shame.  For, FDR never got to have his favorite idol (Stalin and his Soviet Union) declared “the most favored nation.”

All of which goes to show us, perhaps to our horror (?), that the NWO enemies of “liberty and justice for all” are still very much alive.  And that they have wormed their way deep among us.  So unless we extract them or flush them out forthwith, we may end up as the Budapest, Saigon or Tiananmen Square patriots did.  Or as Washington’s Taipei allies will.

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