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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/4-1

Apr. 1, 2000

A New TiM NATO's War on Serbia  Remembrance Series - One Year Ago...

Russian General Warns of Kosovo Intervention

"Thugs of the World Unite" - Washington, KLA, Colombian Drug Traffickers Links, and Other Kosovo Stories



Moscow                      1. Russian General Warns of Kosovo Intervention

Pristina                       2. Thugs of the World Unite: Drug Trafficking Links

                                         Washington, KLA and Colombia

Paris                            3. A French Colonel Beaten by French MPs - for

                                       Telling the Truth about Kosovo, Kouchner

Perth                           4. TiM Editor’s Perth Lecture - Text

W. Australia               5. One Year Ago Today… A New TiM NATO War

                                         Remembrance Series


1. Russian General Warns of Kosovo Intervention

Russians Plan Kosovo Intervention, Yugoslav Army to Launch Ground Offensive against NATO?

MOSCOW, Mar. 29 – Ten months after Bill Clinton and Slobodan Milosevic both declared victory in NATO’s war on Serbia, it is beginning to look as the U.S. president may be the first to look for a place to hide – between a rock and a hard place.  Let us hope he doesn’t find the shade under either.

For, on the one hand, the U.S. troops whom Clinton has sent to Kosovo are being pelted with rocks and insults by both Albanians and the handful of remaining Kosovo Serbs.  On the other hand, they are being wooed by drugs and prostitution by the Kosovo Albanian dealers, which has now become the drug capital of Europe, under the watchful eyes of KFOR and NATO (see another story in this issue on that topic).  It’s a lose-lose deal for American soldiers, not to mention taxpayers.

As if that weren’t bad enough, a Russian general has now warned that Russia is preparing plans for a military intervention in Kosovo, and that the Yugoslav Army could launch a ground offensive against NATO troops in the war-ravaged province, according to an official Russian news report.

Colonel-General Leonid Ivashov's comments were broadcast on the "Voice of Russia" World Service Short Wave Radio Broadcast, the official broadcasting service of the Russian government, the WorldNetDaily reported on Mar. 29.  Here’s an excerpt:

Ivashov condemned the growing violence in Kosovo and warned the turmoil there could spread into the Balkans and into Europe. Ivashov called for emergency measures to end the violence in the region, and to suppress what he referred to as "Albanian terrorists." He also demanded that NATO follow U.N. resolution 1244, which calls for a settlement of the conflict that includes continued Yugoslav rule in Kosovo.

Well acquainted with the politics of the region, in June 1999 Ivashov conducted Russia's negotiations with the U.S. Department of Defense regarding Russia's role in the peacekeeping operations following NATO's air war against Yugoslavia.  In the midst of these negotiations, Russian paratroopers seized the airport in Kosovo's capital city of Pristina.

Until the Russian paratroopers came into Pristina, NATO had avoided giving Russia any kind of "zone of responsibility."  The Voice of Russia added its own warning to that of Ivashov, stating, "Clearly these words are a signal of approaching disaster, and Moscow is not exaggerating." […]

Ivashov's remarks follow by less than two weeks similar statements made by the Russian Defense Minister, Igor Sergeyev. In an address to a special session of the lower house of the Russian legislature, the State Duma, Sergeyev stated that Yugoslav troops could confront NATO, and that Russian forces could find themselves in a standoff with the Western alliance.”


TiM Ed.: “One year after NATO's victory over Yugoslavia, any real resolution to Kosovo appears as remote as ever,” the WorldNetDaily report summed it up. 

“Victory?”  Milosevic’s “surrender” on June 3 wasn’t even the end of the opening round.  What will follow, however, sooner or later, is a bloodbath of the “victors.” Some may even die while being stoned to death by Albanian drugs, not just gangs.  Unfortunately, many of them will be our (American) sons and daughters.  For their deaths and suffering we will only have to blame the likes of Clinton, Madeleine Albright, Wesley Clark, John McCain… and other servants of the New World Order “Princes.” 

Will the Americans stand by idly even after that, and hope that the NWO crocodile will eat them last? (to paraphrase a Churchill quote from the 1930s, directed at the European nations which were then still trying to appease Hitler).

For a full WorldNetDaily report, click on - s_p.stml

2. Thugs of the World Unite: Drug Trafficking Links Washington, KLA and Colombia

CALIFORNIA, Mar. 31 – A TiM reader from California has just sent us a link to a fascinating report by the Mother Jones Wire, “Heroin Heroes,” which corroborates the drug trafficking links and winks which the Clinton administration and the KLA have been exchanging for years.  And confirms that our country is being run by thugs who cavort and support the drug-dealing thugs, among others, around the world.

Back in June 1998 and in July of 1999, we published two different articles under the same headline, “Thugs of the World Unite.”  Now, a very detailed research report by Peter Klebnikov in the January/February 2000 issue of Mother Jones Wire could have had the same title.  It corroborates

Here are some excerpts:

“…Law enforcement officials in Europe have suspected for years that ties existed between Kosovar rebels and Balkan drug smugglers. But in the six months since Washington enthroned the Kosovo Liberation Army in that Yugoslav province, KLA-associated drug traffickers have cemented their influence and used their new status to increase heroin trafficking and forge links with other nationalist rebel groups and drug cartels.

The benefits of the drug trade are evident around Pristina-- more so than Western aid. "The new buildings, the better roads, and the sophisticated weapons -- many of these have been bought by drugs," says Michel Koutouzis, the Balkans region expert for the Global Drugs Monitor (OGD), a Paris-based think tank.


The repercussions of this drug connection are only now emerging, and many Kosovo observers fear that the province could be evolving into a virtual narco-state under the noses of 49,000 peacekeeping troops.

For hundreds of years, Kosovar Albanian smugglers have been among the world's most accomplished dealers in contraband, aided by a propitious geography of isolated ports and mountainous villages [...]

German Federal Police now say that Kosovar Albanians import 80 percent of Europe's heroin. So dominant is the Kosovar presence in trafficking that many European users refer to illicit drugs in general as "Albanka," or Albanian lady.

The Kosovar traffickers ship heroin exclusively from Asia's Golden Crescent. It's an apparently inexhaustible source. At one end of the crescent lies Afghanistan, which in 1999 surpassed Burma as the world's largest producer of opium poppies. From there, the heroin base passes through Iran to Turkey, where it is refined, and then into the hands of the 15 Families, which operate out of the lawless border towns linking Macedonia, Albania, and Serbia. Not surprisingly, the KLA has also flourished there […]

Kosovar Albanian traffickers launder $1.5 billion in profits from drug and arms smuggling each year through a shadowy network of some 200 private banks and currency exchange offices. A congressional briefing paper obtained by Mother Jones indicates: "We would be remiss to dismiss allegations that between 30 and 50 percent of the KLA's money comes from drugs."

As the war in Kosovo heated up, the drug traffickers began supplying the KLA with weapons procured from Eastern European and Italian crime groups in exchange for heroin. The 15 Families also lent their private armies to fight alongside the KLA. Clad in new Swiss uniforms and equipped with modern weaponry, these troops stood out among the ragtag irregulars of the KLA […]

The KLA under Hashim Thaci -- was the group that maintained the closest links to traffickers. "As the biggest contributors, the drug traffickers may have gotten the most influence in running the country," says Koutouzis […]

At one point in 1996… more than 800 ethnic Albanians were in jail in Germany on narcotics charges.

In many places, Kosovar traffickers gained a foothold through raw violence. According to a 1999 German Federal Police report, "The ethnic Albanian gangs have been involved in drugs, weapons trafficking, blackmail, and murder. They are increasingly prone to violence."

Tony White of the United Nations Drug Control Program agrees with this assessment. "They are more willing to use violence than any other group," he says. "They have confronted the established order throughout Europe and pushed out the Lebanese, Pakistani, and Italian cartels."  […]

Now free of the war and the repressive Yugoslav police machine, drug traffickers have reopened the old Balkan Road. With the KLA in power -- and in the spotlight -- the top trafficking families have begun to seek relative respectability without decreasing their heroin shipments. […]

Italian national police discovered this new Kosovar outreach last year when they undertook "Operation Pristina." The carabinieri uncovered a chain of connections that originated in Kosovo and stretched through nine European countries, extending into Central Asia, South America, and the United States. […]

Perhaps most alarmingly, Kosovar drug dealers associated with the KLA have begun to form partnerships with Colombian traffickers -- the world's most notorious drug lords. We have an all-new situation now," says Europol's Storbeck. "Colombians like to use Kosovar groups for distribution of cocaine. The Albanians are getting stronger and stronger, and there is a certain job sharing now. They are used by Turks for smuggling into the European Union and by Colombians for distribution of cocaine." […]

The U.S. Foreign Assistance Act of 1961 prohibits aid to any entity that has colluded with narcotics traffickers […]

Late last spring, Senator Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) sent a letter to President Clinton requesting an assessment of KLA drug trafficking. The president responded quickly, telling Grassley in a June 15 letter that he had demanded an intelligence assessment from the CIA and the DEA on Kosovar drug trafficking. "Neither agency," the president wrote, "has any intelligence that indicates the KLA has either been engaged in other criminal activity or has direct links to any organized crime groups." […]

"There was no action," said a congressional source close to Grassley. "It was a non-answer."

 White House officials deny a whitewashing of KLA activities. "We do care about [KLA drug trafficking]," says Bob Agresti (TiM Ed.: Of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, whose name, by the way, sounds Albanian to us. Talk about a fox guarding a chicken coop!?). "It's just that we've got our hands full trying to bring peace there."

 The DEA is equally reticent to address the issue. According to Michel Koutouzis, the DEA's website once contained a section detailing Kosovar trafficking, but a week before the U.S.-led bombings began, the section disappeared. "The DEA doesn't want to talk publicly [about the KLA]," says OGD director Alain Labrousse. "It's embarrassing to them."  […]


TiM Ed. The authors of this devastating indictment of the Clinton administration's and Washington's criminal activities carried out under the guise of civility and "humanitarian" interventions, summed it up as follows:

"Is our embrace of the KLA the latest in an ignoble tradition of aiding drug traffickers for political reasons? Similar recipients of U.S. largesse have included the Nicaraguan Contras, former Panamanian strongman Manuel Noriega, the Afghan Taliban, and Burma's Khun Sa.”

3. A French Colonel Beaten by French MPs - for Telling the Truth about Kosovo, Kouchner

PARIS, Mar. 28 – How bad is the cause of the truth and liberty in the West – that self-proclaimed defender of freedom and democracy?  Bad enough that it could make the Nazis or the Bolsheviks proud of the “freedoms” being enjoyed these days by the citizens of NATO countries.  Which includes the police.  Even in the land which gave America our "Miss Liberty" - France.

Yes, even the rights of policemen are being abused these days.  Bizarre?  Yes.  But also true…  Thanks to the travesty of Kosovo.

A street brawl between two kinds of French police officers in Paris ended up in accusations that a senior gendarmerie officer had leaked internal documents from the French KFOR peacekeeping force in Kosovo.  The officer, Colonel Jean-Michel Méchain, who appeared before an investigating magistrate the same day, was involved in a fight in the 20th arrondissement of Paris last Tuesday (Mar. 28) in which he was kneed in the genitals, according to a March 28 story in the London daily, The Independent (

His assailants were seven men and one woman belonging to the military security agency, the DPSD. The DPSD agents were arrested by ordinary police.

Col Méchain had been recalled from a senior post with the French contingent of KFOR, the Kosovo peacekeeping force, the week before last. He now faces a formal investigation into accusations that he leaked military memorandums which criticized his country's civilian administrator in Kosovo, Bernard Kouchner.

The memos, reprinted in the French national press, accused Mr. Kouchner, a French Jew and a former Socialist government minister, of being virulently anti-Serb and obsessed with military security. The French Defence Minister, Alain Richard, has promised a full investigation of the scandal, including the disputed events last Tuesday.

Col Méchain says he was walking down the street in civilian clothes when he realized he was being followed by a group of eight people. He approached them to complain and was kneed in the genitals. The local police crime squad arrested the "assailants" before  discovering they were DPSD agents. The gendarmerie is part of the army in France.

Col Méchain asked to be released from his military vow of press silence and was, himself, arrested on Friday night.

Meanwhile, this incident exposed serious rifts in the French government over policy on Kosovo.

The incident is likely to prompt renewed criticism of the former French Socialist cabinet minister, Bernard Kouchner, who now heads the beleaguered United Nations administration in Serbia's rebel province, the London Daily Telegraph has also reported. Military officials said they were investigating a series of leaks to the media of secret papers containing scathing criticism of Mr Kouchner by French army commanders attached to KFOR, the international peacekeeping force in Kosovo.

Here’s an excerpt from that Daily Telegraph report:

“While French troops strive to keep the peace between Serbs and Albanians in the divided city of Mitrovica, relations between their commanders and Mr Kouchner have become increasingly strained. In private, army insiders accuse the impulsive, publicity-loving ex-minister of allowing the situation to drift towards a fresh round of ethnic bloodshed and of failing to secure the military and police reinforcements that Kfor desperately needs.

Mr Kouchner has hit back in several media interviews, singling out France as a particular offender among Western nations that have failed to meet prior commitments of assistance. He argued:

"This is a violent country [and] if I clamor for reinforcements, it isn't for entertainment or to play the big chieftain." He maintained that his frequent absences from Kosovo - a sore point for the French military - were necessary to drum up international support. […]

Tensions have been exacerbated by a row between Mr Kouchner and France's Interior Minister, Jean-Pierre Chevènement,who is responsible for the national police. Last month, Mr Kouchner berated him for failing to send officers to Kosovo. He said: "There is a mystery here. The Americans and Germans have sent me hundreds, but France can't do without 200 out of a total police force of 100,000."

According to Mr Kouchner, President Jacques Chirac and the Prime Minister, Lionel Jospin, are both keen to see more French police on duty in Kosovo and there is no shortage of volunteers. He suggested that journalists might like to ask Mr Chevènement - an opponent of Nato's bombing of Yugoslavia last year - why he was dragging his feet, adding: "It seems to me that he does not agree ideologically."

An accomplished political bruiser, Mr Chevènement - who resigned as defense minister in protest at France's role in the Gulf war - is not the sort to take this lying down. Since it was his police who arrested the military sleuths pursuing Col Mechain, any ammunition they find that might be fired back at Mr Kouchner is unlikely to go to waste.”

4. TiM Editor’s Perth Lecture

PERTH, Apr. 2 – This is to announce an upcoming Perth lecture by the TiM editor on the subject “New World Order and Serbia.”  The speech will be in Serbian, and will take place on Sunday, April 2, at 18:00 (6PM) at the Maddington Serbian Center.  But to read it in English (or in Serbian), click on “Perth 2000 Lecture Text.”

5. One Year Ago Today… A New TiM NATO War Remembrance Series

W. AUSTRALIA, Mar. 24 – Regular visitors to the Truth in Media Web site will have noticed that, starting with March 24, the New Day of Infamy, we have begun to run a series of commemorative reports under the title “One Year Ago Today…” Every day between now and June 11, you will be able to see and read what we said exactly one year earlier about NATO’s bombing of Serbia – what NATO hit, what it missed, and what it lied about.  And what mankind lost that day.  Just click on the appropriate links at our home page –

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