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Dec. 26, 1999

To: The Washington Post

Wrong Allies Accused by Hoagland

Re. "Nervous Looks Among Allies," (WP, Dec. 19, 1999)



Martha McAteer, Letters Editor


Washington, DC

Subject: Letter to the editor Re. "Nervous Looks Among Allies," (WP, Dec. 19, 1999)

Dear Ms. McAteer,

Your columnist, Jim Hoagland, is off the mark on two counts when he criticizes the European nations' latest efforts to reduce the "U.S. defense hegemony," as he puts it, and gain their own, more independent military capability  ("Nervous Looks Among Allies," WP, Dec. 19, 1999).

First, because as an American taxpayer, your columnist should be rejoicing at the prospect of reducing our military spending to protect foreign countries from non-existing enemies. The Cold War has been over for a decade, but you'd never know it if you look at the Pentagon weapons procurement budget. Or at the military spending of the European NATO countries, especially the three news ones. The only kind of a security this preposterous situation provides is the old age security for the American "death merchants'" executives and shareholders.

Hoagland is also off the mark when he frets over a supposed lack of loyalty of our European allies. "European defense, like protection of U.S. territory from missiles, is rapidly moving from dream to vision to plan," he writes.

The Europeans have never stabbed us in the back. But Israel, for example, an "ally" whom Hoagland somehow fails to mention, has. Repeatedly. The latest episode involves Israel's sale of its advanced AWACS technology called the Phalcon to Red China for about $250 million. And Israel's prime minister, Ehud Barak, rolling out the red carpet for the "Butcher of Beijing," Li Peng, the man responsible for the Tiananmen Square June 1989 massacre.

Wonder how this example of a treacherous ally escaped your columnist's attention? Especially considering the more than one hundred billion dollars which the U.S. taxpayers have sent to Israel, a country smaller than the state of New Jersey.

The latest U.S. budget, for example, which was approved in November following a lengthy battle between Bill Clinton and Congress, earmarked more than $4 billion for Israel, according to a Nov. 21 Ha'aretz report. All told, 26 percent of all U.S. foreign aid will go to Israel, the highest amount for any country.

In short, for Israel to stab us in the back after receiving all that aid from America was indeed a reprehensible act. Unfortunately, its treachery is only exceeded by what the Clinton and Bush administrations themselves have done in appeasing the Red Chinese.

So is the banality of betrayals of the U.S. national interests at the highest levels of our government encouraging similar behavior by our "allies?" And creating a blind spot among the Post's columnists for some of our treacherous "friends?"

Best regards,

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Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media

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