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Mar. 23, 2000

To: The Maclean's Magazine

Soap Laced with Blood Served as "Truth" to Unsuspecting Public

Re. "Canadian Aces over Kosovo" - the  cover story (Mar. 27, 2000)



Only the highlighted excerpt (see below) from this letter was published in Maclean's Apr. 10 issue, along with seven other letters.

Letters Editor


777 Bay St.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Subject: A letter to the editor re. “Canadian Aces over Kosovo” - Mar. 27, 2000 cover story

Dear Sir,

Your cover story in the Mar. 27 Mclean’s issue is a classic example of government soap laced with real blood served as “truth” to the unsuspecting public.  Canadian soap; Serb blood. 

Echoeing the unindicted Ottawa war criminals – Jean Chretien, Lloyd Axworthy and Art Eggleton – who ordered the Canadian military to participate in NATO’s unlawful acts of state terrorrism against Serb civilians a year ago, you depict five murderers among the Canadian pilots as heroes.  And you never mention some other heinous crimes the Canadian pilots had reportedly committed, such as the Apr. 12 bombing of the passenger train on the Grdelica bridge, in which at least 14 innocent civilians were killed, and scores of others were injured. 

In short, your cover story reads as if it had been written by the Canadian Ministry of Defence “lie and deny” PR mouthpieces.  This puts Maclean’s in the same league with the shameless NATO wartime spokesman, Jamie Shea, who had also lied through his teeth throughout the 79-day air campaign against Serbia. 

Take a look at the photos of the burning Grdelica train wreckage and the mangled bodies strewn around it, which were posted at our Web site immediately after that strike (see “How Gen. Clark Mislead the World”).  Take a look at them as a human being, not an establishment media whore, and then ask yourself as an ordinary Canadian - “am I really proud of such ‘Canadian Aces’?” - as your story calls them.

Here’s an excerpt from a message about it the Truth in Media received on May 27, 1999, for example, from a Canadian reader who asked to remain anonymous, but whose identity is known to us:

“I have learned from a highly reliable source, whom I can not disclose, that that the pilots responsible for the bombing of the Grdelica train were Canadians.  Apparently two Canadian pilots, based out of Cold Lake Squadron in Alberta, members of the original Canadian team sent to bomb Serbia, were sent home shortly after the Grdelica bombing…  Anyway, the two pilots --whose names are McIntosh and Stewart – made conversation with certain parties here in Canada, where they said they had been sent home because they "made a mistake--we bombed a train".  Stewart is now back in Aviano continuing to bomb Serbia, but McIntosh is still grounded, apparently.”

Despite its obvious journalistic shortcomings, this Maclean’s story did perform a valuable public service, however unwittingly.  At least now we can add the names of five more Canadians to the list of unindicted NATO war criminals.  Five down, 63 (unidentified pilots) to go…

Furthermore, we now know that it was the Canadian pilots who bombed the Novi Sad TV station on May 4, 1999, an apt assignment, I suppose, given a lack of free press and suppression of the full truth in the Canadian establishment media. Are you also proud of this example of Canadian pilots' heroism?  

Finally, Maclean’s has indebted the world by providing additional proof that NATO’s attack on Serbia was a case of premeditated mass murder.  The bombing had little to do with what Belgrade did or didn’t do.  The future war crimes prosecutors against the NATO leaders will be grateful to Maclean’s for the following passage:

“But Short (U.S. Gen. Michael Short, the allied air force commander, who had wanted to open the campaign with a massive, lethal bombing of Belgrade, taking out the Serbs' air defences, power grids, bridges and command centers, according to your story) did not get to wage the war he wanted. In June 1998, he had two American officers draw up detailed plans for his strategy, but the document was shelved by Gen. Wesley Clark, NATO's supreme commander.”

In other words, detailed plans for NATO’s bombing of Serbia were made in June 1998 – nine months before the attack began, and seven months before the January 1999 Racak “massacre,” carried out by NATO’s proxy-criminals but attributed to the Serbs.  And which the “Washington Crisis Factory” used as an excuse for manufacturing the subsequent “Kosovo Crisis.”

Well done, Maclean’s!  Thank you for these valuable revelations.  See you in court one day… (As an unwitting witness for the war crimes prosecutor, of course).

Best regards,

Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media


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