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TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-3

Aug. 16, 1999

Increased Tensions Between China and Taiwan: Another Washington Crisis Factory Product?

Who Lost China?

One China, Two (Angry) Voices, Three Special Cases vs. the "Four Horsemen of the NWO Apocalypse:" Greed, Arrogance, Murder and Ethnic-cleansing (GAME)


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PHOENIX, Aug. 16 - In October 1997, the Chinese president, Jiang Zemin, was treated like a king during his first-ever state visit to America (see "The China Wing of the New World Order"). In June 1998, China returned the favor, organizing a badly needed triumphant tour of China for the ailing American president, suffering back home from the Lewinsky syndrome.

This did not stop the NWO stooges of bipartisan colors (Republicans and Democrats) from delivering a drum roll onuscef.gif (68989 bytes) the eve of Bill Clinton's China trip. Former presidents George Bush, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford and 24 of the senior government officials in their administrations1, signed a full page ad which ran in the New York Times on June 17, 1998, addressed to the 105th Congress (see the image at our Web site, or the footnote at the end of this piece, for all other names). Their open letter said in part:

"China is destined to become a great economic and political power in the 21st century. The United States should neither fear nor oppose this development. U.S. policy should instead proceed from the premise that our vital national security interests are best served by a China that appreciates America's basic values… Leadership, engagement and commitment on our part are essential to helping China assume such a role."

The open letter was a public display of who the members of the NWO Old Boys Club are (notice the absence of Ronald Reagan?). And a rare proof of the fact that our "bipartisan" leaders are very much a partisan bunch when it comes to foreign policy - all working for and out of the pockets of giant multinational companies, the "Princes of the 20th Century" as we have dubbed them in a number of prior articles.

Once in China, the gracious hosts even indulged Clinton by allowing him to go on live TV, and mildly slap on the wrists the Chinese communist leaders over the lack of freedom and democracy in China. "I think this has been quite an extraordinary day in the evolution of the U.S.-China relations," gloated Sam Berger, Clinton's National Security Advisor, close to the end of "the climactic day of President Clinton's trip to China," according to the Washington Post (June 27, 1998).

"A new China policy was born," exalted the Post. China and the United States became "partners, not adversaries," in the words of Jiang. It is a "partnership and honest friendship," the way Clinton framed it.

The only thing missing from this June 1998 Sino-American romance, fueled by a quarter of a trillion dollars of the Princes' investments in China - one-third of all money the multinational companies had spent in the developing world, was the sound of violins.

Little over a year later, Clinton's China policy is in shreds, torn apart by the spying scandal in the U.S, NATO's May 7 bombing of the Chinese embassy in Belgrade, and the warming up of the Asia Triangle - the Sino-Russian-Indian relations (see S99-91, Day 65, Items 2 and 3, May 27). Instead of the mutual admiration messages, Washington and Beijing are trading barbs and threats across the Pacific. And on May 21, China barred U.S. warships from visiting Hong Kong, the first time that Beijing had done it since the territory's handover to Chinese rule2 on July 1, 1997 (see "Ode of Hong Kong" and S99-86, Day 60, Item 5, May 22).

As we put it in a recent TiM GW Bulletin (S99-136, "Peace" 30, Item 1, Aug. 12):

"The third global NWO anti-Russian strategy prong is in the Far East, where the NWO schemers were hoping to build up their influence on China, and use it as a far-eastern ring around Russia's Pacific neck. But that one is not going so well… So the NWO warmongers are now working on Plan B - stirring up the old feud between Taiwan and mainland China, and thus opening up a potential new far eastern front in the foreseeable future, instead of a Sino-Russian conflict."

If you're in the trouble-making business, "when in trouble, start causing trouble." That could be the Washington Crisis Factory's sub-motto, right under the New World Order's "perpetual commerce through perpetual war"-main slogan. And trouble, ladies and gentlemen, comes to NWO trouble-makers when peace breaks out (see this writer's New Dawn, March 1999, column, "Washington Crisis Factory").

So as soon as the "Kosovo Crisis" subsided (for all but the Kosovo Serbs), several others suddenly popped up aroundchina-map.gif (16428 bytes) the world. The Chechen Muslim rebels crossed the border into Dagestan to declare independence of this Russian province (see TiM GW Bulletin "Peace" 30, Item 1, Aug. 12). India and Pakistan started a shooting air war. And in the Far East, the president of Taiwan suddenly decided that the 50-year "one China, two systems" policy was no longer good enough. And that a "state-to-state" relationship should follow. Meaning, Taiwan's virtual secession from mainland China.

Is all this only a coincidence? Or a mere happenstance? Or the enemy action? (paraphrasing the line from the famous James Bond 1960s movie, when "Goldfinger" says: "Mr. Bond, we have a saying in Chicago. Once is a coincidence; twice is a happenstance; the third time - it's enemy action").

One does not have to be a "conspiracy theorist," only a dumbed-down NWO moron to answer "yes," "yes" and "no," to our three above questions. For, the correct answers are "no," "no" and "yes." Consider the evidence…

After one of his aides returned from a "briefing" at the Washington Crisis Factory, Lee Teng-hui, Taiwan's president,taiwan-pres.jpg (14250 bytes) agreed to answer questions posed by Deutsche Welle, the German government's version of the Voice of America. The date of this "interview" (actually conducted by a prepared Q&A exchange) was July 9, barely a year after the Washington-Beijing "love affair" was consummated by Clinton's triumphal visit to China.

As of the time of this writing, it is not known which State Department pimp had arranged this new German-Taiwan tryst, intended to deflect attention from the Washington Crisis Factory. Whoever it was, it was in this "interview" that Lee Teng-hui uttered the now famous lines which reverberated around the globe, and hit the Chinese leaders in Beijing straight between the eyes:

"Declaring Taiwan an independent state does not seem to be a realistic option, and Beijing's 'one country, two systems' formula is not acceptable for the majority of people in Taiwan. Is there any room for compromise between these two lines of policy? And if there is, what does it look like?", the Deutsche Welle popped the leading question.

"I have already explained very clearly that the Republic of China (Taiwan) has been a sovereign state since it was founded in 1912. Moreover, in 1991, amendments to the Constitution designated cross-strait relations as a special state-to-state relationship. Consequently, there is no need to declare independence."

Boom! Lee Teng-hui just did it! He declared Taiwan's independence. But he did it using the typical duplicitous, Washington double-speak. As was the "humanitarian mission" during NATO dropped thousands of bombs on Serbia to "save lives."

But Lee Teng-hui went a step beyond duplicity and into outright lying. His assertion - that Taiwan has been a sovereign state since 1912 - is a historical abomination equivalent of the KLA's claim that Kosovo, the cradle of the Serbian civilization for a thousand years, has been Albanian territory all along.

For those among the TiM readers who may be a bit thin on Chinese history, let us refresh some facts.

On Aug. 14, 1945, as Japan announced its surrender, the Kuomintang (China's Nationalist Party led by Chiang Kai-shek) tried to implement a constitutional government in mainland China. Despite boycott and sabotage by the Chinese communists, the Kuomintang was able to convene the national assembly on Dec. 25, 1946, and write the Constitution of the Republic of China. The government promulgated the constitution on the New Year's Day 1947. In May of that year, Chiang Kai-shek was elected the first president of the Republic of China under the constitutional rule.

Meanwhile, in 1946, the Chinese communists started an all-out rebellion, led by Mao Zedong, supported by the SovietTaiwan-map.gif (11867 bytes) Union, and encouraged by an ambiguous U.S. China policy (Washington and Moscow were still WW II allies back then). A civil war ensued. The communists won. On Jan. 27, 1949, Chiang Kai-shek stepped down as president, and fled to Taiwan, leaving the mainland to the communist rule.

For 22 years thereafter, it was Taiwan (i.e., the "Republic of China") that held China's seat at the United Nations. Taiwan was expelled in 1971 by a two-thirds vote of the U.N. General Assembly, and replaced by the communist China (i.e., the "Peoples Republic of China").

This diplomatic ouster was the start of a "kiss and make up" process, driven by the Princes' business interests. Like the British colonials more than a century before3, the American-based multinational companies knew their math. The market closed to them at the time had nearly one billion people. The one America had been supporting on account of its "capitalistic" ideology, had a population of only 17 million.

So in 1972, Washington also dumped Chiang Kai-shek, as the Princes dispatched their Golden Boy of the day, Richard Nixon, on a "historic" first visit by an American president to communist China.

A devastated Chiang Kay-shek died shortly after that. He was succeeded by his son, Chiang Ching-kuo, who ruled Taiwan until 1988, when the current president, Lee Teng-hui, took over, following Chiang Ching-kuo's death.

After 47 years and three rulers of the "Kuomintang Dynasty," Taiwan held its first-ever direct presidential election on Mar. 23, 1996, when Lee Teng-hui became its first elected leader. And now, this head of the Nationalist Party, whom many Taiwanese see as America's dough boy, is lecturing Beijing on only on democracy, but also criticizing mainland China for its "nationalist" policies:

"The Chinese mainland has placed an excessive emphasis on nationalism… Only when a free and democratic system has been implemented on both sides of the Taiwan Strait will the peace and security of Asia be ensured," Lee Teng-hui told the Deutsche Welle.

Talk about a kettle calling a pot black! A nationalist accusing the communists of nationalism. A member of the dynasty which ruled Taiwan for 47 year by martial law, offering lessons on democracy.

As if his virtual "declaration of independence" were not enough of a poke in Beijing's eye, Lee Teng-hui then added insult to injury, revealing who may be really behind his emboldened challenge to the "one China" policy:

"The ROC (Taiwan) values our cooperation with the United States. For many years, the United States has made necessary defensive weapons available to the ROC. Exchanges in every area of economics, culture, science, and technology have continued to grow. In the foreseeable future, the cooperation in security between the Republic of China and the United States will still be one of the important factors for maintaining stability in the Taiwan Strait."

Ever since, threats and insults have been flying back and forth furiously between Beijing and Taipei, and across the Pacific. And the Chinese and the Taiwanese air force jets have been playing the cat and mouse games over the Taiwan Strait.

On Aug 6, the Beijing military leaders ordered the Chinese air force to strike first in any confrontation with Taiwanese fighter jets, according to a Hong Kong newspaper. Three days later, China also barred Pope John Paul II from visiting Hong Kong during his Asian tour later this year, citing the Vatican's diplomatic ties with rival Taiwan.

And on Wednesday (Aug. 11), the Beijing government-controlled media boasted that, in case of a war, its army would roll over Taiwan in no more than five days, according to a Reuters report. "The Chinese people do not hope for war but are not afraid of war," the newspaper quoted the late leader Deng Xiaoping, still a revered communist icon in China.

The paper also said that no Taiwan politician was "willing to be nailed to the historical pillar of shame along with Lee Teng-hui." The official Xinhua news agency quoted the Chinese military analyst, Peng Guangqian, as saying that Lee was "courting destruction." And that the Taiwanese president was a "deformed test tube baby cultivated from the political laboratory of international anti-China forces."

That's funny. For a moment, we thought the Chinese analyst was referring to Bill Clinton. Just substitute "anti-American" for the "anti-China" phrase.

For its part, Taiwan first rankled China by buying the diplomatic recognition of Macedonia for $1 billion on the eveclinchin.jpg (26015 bytes) of the Kosovo War (see "China Kicks U.N. Butt Out of Macedonia," TiM GW Bulletin 99/3-1, Mar. 5, 1999). And the Taipei government also dangled $2 to $4 billion before the Papua-New Guinea's nose in early July, hoping to land a consulate on this Pacific island (see The Australian, July 7).

Finally, Taiwan, a country with only 29 diplomatic allies in the world, launched this week (Aug. 12) its annual bid to (re)join the United Nations. Twelve small countries from Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America have asked U.N. Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, to put Taiwan's membership on the agenda of the General Assembly meeting that starts next month. The move is certain further to infuriate Beijing, adding fuel to the intra-Chinese fire.

But can the fire be contained within China? When Beijing conducted intimidating war games in waters near Taiwan in the run-up to the island's first direct presidential elections in March 1996, the United States sent two aircraft carrier battle groups to the area. No word as yet as to whether or not Washington is doing anything more this time other than engaging in a war of words with Beijing.

Meanwhile, the "perpetual commerce through perpetual war" NWO universe may well be spinning out of control. No surprise there. Here's, for example, what John Taylor, a TiM reader from South Africa, wrote over a year ago on that topic, in response to a TiM editorial (see "A Prelude to a World War?" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-3, Aug. 6, 1998):

"In the past, the prelude to a war has always been preceded by the money masters building up the country and war machine beforehand, and then relying on the greed of the dictator (with some egging on by the money masters, or by creating other threats ) to pull them into the required conflict. It happened to Hitler; it happened to Saddam. Is it happening to China?"

John Taylor, South Africa

To which we replied back in August of last year:

"TiM Ed.: Absolutely, John. You're a good student of history... Remember that old joke… Question: 'What's the difference between mechanical and civil engineers?' Answer: 'Mechanical engineers build the weapons; civil engineers build the targets.' Right now, both western engineering breeds are engaged in building up China. Just as they had been in Iraq, etc. China ought to be a big target, for sure. The only question is - could it be too big for mankind's good?"

But before that happens, the Princes will be asking the question, "Who Lost China?" And knives will be out for the culprit. Heads will roll.

Not because the NWO leaders mind wars. On the contrary. God knows they've started enough of them. But you don't lose a quarter of a trillion dollars which the Princes have invested into China and expect to hang around (see "Two Faces of Globalism: Of Yin and Yang").

Ironically, one China, speaking with two (angry) voices, about the three special cases (Hong Kong, Macau4, Taiwan), might achieve more than the corrupt NWO Senate did to help America remove the Clinton Cancer from the Presidency. And it also may help rid the world of the "Four Horsemen of the NWO Apocalypse" - Greed, Arrogance, Murder and Ethnic-cleansing (GAME) - the real name of the NWO GAME.

Meanwhile, where are the 27 globalist Clinton cheerleaders now? (the former presidents and their senior officials who drum-rolled Clinton's trip to China). Checking out where the nearest fallout shelters are, in which to seek shelter from the fallout of their "kiss Red China's butt" policies?

They may be able to hide there from the wrath of one Jiang Zemin, but where will they hide from the American people? For, the $253 billion U.S. trade deficit they helped generate on behalf of the Princes, their bosses, translates roughly into at least 2.5 million American jobs vanishing, mostly across the Pacific (see TiM GW Bulletin 98/8-1, Aug. 2, 1998).

But what sort of a dragon may the world face instead, if China does become the "great economic and political power in the 21st century," as the Princes' stooges were hoping? Whatever the answer, chances are that, if the Clinton warmongers do manage to start yet another war, hoping it would help them extend their stay in office, it may well be their last. Unfortunately, it may also be our last.

How distant and how nostalgic does "the climactic day of President Clinton's trip to China" now seem, even though June 27, 1998 was just over a year ago. And how ridiculous does the Washington Post's exaltation sound - that "a new China policy was born." And how empty do the Jiang and Clinton words ring - that China and the United States have become "partners, not adversaries;" and that it is a "partnership and honest friendship."

Partnerships like that are made in hell. As was Hitler's and Stalin's in the 1930s. Where are the NWO violins now? Practicing the requiems for future funeral wakes?hk-map.gif (44432 bytes)



1. The 24 former senior U.S. government officials, most members of the Council for Foreign Relations and other globalist organizations, were - in alphabetical order James Baker III, Michael Blumenthal, Nicholas Brady, Harold Brown, Zbigniew Brzezinski, Frank Carlucci, Dick Cheney, Warren Christopher, Lawrence Eagleburger, Alexander Haig, Henry Kissinger, Anthony Lake, Robert McFarlane, William Miller, William Perry, Colin Powell, Donald Regan, Elliot Richardson, William Rogers, James Schlesinger, Brent Scowcroft, George Schultz, William Simon, Cyrus Vance.

2. Also check out "Ode of Hong Kong."

3. When the British textile manufacturers sent a trade delegation to China a century and a half ago, they returned to England marveling at the size of the Chinese market. "If only we could get each Chinese to wear his/her shirt sleeves one inch longer, the textile mills of Lancashire would be busy for the next 100 years," the trade delegation reported to the British Parliament. Some 100-plus year later, the Chinese can wear any length of shirt sleeves they please - most made in China and exported to Britain or America - while the textile mills of Lancashire rust as monuments to western businessmen's folly.

macau-map.gif (74860 bytes) 4. Macau is a Portugese colony west of Hong Kong, due to revert back to mainland China on Dec. 20, 1999.

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