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Sunday, Jan. 4, 1998



By Bob Djurdjevic

If three strikes are sufficient to send someone from the plate into the dugout, then four, five... and counting was the number of blows delivered to the Christians around the world this Christmas of 1997.

Yet, the non-Christian batters are still at the plate, swinging and hitting... swinging and hitting... emboldened by the relative silence of the frightened or stupefied Christians. Which is why it may be time for Jesus again to come to his peoples' rescue, as He did nearly 2,000 years ago.

Evidently, hate is back in vogue in America. But this time, hate is displaying its ugly face as a dictatorship of minorities. Incredibly perhaps, in a country which has been inhabited by a Christian majority for centuries, anti-Christian venom is being spread across America. And not just across America. It is a global anti-Christian virus being disseminated deliberately by the New World Order elite.

["In a joyous Christmas message to the world, Pope John Paul II hailed the Jews as the people who gave Jesus Christ to mankind," CNN reported on Dec. 25. The Pope said that, "the birth of the Messiah (is) the central event in the history of humanity. The whole human race was awaiting it with a vague presentiment; the chosen people awaited with explicit awareness."  The day before a Hanukkah candle was lighted at the Vatican for the first time in history, as the Pope also called the Jewish  people Christianity's "elder brothers."]

Georgie Anne Geyer's Dec. 27 piece attacking the Russian Orthodox church is one example. A truly disgusting cartoon was published alongside the Geyer piece, which depicts the "Other Christian Faiths" nailed to the "Russian Orthodox Church" cross. Meanwhile, the godless globalists are now also promoting a "Black Christmas" - Kwanzaa - a non-religious African-American holiday invented during the civil rights protests in the 1960s.

On Dec. 26, ("Kwanzaa Day"), CNN Headline News led all its top stories from around the world with a report which gave Kwanzaa more coverage than it did to some Christmas celebrations. Is this part of another effort to pry away the blacks from Christianity?

Coincidentally, "Kwanza" is actually a Swahili word for currency, i.e., money, according to the Webster dictionary. In other words, the Kwanza followers and the non-Christian NWO seem to worship the same Golden Calf - the Almighty Dollar.

Meanwhile, the American Civil Liberties Union has reportedly forced on unconstitutional grounds the City of St. Ann, Missouri, to remove a nativity scene from in front of its City Hall in future years, according to a Dec. 24 news report.

At the same time, there has been no word of any similar actions by the ACLU to make the citizens of Ladue, a predominantly Jewish suburb of St. Louis, take down any Jewish religious symbols. Nor should there be. After all, America is a country which has always prided itself about its freedom of religion and speech - hasn't it?

But wait. How many U.S. Constitutions are there? As far as this writer is aware - only one. So how is it possible to declare the actions of one religious group unconstitutional, while condoning the same by others?

It isn't possible, of course. Not in a world ruled by logic, reason and fairness. Which is why the preceding Missouri story smacks of anti-Christian persecution. Will the ACLU, or some other anti-Christian group, demand next Christmas that the town of St. Ann change its name? And after that, how many years will it take before St. Ann's citizens are asked to renounce  Christ?

And then there is Stephen Spielberg's film, "Amistad," another anti-Christian movie released just before Christmas. Amistad is "Spielberg's attempt to do for slavery what he did for the Holocaust in ‘Schindler's List'," according to the Dec. 11 London Telegraph.

The latest Spielberg film is based on a true story of a mutiny on La Amistad, a ship in which slaves rise up and slaughter their captors. In other words, Mr. Spielberg is once again trying to open some old wounds, and incite old inter-racial hatred and violence. Why? Is that why this NWO protege got to attend the Clintons' White House gala dinner on Oct. 29 for the Chinese communist president, Jiang Zemin, another Christian oppressor?

Nor is this an exception. Have you noticed, for example, how Bill Clinton and Al Gore went to bat (justifiably) for blacks when some of the black churches had been burned in America but were nowhere to be found when the same types of hate crimes were perpetrated against Orthodox Christian churches in America? (such as against St. Sava Orthodox Christian church in Phoenix, for example, in Aug of 1996).

Even baseball's most incompetent referees would have relegated the anti - Christian "batters" to the dugout by now.

But they did not. Why not? Why are the anti-Christian batters at the plate still swinging and hitting... swinging and hitting...?

Because there is evidently a concerted and carefully coordinated effort by the NWO crowd to drive a wedge between Catholic and Orthodox Christians on the one hand, and between the black and white Christians, on the other hand. 

It's an old trick - divide and conquer. This time, it is being used against Christians while pushing the world toward a globalist/communist one-world religion.

God forbid! Yet, here we were, democratic, freedom-loving American Christians, naively celebrating "our" victory over communism only a few short years ago. As it turns out, it was a victory of the West Side (Wall Street) anti-Christian gang over their East Side (Kremlin) anti-Christian rivals. For, both materialistic gangs have had only one goal for the last century or so - destroying Christianity!

The five strikes against Christ during the Christmas of 1997 illustrate that nothing has changed since the end of the Cold War. Nothing except that we now have a new crop of Christian traitors among us.

"Fool me once - shame on you; fool me twice; shame on me," goes an old proverb. Will Christians the world-over allow themselves to be fooled three, four, five... times before realizing that they are the NWO's designated sacrificial lambs? Has the time come for the lambs, brought up on turning the other cheek, to rebel against the NWO hyenas, brought up on killing the meek and mild? Just as the slaves of La Amistad did to their captors?


Phoenix, AZ

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