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TiM GW Bulletin 98/5-2

May 1, 1998

U.S. Death Merchants - 80; U.S. Taxpayers - 19.

Predictably, the U.S. Senate Drops the NATO Hot Potato

Now, Let's Hold Their Feet to Re-election Fire


PHOENIX - The NATO expansion debate is now over in the U.S. Senate. The final score is:

U.S. Death Merchants - 80; U.S. Taxpayers - 19.

In other words, it was a blow-out, to borrow a sports term!

Until the next round that is. For come next November, we - the U.S. taxpayers - will get to cast our votes on re-election bids of some of the 81 Senators who sold us down the river to the America's death merchants. The latter corporations pumped $33 million dollars since 1990 into our "democratic" representatives campaigns, according to Col. David Hackworth, in the hope this may help "sharpen their (the Senators) thinking" when the time to vote and be counted comes (see TiM GW Bulletin 98/4-3, 4/29/98).

It did. Eighty U.S. senators took the bait and cast their votes on behalf of the death merchants, and against the U.S. taxpayers (plus Jon Kyl of Arizona, whose staff told us today that he was "absent" at the time of the vote, but that he "was in favor" of the NATO expansion). But even the time when they did it - well past most East Coast morning media deadlines - suggested that the vote was orchestrated to receive MINIMAL ATTENTION by the U.S. electorate. After all, by the time your local paper gets to report it, if at all, it will be "old news" by Saturday morning, probably tucked inside some back pages. Some Clinton-Lewinsky-Jones- Starr-Hubbel (not a telescope! :-) -story will have been planted to hit the headlines by Saturday morning, so as to overshadow one of the most egregious examples of betrayal of the American people by our elected representatives.

Let's not let "them" (the New World Order elite) get away with that! Let's give them a piece of our minds. But even if you're not the feisty type, tuck it in the back of your brain. It may come handy the next time you're in a voting booth (such as in November of this year).

Arkansas, Idaho, Nevada, North Dakota and Vermont were the only states whose BOTH senators voted against the NATO expansion. So you may note that the U.S. patriotism, or common sense - take your pick - does seem to run in clusters.

Also, at least one Senator from nine other states (Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Virginia), chose to side with the U.S. taxpayers.

So only 19 of the 100 U.S. Senators gave a hoot about what we think. Only 19 of the 100 U.S. Senators voted their with conscience, rather than their with wallets. As for the rest of  Senators... "good riddence" is the most appropriate term which comes to mind.

As George Kennan, now age 94, told the New York Times columnist, Thomas Friedman, "I think it (the Senate vote) is the beginning of a new cold war...  I think it is a tragic mistake.   There was no reason for this whatsoever.  No one was threatening anybody else.   This expansion would make the Founding Fathers of this country turn over in their graves." 

Kennan was the architect of the successful U.S. "containment" policy of the Soviet Union.  He is one of the great American statesmen of the 20th century who joined the State Department in 1926, and served as the U.S. ambassador in Moscow in 1952.   His parting comment to Mr. Friedman was, "this has been my life, and it pains me to see it so screwed up in the end" (see the New York Times OpEd, May 2, 1998).


And now, here are the 81 Senators who qualified for this year's Truth in Media's...

"Hall of Shame:"


Abraham (MI)                 Faircloth (NC)                 Lott (MS)

Akaka (HI)                 Feingold (WI)                 Lugar (IN)

Allard (CO)                 Feinstein (CA)                 Mack (FL)

Baucus (MT)                 Ford (KY)                 McCain (AZ)

Bennett (UT)                 Frist (TN)                 McConnell (KY)

Biden (DE)                 Glenn (OH)                 Mikulski (MD)

Bingaman (NM)                 Gorton (WA)                 Moseley-Braun (IL)

Bond (MO)                 Graham (FL)                 Murkowski (AK)

Boxer (CA)                 Gramm (TX)                 Murray (WA)

Breaux (LA)                 Grams (MN)                 Nickles (OK)

Brownback (KS)                 Grassley (IA)                 Reed (RI)

Burns (MT)                 Gregg (NH)                 Robb (VA)

Byrd (WV)                 Hagel (NE)                 Roberts (KS)

Campbell (CO)                 Hatch (UT)                 Rockefeller (WV)

Chafee (RI)                 Helms (NC)                 Roth (DE)

Cleland (GA)                 Hollings (SC)                 Santorum (PA)

Coats (IN)                 Hutchison (TX)                 Sarbanes (MD)

Cochran (MS)                 Inouye (HI)                 Sessions (AL)

Collins (ME)                 Johnson (SD)                 Shelby (AL)

Coverdell (GA)                 Kennedy (MA)                 Smith (OR)

D'Amato (NY)                 Kerrey (NE)                 Snowe (ME)

Daschle (SD)                 Kerry (MA)                 Stevens (AK)

DeWine (OH)                 Kohl (WI)                 Thomas (WY)

Dodd (CT)                 Landrieu (LA)                 Thompson (TN)

Domenici (NM)            Lautenberg (NJ)            Thurmond (SC)

Durbin (IL)                 Levin (MI) Torricelli (NJ)                      

Enzi (WY)                 Lieberman (CT)                                     

NOTE: Kyl (AZ) did not vote "is in favor of NATO expansion," per his staff.

And now, here are the 19 Senators to whom this writer has sent personal messages, thanking them for standing up for "America the Beautiful."

"Hall of Fame:"


Ashcroft (MO)                 Hutchinson (AR)                 Smith (NH)

Bryan (NV)                 Inhofe (OK)                 Specter (PA)

Bumpers (AR)                 Jeffords (VT)                 Warner (VA)

Conrad (ND)                 Kempthorne (ID)                 Wellstone (MN)

                      Craig (ID)                    Leahy (VT)                         Wyden (OR)

                    Dorgan (ND)                 Moynihan (NY)

                       Harkin (IA)                   Reid (NV)

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