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Aug. 12, 1999

Special Truth in Media Reports on NATO's Kosovo War explosion.gif (16495 bytes)and "Peace"bomb.gif (3054 bytes)

S99-136, "Peacefarce" 30

FROM PHOENIX, ARIZONAnatologo-animated.gif (3783 bytes)    Topic: BALKAN AFFAIRS

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Aug. 12, 1999 - "Peace" 30


Moscow                         1. A Game of NWO War Dominoes: Yesterday Kosovo;

                                          Today Dagestan; Tomorrow Taiwan? Whom to Bomb Now?

London                          2. German General Tapped to Command British Troops in

                                          Kosovo? What About the Russian, American KFOR Troops?

New York                      3. "Jews Don't Vote for Jews" - a Reaction to the TiM

                                          Bulletin on Hillary Clinton's Jewish Family Ties


1. A Game of NWO War Dominoes: Yesterday Kosovo; Today Dagestan; Tomorrow Taiwan? Whom to Bomb Now?

MOSCOW, Aug. 11 - The game of NWO globalist geopolitical war dominoes continues. Just as one crisis subsides, the protagonists of the "perpetual commerce through perpetual war"-strategy ignite new ethnic flash points around the world.

In the Balkans, the globalist war dominoes quiz goes like this… What falls after Slovenia and Croatia? Answer: Bosnia. What falls after Bosnia? Answer: Kosovo? What falls after Kosovo? Answer: Montenegro. What falls after Montenegro? Answer: Vojvodina or Sandzak - take your pick.

And all of them fall into NATO's lap, meaning all are a part of the three-prus-ring.gif (44632 bytes)ronged global NWO anti-Russian strategy - links in an iron ring around Russia's western (European) neck (see the map).

In the Caucasus, the geopolitical war dominoes quiz goes like this… What falls after Ossetia1? Answer: Nagorno-Kharabak. What falls after Nagorno-Kharabak2? Answer: Abkhazia. What falls after Abkhazia3? Answer: Chechnya. What falls after Chechnya4? Answer: Dagestan. What falls after Dagestan? Hopefully Boris Yeltsin, rather than radioactive fallout from a nuclear war.

For, if NATO were to act consistently with its strategy which led to the bombing of Serbia over Kosovo, right now this western alliance should be threatening to bomb Moscow over Dagestan; London over Northern Ireland; Tel Aviv over Palestine; Ankara over Kurdistan; India over Kashmir; China over Tibet; Indonesia over East Timor… Fat chance, we know. For the cowardly NWO terrorists only pick on the weak.

Here's what we wrote about that in March 1998, more than a year before NATO's bombing of Kosovo began on (Mar. 24, 1999):

"The double standard of the NWO globalist elite is obvious… Where was then the outrage of the self-righteous 'international community?' (when all above transgressions and aggressions took place). Where were then the 'no fly' zones, sanctions, NATO bombings, 'peacekeeping' missions? Why isn't sauce for the goose also sauce for the gander?… Guess the only reason the NWO elite didn't apply the sanctions on Russia, or threaten a military intervention in Chechnya, is because they are still scared of her nuclear power. Much easier for this pack of NWO hyenas to beat up on small and weak nations, like Serbia.")

Meanwhile, all of the Caucasus dominoes fall into the second part of the three-pronged global NWO anti-RussianwpeF.jpg (96069 bytes) strategy - links in an Islamic ring around Russia's soft southern underbelly (see the map above).

The third global NWO anti-Russian strategy prong is in the Far East, where the NWO schemers were hoping to build up their influence on China, and use it as a far-eastern ring around Russia's Pacific neck. But that one is not going so well, after the spying scandal in the U.S, NATO's bombing of the Chinese embassy, and the warming up in the Sino-Russian-Indian relations (see S99-91, Day 65, Items 2 and 3, May 27). So the NWO warmongers are now working on Plan B - stirring up the old feud between Taiwan and mainland China, and thus opening up a potential new far eastern front in the foreseeable future, instead of a Sino-Russian conflict.

What do all these NWO globalist geopolitical war dominoes have in common? Well, one thing is that they are playing havoc with computer users' spellcheckers. Strange names of distant places in white memory spaces suddenly pop up, bleeding red (underline) ink of frantic spellcheckers over the MS Word white pages. Having been built in the good old days of the Cold War, these relics of a stable world order are unable to keep up with NWO-ignited explosion of new nations and creations. By the time computer users get annoyed at looking at all this red ink on their white MS Word pages, and add the strange names of distant places in white memory spaces to their personal dictionaries, real ethnic blood starts oozing out of the global war domino of the day.

Enter today's news - the escalating fight between Islamic insurgents in Dagestan and the Russian army trying to keep law and order, not to mention this Caucasus province within the Russian Federation (see the map).

Of course, don't count on NATO to intervene in this "crisis." Way too much firepower on Moscow's side for the NATO brass dummies who had been fooled even by the Serb dummies designed by an amateur cartoonist (S99-131, "Peace" 25, Item 3, July 31). But it may be instructive to consider in the context of the "Dagestan Crisis" a TiM piece published about a year and a half ago. That's when the western-funded and trained Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) started stirring up big trouble in Kosovo (see "Kosovo: 'Bosnia II', Serbia's Aztlan, Chechnya" - TiM GW Bulletin 98/3-1, 3/06/98). Here's an excerpt:

"Here we go again... 'Bosnia II' is in the making in the Serbian province of Kosovo. The U.S. government officials are stoking the fires of another ethnic war while publicly opposing it. They are playing their usual, duplicitous roles pulling the strings behind the scenes. Just as they kept adding fuel to the ethnic fire in Bosnia while claiming to douse it."

Two days later, we added the following update (see TiM GW Bulletins 98/3-2, 3/8/98):

"The Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, condemned Saturday (Mar. 7, 1998) the Serbian police counterattack against the Albanian terrorists in Kosovo upon her arrival in Rome, Italy, after a visit to the Ukraine. She threatened Serbia with tough countermeasures after the Monday (Mar. 9, 1998) meeting of the 'Contact Group' in London (U.S., German, Britain, France, Russia and Italy). 'We are not going to stand by and watch the Serbian authorities do in Kosovo what they can get away with doing in Bosnia,' she said.

So what Albright said was like stating during the Los Angeles riots, for example, 'we are not going to stand by and watch' while the police battle the rioters, or terrorists who had crossed the border from Mexico to stir trouble and force a secession of California from the U.S. 'No Siree... we're not going to stand by and watch... We'll send in the Delta Force to wipe out the LAPD. Then, we'll impose a 'no fly' zone over Southern California, slap the U.N. sanctions on the whole state, and send in the U.N. 'peacekeepers.' Terrorists have rights, too, you know.'

What would then follow, according to the 'Bosnia II' script, is the recognition of Southern California as a new country, maybe under the name Western Aztlan, its admission to U.N., and the installation of a puppet government in Los Angeles, probably Hispanic-led, but definitely leftist in ideology.

No wonder some have derisively called this trigger-happy Secretary of Hate - Madam Halfbright. Bosnia is another country. Kosovo is Serbia's internal affair. Scores of western officials have affirmed the territorial integrity of Kosovo within Serbia, including as recently as last week (Feb. 27, 1998) by the special U.S. envoy to the Balkans, Robert Gelbard, known as a "diplomatic Doberman" to the State Department insiders.

Meanwhile, back in real America, Richard Holbrooke, the chief Dayton Agreement architect, joined Albright in saber rattling. He told CNN's Judy Woodruff on Mar. 6 that he had spoken with the Secretary of State about the Kosovo situation, and that the U.S. may resort to the use of force against Serbia.

'The only way we finally ended the war in Bosnia was when we were ready to confront and people ready to confront the need to use force,' he said. 'And I think the President showed in Bosnia two years ago, and in Iraq a week ago, that he is ready to use that if necessary. And I do not think the Serbs should go around thinking this is 1991-92 all over again when the U.S. said we don't have a dog in that hunt. We have 8,000 troops in Bosnia, 500 in Macedonia, and we care about stability in that area.'

And so, here we go again… Kosovo yesterday, Dagestan today; Taiwan tomorrow… Strange names of distant places in white memory spaces bleeding first, the red spellchecker ink; before real ethnic blood starts oozing out of the global NWO war domino of the day. And all that - so that the "death merchants" and their other industrial partners in crimes against humanity - can improve their earnings by a few cents per share. To the applause of the Wall Street sharks (see "Death Merchants'" View: "War Is Great; Peace Sucks," Issue S99-83, Day 57, Item 1, May 19). And other NWO warmongering quacks.


FOOTNOTES: 1. South Ossetian minority in the former Soviet republic of Georgia started a fight for independence and (re)union with North Ossetians (Russia) in 1990, after Georgia became an independent state. Parallels with the plight of Bosnian Serbs and their war of independence and (re)union with Serbia are unmistakable. It's just that Bosnia's recognition by the NWO came in 1992.

2. Since 1991, the Nagorno-Kharabak region in Azerbaijan, populated mostly by Armenians, has been also fighting a war of independence and for the right to join the mother country (Armenia).

3. Abkhazia is the western region of the former Soviet state of Georgia, which declared independence in July 1992, and has been at war with Georgia ever since.

4. Chechnya's war for independence from Russia took place in 1994-1995, when Islamic rebels murdered scores of Russians in this Russian province. Parallels with the Albanian KLA terrorist actions in Kosovo, which started in 1997, and escalated in 1998-1999 are unmistakable. The only missing ingredient is the NATO bombing and subsequent occupation of the Kosovo domino.


2. German General Tapped to Command British Troops in Kosovo? What About the Russian, American KFOR Troops?

LONDON, Aug. 8 - "British troops on active service are to be commanded by a German for the first time in almost two centuries," the London Telegraph reported on Sunday. Here's some of the rest of the two-centuries-worth Telegraph "scoop" (you can try to look up the full story at its Web site -

"General Klaus Reinhardt takes over from Britain's Lt. General Sir Mike Jackson as commander of the Kosovo peacekeeping force, KFOR, in the autumn. The appointment is expected to be announced next week. Gen Reinhardt, 58, takes Bismarck as his role model and is reputed to be fond of the Iron Chancellor's maxim: 'If a thing is worth doing, then it has to be done well.'

He began his career in a tough Gebirgsjäger mountain troops regiment - in some ways the equivalent of British units such as the Marines or the Paras. He has enjoyed a spectacular rise to his current position as Commander Allied Land Forces Central Europe (Landcent), responsible for defense against the former Soviet Union.

A spokesman for the German ministry of defense confirmed that Gen Reinhardt had been appointed to the job at a recent 'force generation' conference at Supreme Headquarters, Allied Powers Europe. The appointment has still to be ratified by Nato's political leadership, the North Atlantic Council, though this is expected to be a formality.

Lt Col Henning Philipp, Gen Reinhardt's spokesman, said: 'We expect to have a decision in the first half of next week.' Based in Pristina, the general will command the 45,000-strong KFOR contingent in Kosovo, including about 7,000 British troops. Kosovo is only Germany's second active operation since the Second World War - the first was Bosnia."


TiM Ed.: But no mention of the German general commanding the Russians? Or the Americans? Hm… wonder why not? Because CNN hasn't said so? Thought the Americans and the Russians were a part of the NATO "peacefarce" called KFOR?


3. "Jews Don't Vote for Jews" - a Reaction to the TiM Bulletin on Hillary Clinton's Jewish Family Ties

NEW YORK, Aug. 9 - Mitchel Cohen, a TiM reader from the Green Party of New York, and a member of the Greens/Green Party USA, sent us the following comment about the recent TiM GW Bulletin on Hillary Clinton's Jewish family ties:

"Plenty of Jewish people here in New York vote not on the basis of whether the candidate is Jewish, but on their politics -- and they won't vote for Hillary Clinton. Who cares whether the man who married her maternal grandmother -- by all accounts, quite an interesting character himself was Jewish? What matters is that Hillary Clinton is owned lock, stock and barrel by the giant insurance companies, and that she carefully managed the wrecking of any semblance of universal health care which, here in New York, is a major issue (since so many people have no coverage at all, and can't afford to buy into any of the existing plans). (Thereby) Hillary helped funding a medical industry composed of inflated, assembly line chop shops. anyway.

The Greens are now debating who to run in the Senate election. It is clear we won't be endorsing Hillary, nor will we support (the New York Mayor) Giuliani. (The latter, by the way, had city agencies collecting aid for 'Albanian Relief', while ignoring (and occasionally demonizing) the Serbian relief efforts!)

The Greens are also committed to running 50 anti-war congressional candidates across the country to oppose those who supported the bombing of Yugoslavia - Democrats and Republicans alike -- including a number of incumbents who might be considered 'friendly' to the Greens on other issues. Not that we stand a chance of winning most of these races, but the murderers must be held accountable for their votes.

Finally, there is plenty to criticize and condemn Hillary Clinton for... Feminism is not one of them, for she's no feminist. Hillary Clinton has repeatedly betrayed the interests of working class and poor women on issue after issue, in the interests of her insurance company masters.

Some of the leading opponents of the New World Order's bombardment of Yugoslavia consider themselves feminists, and your accurate attacks on Hillary should not be sullied and confused by what I consider to be your misleading and, well, dumb jibes at 'feminism' in general."

Mitchel Cohen, New York

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