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TiM GW Bulletin 99/8-2

Aug. 14, 1999

Bombing and Sanctions in Iraq...

The Forgotten War: Another Anglo-American Genocide

U.S.-British Bombing and the Sanctions of Iraq Are Every Bit As Illegal and Inhumane as NATO's Assault on Yugoslavia


HEADLINES, Aug. 14, 1999

Phoenix                           1. The Forgotten War: Anglo-American Bombing of Iraq

                                            Is Every Bit As Illegal As NATO's Attack on Yugoslavia

New York                      2. Sanctions Kill, Too! A Quiet Genocide Being

                                           Carried Out against the Iraqi People


1. The Forgotten War: Anglo-American Bombing of Iraq Is Every Bit As Illegal and Repugnant As NATO's Attack on Yugoslavia

PHOENIX, Aug. 14 - While the world's attention was focused on NATO's bombing of Serbia, another illegal Anglo-American aggression has been going on in the Middle East - the forgotten air war against Iraq. Over the past eight months, American and British pilots have fired more than 1,100 missiles against 359 targets in Iraq.

And what was the western public's reaction to this outrage? "What war?" The American masses, numbed down by TV and movie violence, and dumbed down by Washington's and London's "lie and deny" propaganda, simply shrugged, even though the Anglo-American aggression against Iraq is every bit as illegal, and thus repugnant, as was the U.S. and British-led NATO attack on Yugoslavia.

The preceding air strike totals are more than triple the targets attacked in four furious days of strikes last December, an assault that provoked an international outrage, according to the New York Times (also see "Klinton's Amerika: Israel's Tomahawk," the TiM GW Bulletin 98/12-7, filed on Dec. 21, 1998 from Western Australia). And they mean that the U.S. and British pilots have flown about two-thirds as many missions over Iraq as the NATO pilots flew over Yugoslavia in 79 days of the around-the-clock war in the Balkans.

But since the Iraq air strikes were spread out over a protracted period of time (eight months), the NWO establishment and its lapdog media have succeeded in making even war, death and destruction appear banal - by relegating it to the inside pages of newspapers, if at all.

Here's, for example, an excerpt from a news story filed by the Associated Press from Ankara on Aug. 13:

"U.S. warplanes bombed Iraqi defense sites in the northern no-fly zone near Mosul, about 250 miles north of Baghdad, said a statement from the U.S. European Command in Germany.

The bombing was (allegedly) triggered by Iraqis, who fired surface-to-air missiles and anti-aircraft artillery at U.S. warplanes, the U.S. military sources said on Aug. 13. Iraqi forces have repeatedly challenged allied planes in the zone since Dec. 28. Baghdad says the zones violate its sovereignty and international law."

The AP story, of course, was merely a regurgitation of a press release issued by the U.S. military. Which is why inserted above the word "allegedly" in brackets. "The Pentagon says the air strikes are merely defensive responses to the provocations, meant to protect the pilots," the New York Times said on Aug. 13). "But the targets American and British pilots strike are often not the ones that directly threaten them, especially since Iraq has placed many of its weapons in places the Pentagon says is meant to put Iraqi civilians at risk."


TiM Ed.: Notice the Times' qualification: "The Pentagon says" this; the "the Pentagon says" that… another tell-tale sign of a lapdog media, even when trying to bring out some morsels of truth.

Besides, the Times may we have forgotten how "credible" the Pentagon and NATO sources are. They also said, for example, that they had destroyed about 40% (i.e., 120) of the 300 Yugoslav Army's main battle tanks in Kosovo. After the war, however, a British Ministry of Defense inquiry discovered that the actual number was closer to seven! (see S99-114, "Peace" 8, Items 1 and 2, June 24, and S99-130, "Peace" 24, Item 2, July 29).


Meanwhile, back in Iraq, on Tuesday (Aug. 10) alone, the American A-10s and F-16s based in Kuwait or Saudi Arabia, and the F-14s and F-18s aboard the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt, attacked three anti-aircraft artillery batteries and two radar sites in southern Iraq, while F-16s and F-15s based in Turkey went after two communication centers in the north. Those attacks followed heavy strikes on Monday. And preceded Friday's strikes on Mosul.

One reason we said the latest Anglo-American aggression against Iraq was both illegal and repugnant is that these two countries took the "law" (of the jungle) into their own hands, without even bothering to wear the fig leaf of the United Nations-sanctioned attack (as in the Gulf War). The United States and its allies unilaterally created the "no-fly" zones - north of the 36th parallel and south of the 33rd (see the mapiraq-map.gif (21254 bytes)) - in the years after the Gulf War. Iraq has never recognized the zones, but rarely challenged allied patrols of them.

"After the December (Anglo-American) raids, however, Iraq declared the zones a violation of Iraq's sovereignty, and its troops have made good on threats to challenge them," the Times said. "Iraqi MiG jets dart in and out of the zones. Missile radars have tracked allied patrols and gunners have fired anti-aircraft artillery and surface-to-air missiles at them."

But Saddam Hussein's toying with our armchair warriors, like the two Willies - Clinton and Cohen, and our Secretary of Hate, Madam Halfbright - does have its purpose. Not only is it defending the Iraqi sovereignty, but it is also helping these Washington leaches milk the American taxpayers.

The fight over the "no-fly" zones, and the Anglo-American bombings of Iraq, are costing the U.S. taxpayers upwards of $1 billion a year. More than 200 aircraft, 19 warships and 22,000 American troops are devoted to the effort, according to the Times.

In other words, Saddam Milosevic is almost as good for the American and British "death merchants" and other multinational leaches' business as is Slobodan Hussein. Or is it the other way around? J

Either way, these two bogeymen are an indispensable part of the NWO global power play. Without such bogeymen, you could not justify international gangland-style aggressions (such as those carried out against Iraq, Bosnian Serb Republic and Serbia). Without the international gangland-style aggressions, you could not have wars. Without the wars, the "death merchants'" commerce would stink.

Remember "perpetual commerce through perpetual war"-principle? That's why both Saddam Milosevic and Slobodan Hussein are still in charge of Serbia and Iraq. Or is it the other way around? They are kept in power by the very NWO world class criminals who are bombing and killing the Serb and Iraqi people. For the sake of "perpetual commerce" and the Anglo-American geopolitical hegemony.


2. Sanctions Kill, Too! A Quiet Genocide Being Carried Out against the Iraqi People

NEW YORK, Aug. 13 - We have been saying for years that the sanctions, such as those applied against Iraq or Serbia, for example, are even more deadly than wars. And more cowardly than even the modern-day NWO air wars.

Of course, both air wars and the sanctions kill innocent people. But the sanctions are more indiscriminate. As we said in "Klinton's Amerika: Israel's Tomahawk:"

"Sanctions are like burning down a forest to kill a deer. Except that they kill people, not wild game.  Which makes certain nations fair game for our racist government."

Not only do the sanctions kill many more innocent people than do the bombs, but the terrible effects of the sanctions are felt through generations of people in the unfortunate target country (see the TiM GW Bulletins filed from Bosnia and Serbia in September-October 1993, for example - "Lift the Sanctions, Now!". and the Djurdjevic's Oct. 28, 1993 letter to the New York Times, "Meanwhile in Serbia, Quiet Genocide Goes On"). Kind of like the effect of nuclear bombs.

If the "civilized world" were really civilized today, it would have outlawed the use of sanctions BEFORE it did that for chemical warfare. Or is now feebly trying to do that for the use of landmines, with the U.S. government being the  main cog in the wheel all the way (which kind of puts in perspective how "civilized" our government really is).

We've written a number of times about how the western "reforms" in Russia, for example, are nothing more than the undeclared NWO sanctions against the innocent Russian people, including the unborn infants (Russia's mortality rate now ranks right along with that of the third-world African countries - see "Killing Russia Softly," and "Kremlin and Wall Street: Two Rival Gangs," TiM GW Bulletin 97/12-4b, Dec. 13, 1997, at our Web site).

But the main reason for our renewed interest in the genocidal effect of the sanctions was brought about by the first-ever major survey of child mortality rates in Iraq published since the Persian Gulf War in 1991 - by the U.N. The survey has found the children under five years of age are dying at twice the rate they had been before the conflict, UNICEF said on Aug. 12.


TiM Ed.: Some NWO media "delousing" is called for here… Here is how the New York Times, for example, one of the NWO lapdog media outfits, described the very same U.N. survey in its Aug. 13 edition:

"The first major survey of child mortality in Iraq since the Persian Gulf War in 1991 has found that in areas of the country controlled by President Saddam Hussein, children under 5 years of age are dying at twice the rate they were before the conflict, UNICEF reported Thursday."

In other words, blame the problem on the good old NWO bogeyman, Saddam Milosevic, not the bad ugly NWO genocidal criminals, like Clinton, Cohen, Berger or Albright. By the way, the preceding was the Times story's LEAD!


And now, read and weep over are some of the sad facts about the devastating effect of the Anglo-American sanctions on the Iraqi people:

"According to UNICEF, deaths of children under 5 in the south and central parts of Iraq, where 85 percent of the people live, more than doubled, from 56 deaths for each 1,000 live births in 1984-1989, to 131 deaths in 1994-1999. That matches the under-5 mortality rates of Pakistan, Haiti or Uganda."


TiM Ed.: Just in case all these strange names in distant places are not burning fiery holes in your white memory spaces, let us point out that the Iraqi infant mortality of 131 in the 1994-1999 period compares to Hong Kong's of 5.24 per 1,000 live births, for example.

And that's not genocide?

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