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TiM GW Bulletin 97/12-4b

Dec. 13, 1997

A "Russian Trilogy" - Part 2 of 3

Kremlin and Wall Street: Two Rival Gangs  

Three Articles; Three Reasons; Three Sources - One Conclusion: Nothing Much Has Changed Since the End of the "Cold War" Except That Perfidy Is Now a Global Trait



"Secret Forces in the History of Russia" - by Yuriy Begunov

PHOENIX - In this. second segment of a three-part series, we bring you some excerpts from a 1995 book, "Secret Forces in the History of Russia," which have just been translated into English by Mr. Yuriy Kirienko. Yuriy Begunov tells a chilling tale of how the destruction of Russia may have been planned at the very top of the Kremlin hierarchy. He leaves us guessing, however, as to where the orders came from, i.e. who told Mikhail Gorbachev to do what he did when he came to power in 1985.

Yuriy K. Begunov, "Secret Forces in the History of Russia," pp 232-236, 1995. "Fantastic stories" from the Epoch of "Perestroyka" and "Reform" (excerpts)

Professor Roman Antonovich Nadein is a well-known Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) mathematician. Yuriy Andropov, the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union (CPSU), and the Minister of Defense at the time, personally assigned Roman Antonovich to a very important task. With a group of other military workers named to a task force, Nadein was to produce mathematical calculations for the Soviet version of "anti-SDI" (President Reagan's "Star Wars" initiative)

In May 1985, Roman Antonovich came to Moscow to deliver to the authorities his completed work. At last, the job was finished. A medium size, type-written and bound volume landed at the bottom of a (government) safe.

The Directorate of the Ministry of Defense was satisfied. What bothered them, though, was that the project did not have an authorization from the General Secretary without whose approval the plan could not implemented. By that time, Mikhail C. Gorbachev had already become the General Secretary.

For 17 days, the Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) scientist lived at a Kremlin hotel, registered for an audience with the First Person of the Party. All was in vain. Those in power did not want to receive Roman Antonovich. Finally, during the last days of May, they told him that the General Secretary was busy, and besides, he considers it premature for his signature to appear upon this document. With a heavy heart, Roman Antonovich returned home.

But his fellow-mathematicians were resolved not to back off. So in September 1985, they again sent their colleague to Moscow in quest for truth. The result was the same (as in May). A colonel from the Ministry of Defense advised Nadein to address his question to Comrade Urasov. Urasov was a worker in the Central Committee of the CPSU located in the Old Square. That man took Nadein's request for an "explanation" seriously.

"Do you have time?," he asked. "Then sit down and read."

With those words, Urasov quickly opened the door to a safe and pulled out three bound volumes. The volumes were written in two languages, and were titled: "Perestroyka", "Reform", and "Completion".

At the start of the first volume, there was a long preamble about the horrible crisis which the humanity allegedly faces at the present time. It stated that by the turn of the 20th century, mankind could become endangered by a shortage of energy and raw materials. Anglo-Saxon experts on ecology arrived at the conclusion that the salvation of mankind depended on how well they could manage such general problems.

By that time, the U.S. President, Ronald Reagan, had called the USSR an "Evil Empire," and had started to search for solutions to those world problems at the expense of that country. After a destruction of the USSR, the destruction of the national state should follow, accompanied by a ten-fold planned reduction of its population.

The program was scheduled for implementation over the next three- to five-year span.

The first part, "Perestroyka," should last from 1985 through 1990. It should be carried out under the slogans of "Glasnost," struggle for socialism with "human face," and preparation of reforms for transition "from socialism to capitalism." One (Soviet) leader, supposedly the General Secretary, should be in charge of "Perestroyka".

The second volume was dedicated to "Reform". Its time frame was 1990-1995. It had the following goals:

1. Liquidation of the world socialist system.

2. Liquidation of the Warsaw pact

3. Liquidation of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

4. Liquidation of the USSR

5. Liquidation of the patriotic socialist consciousness

Another (Soviet) leader should be in charge of the "Reform".

The third volume, "Completion," called for a third leader to be in charge during that stage. Its time frame was from 1996 through 2000. This volume contained the following points:

1. Liquidation of the Soviet army

2. Liquidation of Russia as a state

3. Liquidation of such elements of socialism as free education and medical care , and substitution by the corresponding principles of capitalism - everything to be payable on individual basis

4. Liquidation of the replete and peaceful life in Leningrad (Sankt Petersburg) and Moscow

5. Liquidation of the communal and state property with introduction of private property everywhere

According to the typewritten text, the "Completion" stage included a simultaneous freezing out or starving the Russian population, and the building of highways to the seaports. Those roadways were supposed to carry the raw materials and the riches of Russia, supposedly to be transported abroad.

One government of the Earth with one ethnicity should take care of survivors, said the document, as a substitute for the lower-class (Slavic?) ethnicity. Meanwhile, thriving scientists of the West will be intensively working on the following subjects while supplied in the capitalist paradise with all their wants and needs:

1. Production of new technotronique technology

2. Building of aquatic manufacturing facilities

3. Building of satellite based manufacturing facilities for photosynthesis of organic matter

4. Search for new sources of energy

The West was hoping to solve many of its problems at the expense of Russia. And after squeezing Russia like a lemon, it intended "to transfer its territory to the Anglo-Saxon race." It was stated exactly in those words!

A shaken Nadein closed the volume and sighed. There are plenty of idiocies in this world. Urasov did not wish to explain anything, and left it to Nadein to figure out for himself what it all could possibly mean. Roman Antonovich returned home.

Many years had passed. Roman Antonovich kept observing ever-closer the match-up between the recommendations in the three-volume plan and the reality. To put it more precisely, the reality of the horrible USSR dissolution matched those recommendations to a tooth. The only question was whether or not these three volumes were truly on the desk of the "Foreman of Perestroyka" (Gorbachev) and his assistants?

Or could it be that the whole thing is nothing but a devil's delusion; that there never were such things as what the three volume had described? What was it then that Nadein was reading while at Urasov's? Was it a cleverly made fake prophecy? But why has it coincided with reality so painfully much?

The objectives of the first and second volumes have been apparently already fulfilled, hypothesized Roman Antonovich. But then, it also so happened that all of the nine people who had known about those three volumes have perished. Urasov was no longer alive, either.

The ghastly information burdened Nadein, and he wished to share it with someone. On a warm afternoon in May 1992, in one of the auditoriums of Sankt Petersburg University, Roman Antonovich told to me, a journalist, everything that he knew about the matter. After talking it over with him, we came to the conclusion that, should the contents of the three-volume set be true, then the events in this country were progressing ahead of schedule.

We also noticed that, although some of the objectives from the third volume had been reached ahead of schedule, they were not entirely fulfilled. What caused it? The Russian chaos? Resistance of the bureacrats? Or of the people? What held the Reformers back?

As of right now (1995), there is no answer to it. It is clear that something went wrong with the second volume, and especially with its fifth point - "Liquidation of the patriotic socialist consciousness."

After hearing the fantastic tales of the professor Nadein a thought crossed my mind that I may have already heard something like that before. Then I recalled that the magazine "Young Guards." In its issue No. 2, in 1991, the magazine printed an article with similar expositions authored by an economist and a political scientist - A.K. Tzikunov. He wrote under the assumed name - "Kuzmich," and the publication of this article cost him his life. He died on May 1991 at a hotel in the city of Nijne-Varovsk under obscure circumstances while on a business trip.

"Perestroyka", wrote Kuzmich, "is neither a Soviet nor a Russian word. It came into our lexicon from the International Law, and became a political term. It was originally produced in the lobby of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund" (IMF's Report 'Social Aspects of Structural Perestroyka').

The full definition of that term could be found in the document No. 276 (XXVII) dated September 20, 1983, Council for Trade and Development of the UN, decision No. 297 from 09.21.84, No.: 310 from 03.29.85 and so on. The report of UNIDO No. 339 from 1985 is especially interesting. It is titled "Perestroyka of the world industrial production and moving of the industrial facilities into the countries of Eastern Europe".

Here are (some of) "Perestroyka's" main ideas:

1. Industrial pollution in the developed countries has grown, while exports of raw materials failed to pay for itself. Profit margins became too low.

2. Moving out not only mining, but also process industries, outside the borders of developed countries.

3. Due to instability of the (developing) countries of Africa and Asia, giving preference to the territory of the USSR (John Skinner, President of Trans-National Corporation 'Business International': "Our goal consists of penetrating the Soviet Market, getting the possession of the cheap raw materials, and processing it there in the conditions of the cheapest labor").

"Perestoyka" should pass through the following stages:

1. 1985-1987 period of the initial accumulation of capital at the expense of the USSR

2. 1987-1990 capture of land and production

3. 1991-1992 merging of TNCs (Trans-National Corporations) and Soviet production

4. 1992-1995 final absorption of Russia

5. 1995-2005 creation of the World Government

After the operetta coupes in August 1991, and December 1991 in Belovejskaya Puscha, the "three knights" - Boris, Stanislav and Vladimir - dismembered the USSR. One of them also turned out to be the Knight of the Order of Malta and Cavalier of the Order of Goddess Bau. Russia, along with other former Soviet republics, was thrown to the predators to be torn apart.

Help came from an unxpected source. There were also some Russian patriots among the People's Deputies of the Supreme Soviet of Russian Federation. Upon learning about the enemy plans, they stood up in defense of Russia. The struggle between two unequal forces began. From the spring of 1992. until the autumn of 1993, the patriotic forces of the Supreme Soviet tried to withstand the pressure from the Gaidar-Yeltsin reformers.

Those reforms were forced upon the (Russian) society with almost incomprehensible cynicism and cruelty at the expense of the already pauperized working people - workers, peasants and the working intelligentsia. That was the essence of privatization, boundless in its inhumanity.

It resulted in stoppage of production and in a steep rise of the cost of living. It resulted in a decline of the defense capability of our country, and in an unrecoverable outflow abroad of between $1.5 to $2.0 billion a month. The showdown between the President and the Parliament so colorfully described by the deputy-poet, Ivan Saveliev, ended in the execution of the defenders of the (Russian) White House on the 3-4 of October 1993.

This event abruptly changed the political situation in the country, reversing the polarity of the information to the disadvantage of democracy. The author of the article "They turned it upside down" ("Truth", M., 1993. 02.22. C.4) writes:

"Again in Russia they put everything upside down. Are the Fascists dying to seize the power? But was it not Yeltsin himself who began the armed struggle with the opposition? Was not it Yeltsin who put the Parliament on fire and murdered the deputies?

This is how I and the people of my generation view the October events in Moscow. For us, it was an echo of 1933 when Hitler seized power in Germany, and began his rebellion against a democratic regime. The political regime introduced now in Russia by Yeltsin is also a rebellion. He persecutes his political opponents ... And he also attributes to them his own negative traits..."

Will we survive? The poet asked and answered his own question:

"Russia is always on her way. But who knows where this way leads?"

So far this three-volume set has not been found. Will it ever be found? Time will tell...

Tim Ed. And so, as we had said earlier, Begunov (the author) leaves us hanging. And free to conclude whatever we want from his expose. If the three-volume story is true, Gorbachev was a plant which the West Side gang managed to maneuver into a position of power at the East Side gang's headquarters. The fact that "Gorby" has always been despised in Russia, and celebrated in the West, speaks in favor of that theory.

But a bigger point which emerges from Begunov's story is that, either way, Russia had merely changed its masters. Either way, it has been the site of gangland warfare. The victorious West Side gang is now destroying the country even more brutally than had been the case with the post-Stalin East Side gang. No wonder people like Bill Clinton are so chummy with the Far East Side gang (the Chinese). "Birds of a feather flock together."

Lest we forget, even before the shooting started in Moscow in October 1993, Clinton had already declared his full support for Boris Yeltsin, the "reformer." CNN even carried on live TV the Yeltsin government's atrocity against its own pro-democracy people, many of them elected representatives no less.

Which is why it is amazing that there has been such a lack of a public outcry in our country against this crime against freedom and democracy, compared to the protests against the Tiananmen Square massacre, for example. Had we all fallen asleep at the wheel?

As a result, what the West Side gangsters started with the October 1993 murders, is now continuing with a physical extermination of the poorest segments of the Russian population, not to mention a wholesale plunder of its resources (see TiM Bulletins 97-04, 5/06/97, 97-06, 6/22/97, and "Killing Russia Softly," in 97-08, 8/04/97).

For example, the population of Russia has fallen by over half a million in the first nine months of 1997. During the January-September 1997 period, 964,800 people were born while 1,521,000 died - a drop of 556,200, according to the Russian State Statistics Committee. The BBC News and Russian news agency Interfax reported on Dec. 1 that as of Oct. 1, 1997, the population of Russia totaled 147.2 million people. Meanwhile, the death rate currently exceeds the birth rate in 70 of the 89 Russian regions.

In other words, what the West Side gang are doing to Russia is nothing short of genocide.

There is one other bone-chilling realization, however, which this chapter of Begunov's book brings to mind. The same West Side gangsters are also trying to seize power in the U.S. Having already claimed the White House, the State Dept., the NSA, the CIA, the FBI and a bunch of other powerful initials - they are now after our Constitution, our Bill of Rights, our Congress... the whole enchilada.

Neither the Lincoln bedroom nor the Arlington cemetery are sacred anymore.

So we have our own "Gorby-Traitors." Their names are Bill Clinton and George Bush, among others. Seeing how they have been treating our Christian brothers and sisters in Russia, ought to give the patriotic Americans a pretty good idea of what's in store for us if we don't stop the runaway non-Christian NWO freight train.

Nor do we need some three-volume sets, stashed away in secret vaults, to tell us that the process of enslavement and destruction of America the Beautiful is already well under way (see "Dancing 'round the Golden Calf," a WASHINGTON TIMES column, 8/31/97, and TiM GW Bulletin 97-09, 9/14/97).

The only questions are - how far are we lagging behind the destruction of Russia? And what are we going to do about it?

To be continued... GO TO PART 3

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