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Feb 29, 2008

Analysis of a Potential New Geopolitical Crisis in the Making

Russia's & NWO's Interests Clash in Kosovo

Washington Is Still a "Crisis Factory;" Clinton, Albright, Clark et. al. Should Also Be Tried for War Crimes against Humanity (Serb civilians)



on GNC (Genesis Communications Network)

SCOTTSDALE, Feb 29, 2008 - If you click on the link below, you can listen to a rebroadcast of the Bob Djurdjevic interview that originally aired live on Fri Feb 29 at 11AM Eastern (9AM Arizona):

Interview Highlights

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  • GNC Host introducing Bob as "a distinguished guest": Bob will unmask the anti-Christian policies of the Bush administration and show us while the New World Order hates the Russian president Putin.  Went on with all published credits.  For many years, you have devoted your energies to enlightening the American public about what's really going on in the Balkans.  But for most Americans, attention span is about 15 mins.  So for our listeners, would tell us what is the geopolitical reality of Kosovo; what is the history of the Serbs in Kosovo, and why is Kosovo such an important Christian foundation for the Serbs?"
  • Bob Dj.: The geopolitical significance of this entire region of the Balkans went up after the end of the Cold War, roughly in 1989, with the fall of the Berlin Wall.  That's because the country of former Yugoslavia, a conglomerate of six different "states," had been held together by strong arm methods of communists, especially Tito was president.  Once that went away, it created a political vacuum in a very important part of the world strategically.  Empires have fought over that piece of land called the Balkans for centuries.  It would be appropriate to call it a "graveyard of empires."  That's where the Turkish Ottoman empire met its end; that's where the Austro-Hungarian empire ended; that's where the Third Reich, Hitler's empire found its end, and so on and so forth...

So after the end of the Cold War, there was a race between Washington and Moscow to fill that vacuum.  Our government couldn't very well just move it the way Hitler and others occupied it.  So Washington incited secessions by various parts, knowing fully well this would lead to bloody conflicts.  That's because at the end, they could move in as "peacekeepers" or "peacemakers" and occupy the country as a "knights in shining armor" who are  brining peace to embattled combatants.

As to what happened with specifically with Kosovo, that was just one of the geopolitical dominos that fell during the course of the last 18 years.  Its geopolitical significance is that that's where the cross-currents of Europe and Asia meet.  This is where 80,000 Serbian knights stood on the ramparts of Christianity and faced the assault by the Islamic assailants from Asia, the Turks.  They lost, and about 500 years of Turkish occupation followed.  But eventually the Serbs overthrew the Turks in the 19th century, and Serbia became an independent country.

  • GNC Host: How long has Kosovo been a Christian spiritual heartland for the Serbs?
  • Bob Dj.: For as long as Serbia has been around.  It's kind of a birthplace of Serbia.  It's what Jerusalem is to the Jews.  For at least a 1,000 years, to answer your question directly.  But a tremendous demographic shift took place in the last century.  In 1929, the Serbs represented a 61% majority in Kosovo.  By 1961, they were only 27%.
  • GNC Host: Obviously, when international bankers draw up boundaries like this, they are almost certainly planning the next war.  Since there has been such a diminution of the Serbian population in Kosovo, obviously, there has been a massive amount of 'ethnic cleansing' of Serbs in the area.  The Kosovo so-called 'freedom fighters' were actually financed by the Bush-CIA drug money connection.  What has really been happening that the American people have not been told about?  We'll address that question after the break.


  • GNC Host: What percentage of the Kosovo population is Serbian today?
  • Bob Dj.: As far as I understand, probably less than 5%.  There is only one small area in northeastern Kosovo that's a Serbian enclave.  In the last nine years of the NATO and UN occupation, there has been a wholesale destruction of the Serbian Christian churches and other ancient monasteries.
  • GNC Host: How many monasteries have been approximately destroyed?
  • Bob Dj.: Certainly over 100.  If your listeners visit the Truth in Media web site, they can see the exact numbers as well as pictures of destruction.  But even more important that the number, these are priceless irreplaceable cultural objects that are in some cases 700, 800, 900 years old.  They are unique in the history of the world, not just the Serbian history.  And that's the kind of destruction that took place under the NATO supervision. You may have seen a video made by the Albanian soldiers desecrating a Serbian church.  In one of the scenes, you can even see them shooting at the cross inside the church.
  • GNC Host: Was this video shown on Fox News?
  • Bob Dj.: Of course, not.  If there were the truth in media, there would be no need for the Truth in Media, the non-profit organization under which I have been doing this.
  • GNC Host: What is your position on the question of the so-called Albanian 'freedom fighters' being financed by the Bush administration drug money?
  • Bob Dj.: I personally have no proof of it.  Like you, I've read stories about that. Certainly, common sense would suggest that somebody with significant money and influence would have to finance them.  KLA fighters were said to be wearing German-made uniforms and using NATO-type weapons.  Also, Richard Holbrooke, Clinton's special envoy to the Balkans in the 1990s, was filmed openly posing with the KLA terrorists as their friend and ally, with guns and all around them.  So there is no question that the U.S. government has been supporting the Albanian terrorists.  They only thing missing is when, and how and how much.
  • GNC Host: Was this video shown on Fox News?
  • Bob Dj.: Of course, not.  If there were the truth in media, there would be no need for the Truth in Media, the non-profit organization
  • GNC Host: Describing CIA planes landing in Mina, AK.
  • Bob Dj.: Describes the "Washington Crisis Factory" article.  New World order strategy is like a wolf in a sheep's clothing. The real NWO motto is not what the "lamb" says: "World peace through world trade."  The real NWO motto, as the wolf's actions show is, "perpetual war for perpetual commerce."  That's why they need a crisis factory so they could deploy their war machinery, such as in Iraq, Bosnia, and so many other places around the world.
  • GNC Host: You could not script a policy that is designed to spark ethnic hatred more than our government policies have been.
  • Bob Dj.: Talks about why Kosovo secession and recognition are unique.  Points to the map at the TiM web site that shows 23 potential ethnic conflagration points in Europe alone.  It's such a dangerous precedent.  
  • GNC Host:  We'll be back after the break....


  • GNC Host: Repeats the introduction.  Provides additional references to the TiM web site.  Bob, you have met the former Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic, and spoken to him extensively.  What were your impressions of him?
  • Bob Dj.: Well, I met him twice, both a long time ago, when he was still very powerful and very popular in Serbia.  That was in 1990 and 1992, before all these wars had started.  I tried to figure out if he was really a patriotic Serb, or maybe in cahoots with the NWO.  My impressions were that he was a very personable and charming man, as so many dictators are when they are not threatened.  But I tend to judge people by their actions, not their words.  And what we have seen from his actions was that, in the end, he was no friend of the Serbs.  He was not a friend of anyone, for that matter.  I believe that he was a man in for himself, a true died-in-the-wool communist. He did things that ended up being very harmful to the Serbs in the end.

When he was captured and taken to Hague to face war crimes trial, he was just one of many who were so charged.  Again, the number of accused was lopsided; most were Serbs even though many others committed war crimes, including the likes of Clinton, Albright, Gen Clark etc., who killed many Serb civilians and destroyed hospitals, schools etc.

  • GNC Host: Let's zero in on that, please.  If the same yardsticks were applied to Albright and Clinton, what would your conclusion be?
  • Bob Dj.: I've already answered that question in my columns many times.  I said that Milosevic did deserve to be tried for war crimes, but by the Serbian people for the crimes he had committed against Serbian national interests.  On the other hand, if the international community were to take justice in its hands and played it fair, then right next to Milosevic there should have been Clinton, and Albright, and Gen. Clark and these other people who have killed thousands of innocent victims in Serbia and other parts of the former Yugoslavia.  They deserve to be tried for war crimes every bit as much as the local chieftains.
  • GNC Host: It's interesting that the American media have created this misconception that Bush is a great Christian, while Vladimir Putin is an atheist.  What is the reality about Vladimir Putin?
  • Bob Dj.: Actually, both are myths created by the so-called mainstream media, which I call the "lamestream" media. The reason for this is that we always have to have villains.  And Russia has been the oldest and the greatest villain we've had, even though Russia has been traditionally more religious that this nation, or any other newfangled nation in the last 200 years.  Don't forget that the old name for Moscow is the Third Rome.  Moscow is also known as a 40 by 40 city.  It used to have 40 districts with 40 churches in each district. That's how deeply religious the Russian people are. 

Back to your question about Putin, he was one of the Russian leaders responsible in part for the rebuilding of many beautiful churches in Russia, like the big Christ the Savior Cathedral.  Putin is often seen in that cathedral with the head of the Russian Orthodox church, Alexei II, including as recently as last week.  So there is no question that Putin is a religious man who had found his religion, I am told, when his dacha was destroyed by fire.  He ran in to save his two daughters, I am told, and when the charred debris was cleared, the only thing not charred was the cross.  And that's what began his conversion from a communist to a spiritual man.

  • GNC Host: What we are witnessing is absolutely incredible.  They are jockeying in the official media for positions possibly leading to World War III.  If the Cold War is over, why are all these new countries joining NATO?  And then we have this absurd explanation by Condoleezza Rice that we are putting in the missiles around Russia to protect from Iran?  We'll be back after the break...


  • GNC Host: We're back with our distinguished guest, Bob Djurdjevic.  I would urge all of my listeners to visit Bob's web site (he again gives out the details re. TiM).  So again, they are in a process of encircling Russia with missiles.  The international banksters are obviously planning their next war.  These missiles are a dagger pointed a Russia.  They are a way to start WW III, in my opinion.  What is your opinion on what's going on there?
  • Bob Dj.: First of all, I agree with your assertion that Russia is still the Bogey No. 1 of the NWO.  As for those missiles, they had a two-fold purpose.  One is to put more military pressure on Russia's borders.  But the second one is to fill the pockets of our "death merchants."  Because every one of those former Soviet countries will have to replace almost its entire weapons arsenal with the NATO equipment.  And guess who manufactures those?  Our "death merchants," of course.  So it's got a dual purpose.  That's why I said "perpetual war for perpetual commerce" is the NWO motto.

Now, if your listeners go to our web site and find a world map I did back in 1995.  It shows "three iron rings," as I called them, around Russia's neck.  Explains what the rings were.  The Cold War is over, and yet nothing has changed except for one thing that works in Russia's favor.  And that is the high energy prices... that have enriched Russia beyond belief. So suddenly we have not only a militarily strong country that still can incinerate the world with its nukes, but we have a country with a newly flexing economic muscle, because of the $100+ per barrel oil.

And so that's a new wild card in the equation.  That could work to actually constrain Russia's choices, and actually mitigate against your WW III scenario.  Because Russia becomes a part of the NWO cartel now.  All these western oil companies are suddenly now Russia's customers. And thereby Russia gets drawn in into the web of globalism.

  • GNC Host: That's a brilliant analysis.  You mentioned your archives that are going back for years.  You've been fighting this good fight for a long time.  How many years have you been doing this?
  • Bob Dj.: The Truth in Media since about 1990.  But actually on and off since my childhood.  I left the former Yugoslavia because I was a part of the student uprising against the communist government in 1968.  And I remained in exile for 20 years.
  • GNC Host: So you've been a trouble-maker for a long time... [joking and laughing]
  • Bob Dj.: [also laughing]  Well, I don't know about a trouble-maker.  Maybe I'd stay with your first premise - an enlightening rod for the American public.
  • GNC Host: It's unfortunate that a vast majority of American people are so ill-informed.
  • GNC Host: What's been your experience with mainstream media?
  • Bob Dj.: Mine has been a token "opposing view" to create pretense of free press in mainstream media.  That's what I am... a token opposition to prevailing media views.  So to make sure of that, I rarely get interviewed or published twice in the mainstream media.  The New York Times, for example, made that very clear.  They published one of my OpEd pieces, and made it very clear that that was it; not to look for any more of my pieces being published.


  • Bob Dj. Closing Remarks: I want to bring Kosovo home to America.  What happened there to the Serbs could happen in our country.  Many Mexicans believe AZTLAN is still their land.  We are in the midst of a demographic takeover of the American Southwest.  We, Americans, could become the Serbs of Aztlan - if we allow demographic takeovers to become a legal and political power.
  • GNC Host: Close by Berry, paraphrasing an ancient Chinese curse: "We are living in interesting times."  Bob, thank you so much for being on the program.

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