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From Bretton Woods to Bosnia...

Also, from U.S. Income Taxes to Asian Crises and Other Global and Domestic Topics


PHOENIX, Jan. 9, 1998 - The Truth in Media editor and founder was a guest this evening on Charles Collins' nationwide radio show which aired live between 9PM and 11PM (MST) over Amerinet Broadcasting satellite and on shortwave radio via WRMI in Miami, Florida. The second hour was also picked up by the California-based Internet Truth Radio (http//

Mr. Collins is a 1996 independent presidential candidate from the state of Georgia. He is the chairman of the First Constitutional Committee, a stepping stone to a new party, First-All-American Constitution Party, which Mr. Collins says will be "a refuge and home for all Americans who love God, Country and Family, and who want the Constitution and Bill of Rights as the only planks for the Party platform." Mr. Collins also runs a very successful Internet polling organization, Netline to Congress (http//, which provides feedback to our elected representative on how their constituents feel about current issues.

Mr. Collins first decided to run for President of the United States as a Republican in 1994. But his popularity with the people bothered the Republican Party establishment, and they dropped him from "Top Ten Republican Candidate List." Why? Mr. Collins says that the Republicans admitted it was because he (1) sought to buy back the Federal Reserve System, (2) eradicate the National Debt, (3) restore all the People's rights under the Constitution that have been eroded away, (4) get the U.S. out of the United Nations, and (5) serve as a President who recognizes the People as Masters, and Elected officials as Servants.

In other words, dismantle the New World Order's machinery which has taken over our Republic. No wonder the NWO-controlled establishment Republicans dumped Mr. Collins, just as they later took down Pat Buchanan after the latter candidate defeated Bob Dole in the New Hampshire Republican primary in February 1996.

Well, now that you know a little more about the host of the two-hour radio program, here are some of the topics which we covered. They are not necessarily in order in which we discussed them.

U.S. DOMESTIC AFFAIRS (though some topics are also GLOBAL)

· "Dumbing down" and "Browning of America" (see Djurdjevic's column in the WASHINGTON TIMES, 8/31/97); How LBJ's 1965 Immigration Act changed the face of America to the benefit of the New World Order elite; and detriment of other Americans.

· "Demo Farce" (Djurdjevic's Nov/96 WASHINGTON TIMES column), or the "Republicrats," as Mr. Collins put it - both horses running for the same stable owner - Big Business.

· Proposed "fast track" legislation exemplified it. David Rockefeller's unusual letter to the New York Times (see "Vote the 'fast track' bill down!" - TiM GW Bulletin, 97/11-4, 11/07/97)

· Using PUBLIC funds (direct or IMF) to bail out PRIVATE interests - Mexico ($50B), Indonesia, Korea, Thailand... etc. (over $100B); why IMF is still "our money," i.e., the taxpayers' money, even if it doesn't seem that it is; spreading SOCIALISM globally.

· "Wall Street Hoover" - what's going to happen when the Baby Boomers start cashing their retirement checks en masse, and find out the funds had gambled them away on the stockmarket - American Revolution II?

· "The Great American Divide" A widening gap between rich and poor is wiping out the "middle class" in America, as the rich get richer, and the poor and middle class get poorer;

· Income tax is NOT the plutocrats' God-given right; from a 17-page first income tax law in 1913 to over 3,000 pages now.

Example: In the 1930s, the INDIVIDUALS' income tax was 1.4% of GNP; CORPORATE was 1.6% of GNP; In 1990, they were 8.8% and 2.0% of GNP respectively - a 6-FOLD increase for individuals; only 25% for corporations.

· The "Upsizing of America" While Big Business DOWNSIZED and transferred American jobs to foreign countries (3 million fewer jobs in 1980s; 2 million more in 1990s); SMALL American ENTREPRENEURS were generating economic growth in this country (1.5 million new businesses; 21 million new jobs in 1980s);

· So GROWTH IS FROM THE BOTTOM; TAXATION FROM THE TOP of the American society "Taxation without representation?" Yet, thanks to the establishment media, Big Business took credit for the growth it didn't generate.

· "Christianity under siege Toward One World religion" - article - part of a GLOBAL oppression of Christians, especially Orthodox Christians - only briefly touched on it.


· End of the Cold War Bush's "New World Order" - nothing more than victory of the West Side Gang over its East Side Gang (Kremlin) rivals; Gorbachev - a West Side Gang's stooge in the Kremlin; Djurdjevic cited quotes about the New World Order and globalist by Paul Volcker, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Newt Gingrich and Mikhail Gorbachev - proving they are all "birds of a feather (which) flock together."

· New World Order's "neo-colonialism" (1) American troops now serving in over 100 countries; what's the difference between that and empires, like the British?; (2) Wall Street's "financial terrorism" - cause of the Asian crisis.

· US Bosnia deployment Clinton et. al. first usurped the powers the Constitution did NOT give the Pres. (to send our soldiers into war - to bomb the Bosnian Serbs), committed our troops at Dayton WITHOUT PRIOR CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL; and then deliberately deceived Congress and the American people by promising our troops would be back from Bosnia in 12 months; that was never Clinton's intention, as evidenced by NATO's building of permament military structures in Bosnia right from the outset.

· NATO Bosnia deployment Bigger picture - SQUEEZING RUSSIA! Confluence of NATO/Muslims interests in the Balkans; new reason d'être for NATO.

· American youth has been paying with its blood for the mistakes of its parents; maybe it is time for American parents to say to the NWO elites "Not my son! Not my daughter! Not this time!" Congress should cut off the funds for the Bosnia adventure and bring our troops home.

· UN and World Court - elements of "World Government;" The NWO elite carry out GENOCIDAL air strikes or sanctions (against Iraq, the Serbs in Bosnia, etc.);

· Preaching "democracy" while practicing "plutocracy" and neo-colonialism;

· China An NWO "friend" for now; but a foe tomorrow? White House state dinner for Jiang - a gathering of the China Wing of the NWO; Civil vs. mechanical engineers - a joke).

And so on...

SUMMARY (by Djurdjevic)

"What's happened to America since the end of World War I is nothing short of a slow motion 'coup d'état,' which accelerated to full speed after WW II, and has been running at fast-forward since 1965! Unless 'we, the people' realize that and act quickly to reverse this creeping 'coup d'état,' our children will end up as slaves of the New World Order elite."

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