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Radio Interview #1: The "Chuck Harder Show"

Radio Interview #2: The "Free American Radio Hour"


BOSTON, Oct. 26 - Thought you may be interested in knowing that the TiM editor was a guest yesterday on the hour-long "Chuck Harder Show," broadcast out of Boston to hundreds of radio stations around the country between 3PM and 4PM (EST). The main topic of the discussion was the global economy.

Within that as an overall theme, we covered the repeated bailouts of private Wall Street interests by the American public, and other western taxpayers who contribute to the IMF funds - starting with Mexico ($40 billion) in 1995; Southeast Asia ($141 billion) in 1997; Russia ($20 billion this past summer); and the $30 billion or so now being contemplated for Brazil.

We also discussed the failure of the "fast track" legislation last year, and John Rockefeller's desperate and unusual public last-minute plea for the passage of this doomed globalist legislation.

We also talked about the fact that there is no longer any "right" or "left" in American politics, or for that matter, in politics of most of the western countries, as the "right" (e.g., Dole, Gingrich, Trent...) have joined the "left" (Clinton et. Al.) in robbing the taxpayer to the benefit of private bankers who helped pay for these politicians tenures in Washington.

And we talked about China; a communist country amid the southeast Asia which somehow, miraculously, seemed spared from all the hardships and turmoil around it. Why? Because protectionism pays! And because globalism is for suckers.


NEW MEXICO, Oct. 27 - This morning, between 9AM and 10AM (EDT), the TiM editor was also the guest on the Clayton Douglas' "Free American Radio Hour," which airs across the nation and into Canada from New Mexico. "Free American" is also a newsletter which has in the past published some of the Truth in Media articles.

The main topic of our conversation was the New World Order's global politics, recently most specifically exemplified with its intrusion into the Balkans. The radio program's host and I first went through all the often confusing Balkan history to establish who the main players over there were.

Such as, that the Croats and the Serbs are Christians; with the Croats being mostly Catholic; and the Serbs being mostly Orthodox Christians. And that Slovenia's, Croatia's and/or Bosnia's secession from the former Yugoslavia was roughly the same as if California, Arizona and/or New Mexico decided unilaterally to secede from the United States of America.

We also talked about how the western powers, especially the Clinton administration, stoked the fires of Balkans wars - for their own geopolitical interests which had little, if anything, to do with the Balkan ethnic factions and passions. And how the entire show was about expanding the NATO power into a vacuum left after the end of the Cold War. And about connecting the NATO east wing (Turkey) with its west wing (Italy, and points to the west).

We also talked extensively about the latest TiM GW Bulletin (98/10-8, Oct. 24) in which an Argentinean paper revealed the latest Clinton scam - the secret arms shipments from Argentina to Bosnia, with the acquiescence of the Clinton administration - and in violation of the U.N. arms embargo, then in effect against the former Yugoslavia.

The callers to the show - from Florida, Canada and New York, questioned the host and his guest about Balkan and other issues. A caller identified as "Tony" from Canada, for example, correctly surmised (in TiM editor's opinion) that the latest Kosovo crisis, as the earlier ones in Bosnia, Croatia, etc. - have all to do with the NWO's anti-Russian policy. And the fact that nothing much has changed since the supposed end of the Cold War, except that the NWO's new "Bogey No. 1" is called Russia, rather than the Soviet Union.

Which, in turn, suggests, that the NWO's agenda is an inherently anti-Christian one, especially anti-Orthodox Christian one, as exemplified in its demonization of the Serbs, and its consistent efforts to destroy the Russian nation - from the west through the NATO expansion; from the south through its support of the various Muslim factions; starting with Turkey; and from the east, through its support of communist China.

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