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TiM GW Bulletin 99/2-4

Feb. 15, 1999

Gay and Lesbians to Get Marital Rights in New Zealand?

Shipley's Sheeple Cheer Gays, Lesbians

A "Hero Parade" Staged in Auckland for the New World Order's Heros - the Homosexual Perverts


AUCKLAND, New Zealand, Feb. 15 - Move over San Francisco, Amsterdam, or Copenhagen.  Auckland, New Zealand, seems to be vying for the ignominious title of the sexual pervert capital of the world. Even New Zealand's prime minister, Jenny Shipley, got into the act this weekend, "canvassing" some of her carefully chosen gay sheeple about a possibility of giving people in same-sex relationships "normal legal rights in matters of matrimonial property, adoption, inheritance and immigration."

The story was the New World Order at its perverted best. It was like Bill and Hillary Clinton "canvassing" the San Francisco gay community about what the rest of America should think about homosexuality. Never mind that in 1997, New Zealand's Court of Appeals struck down an effort by the gay-rights' advocates to grant marriage licenses to three lesbian couples. Never mind that no country in the world grants the same rights to marriage to homosexuals as for the heterosexual couples.

"PM gives gay couples hope," screamed a bold-faced headline across the top of the Feb. 15 front  page of The New Zealand Herald about the "Hero Parade," a gay and lesbian skin-flashing festival at which the Kiwi prime minister showed her support for Auckland's best and brightest sexual degenerates.

nz-gay.jpg (41878 bytes) "Heterosexuality has a lot to answer for in our society," shouted another bold-faced headline at the top of today's OpEd page, which featured a column by a Charmaine Pountney. Ms. or Mr. Pountney (it was hard to tell what the writer's sex was with her/his short cropped hair) basically said that being a heterosexual sucks; that our society "should be in favor of promoting fun, good health and safe sex."

An interesting perspective. But while "everybody" in Auckland is having so much fun with wholesome, safe gay and lesbian sex, wonder where the mankind's future babies will come from? Storks are clearly understaffed and overmatched for the task. Bathhouses are yet to deliver their first offspring. Studs are thousands of miles away from New Zealand. And, with traditional baby production facilities being ridiculed by Auckland media, guess new methods of conception will have to be devised by the New World Order scientists.

Meanwhile, New Zealand may have just invented the world's most effective contraception method - same sex partners. So instead of spending all sorts of money on birth-control education, why not simply export New Zealand's homosexual perverts to China or India, two of the world's most overpopulated countries? Kind of like the dung beetles were exported to Western Australia to control its bush fly population.

A great idea, but it probably wouldn't work in this case. Dung beetles didn't depend on socialist support systems to survive. They just got rid of all the dung they could find. But a Kiwi lesbian admitted last week that she and her female lover exploited a loophole in New Zealand's laws to claim welfare cash for child support. They could do so because their relationship was not recognized by the law.

So there would probably be no sense in exporting New Zealand's "Dung Parade" socialist leeches to Asia, pretending to be dung beetles. For, Asians have already plenty of both - socialist leeches and dung.

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