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TiM GW Bulletin 97/12-1 & 98-03

March 2, 1998

How Low Can the Globalists Get?

Trials and Tribulations of Being a "David"

A Pornographic Image of Pauline Hanson Offered as a Substitute for Reasoned Arguments



PERTH, Western Australia, Dec. 5 - Four unrelated stories from around the world told a tale of the trials which a "David" can face when confronting the ruthless New World Order "Goliath."

In Israel, a brave investigative journalist, Barry Chamish, who exposed what he believed was a conspiracy to murder Yitzhak Rabin, threw in the towel after receiving warnings and death threats. His main beef - not enough other brave "Davids" willing to join him (see his "I quit..." story below - in the Middle Eastern affairs section).

"There is no one in a position of authority to turn to," he writes. "I am saddened by the fact that not one person with inside influence has the courage to expose the coverup. My leaders have abandoned all pretense of integrity and I am alone."

In Australia, a brave member of Parliament, Pauline Hanson, a former Queensland businesswoman who became a champion of patriotic Australians last year, was gored by the globalist establishment media - also after receiving numerous death threats. Not the quitting kind, however, this modern-day Joan of Arc took on the Speaker in the Australian Parliament in late November - and won. The Speaker had tried to make her withdraw some of her feisty remarks critical of the establishment politicians. Ever since, the Australian media have been trying to bury her as a political force to be reckoned with.

In Russia, the world first heard the name Vladimir Zhirinovsky in the fall of 1993, when this Russian patriot stunned the NWO Goliath by outpolling his "reformist" politicians in the vote for the Duma (the Russian Parliament). Immediately, the NWO "Agitprop" (Agitation and Propaganda department) machine went into overdrive, trying to paint Zhirinovsky as a dangerous "ultra-nationalist" (as if being a patriot, was something inherently bad?).

In the U.S., the same fate befell Pat Buchanan who suddenly became a dangerous populist after taking the lead in the polls in February 1996 during the Republican Primaries. Dangerous to the NWO Goliath, that is, certainly not to the majority of Americans for whose rights and interests Buchanan fought.

Meanwhile, back in Australia, it all started on Nov. 25 with a video which Hanson had taped in case she were assassinated. "Fellow Australians, if you are seeing me now, it means that I have been murdered," she said in the 12-minute video. "For the sake of our children and our children's children, you must fight on. Do not let my passing distract you for one moment. We must go forward together as Australians. Our country is at stake."

These dramatic words have evidently driven a large stake into the hearts of the bland, colorless globalist aliens to whom any idea of earthly patriotism is anathema. They seized the chance to ridicule Hanson, and suggest that she is already dead (politically speaking). According to the Australian establishment media, the popularity of her party - One Nation - founded earlier this year, has dropped from a high of 9% in May, to about half that, THE AUSTRALIAN reported on Nov. 25.

Seeing Hanson's face on the front pages of the local establishment press, listening to attacks on her by both the Liberal and Labor members of parliament (i.e., supposedly the Right and Left in Australia, yet both the NWO Goliaths lapdogs, just as the Democrats and the Republicans are in the U.S), one cannot help but recall how a similar pack of NWO hyenas - from the Wall Street Journal (supposedly the Right) to the New York Times (supposedly the Left) united to gore Buchanan almost two years ago.

How can "coincidences" like that occur in four independent and sovereign countries (Israel, Australia, Russia, America) each of which bearing the unmistakable imprints of the same NWO Goliath? Only one logical explanation comes to mind: These are no longer independent and sovereign countries, all trappings and appearances to the contrary notwithstanding.

How Low Can Globalists Get?

SYDNEY, Australia, Feb. 1 - No matter how much you may dislike Hillary Clinton, for example, and the TiM editor certainly knows of no one in his circle of friends who likes her, can you imagine someone picturing the First Lady as delivering a black baby, while claiming such a freedom of expression was an "art form?" Only a sick person might have concocted something like that.

Yet, that's precisely how some NWO Australian globalists have depicted Pauline Hanson (according to a post we received on Feb. 1 from our readers "down under"), the Australian "Joan of Arc," as we called her in our TiM GW Bulletin 98-01, 1/04/98 - "Trials and Tribulations of Being a 'David'."

"The doctoring of Ms Hanson's head onto a nude female image being held up by black arms and giving birth to a black baby is not only an offence to this Federal Politicia, but an offence to every right thinking Australian in this country," some of the still free Australian media commentators railed on Feb. 1.   "Displaying it on the Internet as a 'winner' (of an art competition) compounds the crime by those involved - the team, those funding 'Loud', Triple J and the Australia Council for the Arts, as well as Senator Alston and his Department for Communication and the Arts."

The pornographic image of Mrs. (not "Ms!") Hanson was removed fom the Internet, following a torrent of complaints, including a scathing letter from this writer to Senator Alston, which was published by some Australian media. But the mere fact that something like that could happen to an elected Member of Parliament, and an opposition leader to boot, suggests that, when it comes to the New World Order globalists, we are dealing with swines world over.

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