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May 22, 2000

Letter to Canada's Governor General

Hitler Also Pinned Medals on Nazi "Heroes"

Re. Proposed Medal for Gen. Wesley Clark



A Letter to Canada's Governor General

May 22, 2000

Subject: Your May 18 announcement re. Gen. Clark

Honorable Adrienne Clarkson,

Adolf Hitler also pinned medals on "deserving" Nazi "heroes." Do you want to emulate that western leader's steps in history when you pin the Meritorious Service Medal on the unindicted war criminal Gen. Wesley Clark for his "indefatigable efforts" in annihilating Serb civilians?

In case you haven't heard, NATO bombers under Gen. Clark's command killed over 2,000 civilians, 79 of them children, during the 79-day air campaign. You may wish to check out the enclosed letter to the Toronto Star for additional details.


Bob Djurdjevic, Truth in Media, Phoenix, Arizona

On June 1, we received the following reply from the Governor General's office in Ottawa:

June 1, 2000

On behalf of the Governor General of Canada, I thank you for your recent e-mail. The Governor General has taken due note of your concerns regarding the award of a Meritorious Service Cross to U.S. General Wesley Clark.

The Governor General bestows honours on behalf of all Canadians to recognize merit in various fields of endeavour. All honours including the Order of Canada, Bravery and the Meritorious Service Decorations are awarded by the Governor General on the advice of duly constituted committees. In accordance with the regulations of the military division of the Meritorious Service Decorations, a military advisory committee reviews files of candidates and the Chief of the Defence Staff recommends names to the Governor General.

On the Governor General's instructions, your comments have been brought to the attention of the Meritorious Service Decorations Advisory Committee (military division) and of the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Again, thank you for writing to the Governor General.

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