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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/5-5

May 16, 2000

Serb Clerics Jeered by Serbs

Artemije: Naive Lamb or Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? 

Three-Quarters of Kosovo Albanian Refugees Still in North America; Clinton Fiddles as Western Sun Sets 



Phoenix                    1. Artemije: Naive Lamb or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

Phoenix                    2. Serb Cleric Jeered by Serbs; A Quiz for the Serbs

Alberta                    3. Three-Quarters of Kosovo Albanian Refugees

                                     Are Still in North America!

New York                4. Ojdanic in Moscow: New York Times Laments Russia’s “Failure to Seize a

                                     Wanted Serb Visitor;” Clinton Fiddles as Western Sun Sets


1. Artemije: Naive Lamb or Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing?

PHOENIX, May 16 – Norwegians gave the world the word Quisling.  The term has come to epitomize treasonous and subservient behavior.  The French contributed Vichy as their example of a disgraceful Nazi collaborator.  Ancient Serbs had produced Vuk Brankovic, Milos Obrenovic, Milan Nedic…  Modern-day Serbs spewed out Milo Djukanovic, Vuk Draskovic and Zoran Djindjic, among other recent symbols of shame (see "Cavorting with the Enemy").  And now, as you saw from in our March report “Artemije, His Disgrace,” Bishop Artemije and Father Sava Janjic seem to be following in these western vassals’ disgraceful footsteps. 

Text Box:  Nor is this a recent phenomenon.  This writer has been following Bishop Artemije's questionable behavior for almost five years now.  And he has been biting his tongue for the last three, trying to give the bishop the benefit of doubt.  But this became impossible after this Kosovo bishop had met with, and posed for western photographers with war criminals Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright, among others.

While such behavior may be repugnant, especially to the Serb victims of NATO’s war on civilians, it does not constitute a crime.  But what Bishop Artemije did to his brothers and superiors while trying to please his western masters is a breach of fiduciary duty to an organization whose values a high-ranking member is expected to share, honor and uphold. 

How serious a breach?  Suffice it to say that were the Prizren bishop an officer/director of a public corporation, for example, rather than a member of an egalitarian and tolerant Orthodox Synod, he would have been probably long dismissed for his infractions. 

What breaches of rules?  One of them is not ratting in public on your brothers in Christ, let alone on your superiors, without first giving them a chance to hear your accusations in person, and defend themselves before God and the accuser.  Bishop Artemije has failed such a test of decency and loyalty.  Repeatedly.

Confidences of high Serb officials did not allow us to go into any more details before.  But during this writer’s visit to Serbia last month, he has been released from his self-imposed restriction regarding, what he had regarded until then, as private conversations.  What follows, therefore, is an exclusive account, never before disclosed in public, of a destructive role that Bishop Artemije has played in Serb politics, not normally an arena in which dignified church officials strut their wares.

The first time (that we are aware of) Bishop Artemije breached the code of a church official’s conduct was in August 1995.  The Bosnian Serb Republic and the Serb Krajina forces were hemorrhaging under the combined assault by the Washington-planned and assisted Croat-Muslim attack, on the one hand, and the fratricidal sanctions imposed by the Milosevic regime, on the other hand.  Furthermore, the Clinton administration and the EU leaders were poised for the “kill,” ready to unleash NATO’s overwhelming air power against the tiny Serb armies across the river Drina. 

Faced with such impossible odds, Dr. Radovan Karadzic, then president of the Bosnian Serb Republic, sent a message to Belgrade that he and his government were ready to talk.  Read - cave in.  Slobodan Milosevic agreed to Karadzic’s proposal, and set the stage for this late August meeting at Dobanovci, a Yugoslav government retreat just west of Belgrade.  Karadzic also asked Patriarch Pavle to attend the planned session as a witness. 

Besides Karadzic, Momcilo Krajisnik and Gen. Ratko Mladic represented the Bosnian Serb Republic.  His Holiness also brought along Bishop Irinej (Backi) as the second church witness.  Gen. Momcilo Perisic, then the top commander of the Yugoslav Army, was present, too.

As the meeting started, Perisic told the Bosnian Serbs that NATO would start bombing them at 10 a.m. the following day.  Karadzic and Krajisnik just laughed (which goes to show us how "good" their intelligence was).

The NATO bombing actually started nine hours earlier then expected (on Aug. 30, 1995 - see “Mission Creep or Creepy Mission?”).  The U.S./NATO had apparently moved up the deadline so as not to have to halt or cancel the planned air war at the last minute, if the Serbs announced the signing of the Dobanovci agreement the next day, signaling the virtual capitulation of the Bosnian Serb Republic.  Which proves that Washington was after the Serb blood, not only ancient Serb territories.

Such a bloodthirsty attitude was a precursor to a similar last minute addition of an appendix to the Rambouillet agreement that would have given NATO the right to occupy all of Serbia, not just Kosovo.  Naturally, the Serb delegation at Rambouillet rejected it.  Which was the pretext the Clinton administration used to start bombing Serbia on Mar. 24, 1999.  Once again, the evil forces of the New World Order showed that they were after Serb blood, not only geopolitical gains.

And what did Bishop Artemije do amid such vicious assaults on the nation from which he stems?  He launched vicious assaults on the Serb President and the Serb Patriarch.  The latter one was particularly distasteful.  In a September 1995 letter to a Kosovo newspaper, he attacked Patriarch Pavle’s presence at the Dobanovci meeting, and accused His Holiness of backing the Milosevic regime.

That was a false charge, of course. As you now know, the Serbian church leader was asked by Karadzic, not Milosevic, to attend the Dobanovci meeting.  And to be there merely as a witness.  Furthermore, the Serb Patriarch and the Holy Synod had already condemned Milosevic’s 1994 sanctions against the Bosnian and the Krajina Serbs.  Which Bishop Artemije had known before launching his malicious attack.

Worse, the Kosovo Bishop never bothered to inform His Holiness of his slanderous accusations before going public with them.  Which is not only a violation of canonical rules of conduct, but a disgraceful act by any person, let alone someone whose salutation is “His Grace.”

“The paper’s editors called me and let me know what it said and that they were going to run it,” Patriarch Pavle told this writer.  “Which is how I found out about it.”  The Patriarch could not recall the name of the paper.

Nor was this just an isolated outburst.  Last November, for example, Bishop Artemije again launched a public attack on His Holiness.  This time, because the Serb Patriarch attended a Nov. 29 reception given by the Serb president Milosevic (Nov. 29 is an old communist state holiday). 

Patriarch Pavle explained his rationale for deciding to attend the Belgrade reception as follows.  He said that since the Catholic, the Muslim and the Jewish religious leaders were also going to attend, and thus recognize Milosevic as the head of state and Nov. 29 as a state holiday, he felt that the leader of the Serbian Orthodox Church and the citizen of that country had an obligation to do so as well.

Right or wrong, again, there was no prior tête-à-tête between the outspoken Prizren bishop and his superior, as canonical code and the rules of common decency require.  Such a boorish behavior by one member of the Serb Holy Synod toward another - and the Patriarch to boot - has been in stark contrast to Bishop Artemije subservient attitude toward the Serb enemies in the West (see “Artemije, His Disgrace”) 

No wonder that even a “moderate” Russian foreign minister, Igor Ivanov, told off the Serb bishop during his April visit to Moscow.  Ivanov reportedly warned that, “it would be good idea if he (Artemije) were to tone down his criticism of the Serb president, and his kow-towing to Washington,” according to a source who was present at the meeting.

Nor was Artemije’s subservient behavior toward the New World Order leaders a recent phenomenon.  In a July 8, 1998 Truth in Media report titled, “SERBIAN BISHOP FROM KOSOVO MINGLES WITH EU GLOBALISTS,” we wondered if he was “An Innocent (Naive) Lamb Among the Wolves?  Or a (Wily) Wolf in a Sheep's Clothing?”

As you read our above account of what happened in Berlin on July 3-4, 1998, keep in mind that the Serb enemies with whom Artemije was cavorting included the then German foreign minister, Klaus Kinkel, who had been charged by the Bilderbergers (at the 1996 meeting in Toronto) with fomenting the “Kosovo Crisis,” according to John Whitley, a Toronto-based political analyst (see ). 

And you should also keep in mind that the fate of Serbia had already been sealed.  According to a Mar. 27, 2000 cover story by a leading Canadian magazine, Mclean’s, Gen. Wesley Clark, NATO’s former supreme commander, approved the plan to bomb Serbia in June 1998 - nine months before NATO’s actual attack on Serbia.

Which leads one to wonder what was Artemije really doing in Berlin?  Getting his instructions about the upcoming events?

This is how we summed up our reaction to the bishop’s July 1998 Berlin meetings:

“The foreign minister of an ostensibly Christian country (Germany) makes it quite clear that the direction in which Germany is leading Europe is NON-CHRISTIAN! [the "EU was not a Christian organization and that Serbs were (and would be) losers in the forthcoming events," Kinkel promised the Christian Serbs].  And a Christian Bishop takes this humiliation in stride, and even grants such an anti-Christian globalist a private audience afterward?

How many snubs by the materialistic, Godless elitists, such as Kinkel or Holbrooke, does it take for a Serbian Orthodox Bishop to get the message that he is not wanted at their table?  Unless, of course, he knows that he is a member of the NWO Club?

What sort of an authority on Kosovo or Russia, for that matter, is a Jerusalem-based "Jewish University for the European Studies," to pass a judgment on Kosovo's autonomy?  Might it not seem more appropriate for people who live in a glass house not to cast any stones?  Israel's treatment of the Palestinians is hardly a shining example of tolerance and compassion, is it?

Anyway, one thing seems certain: This Serbian Bishop does suffer from a dangerous affliction for "men of God" - getting involved in politics.  Especially foreign policy, something which "men of God" are neither expected nor supposed to get involved in.  Nor are usually qualified for.

Years ago (it seems like decades ago), this writer used to ask his (computer company) salesmen the following question during a "boot camp"-style training course devised for them: "Does it make a difference to the victim whether he was stabbed in the back by a vicious murderer, or by a well-meaning klutz who tripped and fell while 'protecting' the victim's back?"

The message, of course, being: You have to be even more on guard vis-a-vis the well-wishers and so-called "friends," than with regard to the obvious enemies.

Yet, in his speech at this EU globalist-sponsored session, Bishop Artemije called for an "international conference" to deal with the problems of Kosovo.  That's just like the treasonous blunder which Milosevic committed in 1991-1992 when he agreed to the Vance Plan (see this writer's Washington Times column - "Kosovo: Why are we involved?", 7/05/98).

So, one has to wonder if this Serbian Bishop is an innocent (naive) lamb among the NWO wolves?  Or a (wily) NWO wolf in a sheep's clothing?”

We no longer need to wonder.  Bishop Artemije’s kissing up to the war criminals like Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright, for example, AFTER the crimes they had committed against innocent Serb civilians, speaks for itself. 


2. Serb Cleric Jeered by Serbs; A Quiz for the Serbs

Text Box:  PHOENIX, May 16 - As you saw in our April TiM Bulletin, Bishop Artemije’s loyal aide, Fr. Sava Janjic (shown with his bishop in the photo), whose command of English and computer technology is quite impressive, has also been gaining increasing public exposure during and after NATO’s Kosovo “peace farce.”  But not all of it is flattering, as some western media have been portraying his and his bishop’s treks around the NATO countries.

Fr. Janjic was booed and jeered by the Serbs living in Great Britain, for example, when he addressed a highly electrified crowd at the St. Sava church in London on Mar. 28.  Fr. Janjic and Bishop Artemije should be used to it by now.  They were also booed and jeered by their own Serbs in Kosovo when they cavorted with Madeleine Albright last summer.  Here’s an excerpt from that TiM Bulletin:

“Perhaps the most stunning bit of news about Fr. Sava’s visit to London was that just before his address at the St. Sava church in London, the Serb monk had been received by the British foreign minister, Robin Cook. 

Now if that doesn’t tell us what sort of treasonous cleric Fr. Sava and his bishop are, we must be either sheep, ostriches or sardines (see this writer’s prior column about these three NWO creatures).  For, how many “normal” monks, let alone the Orthodox Serbian variety, do you suppose, does the British foreign minister receive in a day, a week, a month or a year?  And who walk away, just like that, with a £9,000 ($14,000) pledge for a radio station in Kosovo. 

My guess would range from zero to none. 

Which makes Fr. Sava a “special” kind of a monk indeed.  “Special” enough because he and his bishop seem to hate Milosevic more than they love their people.  Which is why they are cooperating with the Serb enemies for the sake of “saving” the Serbs.  The more than 1,200 Serbs who were murdered in Kosovo while they were trying to “save” them, and the over 200,000 Serbs who were driven from their ancestral homes during the KFOR “peace farce,” are a good indication how effective Bishop Artemije’s and Fr. Sava’s work has been – for the Serb enemies, of course….  

Being the God-fearing people for centuries, the Serbs have been indoctrinated into axiomatically respecting the black clerical robes.  But priests are humans, and thus subject to all human vices as any of their flock.  His Disgrace and his English-speaking envoy are perfect examples why the Serbs must take nothing for granted; why they must lift the clerical robes, and judge the priests by their actions to see if behind the robes beat the hearts of God’s and the people’s true servants, or that of traitors and foreign vassals.”

Trying to defend Bishop Artemije's and Fr. Sava’s actions, one TiM reader tried to justify them by saying that they are merely trying to "prevent a biological extermination of the Serbian nation faced by enemies inside and outside its borders." 

Even if one were to give these two clerics the benefit of the doubt, there are different ways of going about that worthy goal.  One way is to prostrate oneself before the enemy, accept his money and favors, and hope that the crocodile would eat you last (to paraphrase Churchill over some European nations' appeasement of Hitler in the 1930s). 

This may only stave off the extinction, not prevent it.  More than 1,000 Kosovo Serbs who have been killed, and the 200,000 who have been driven out of Kosovo while Artemije et. al. were "saving” them with KFOR’s help, are an excellent, albeit a tragic, proof of how (in)effective such a "protection" has been.

Another way of preventing a biological extermination is by working on a long term survival.  Which means strengthening Serbia's ties with Russia, the only country in the world that has the means to oppose the Serb enemies - the murderous New World Order.  Russia is also the only nation that has both traditional and strategic interests to help Serbia confront NATO over Kosovo.  And it is the only major non-NATO power (with UN Security Council veto) that actually has troops on the ground there. 

(For more on that, you may wish to read the TiM March 24 "In Memoriam" address at the TiM Web site - in English; or  -in Serbian), and/or the text of the TiM editor’s April 2 Perth lecture (  - in English, or  - in Serbian).

History will show, of course, who was right in the end - those who supported the quislings like Artemije; or those who worked for an honorable long-term survival of the Serbian nation.

Meanwhile, here's a "litmus test" about Bishop Artemije's and Fr. Janjic’s actions that any Serb can take right now, without waiting for a historical verdict:

(1) Do you feel happy and proud when you see Bishop Artemije smiling and shaking hands with Bill Clinton - - AFTER NATO's bombing of Serbia?

(2) Do you feel happy and proud when you see Bishop Artemije smiling and shaking hands with Madeleine Albright - AFTER NATO's bombing of Serbia?

(3) Do you feel happy and proud when you see Bishop  Artemije sitting at the same table with the Albanian terrorist-criminal Hashim Thaci?

(4) Did you ever ask yourself why only Bishop Artemije and the Montenegrin quisling Milo Djukanovic, and no other Serb politician or a Serbian-American leader (to my knowledge), get to be invited to Washington and/or New York - to meet with the Secretary of State, and to give talks at the New World Order's hub (the Council on Foreign Relations)?

(5) Did you ever wonder who is paying for Bishop Artemije's and Fr. Janjic’s trips?

(6) Did you ever wonder why the U.S. State Department set up a USIA office in Pristina after the Dayton agreement in 1995, and why USIA officers were frequent visitors to Artemije and/or Decani, some of them even claiming to be Orthodox Christians?

If you answered "yes" to the first three questions, chances are you may have answered "no" to the last three.  In which case, having read this column probably won't make much difference to you, either.

But if your answers are reversed, you may be wondering, as this writer is, how could any proud Serb possibly condone, much less support, such pro-western wolves in sheep’s clothing roaming as a “fifth column” among the nation?  Especially on the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, the first anniversary of some of the most murderous attacks by NATO in the entire 79-day war. 

Right after finishing his Sunday service on May 31, 1999, Fr. Milivoje Ceric was killed on the Varvarin bridge as he rushed to help one of his parishioners wounded in a prior NATO strike.  This writer cannot help but wonder how Fr. Ceric and others who died that Sunday would feel today if they could see the likes of Bishop Artemije, Fr. Janjic, Djukanovic, Draskovic or Djindjic smiling and shaking hands of the NATO leaders responsible the barbaric Varvarin carnage.


3. Three-Quarters of Kosovo Albanian Refugees Are Still in North America!

ALBERTA, Canada, May 16 - One year ago, the New World Order’s Kosovo “Wag the Dog” production was in full swing, manufacturing the Kosovo Albanian refugees and showing them on CNN and other “lie and deny” media TV screens at an unprecedented rate.  We were told that up to a million Albanian refugees had fled the Serb province.  Such a high number was ridiculed even at the time, and was thoroughly discredited with the subsequent actual counts of refugees who ended up in western countries.

Yet, some establishment media, like the New York Times, are not only repeating the NATO wartime lies, they are gloating in the fact that NATO’s bombing of Serbia has now saddled the alliance members with hundreds of thousands of forced immigrants.  It is a demographic time bomb which, if not defused quickly, is bound to blow up in the NATO leaders’ faces.  Here’s an excerpt from today’s New York Times story:

“One year after more than a million Kosovo Albanians fled the Serbian province, North America is proving to be the world's most welcoming region for refugees who want to become immigrants. With the weather warming and security said to be improving in Kosovo, Western European nations and Australia are pushing, in some cases forcing, 250,000 refugees to return to their devastated homeland. Germany, with 170,000 Kosovar refugees, has said it will deport those who refuse a $1,000 incentive to return.

But in Canada and the United States, three-quarters of the Kosovars who came last year have stayed. Today, almost all are eligible for residency status. Canada, with about one-tenth the population of the United States, took in half as many refugees, 7,200, as the United States, which accepted 14,300.”


TiM Ed.: The NYT doesn’t explain, of course, how the Kosovo Albanian refugees became “eligible for residency status” in Canada and the U.S., a prized status that eludes millions of highly skilled would-be immigrants from around the world.  Nor does the Times wonder why the Canadian and U.S. governments need to bribe these Albanians with taxpayers money to make them go home.  After all, didn’t the same governments claim success in “bringing peace to Kosovo” that supposedly made it possible for all refugees to return home?

For the full story, check out .


4. Ojdanic in Moscow: New York Times Laments Russia’s “Failure to Seize a Wanted Serb Visitor”

Clinton Fiddles While Western Sun Sets

NEW YORK, May 16 - Today’s New York Times story “Russia Fails to Seize a Wanted Serb Visitor” should have run in the “Four Your Smile” section of the paper.  But since this New York daily is so devoid of humor, not only of “all the truth that’s fit to print” (its front page slogan), the article ran in the International section of its print edition.  No trace of it, though, in the Web version.  Too embarrassed to share it with the savvy global readers?

  Text Box:  So what’s the story about?  It's about a five-day “secret” visit to Russia by the Yugoslav defense minister, Gen. Dragoljub Ojdanic (right photo), who was indicted for war crimes in Kosovo by the Hague kangaroo court last May 26, along with Slobodan Milosevic, the Serb president, and three other high-level Belgrade officials.  At the time, Gen. Ojdanic was chief of general staff of the Yugoslav Army (i.e., the top military officer in the country).  He was named defense minister after the murder of Pavle Bulatovic in Belgrade last February.  

Text Box:  Interestingly, the late Bulatovic (left photo) was never charged with war crimes, even though he was Ojdanic’s superior.  Yet several Serb officials, both above and Bulatovic's peers, had been indicted.  Which has led some people in Belgrade to speculate that  his assassination, for which the culprit was never found, may have been a case of sniffing out of a western snitch?

Meanwhile, back to the Times story… The reason the piece seemed so humorous is that it betrayed amazing ignorance on the part of the paper that’s supposed to be a leading American voice on foreign affairs.  It’s amusing to see that the Times editors haven’t yet grasped that they are dealing with a new Russia under Vladimir Putin, not a western marionette state that Boris Yeltsin had been cultivating.  And that this new assertive Russia will be increasingly telling the West how it expects it to behave, rather than taking orders from Washington or Brussels.

It makes one wonder if the Clinton administration has its head stuck in the same pile of sand as do the arrogant  Times’ ostriches?

Furthermore, the Times story also demonstrated an entirely different level of ignorance.  Having been filed from Warsaw, the article said that Gen. Ojdanic “is generally believed to be the first publicly indicted Yugoslav official to go overseas.”  The fact that there is no sea separating Serbia and Russia didn’t seem to trouble the Times editors.

And what was Gen. Ojdanic doing in Russia?  Don’t expect to get the answer to that crucial question from the “leading” American paper on foreign affairs.  But if you visit the Russian web site, for example, you may get an inkling.

In a story titled “Yugoslav Defense Minister on a Secret Visit to Moscow,” this Russian news agency said that Gen. Ojdanic had spent five days in Russia (between May 7-12), where he had held talks with the Russian defense minister, Igor Sergeyev, and the chief of general staff, Anatoly Kvashnin, among other top officials.  Despite the alleged “secrecy” surrounding his visit, Gen. Ojdanic also participated in a highly public event in Moscow - the May 9 victory parade at the Red Square, marking the defeat of the Third Reich.  

A not-so-subtle warning to Bill Clinton what may be in store for him when this American New World Order quisling arrives for his June 4 summit with Putin in Moscow? Which was accentuated earlier today, as the Serb foreign minister, Zivadin Jovanovic, arrived in Moscow for a two-day official visit. 

"We have come to Russia to develop political dialogue, expand our economic and technical cooperation, and study possibilities for greater cooperation on international issues," Jovanovic said at the start of talks with his Russian counterpart, Igor Ivanov.

For his part, Ivanov said the two nations have "very close" positions in the United Nations and other international organizations. "It's very important for us to discuss the situation in the Balkans, including Kosovo," he said, according to the ITAR-Tass news agency. 

In addition, our Russian sources indicate that some fairly significant decisions were made during Gen. Ojdanic’s meetings with his Russian counterparts about the deployment of the Russian “peacekeeping” contingent in Kosovo.  Until now, this 3,600-men strong Russian force had been “overloaded” with administrative and logistical staff, according to our source.  Now, as the troop rotation takes place, most of the Russian contingent will be dedicated to combat activities, staffed largely by experienced Chechnya veterans.

In addition, a new element will be added to this Kosovo unit - Russian military jurists who will handle judicial issues in Kosovo related to both military and civilian problems.  Plus the international law, of course, such as the implementation (or rather repudiation by NATO) of the UN Resolution 1244 under which NATO was allowed to enter Kosovo.

In other words, the NATO and Albanian hunters may become the hunted by the time this scenario plays itself out.  And here was the New York Times lamenting that the Russians have not arrested the Serb defense minister!?

Should it surprise us, therefore, that they also missed another significant point about the Gen. Ojdanic’s trip to Russia?  As the and other Russian news media reports pointed out, the visit may signal the start of a massive rearmament of the Yugoslav Army.  Just as a similar recent visit of Iraq’s defense minister resulted in a major Russian rearmament program for Iraq.

In short, to quote another Russian Internet media outlet,, "The Star of Putin Rose in Yugoslavia” (the title of one of its articles).  And it is in Kosovo where a western sunset has already begun.  While Clinton and other NWO “death merchants’” Washington toadies fiddle with a new missile defense system, their heads seem to be planted firmly in the sand.

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