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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/12-3

Dec. 9, 2000

Message to Florida's Legislature:

Disrobe Florida's "Gang of Four!"

Apply Newton's Law to Florida Supreme Court; TiM Readers Respond...; Buchanan, the Real Kingmaker?



Phoenix                   1. Disrobe Florida's “Gang of Four!”

New York               2. Buchanan, the Real Kingmaker?Dec. 10, 2000

Phoenix                   3. TiM Readers Respond... Dec. 13, 2000


1. Disrobe the “Gang of Four!”

Apply Newton’s Law: TiM’s Message to Florida Legislature

PHOENIX, Dec. 9 - In our November 21, 2000 letter to the Florida Supreme Court, we called this institution a Court of Disgrace, and its decision to take the law into its own hands and override the will of the Florida Legislature - a case of Supreme Injustice.  We also asked the seven justices to resign if they had any honor at all (see “Resign!”).  Three of them have since repented (Justices Major Harding, Leander J. Straw and Chief Justice Charles T. Wells).

We were gratified by the overwhelming support we have subsequently received from Americans across the country, and even from overseas.  Many of our readers joined us with their own letters of protest (see TiM Reader Responses).

If you followed yesterday's (Dec. 8) shenanigans in Tallahassee, again involving the Florida Supreme Court, you probably know that this UNELECTED judicial body - all appointed by Democratic governors - has once again decided to usurp and override the powers of Florida's elected Legislature and of Florida's elected executive branch.  Plus, this court has now chosen to ignore last week’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court; and to overturn a thoroughly argued and a well documented decision by a Florida trial court judge.  Who also happens to be a Democrat.

Unlike the Florida Supreme Court’s Nov. 21 transgression, however, which was unanimous, this time around, three justices (named above), including the Chief Justice Wells, dissented from the majority opinion.  Justice Wells, even though a Democrat himself, was particularly scathing in his condemnation of the “Gang of Four” (our term, not his) who voted to support Al Gore and his tribe of lawyers rather than uphold the law:

"I could not more strongly disagree with their decision to reverse the trial court and prolong this judicial process.  I also believe that the majority's decision cannot withstand the scrutiny which will certainly immediately follow under the United States Constitution.

My succinct conclusion is that the majority's decision... has no foundation in the law of Florida as it existed on November 7, 2000, or at anytime until the issuance of this opinion.”

And indeed, the “scrutiny” to which Justice Wells alluded above came quickly today.  The U.S. Supreme Court reversed the Florida Supreme Court decision, and ordered the manual recounts stopped forthwith, pending a hearing that it scheduled for Monday (Dec. 11) in Washington. 

The fact that this was also a split (5-4) decision underscores the possibly irreparable harm that the Democrats’ litigiousness is doing to this country.  Gore & Tribe are destroying what little is left, after eight years of the Clinton administration, of the faith Americans have in our government.  When will we ever again trust anyone - any court, any law enforcement office… much less any politician or a lawyer - if even the highest courts in the land are stooping down to the level of partisan political bickering? 

They say, “two wrongs don’t make a right.”  Well, maybe sometimes they may.  At least that’s what math and physics teach us (multiplication of two negative numbers yields a positive one).  A Newton Law also noted that, every action causes a reaction. 

Sir Isaac Newton didn’t necessarily have the American courts in mind when he promulgated this law, as this happened about half a century before George Washington was even born.  But Newton’s thinking certainly applies to what happened today.  A politicized action by the Florida Supreme Court caused a similar reaction by the U.S. Supreme Court.  One canceled the other.  Or at least put a stop to it, for the time being.

Which is possibly why Florida’s Chief Justice Wells also appealed in his dissenting opinion that common sense and pragmatism be applied to the Gore & Tribe’s incessant whining and complaining:

“This case has reached the point where finality must take precedence over continued judicial process.  I agree with a quote from John Allen Paulos, a professor of mathematics at Temple University, when he wrote that, "[t]he margin of error in this election is far greater than the margin of victory, no matter who wins."  Further judicial process will not change this self-evident fact and will only result in confusion and disorder.  Justice Terrell and this Court wisely counseled against such a course of action sixty-four years ago.  I would heed that sound advice and affirm Judge (Sanders) Sauls” (the trial judge whom the “Gang of Four” reversed).

In light of that, what should Florida Legislature do with its judicial “Gang of Four,” who ignored this wise Justice Wells’ council?  Apply the Newton Law!  Meet their partisan action with a commensurate reaction.

Disrobing the “Gang of Four” in public seems to an appropriate first punishment, at the very minimum.  Perhaps to be followed by a public flogging at the scene of their crime against the people of Florida - the public square in front of the Supreme Court building in Tallahassee?  So that never again any judge in this land is tempted to flog the laws the way Florida’s “Gang of Four” did.  Twice!

Anyone seconding the motion?


P.S. For the record, the names of the Florida “Gang of Four” are: Harry Lee Anstead, R. Fred Lewis, Barbara J. Pariente, Peggy A. Quince.  You can also view their photos (see above).  Just don’t spit on them, please.  It’s your own screen, after all…

But if you do agree with the sentiments expressed in this editorial comment, please join us in writing to the Florida Legislature and show them your own outrage:

Tom Feeney, Speaker, Florida House of Representatives:

John McKay, President, Florida Senate:

If you do decide to write, we would also appreciate it if you would send a copy of your letter to, so we can consider them for a special TiM Readers' Forum on this topic.  Thank you.

EPILOGUE to… Disrobe the “Gang of Four!”Dec. 10, 2000

PHOENIX, Dec. 10 - In this fictional Epilogue to our “Gang of Four” editorial, a “Floridiot” (the term some Florida residents used for the “confused” voters in the Palm Beach and Miami area - see TiM Readers Forum, Nov. 2000) is on the phone to TiM, protesting our flogging proposal.  Here is the TiM end of the conversation:

Oh, so you’re against the flogging because you’re against corporal punishment?


No problem.  Just tell the Florida lawmakers to have a private or a sergeant do it.


You don’t think that’s funny?  Okay, try this then… Aren’t lawmakers are supposed to MAKE the laws? 


Well, in that case, why can’t the lawmakers make a flogging law against flogging of laws?


I am confusing you?  Sorry…


I understand.  You’re still against corporal punishment, even if a private or a sergeant were to do it, because you don’t like to see anyone being flogged in public?


Not even in private?


You’re not a pervert like some TV sportscasters?  I see.  But disrobing in public is okay with you?


Because this is Florida and everybody does it anyway.  I get it… 


Since this is Florida, and since everybody does everything there anyway, and since Florida had 391 death row inmates the last I heard - the third highest in the nation, and since you’re a proud Floridiot, are you also proud of your state’s capital punishment record?


You are? 


Because it keeps the streets safe.  So you are FOR capital punishment but AGAINST corporal punishment.  Does that trouble you at all?


It doesn’t?  Mind if I ask you a personal question?


Who did you vote for on Nov. 7?


You made a mistake?  You had butterflies in your stomach seeing the butterfly ballots? 


And goose bumps all over?  But no dimples…


Sure I understand.  Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone you voted for Buchanan.


How did I know that?  Because you told me you had made a mistake. 


Not that kind of a mistake?  What kind then?


You thought you’d be voting for Fox?  Fox for president of YOUR country?  I thought you were a Floridiot.


Not that kind of a Floridiot?  What kind then? 


The Mexican kind?  Gee… I thought the Democrats had most illegal immigrants voting in California and New Mexico.


Oh, you have Cuban relatives here?  That explains it.  And the Gore people didn’t tell you that Fox wasn’t running here?  Nor that the fox’s name here was Gore?


Boy, oh boy… the Gringo democracy.  Confusing as hell, isn’t it?  Especially if I were to tell you that America isn’t supposed to be a democracy at all. 


So what is it then?  A Republic, of course.  But try telling that to the talking heads on TV.  They talk our heads off every night telling us we’re a democracy.


Yes, the same ones who declared Gore the winner in Florida before the polls had even closed. 


Yes, the Gringo Fox, if you prefer.


Yes, the Fox Network did it, too. 


Why isn’t Fox Network broadcasting in Spanish?  Good question.  You should pop it to Rupert Murdoch.  I am sure he’d be happy to oblige his pals, Sore and Loserman.  Oops… I meant, Gore and Lieberman.

Gotta go now.  Thanks for your call.  


Say, you sure you won’t change your mind about flogging?  With everybody flogging Gore, so why not flog the “Gang of Four?”  It even rhymes…



For what it's worth, the TiM editor is NOT a member of either the Republican or the Democratic Party.  Nor did he vote for either George W. Bush or Al Gore.


2. Buchanan, the Real Kingmaker?Dec. 10, 2000

NEW YORK, Dec. 10 - Everybody knows that Ralph Nader was the spoiler in the Nov. 7 election, right?  “Everybody knows” - because that’s another thing the talking heads on our TV screens been telling us ad nauseum.  Well, they are wrong (again!), says none other than the possible champion of “liberal” wordsmithing - the New York Times.  Quoting John Cavanagh, the director of the Institute for Policy Studies, a “liberal” research group in Washington, the Sunday Times ran a story in its editorial (“Week in Review”) section whose headline asked - “Was Buchanan the Real Nader?”

The answer, of course, is no.  Which is the factual answer a “liberal”-framed presumptive question deserves.  But Buchanan may have been the real kingmaker in the Nov. 7 election.  Which is the answer the Times was really seeking.  Here’s an excerpt from that story:

“There were eight states in which no candidate received a majority of votes. In two of them, Maine and Minnesota, Mr. Gore won fairly comfortably. Absent third-party candidates, he would have lost only in the unlikely event that most Nader voters had chosen Mr. Bush. So for the purposes of determining the biggest spoiler, Maine and Minnesota are moot.

In two other states, Mr. Bush won, but by fewer votes than Mr. Nader received. One of the states is Florida, of course, and many Democrats have bitterly said that all of the recent chad counting and judicial jousting would have been unnecessary if Mr. Nader had heeded their October pleas and quit the race. Mr. Gore would then have likely picked up Florida's 25 electoral votes, and maybe New Hampshire's four, to boot, giving him the presidency.

But that leaves four states, which badly muddy the situation, notes John Cavanagh, the director of the Institute for Policy Studies, a liberal research group in Washington. In Iowa, New Mexico, Oregon and Wisconsin, Mr. Gore won by narrow margins, ranging from 500 to 6,500 votes. In each case, Mr. Buchanan's vote total exceeded the difference between Messrs. Gore and Bush. Combined, these four states account for 30 electoral votes, or one more than Florida and New Hampshire.

In other words, if Mr. Buchanan — running on the Reform Party ticket — had dropped out of the race and his supporters had switched to Mr. Bush, the Texas governor would not have needed Florida to become president. He would have won 276 electoral votes — six more than needed — even without the Sunshine State.” […]

For the full Times article, check out -  


3a. TiM Readers Respond... Dec. 10, 2000

Some reactions to our... “Gang of Four” editorial

CALIFORNIA - Impeach the Four Justices!

To Florida’s Senate President and House Speaker:

Dear Honorable Tom Feeney and John McKay,

I write to you today as a concerned Californian (I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat, neither did I cast a vote for any presidential candidate in the recent election) just to let you know that the recent decisions of Florida's Supreme Court makes that court out to be Florida's Supreme Embarrassment.  The four renegade justices who persisted in the arrogance of partisan politics without the basis of law should be impeached.  Their decision to give the stamp of approval of the State's highest court to an order without the benefit of law caused the court to embark on a course of action that is frivolous.  This travesty of justice should be stopped and those who caused the court to make this frivolous order should be impeached for their advocacy of a lawless position.  When government oversteps its authority, it becomes the source of lawlessness in society.

Approximately two weeks ago, the Florida Supreme Court issued a ruling setting aside the original certification of the vote in the presidential election in Florida and granted several days for recounting of certain ballots.  A time and date for the completion of this recount was set certain with that order.  (I'll not recount the intervening legal events as you know them well.)  However, Friday's order by the Florida Supreme Court violates its own order from two weeks ago in counting votes from ballots that were not examined in the extended time set certain by the court itself. 

Indeed, the majority of the jurists on this court have plainly revealed that they are not interested in following the law or interpreting the law as required by the direct order of the U.S. Supreme Court, but are pleased to exert an arrogance over the population of Florida that is repugnant to the very core of our republican form of government.  This arrogance is an affront to me as a Californian, because each of the States of the Union is required to be republican in form and follow the rule of law.  It appears that the four renegade jurists on the Florida Supreme Court believe they are above the law and a law unto themselves.  This condition must not be permitted to persist. 

If society is to be orderly, and if the people are expected to maintain civility toward one another, then those who are most intimately involved with the creation and maintenance of law must be most careful to follow it.  By their example they set the standard of what is expected in society.  When those in positions of leadership in the legal arena show arrogance and contempt for the law, it is a truism that the people will follow that lawless precedent. 

If the Florida legislature fails to take action against these four renegade jurists, Florida, as well as the rest of American society, can expect to experience an increase in lawlessness.  I urge you, not just for Floridians but for all of American society, to set the wheels in motion to remove these renegade jurists from your high court. Respectfully,”

Gerald Brown, Ed.D., Colton, California


FLORIDA - You Will Be Voted Out

To Florida’s “Gang of Four:”

“If not impeached, you WILL be voted out the next time, if I have to devote what's left of my remaining life and resources. 

I've never been considered a political person, but I am beyond being enraged by your activities. Those four of you "who will be named", can count on it.  Thankfully, though you choose blatantly to ignore it - there is a Constitution of the State of Florida, and a Legislature to enforce that which a bunch of political cronies, will not.”  

Ronald R. Hei, Ph.D., Florida


VIRGINIA - Impeach the “Gang of Four!”

To Florida’s Senate President and House Speaker:

“John, Tom… Just a short note to let you know that there are many of us who - despite all of the distortions of the leftish press - are seriously disturbed by the Florida Supreme Court's intrusion into creating new laws, a responsibility of the legislature.  Regards,”

Jim Ross  Manassas, Virginia


FLORIDA - Alarmed and Dismayed

To Florida’s Senate President and House Speaker:

“Congressman Feeney and Senator McKay,

I want to commend you for the actions that you have wisely taken to ensure Florida's electoral votes will be protected.

As a native Floridian, I am alarmed and very dismayed by the outrageous actions by the Florida State Supreme Court.  I believe that the election rules in place before November 7th should be observed.  If not, what faith will I or any other American have that our votes will be counted uniformly and fairly for any or all future elections. 

Keep the message in front of the American people that, "manual counts that produce illegitimate votes will never elect an American president."

Stay strong in your convictions to assert your legislative responsibility and duty, as you observe the "will of the Florida voters" who have duly elected you and your Florida State congressional colleagues.”

Douglas J. Dearolph, Florida


NEW HAMPSHIRE - This Is a Masterpiece

To TiM:

“I couldn't agree with you more. This is a masterpiece. I must have missed it before.

(Florida should) replace (some of its Supreme Court justices) with old time strict constructionalists. Certainly Judge Sanders Sauls would be an excellent candidate.

I am no Republican, either. I did vote for Bush because I thought that would give my side (people whose ancestors had a hand in founding and settling this country, and others who are willing to fight with us) another four, and hopefully eight years in which to organize and gather strength. Gore and Lieberman would be working to further the Marxist dictatorship which looms over my native land like a grotesque cancer. 

As always with my sincere compliments.

Ken Campbell, New Hampshire


CALIFORNIA - "Gang of Four" Raped State of Florida, Nation

To Florida’s Senate President: 

"Dear John McKay, 

The four Justices of the Fl Supreme Court have not only raped the State of Florida, they have raped the Nation. 

The U.S. Supreme Court needs to step in as a wise parent, fix the wrongs that have been done by the Florida Supreme Court, which have injected venom into our system, and turned the national election of November 7, 2000 into a run-away-train. An example needs to be set that the State Supreme Courts cannot act as a rogue courts. 

I strongly urge that the four Justices be impeached."

Paulene Robinson, L.A., California


WASHINGTON, DC - Legislators Reflect the People’s Will

To Florida’s Senate President and House Speaker:

“You should vote for a slate of Florida electors by Dec 12 because:

The Democrats created the election mess in Florida by their cynical claim that "votes were not counted." This was a "non-problem" before they started their legal warfare.

Using their ever-changing interpretation of what "is" is, one could never conclusively determine the presidential victor by pretending to interpret "voter intent."

Since there is no clear way of divining the meaning of pregnant chads, etc, we should revert to the only unbiased count: Properly completed ballots (i.e. the initial recount results).

The initial Florida Supreme Court decision to override the People (i.e. the laws enacted by the Legislature) was wrong on several levels, including a false reading of the Illinois precedent concerning "dimples," not to mention the Court's flagrantly unconstitutional grab for legislative power.

There is statistical evidence of Democrat fraud in a number of precincts with double-punched votes (see the Wall Street Journal letters of Dec 5).

YOU are the People's body. YOU reflect the will of the People. Unelected, unaccountable judges barging in where they don't belong created this mess and most certainly do NOT represent the oft-mentioned "will of the people."

If you do not vote to confirm the slate, the unprincipled Gore team will pursue new, unforeseen legal and political action designed to further split the country after Dec 12--and you will have missed your opportunity. You are our protection against that likely scenario. To heck with the media "wisdom." They hate Republicans and want to intimidate you. Yours is the clearest Constitutional role in this whole circus.  Thank you and God Bless you.”

Daniel J Rabil, Washington, DC


MARYLAND - Resign Now or Get Hounded Out!

To Florida’s Supreme Court:

“I hope you Four are haunted by your illogical decision. RESIGN NOW, if not sooner, or get hounded out.

Your decision to continue the recount was IRRESPONSIBLE and REPREHENSIBLE. You had the opportunity to end this national travesty but chose to continue our self flagellation which could spark our destruction.”

E.B. Mechling, Jr., Easton, Maryland


NEW JERSEY - You Perpetuate Poisons of Left-wing Thinking

To Florida’s Supreme Court:

“I used to think that criteria used to select a Judge for a Supreme Court were areas such as expertise in our beloved US Constitution, grade "A" academic proficiency, a top shelf character, and an absolute loyalty to our Land, all its laws, and its form of Government. Your recent behavior and lawless rulings have convinced me -- and most certainly many others -- that you care only of illegally perpetuating the poisons of left-wing thinking, mirroring only those who appointed you EXACTLY to the exclusion of EACH of the criteria previously mentioned.”

Sam Leonetti, New Jersey


FLORIDA - New Golf Rule: “Gore” Instead of “Fore”

To TiM (slightly edited by TiM):

“A proposed revision to the rules of golf is being sought in Florida which will replace the traditional call of 'FORE.'

Once a player has hit an errant shot, he will be allowed to call 'GORE' while the ball is still in flight. He can then replace the ball in the same spot and hit it again.

The player can do this until he is satisfied the ball is going where he intended to hit it in the first place. The time of play will be extended until such time the player can claim he won the hole. 

This rule revision is causing some consternation among some PGA officials, but proponents say it is only fair.  They point to the fact that the LPGA tour has already enthusiastically adopted the new rule. 

A test of this new rule was recently played out at an exclusive LPGA event in Palm Beach County, Florida.  The first hole took seven days to complete.  That’s, of course, before the arbitration panel considered protests and counter-protests filed by the losing players.”

Sent to TiM by Bud McCafferty, original source unknown.


3b. TiM Readers Respond... Dec. 13, 2000

Final reactions to our... “Gang of Four” editorial  

PHOENIX, Dec. 13, 2000 - After 36 days of legal wrangling, this evening, George W. Bush became President-elect of the United States.  So it’s all over?  Yes and no.  Yes, because Al Gore has conceded the White House to Dubya.  No, because the wounds that the bitterness and divisiveness of this campaign has opened may take years to heal despite tonight’s gracious concession and acceptance speeches. 

With this update, however, we do close the special TiM post-election coverage.  Here’s the last batch of the TiM readers’ letters about the Dec. 8 Florida Supreme Court decision, which now lies in the U.S. Supreme Court’s trash cans and archives.  Some of the letters are quite illuminating, and address wider issues than the Election 2000.  Which is why we thought it worthwhile to share them with you.

FLORIDA - Remove “Supreme Lawbreakers”

To Florida’s House Speaker:

“Mr. Speaker: I want to express my outrage at, what I consider, the unconstitutional rulings that have come out of the Florida Supreme Court regarding the continued re-counting of ballots.  This court has, through these decisions, usurped the legislative process and has, basically, re-written the law.  As far as I can see there is no basis in law as it existed on election day,or at anytime until it issued the first opinion to extend the certification deadline and perform a manual recount.

The court is not an elected body.  It does not represent the people.  It is obvious, to even the most casual observer, that these are decisions predicated on partisan positions, not the rule of law.  I consider that a criminal act.  There must be some way for "the people" to remove these lawbreakers from their seat without waiting for another vote.


Robert Arnold, Lake Mary, Florida


FLORIDA - Boycott “Florida Today” - Today!

To Florida Today (newspaper):

“Please cancel my subscription to Florida Today.  I intend to lead a boycott of your paper and of USA Today. 

Your outrageous coverage of the election and post election has been the lowest form of liberal bias and distortion.  Your contempt for Christians and conservatives reads loud and clear in every issue.  I read your paper and feel like I am handling something unclean and have to put it aside.  There is a new outrage in every issue which makes me angry and depressed. 

Conservative Christians can't do much against The New York Times or Washington Post.  Not enough of us read those publications to make a difference.  But we can hurt Gannett.  May you feel the power of the Internet.” 

Richard Davidson, Mims, Florida


NORTH CAROLINA - Minority Rights: Reverse Apartheid

To Florida’s Senate President and House Speaker:

“Dear Mr. Speaker and Mr. Senate President:

When in the course of human events, one branch of government exceeds its power and rewrites law, we the people must stand up and be counted. On November 21, the Florida Supreme Court made its first ruling in Decision 2000. My headline was " The Day America Died." Seven men dressed in robes with no law making authority, attempted to rewrite Florida law and did everything they could to make Al Gore the next President.

This is an example of society as a whole. Take race relations in this country. Minorities were granted equal rights with the Civil Rights legislation of 1964. But that was not good enough for them. They now expect and have been given PREFERENTIAL treatment. Now we must hire a quota of minorities and give them special treatment or they will run to their lawyer.

For example, several years ago, a minority employee who worked for me was caught stealing by a witness of the same race. Despite this fact, I was not allowed to terminate this employee because human resources told me they were in a " SPECIAL CLASS."

At another place of employment, I have witnessed examples where minorities were allowed to pick and choose what hours they worked, how long their breaks and lunches would be, and essentially what work they would and would not do. On top of that, they were paid for a 40 hour work week. Sounds like reverse apartheid. When white people questioned this process, they were either ignored or insulted in some way. This agenda has all been accomplished by the Democratic party who seeks to divide and conquer.

The bottom line is this. We are in this predicament because America has turned its back on the things that made it great. Things such as God, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are considered evil by the liberals. God has been taken out of our schools, courtrooms and other public places and ridiculed by the arts. Life has been diminished with abortion and assisted suicide. Liberty is threatened by the IRS, the UN and other governmental agencies which control our lives. Happiness is ridiculed because liberals will tell you that you got it at the expense of others.

It is time to wake up AMERICA. You, the heads of the Florida legislature, have the authority under Article 2 of US Constitution to have Florida accurately represented in the Electoral College. Your body set the laws governing this and all other Florida elections. While I do not live in Florida, I would request that you serve Florida and the country by ensuring that your election laws are followed. Under the laws you set and Katherine Harris followed, George W. Bush is the President elect. May God bless you, the state of Florida and the United States of America.”

Matt Baratta, North Carolina


SERBIA - TiM: “Ravings of Rightwing, Bible-bashing Gun Nut”

PHOENIX, Dec. 13 - This letter requires a bit of a preamble.  Its author, Charles Alverson, is an American who now lives in Serbia.  To learn more about this former Wall Street Journal correspondent, check out An American at the Serbian “Revolution”, among some other TiM articles.

Here’s what Mr. Alverson wrote to us on Dec. 12 - before either he or any of us knew what the final U.S. Supreme Court ruling would be:

To TiM:

“Bob: Sadly, TIM is getting less and less interesting and valuable. It begins to sound like the ravings of a rightwing, Bible-bashing gun nut--and his coterie of loonies. You might well think of changing the name to BIM (Bias in Media) or simply GOP.   

If the Florida Supreme Court agreed with you, and the Federals threatened to overturn their judgment, you would be screaming about States' Rights. If the Federal Supreme Court succeeds in installing Bush Lite as president, I doubt that you will be complaining about their unelected status.   Have you thought about trying to achieve some sort of balance in your output?”

Charles Alverson, an American in Serbia


To which we replied, also without knowing at the time the outcome of the Bush appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court:

“Charles, thanks for your input, as always.

In terms of the (U.S.) domestic politics, you and a vast majority of TiM readers are evidently on opposite sides of the spectrum. Which is okay by me. The country is split right down the middle, so that should not be surprising, either. Yesterday, ordinary, normal people were at each other's throats right in front of the Supreme Court.

That's a legacy of eight years of "liberalism" in America, not the action by any "right-wing loonies." But you have the right to think of me and 50 million+ Americans who did not vote for Gore as "right-wing loonies."

I don't see, however, that it is very helpful to engage in hypothetical questions as to what I might think and do if this or that happened or didn't occur. Questions like that only tend to inflame passions, rather than tone them down, which is what I suppose your purpose was when you questioned the "balance" in TiM's reports?

TiM doesn't strive for "balance." It never has. It never will. At least not as long as I am editor. TiM didn't strive for balance during NATO's bombing, either, when you were an enthusiastic fan of TiM's reporting.

(I enclose below an bona fide original boilerplate response from early April 1999 - TRUTH IN MEDIA CREED[1] - that I used to send out to our critics during NATO's bombing who similarly questioned us about "balance" in our wartime stories).

We strive for our readers to see the whole truth; to give them the other side of the coin. Our presumption is, of course, that they will get their daily doses of NWO brainwashing from the establishment media, so we don't need to repeat it.

Charles, you want balance? Let me tell you about "balance" in the "liberal" establishment media over here. For the last five days or so, the New York Times, for example, has run nothing but two inch-headlines across the top of the front page - as if another world war was breaking out, or some other catastrophic calamity was unfolding.

For example, the headline on Sat., Dec. 9 read:


The headline on Sun, Dec. 10 read:


Charles, as you know, BOTH of those decisions were SPLIT decisions. Four "liberal" Florida Supremes chose to play partisan politics, and the U.S. Supremes - IN REACTION to their action - stopped it.  But the NYT editors only chose to emphasize one split decision - that by the U.S. Supreme Court, implying it was being partisan.

Charles, such "balance" in news reporting is reminiscent of the NYT and other establishment media's reporting of the NATO bombing or the siege of Sarajevo. In the latter case, all we ever heard was about the bad Serbs shelling poor defenseless Muslim civilians in Sarajevo. We never heard about the Muslim artillery which PRECIPITATED the Serb RESPONSES by wreaking havoc in Serb neighborhoods, while firing from within HOSPITALS or other (Muslim) civilian objects. But I saw that with my own eyes when I traveled there during the Bosnian war (you can check my contemporaneous reports about it, too, at the TiM web site).

It is news manipulation like that that has sprung TiM into existence. It is manipulative government like Clinton's that has split the country. It is duplicity and deviousness like that that is causing ordinary, normal people to go back to the Bible or whatever other traditional sources they can trust.

You may consider me and them "right-wing loonies."  Fine.  But if that's your best shot, it only underlines the weakness of your position. For, you're throwing emotion at reason.”


[1] FOOTNOTE re. TRUTH IN MEDIA CREED: Thank you for writing. Every so often, we get e-mails like yours, asking us if we are biased in our coverage of NATO's war on Serbia. 

The answer, of course, is that we are. We biased to the extent that we want the whole truth to be known, not just the Washington-Brussels propaganda dished out by the lapdog establishment media. TiM's objective is not to report ALL the news; we publish the part of the truth which is omitted or distorted by the major media.

Which is why we wish to remind all of our readers of the TiM creed, displayed at the top of our Web page since day one of our presence on the Internet, nearly two years ago now:

                 "We travel the U.S. and the GLOBE;

                   We LISTEN to the UNSAID

                  We READ the UNWRITTEN

                  We UNCOVER the CONCEALED

                      and then...

                  We WRITE the TRUTH IN MEDIA!"

In other words, we try to provide a UNIQUE and an EXCLUSIVE coverage of the war. As we do, by the way, with all other global geopolitical or economic issues TiM covers under normal, peacetime circumstances.

By combining the various news sources, we hope that TiM readers will have a balanced view of NATO's war on Serbia. We trust that you are all intelligent people who can make up your own minds as to whom or what you choose to believe. Given that an overwhelming percentage of the feedback we get is highly supportive of our efforts, guess millions of people appreciate seeing the other side of the truth in the Truth in Media.

Bob Dj.

P.S. It is entirely possible that some killings on the ground (in Kosovo) did take place. It was a war, after all. And it was a war which NATO had started. But we don't know FOR SURE what was happening. Nor who was killing whom. Nor whose bodies are in the alleged mass or individual graves. Nobody knows that. Clinton doesn't know that. CNN doesn't know that. BBC doesn't know that. Yet they keep repeating speculations as if they were facts, while withholding other devastating facts from the western public (about our own casualties, for example, or the massacres which the KLA has carried out while pinning the blame on the Serbs).

For more on all of that, with a lot more facts and details, we invite to visit our Web site (don't miss our Day 11, Update 2, Apr. 3-report if you want to understand how Orwellian the whole scenario has been!)


RUSSIA - Russians for Bush: “Stop Gore!”

To TiM:

“Regards from Russia! Bob, how are you doing?

Now to the election mess in US: Why does Bush not see and do the same thing as Gore? Why does he not ask for recount of ballots in districts where his strongholds are - to uncover missing votes in his favor? Perforations on the computer cards sometimes are not clear and this can cause miscounts!

We, Russians, are in favor of Bush, because he can put to trial the international thieves and murderers like Yeltsin, Putin, Chernomyrdin, Gore and hordes of other criminals. So let's help the truth and justice prevail in our countries, and get out of politics the Zionist stooges in DC and Kremlin.”  

Ivan, “Russian Front,” Russia


To which we replied:

“Thank you for your letter, Ivan.  Bush is at best perhaps the lesser of the two evils, not a salvation, nor a patriot. You're right about Gore being backed by, and backing in turn, the Jews, among other "liberals." (Pollsters tell us a majority of Hispanics, Blacks, immigrants, feminists, gays and lesbians… also voted for Gore).

But Bush is similarly backed by the Muslim and oil interests, among others “conservatives.” (Pollsters tell us that he was supported by a majority of other Americans not mentioned above). And you know how 'nice' the ‘Islamic warriors’ can be. Just look at the Chechens, for example, or the Kosovo Albanian terrorists.

So what we have in America is another rendition of the Middle East war. It's just that Gore and Bush campaigns are firing at each other ballots and legal briefs rather than bullets and tear gas.

Smart people will stay on the sidelines and not take sides in this battle. Except if one side (Gore, for example) tries to usurp power illegally and unconstitutionally. Fighting against that does not mean supporting Bush. It means defending our rights and our Constitution. 

Hope that clears things up a bit?”


CANADA - Anti-Globalist Manifesto Being Drafted by a 15-year Old

To TiM:

“Dear Mr. Djurdjevic, I would like to applaud you on your views, articles and for going beyond the norms of accepted of free speech by the society.

My name is S.M. (TiM Ed.: full name known to TiM), and I live in BC (British Columbia, Canada).  I may only be 15 yet I am informed and very upset by the way the government treats us. As a result I have developed strong beliefs and understandings which seemingly mimic yours.

I am currently writing a manifesto about globalization and social pressure fueled by the government to conform (being a conformist is what they want you to be in essence). I was wondering if I could perhaps contribute this to your site if you are in agreement with it. I simply want to get the point across as you do about faults that go unnoticed in modern era. I am trying to get my views out there and this would be a great way to do so. Thank you.”

S.M., British Columbia, Canada


To which we replied:

“Let's see it.  Send your manifesto, S.M.  I can't promise anything other than I'll read it with interest.

Thanks for writing and for being so aware and level-headed at the age of 15.”


NORTH DAKOTA - Thanks for Down-to-Earth Commentary

To TiM:

“Howdy! I just wanted to say "thank you" for some of the most down-to-Earth, common sense commentary on the US Presidential election developments (as well as the myriad other topics covered on your site, which caught my attention during the Balkans actions by the current administration.)

Other news sites have apparently been hijacked by the slavering, rabid liberals who maintain "they can't understand why any court would rule against Al". But then, somehow, I didn't expect a much higher cerebral cortical function from that lot, anyway. Thanks again.”

Joe Bowling, Williston, North Dakota


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