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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/12-1

Dec. 1, 2000

Neo-Liberals' Biggest Mistake:

Awakening Mainstream America

Outsource Future Elections to Private Industry; An “A though Z” Refresher of Second Amendment Arguments



Phoenix                    1. Awakening Mainstream America: Neo-Liberals’ Biggest Mistake

Alaska                      2. Outsource Future Elections to Private Industry

Scottsdale                3. An “A though Z” Refresher of 2nd Amendment Arguments  

Phoenix                    4. U.S. Economy: Looming Bust after Loony Boom?Dec. 1, 2000  

New York                 5. The New York Times Assaults the Nation’s EntrepreneursDec. 2, 2000

Oklahoma                6. “New World Disorder:” Old Globalist SinsDec. 2, 2000

                                      Coming Home to Roost in “New Economy”Dec. 2, 2000

Cairns                      7. Carry No Debt - Best Defense against BankstersDec. 2, 2000

Melbourne               8. Let’s Each DO Something to Reverse This Horrible Scourge!Dec. 2, 2000

Houston                    9. Underhanded on “Overvotes?”Dec. 5, 2000


1. Awakening Mainstream America: Neo-Liberals’ Biggest Mistake

“Mainstream America” May Never Again Trust “Lamestream Media”

PHOENIX, Nov. 30 - “Let a sleeping dog lie,” goes an old saw.  But today’s arrogant neo-liberals heed no traditions, including such folk wisdom.  To their peril, as it turning out… For, they have spat on, folded, spindled and mutilated the “silent majority” of Americans long enough for even the most docile among our slumbering citizens, including some Democrats, to start getting their backs up.  Angry TiM readers’ letters from across the country about the Florida electoral “demo farce’ attest to that.

Dennis Prager, director of Empower America, who also hosts a national daily radio show based in Los Angeles, put it aptly in his “Open Letter to Democrats,” published on the editorial page of today’s (Nov. 30) Wall Street Journal:

“We have watched in silence as the Democratic Party has relied on fomenting anger among Americans for its victories. The more that blacks are angry at whites, the more they vote Democrat. The more that Jews fear Christians, the more they vote Democrat. And the more women distrust men, the more they vote Democrat.

Given all this silence in the face of your attempt to control America, it is no wonder you thought you could litigate your way to the presidency. And maybe you could. But lo and behold, the rest of us are beginning to fight. Not enough yet to take back the schools or the courts or the professional organizations or the news media. But enough to let you know that we are out here. Yes, that large block of America between New York and California that in your hearts you believe to be racist, bigoted, anti-Semitic, homophobic and misogynist, is fighting back. You think that way because, in your arrogance, you confuse liberal with decent. But tens of millions of us have a different view of liberal -- as increasingly nihilist.”

“Nihilist” is indeed the word this writer used to describe the neo-liberals in his Washington Times column, “The Nothing Philosophy,” written four years ago.  Here’s an excerpt from the lead paragraph:

"(Zoran) Djindjic (a Serb neo-liberal politician) is close to Clinton, as a postmodern politician. He really believes in nothing," he said."

“Close to Clinton, Believes in Nothing,” was actually this writer’s original headline for this piece.  Well, not quite nothing, as the readers find out at the end of the column:

“…As the Belgrade crowd disperses for the night, after voting for democracy with its feet for 29 straight days, the exuberant Serbian opposition party officials gather around their leader to congratulate him on his speech.  'My, Levi, you really had them going...' one of them says, patting Desnic on his back. 'But surely, you must believe in something?'

'I believe in the same thing Clinton believes in,' Levi Desnic replies.

'Oh, yeah? And what is that?'

'The Almighty Dollar.'

'The Almighty Dollar?'

'Or a Deutsch Mark... Or a Yen... We are not that particular. We'll take anything Wall Street gives us. It's the money that makes the world go around, man! Crosses, crescents, flags, anthems... these are all archaic symbols for the backward masses. In our New World, we'll do away with all of them.'

'The masses or the symbols'?”

The electoral charade in America 2000 is showing the nation and the world that if the neo-liberals had their way, they might indeed do away with the Main Street masses, too.  Except, of course, for the blacks, Jews, Hispanics, illegal immigrants, atheists, gays or feminists - some of their supporters in emasculation of the Founding Father’s vision of America.  They’d get rid of those masses later, after seizing absolute power and punching dimpleless chads out of the U.S. Constitution.  Perhaps with the help from the Red Chinese, who seem to vote for the Democratic ticket in the U.S. elections through their wallets?

A far-fetched scenario? Well, if that’s what you think, consider what the Democrats’ ideological brethren, the Jewish Laborites in pre-WW II Palestine, did to their own kin - the Jews in Germany.  They propped up Hitler, thus assuring survival of the Nazis, wrote the Israeli journalist, Barry Chamish, in his 1998 review of Edwin Black’s book, “The Transfer Agreement” (MacMillan, 1985).  Here’s an excerpt from the TiM GW Bulletin 98/1-8, Jan. 12, 1998:

“It has been called, along with Ben Hecht's Perfidy, the most controversial book about Israel ever written. Unlike Perfidy, The Transfer Agreement by Edwin Black (MacMillan, 1985) never had an audience. It was taken off the shelves quickly and surreptitiously and is almost impossible to find."


TiM Ed.: That was true when written, back in 1998.  But since that time, as Ken Nebel, a TiM reader from Duluth, MN, points out pithily, "Black's book, The Transfer Agreement, is available now in both hard cover and paperback versions from The attempt to suppress it has failed, thanks perhaps to Al Gore's great invention" (the Internet.)


"What Black's book painstakingly proves is that in 1933, while the rest of World Jewry was organizing an economic boycott of the new Nazi regime in Germany in the hope of breaking it before it could mount the Holocaust, the Mapai (Labour Party) faction of the Zionist Organization based in Jerusalem decided to make Nazi Germany Palestine's chief trading partner.

The vehicle for trade was The Transfer Agreement. The Nazis and Labour Zionists had one very important thing in common: The Nazis wanted Germany ridded of Jews and the socialist Zionists did too, so long as they emigrated to Eretz Yisrael. To accommodate such a transfer of Jews, an agreement was arranged whereby each Jew wishing to leave Germany for Palestine would have to use his capital to purchase German goods there. Thus, while world Jewry was busy fighting Nazi Germany economically, the Mapai Zionists were saving Germany from financial ruin.

In short, the Labour Zionists assured the survival of the Nazis. To do so, it was essential that their rivals, the Revisionist Zionists (Likud) were eliminated from the power structure of the impending state of Israel. The murder of Labour Zionist leader Chaim Arlozoroff, who was a chief negotiator of the Transfer Agreement, was the means to totally discredit the opposition and get on with the task of doing business with the Nazis and in doing so, create a state in the socialist image.”

If you think that’s also a far-fetched theory about an ancient story of betrayal and a long-forgotten murder, you should read Mr. Chamish’s book about the 1995 assassination of Israel’s prime minister - “Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin” (see TiM GW Bulletin 2000/6-1; the book is also available at, and at  

And if after that, you still think such things cannot happen in America, well, they already have.  And recently.  Remember Waco, Vince Foster, Ron Brown…? So bold have today’s neo-liberals become, that they are even making violent threats on live public television.  As Hank Gastrich, a TiM reader from El Cajon, CA, put it in his letter to TiM:

I would like to see repeated showings of the TV segment wherein Congressman Charles Rangel, Democrat-New York, said he would have to ‘get his pistol if Bush was seated.’ Dick Gephardt (the Democratic minority leader) later said Rangel never meant what he said.  And later yet, Rangel said he meant dueling with pistols.  Duels are also illegal.

However, there has been only one TV showing of that, and then nothing ever again! Nor was it in the morning papers. Rangel's statement would swing public opinion very fast!”

Indeed.  So the cheats of the David Boies kind (Al Gore’s lead lawyer who falsified an affidavit to misrepresent to the Florida Supreme Court the Pullen v. Milligan, 561 NE2d 585, Ill. 1990, court case) are relatively benign in comparison to violent threats by ELECTED (!) “liberals?”  That’s why we prefer to call them neo-liberals, or put the term in quotes, since such people are really spoofs of true liberalism.  As this writer said in his Aug. 31, 1997 Washington Times column, “Dancing ‘Round the Golden Calf:”

“Corruption of the American political system by Wall Street's and foreign money, and the "liberals" willingness to sell out true liberalism for a dictatorship of thought, are making the majority of Americans subjects of reverse discrimination.

Take the term "politically correct" (PC), for example. It is fervently used by politicians and the establishment-owned media, and rigorously imposed on our children - from K-12 to colleges. Yet, being "PC" really is a "dictatorship of minorities." The majority of Americans are not supposed to acknowledge this fact out loud, however - for fear of offending the minorities.

(The term "liberal" is in apostrophes above because it is another NWO oxymoron. How can anything as dogmatic as the "PC" terminology ever be truly liberal, given that "liberal" means "freedom of individuals to act or express themselves in a manner of their own choosing," according to Webster's?)…

But how is such a dictatorship of the few over the many possible in the "land of the free," the "greatest democracy on Earth?"

Easy. They buy the politicians. They buy the educators. They buy the media. And then, they tell them what they want Americans to think. Or else. And suddenly, America is no longer free.

Once upon a time, this writer lived under such a system. It was called communism. As a young man, I faced the same choices as above. I chose the "else." I came to America, the "land of the free." Or so I thought. Now I am not so sure...

"You'll believe what you read in (the) news magazines until the first time you see an article on a subject which you know," a veteran West Coast editor, a former Associated Press journalist, wrote to this writer in August 1992."Then you will never believe them again. Most 'civilians' (meaning ordinary readers) never have a sufficiently jarring experience to fall victim to this piece of (journalistic) folk wisdom."

Well, now we do.  After the Electoral Farce 2000, during which the “liberal” media pronounced Al Gore the winner in Florida even before the polls had closed in that state, we have all been “sufficiently jarred.”  Mainstream America may never again trust the Lamestream Media.  Which is why the TiM home page slogan has read for years: “If there were the truth in media, there would be no need for the Truth in Media” (see

As you saw in a recent TiM piece, “Serbia Is in Love Again,” once upon a time, this writer also believed in fairness of the media.  But that was a long time ago.  Now, this writer finds his own relative naiveté about the U.S. “democracy” back in 1989-1990 rather amusing.  Now, he’d probably use today the terms such as “freedom” or “liberty” in lieu of “democracy” (which has mutated into a “demo farce,” as we are discovering day by day, country by country, state by state - also see the Washington Times November 1996 column, “Demo Farce and the American Century” on that topic). 

As for liberalism, most Americans among the “silent majority” are, in fact, true “live and let live”-liberals in the 18th century sense of that word.  This writer certainly considers himself to be one.  It is the self-proclaimed neo-liberals who have shifted to the right (with reverse racism), AND to the left (with autocratic big government ideology), thus coming closer to the fascist-communist dictatorships.  Which makes them the fascist-communist wolves in liberal sheep’s clothing.

So when such “liberals” start to dictate to us what we should think and how we should behave; when they threaten us with pistols unless we do what they say (after first having tried to take our pistols away), well folks… don’t know about you, but I say - enough is enough! 

It is time for “silent Americans” to be heard.  It is time for all freedom-loving citizens to hang together and “just say no” to Gore, Lieberman (or Sore, Loserman, if you prefer J), and their army of two-faced, double-talking lawyers.  It is time for Mainstream America to push back.

If we don’t, and if we don’t hang together while resisting the neo-liberals’ tyranny push, as Benjamin Franklin put it while signing the Declaration of Independence, "most assuredly, we shall all hang separately."

Trust me on that.  Been there, done that… Seen the (d)evil’s ugly face close up and personally - in my youth, spent under communism.   


2. Outsource Future Elections to Private Industry

ALASKA, Nov. 30 - We received the following comment from Mr. Eric E. Skidmore, a TiM reader in Alaska:

“Another thing that happened in the "emerging democracy" of Florida: The State went from one with the most difficult ballot access laws to one with the most liberal. 

Many people used to the establishment media’s non-coverage of Nader, Browne, Buchanan, Hagelin, etc. were surprised to see the numerous third party candidates for the first time on the ballot.  Maybe they thought they were voting for a drain commissioner?  Many counties confronted with numerous candidates made poor ballot designs... the butterfly ballot, etc.

The inventor of the Vote-o-matic (machines) said that if you don't turn the machines sideways once in a while and shake out the chads... then they'll build up into a stack, and prevent the later ballots from getting punched through, or something to that effect. 

Only the institution of government could screw up something like this. Maybe future elections should be sub-contracted out to private industry, with monetary incentives for fewest spoiled ballots?

Some of my favorite quotes:

"The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants."  (Albert Camus)

"The more corrupt the state, the more numerous the laws."  (Tacitus)

Eric E. Skidmore, Alaska


3. An “A though Z” Refresher of Second Amendment Arguments

SCOTTSDALE, Nov. 30 - We received the following letter from Winston Palmer, a TiM reader from Scottsdale, Arizona, a state where carrying a gun is still legal, as long as it is not concealed:

Refresher on… “Are we free? Do we still have our rights?”

a.       An armed man is a citizen. An unarmed man is a subject.

b.      A gun in the hand is better than a cop on the phone.

c.       Colt: The original point and click interface.

d.      Gun control is not about guns; it's about control.

e.       If guns are outlawed, can we use swords?

f.        If guns cause crime, then pencils cause misspelled words.

g.       Free men do not ask permission to bear arms.

h.       If you don't know your rights, you don't have any.

i.         Those who trade liberty for security have neither.

j.        The United States Constitution (c) 1791. All Rights Reserved.

k.      What part of "shall not be infringed" do you not understand?

l.         999,987 firearm owners killed no one yesterday.

m.     Guns only have two enemies: Rust and “Liberal” Politicians.

n.       Know guns, know peace and safety. No guns, no peace nor safety.

o.      You don't shoot to kill; you shoot to stay alive.

p.      911 - government sponsored Dial-a-Prayer.

q.      Assault is a behavior, not a device.

r.        Criminals love gun control - it makes their jobs safer.

s.       If Guns cause Crime, then Matches cause Arson.

t.        Only a government that is afraid of its citizens tries to control them.

u.       You only have the rights you are willing to fight for.

v.       Enforce the "gun control laws" in place, don't make more.

w.     When you remove the people's right to bear arms, you create slaves.

x.       The American Revolution would never have happened with Gun Control.

y.       ".... a government of the people, by the people, for the people....."


Winston Palmer, Scottsdale, Arizona


4. U.S. Economy: Looming Bust after Loony Boom?Dec. 1, 2000

PHOENIX, Dec. 1 - Amid the media feeding frenzy that focuses on Ryder trucks and not-so-supreme beings in black robes, it is easy to lose sight of some stories that will have a much more profound impact on the lives of average Americans.  Our economy is grinding to a halt, and a scant few people either realize it or seem to care.  Except, of course, for those who are already up to their necks in alligators in bankruptcy courts. 

More than one million Americans who have filed for bankruptcy this year probably could not care less if either Al Gore or George Bush became president, or if Fidel Castro were appointed governor of that banana republic that lies just north of Cuba.  For, their spending binge, which the vice president hailed as a sign of the “strong economy,” is now followed by a sobering financial hangover. 

Since the start of the year, personal bankruptcy filings have increased by 10%, measured by a moving 12-week average, the Wall Street Journal reported today (Dec. 1).  All in all, some 1.26 million Americans will have declared themselves insolvent this year.  The consumer debt research firm, SMR Research of New Jersey, projects that bankruptcies will rise as much as 15% next year, surpassing the all-time high of 1.4 million cases set in 1998. 

So much for Gore’s “strong economy!”

But a rising tide of financial defaults did not stop other fools from reaching for fools’ gold.  National TV networks feasted on scenes of anxious shoppers lining up on Friday, Nov. 24 (“the biggest shopping day of the year,” we are told) in the wee hours of the morning for the privilege of SPENDING money at department stores!  Another one of those “only in America” images that make people in other countries shake their heads in disbelief.

But the day of reckoning comes eventually.  For most such compulsive shoppers, it begins with the arrival of their credit card bill.  “Bankruptcy takes a heavy human toll, and many of those who seek protection from their debts see it as a humiliating admission of failure,” the Journal writes.

“But the economic costs can also be substantial,” the Journal adds. “Creditor losses from debts erased by bankruptcy run into the tens of billions of dollars each year. The filings, meanwhile, may be the harbinger of a significant slowdown in consumer spending that could make a ‘soft landing’ for the U.S. economy nearly impossible.”

"We've just finished one of the plateau periods for bankruptcies, which hit a peak in 1998 and then fell a bit," says SMR President Stuart Feldstein. "But now that we've caught our breath, they're about to go way up again. We're on the verge of another flood."

The Journal explains:

“The consumer-spending binge of the early 1990s was built on a fragile foundation of massive household borrowing, so for spending to keep pace going forward, borrowing would have to continue to increase as well. But the current increase in the number of bankruptcies means that many households are having a hard time repaying existing debts, suggesting they'll be far less eager to amass new ones. And with Americans already spending every dollar they earn, a reluctance to borrow more money means the pace of consumer spending can only slow, serving as a significant drag on the broader economy.”

Low-income Americans - most of whom voted for Gore, according to a Nov. 12 New York Times report - have been among the first to feel the strain.   And pain.  Unlike the sitting president, who seems to feel everyone else’s pain but his own, the low-income Americans experienced it firsthand.

About 10% of households making less than $50,000 were more than 60 days late on at least one loan payment, a recent survey showed, compared with less than 4% of the families earning more than that amount. Furthermore, it's becoming harder for low-income Americans to work the extra hours or get second jobs - to earn the money to repay their debts.

And so, the growth in consumer spending - the bulwark of the supposedly strong economy and the biggest component of the gross domestic product growth - is starting to ebb.  On Thursday (Nov. 30), a new government report on personal income suggested that consumer spending will advance at an annual rate of just 3% this quarter, far lower than the 4.5% pace recorded a quarter earlier. The slower pace could easily translate into a relatively weak holiday season for the nation's retailers, the long lines in pre-dawn hours on Friday, Nov. 24 notwithstanding.

Nor are the increased bankruptcies and slower consumer spending the only signs of a loony boom turning into a looming bust of the U.S. economy.

The Labor Department said that first-time claims for unemployment benefits soared by 19,000 to 358,000 last week, their sixth consecutive increase and a two-year high, the Wall Street Journal also reported today (Dec. 1).  The four-week moving average of claims, which flattens out short-term volatility, jumped 12,000 to 343,000. Both measures had been declining for most of the past few years, before beginning to climb several months ago.

Two other reports, which usually attract little attention, illustrate the worsening condition of the manufacturing sector that continues to shed jobs.

Most of the indexes in the Chicago Purchasing Managers' report are now at or near historic lows.  The National Association of Purchasing Management-New York said that optimism about the economic future fell in the region despite strong levels of tourism and retail sales.

As if to spruce up the dry statistics with some real life factory sob stories, DaimlerChrysler Corp. said today that it planned to idle more North American factories after posting a 5% decrease in total U.S. vehicle sales during November.  The company plans to temporarily shut down two of its 12 North American facilities during the week of Dec. 4.  Last week, Chrysler idled three factories in order to reduce overflowing inventories at dealerships.  The closings left 13,600 auto workers without jobs that week.

Meanwhile, Delphi Automotive Systems Corp., an auto parts supplier, said it will place more than 1,700 hourly employees - or 3.1% of its 54,000 hourly U.S. work force - at its Michigan, New York and Ohio facilities on temporary layoff, citing reduced volumes.

Bad news from the automotive sector trails an even worse news about the computer PC sales declines that rocked the market yesterday (Nov. 30).  This knocked billions of dollars out of the market capitalization of PC vendors, such as Gateway, IBM, Dell, HP, and Compaq.  The drop pushed the technology-heavy NASDAQ index down by 4% to under 2,600 points.  That’s nearly 50% down from the NASDAQ peak reached in March of this year.

All these business woes meant that the U.S. economy grew at just a 2.4% annual rate in the third quarter - less than half the second quarter's pace.  Any sign of slowing makes money-lenders leery of borrowers' future earnings, and therefore its ability to repay.  As a result, the recent plethora of bad economic news also has had the bankers twitching nervously, and tightening the credit even to their good corporate clients, the Wall Street Journal also reported today (Dec. 1), in a front page story.

A Federal Reserve survey shows that 44% of U.S.-based banks have tightened standards for commercial and industrial loans in the past three months, in part, because regulators are pushing them to curtail risky lending. Many of the largest and the most profitable U.S. corporations have seen their borrowing costs go up (such as Xerox or Levi Strauss, for example).

Why the sudden credit crunch?  Because of the “once burned twice shy”-syndrome.  When the Southeast Asian crisis hit three years ago, the flight of capital from that part of the world landed mostly on the U.S. and Western European financial shore.  So the last three years have created a cashflow-driven appearance of prosperity in western markets, thus our term - “loony boom.”

During that time, flush with more cash than wisdom, bankers gave money to lots of companies that, in retrospect, shouldn't have been funded nearly so richly.  Some financing deals done in 1997 and 1998, which the Journal terms “frothy,” have turned around to bite investors.  They typically involved over-leveraged "roll up" companies on acquisition sprees, and Dot.Com and telecom companies with no earnings.

In June of this year, total borrowing by non-financial U.S. companies stood at $4.6 trillion, up 61% from five years before, Moody's says.  So far in the fourth quarter, Moody's has been lowering the credit ratings of 3.9 corporate borrowers for every one it raises, the worst ratio since the fourth quarter of 1990.

Also, 3.3% of syndicated loans were considered troubled as of the end of March this year, up from 1.3% two years earlier, according to bank regulators' latest Shared National Credit survey.  Now, more debt is going bad. The junk-bond default rate is above 5%, the highest in nearly a decade, the Journal says.

The Journal points out that the corporate Chapter 11 bankruptcy filings this year include firms such as AmeriServe Food Distribution Inc., whose $1.5 billion in debt was more than nine times its annual cash flow. Rattling investors further is the fact that some of the year's biggest Chapter 11 filers have been companies that had investment-grade credit ratings, such as grocer Pathmark Stores Inc. and Laidlaw Inc., a transportation company.

Finally, the Commerce Department also reported today (Dec. 1) that the nation’s personal incomes declined to $8,405 trillion in October from $8,421 trillion in September.  We could have probably picked up a few more depressing economic stories in the morning papers, but chose to stop here.  Frankly, the preceding compendium was more than enough of a bad news digest even for a hardened analyst.

Maybe we should all let Al Gore take credit for such awesome business hum, just as the Democratic candidate did when he was spinning the news as “the man who invented the Internet?”  He would probably not know the difference between hum and humdrum anymore than he would between booing and booming.  He’d likely tuck them all away into the same lockbox.  And then lose the key?

Poor Al… Everybody’s on his back, making fun of him.  Even dogs (see the “Good doggie!”-photo at our web site).  Gore is rapidly becoming the Rodney Dangerfield (in getting no respect) of American politics, but without Rodney’s sense of humor.  And that’s the man who would be president?

Future Outlook

Meanwhile, back to business, what can we expect in the future, given such a shaky economy?

Well, let’s start with no-brainers.  We can expect the Fed to lower interest rates.  Which will weaken the U.S. dollar.  Which will help the exports.  Which will boost financial results of multinational companies with substantial overseas revenue and earnings contributions.  Which will all fall on deaf ears on Wall Street, since the stockmarket has long ago stopped caring about business fundamentals of the companies whose shares it trades.

So why should you care?  Because the next pink slip may be yours.  So you might as well have a Plan B, just in case.  

And what’s that?  Move overseas?  

If you can afford to.

The smart money will leave Wall Street to its conundrums, and invest overseas just as easily as it arrived in the U.S. three years ago.  If that happens, we will see an outflow of capital from America.  The upshot will be lower U.S. stock prices, especially in overhyped sectors, such as technology, which are already taking a beating.

IBM’s CEO, Lou Gerstner, seems to agree with us.  At least his actions do, if not his words.  One week after giving Wall Street a pep talk about IBM’s bright future (see Annex Newsflash 11-01, Nov. 10, 2000), the Big Blue boss registered to SELL (!) 700,000 IBM shares worth an estimated $70 million.  It was Gerstner’s largest stock disposal ever, surpassing even the blockbuster 678,000 shares that the IBM CEO announced he would sell in August 1999 (see “Best Years Are Behind,” Annex Bulletin 99-28, Aug. 10, 1999).

Way (not) to put your money where your mouth is!  The IBM CEO must be getting ready for Washington after he is finally booted out of Armonk.  Either way, despite his sweet talk, Gerstner is evidently seeing the writing on the wall, both for IBM and for the U.S. market.  And is bailing out while the going is good.

The new president, whoever he is, will not have that option.  Rolling out the red carpet in Washington at inauguration time may end up symbolizing the red ink flowing in the rest of the country. 

So maybe the way to cut the Election 2000 Gordian knot is to have two presidents - so they can each take half the blame.  Gore can be president of New York and California, for example, and Bush can run the rest of the country.  Except for Florida.  We have a feeling that both presidents and most Americans would be happy to cede it to Castro by now (see this writer’s August 1996 Washington Times column, “When Cultures Collide...”, about the upcoming U.S. break-up, in which we did call Florida “North Cuba” - you can see it at our web site even labeled as such on our 1995 map of the U.S.).

The real problem, however, would be Wall Street, not Florida.  For, both presidents are beholden to it.  It’s just that Al’s been working the left side of the street, while Dubya has been hitting the wallets on the right side of the street. 

So maybe we should erect a new “Berlin Wall” in the middle of the street, with Al getting the left block, while George claiming the right block?  After all, it is a street called Wall, isn’t it?

“But wait a second,” can’t you just hear a lawyer arguing, “what is left and what is right depends on whether you stand at the north or the south end of Wall Street.”

“Generally it does.  But what is left and what is right makes no difference to Gore or Bush.  Only what is might.  Which both of them are trying to grab with all their might.”

And now, you can now go back to your favorite boob-tube channel and continue following that Ryder truck and those black robes.  Hopefully into oblivion…


5. The New York Times Assaults the Nation’s EntrepreneursDec. 2, 2000

NEW YORK, Dec. 1 - The business editors of the New York Times joined yesterday (Dec. 1) the chorus of economic doomsayers with a story, “Self Employment on the Decline.”  But this article turned black into white.  It alleged that even the 30 million-and-counting American entrepreneurs are losing their zip to win and their zest to compete.  And that the large U.S. industrial companies are somehow benefiting from it.  Here’s an excerpt:

“Since 1994, the number of self-employed Americans outside agriculture has fallen by 146,000, to 12.9 million, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The period between 1994 and 1999, hailed as a golden age for entrepreneurs, is the first five-year span since the 1960's in which the number of self-employed fell.  By contrast, for most of the last three decades, self-employment grew slightly faster than the overall labor force.

But in recent years, as the economy has added millions of jobs, the portion of Americans who say that they work for themselves whether on their own or with dozens of employees they have hired has dropped by almost one-tenth, according to the bureau's survey of 50,000 households.  In 1994, 10.9 percent of the nonagricultural work force was self-employed; in 1999, it fell to 9.9 percent.”


TiM Ed.: A word of caution about the tricks numbers can play.  Between 1994 and 1999, the U.S. work force has grown by about 9%.  Which means that 10.9% of the 1994 number is virtually the same as 9.9% of the 1999 number.  In short, the self-employment stayed basically flat.  So the Times is obviously trying to make the facts fit its views, given the bombastic headline and the opinionated “news” story.


"It's a surprise," said David G. Blanchflower, an economics professor at Dartmouth, who writes about entrepreneurship. "We don't really understand it."

What is clear, economists say, is that much of the widely believed hyperbole surrounding the Internet and the new economy has exaggerated the ease with which people can hang out their own shingle.”

Once again, the Times appears to have formed an opinion and then is trying to retrofit the data to it.  Just like that famous trial lawyer who finished his summation to the jury with the following remark: “And those, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, were the conclusions upon which I based my facts.” J

Even the supposed 146,000 entrepreneurial self-employment deficit over five years is a mere one percent of the total U.S. employment.  But the most important point that the Times and its professorial sources are missing is that successful entrepreneurs - CREATE JOBS!  And that some of the successful entrepreneurs that were start-ups or were non-existent five years ago, are LARGE companies today.

Take AOL, for example.  Back in 1994, the reference point the Times had chosen for its story, AOL was a virtual start-up.  Today, AOL is s a household name and a corporate giant with capitalization of about $100 billion.  AOL employs over 15,000 employees, not counting the Time Warner payroll of about 70,000 people (AOL is in the process of acquiring Time Warner).  Yet the Bureau of Labor statistics that the Times used, which reflect only self-employment, would have missed such huge American entrepreneurial SUCCESS stories.

In addition, the Times story makes no mention of the destructive effect Washington’s globalist policies have had on small entrepreneurs in this country, as in many other countries around the world, especially in the manufacturing and retail sectors (for more on that, see the next story).  Nor does it pin the blame for it on the real culprits - the Wall Street sharks - on whose behest Washington has been carrying the “free trade” globalist flag around the world for decades, and spending the U.S. taxpayers’ money (think Mexico, Russia, Indonesia, Brazil…). 

The extent to which the Democratic Party’s political hogwash, along with its big industrial advertisers’ self-interests, has permeated even the business editorial room of this New York “liberal” paper can best be seen from the following paragraph:

“In the strong economy, it seems, large companies desperate for additional workers have managed to lure employees from all over, in part by offering some of the benefits of self-employment. At the same time, the difficulties of entrepreneurship have become less tolerable.”

See what we mean?  Here’s the Times echoing the Al Gore hogwash about the “strong economy” and hailing “large companies” as supposed winners in today’s market. 

Just the opposite is true, of course.  The ONLY hope the U.S. economy has if it is to recover from the cashflow-driven illusion of prosperity created by Wall Street and Washington is if it does churn out more entrepreneurial success stories such as AOL. 

If this were some “ma and pa” local newspaper spewing out such nonsense in the face of irrefutable FACTS that we presented in our earlier story (“U.S. Economy: Looming Bust after Loony Boom”), the Times piece wouldn’t have been worth the time or the ink we’ve already spent on it.  But given this paper’s reach and range in polluting millions of readers’ minds across America, and its propensity to present the “liberal” propaganda and its advertisers’ interests as “facts,” we thought that you may appreciate having the record set straight.

“All the news that’s fit to print?” - the Times front page motto.  Who are they kidding?  How about, “all the news that fits our opinions?”


6. “New World Disorder:” Old Globalist Sins Coming Home to Roost in “New Economy”Dec. 2, 2000

OKLAHOMA, Dec. 2 - We received the following comment from Thomas Kip Walls, a TiM reader from Oklahoma. Mr. Walls holds a Masters Degree in business, and has worked for the Federal Reserve Bank, giving presentations on the role of monetary and fiscal policy. He has taught accounting, economics, and management in two state colleges, administered personnel and benefit programs, and performed forecasting and financial analysis, management, and systems analysis for Fortune 100 companies.  You may find some of his earlier contributions to TiM in 1998 TiM Readers’ Forums. 

And now, here's what Mr. Walls has to say about the TiM piece, U.S. Economy: Looming Bust after Loony Boom”:

Your article is excellent.  It reflects the fruits of the long term economic programs put in place in late 70’s when Congress switched from a full employment goal to that of a planned economy (WSJ). 

At the time, manipulators were claiming that the US was mature economy with little growth prospects and that world markets were needed to maintain corporate economic growth.  They claimed that American business were too small, and needed to be bigger to make massive moves in world markets.  That’s mainly because of the big bank failures forced by the administration in the early 70's into petrol rollover of dollars to Third World countries that defaulted.

The hypothesis was that if they had been bigger they could have basically pulled off stupid decisions to make loans to illiquid countries with histories of defaults. Another conclusion was that wages needed to be lower to compete with other industrialized countries. Hence globalism and the New World Disorder was installed along with the giving away of the Panama Canal, the US sovereignty, and control over the domestic economy.

Historically, the domestic economy centered on American businesses making products for American consumers with stimulus provided by exports of goods and the Federal Reserve and government spending. An increase in these items accelerated the economy and a reduction slowed it down.

Today, the US depends on foreign products and foreign cashflows. Neither can be controlled by Congress or the Federal Reserve Bank. The economic security of the US has been gambled away so a few (globalist multinationals) can profit.

American businesses, many small businesses, providing jobs have been destroyed to try to create the big companies that would be used to conquer world markets i.e. Walmart, McDonald's, etc.. What we are seeing, however, is that big companies are being bought up by the Asians, Germans and other European businesses with a world awash with dollars they received from our purchases of imported goods.

As money goes overseas to pay for imported cheap goods made by slaves and children, that reduces domestic flows not just by the amount of the purchases but also by the multiplier effect, which by last reports I have seen, was about five.  Hence fewer quality jobs for Americans and the need for more debt.

The basic impact of these long-term economic government plans is a program of essential self-destruction of the US economic infrastructure. It is a growing and spiraling destruction of a powerful country and its people.

Who planned this? It goes back to the globalists of the 70's including Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Kurt Waldheim of the UN and a Nazi war criminal, George Bush (Sr.), then of the CIA, Nelson Rockefeller and Jimmy Carter.”


TiM Ed.: The above list is a good start.  But one should also “pin a donkey” (in the sense of that old children’s game) on the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, and on their “executive arms” - the IMF and the World Bank (see “Stitching Together the New World Order Flag”, Nov. 1999). 

All in all, less than 4,000 humans (some may argue with this attribute, given the ‘bloodless tycoon’ reputation), are trying to rule the 275 million Americans and the world’s six billion[1] other human beings.  Dictionaries define such a system as plutocracy - government of the few over the many.  “Liberals,” like Al Gore, call it a “democracy.”  So does George W. Bush.  Both men belong to those 4,000 plutocrats.

It’s the stuff revolutions are made of.  As John F. Kennedy put it, "if you make peaceful change impossible... you make violent revolution inevitable."  Why are the Democrats no longer quoting Kennedy?  Because they see too much blood and Gore in his statement? 


“The giving away of the Panama Canal and Hong Kong to China are just a few examples of the stupidity and gross negligence that occurred in the 70's that did not materialize until 90's. Their actions go beyond stupidity they border on traitors to the American people and the country itself. These people swore allegiance to this country not to the UN, NATO, NWO, etc.. Many politicians dropped out of politics to avoid being held responsible for these plans and actions.

Gambling, PORN, homosexuality and drugs have all been legitimatised and increased in this timeframe, as symbols of God and Christ have been pulled down from cemeteries and voter-selected city seals.  And as gun control has increased. Financial freedom for the middle class has also been destroyed as well as for those who live in poverty. Laws have grown to the point that everyone is guilty of something particularly those who are not POLITICALLY CORRECT, or do not wear power ties.

The fruits of these programs are:

·        US standard of living has decline from on of the highest in world to around 10th.

·        US has become a net debtor nation (TiM Ed.: See “What’s a Trillion Here, a Trillion There…”, Mar. 1999).

·        Bankruptcies are at a 50-year high.

·        Real wages are at a 50-year low.

·        National savings are at record lows (TiM Ed.: See “Small Caps Sinking Fast,” Aug. 1998)

·        Nearly every public trust has been liquidated and squandered like social security, retirement accounts etc. FASB under BUSH and Reagan in the early 80's determined that retirement funds belonged to corporations so millions of Americans were terminated from their jobs and careers.

·        Nearly every industry has been destroyed and restructured (i.e. banking, savings and loans, farms, telephone companies, electric utilities, airlines, etc.).

·        Millions of Americans are now under-employed with child and family poverty on the rise.

·        The international balance of payments (deficits) is running $400-$500 billion annually.

Both major parties are selling out America to globalism and claiming anyone for a balanced economic program is an isolationist.

By now, Americans should understand that both parties are making a mockery and a farce of the public trust and election process. There isn't anyone among them who stands for Americans, quality American jobs, or families.

The US is vulnerable to a massive global downturn and possibly total destruction of savings that would be caused by a run on the dollar and massive inflation.

Gore and Clinton inherited this legacy just as you and your children and grand children will. This is the NEW ECONOMY and the New World Disorder.

It will get worse.  Your article reflects the resulting trends that most Americans are oblivious to.  It is about what is really happening.

Unfortunately, most of the items referenced above are verifiable and have major basic unfavorable impact. The direction will continue until Americans FEEL it enough to give up their differences, focus on common basic good, and demand it from the PUBLIC SERVANTS.”

Thomas Kip Walls, Oklahoma


7. Carry No Debt - Best Defense against BankstersDec. 2, 2000

CAIRNS, Queensland, Australia, Dec. 1 - We received the following comment from George Newnham of Cairns, Australia, in which he enclosed a message from his fellow-Australia in New South Wales:

“I have been following most of your mails to date.  I even save them to your own directory (on my computer), so that I can refer to them at a later date if need be.  But this one really is scary (the TiM piece, U.S. Economy: Looming Bust after Loony Boom”).  I am not old enough to remember the crash of the 20's, but I still felt the after-effects when I was born.  So talk like this really put the wind right up me.

I personally do not have any debt at all.  I work on the principle that if I cannot pay cash for it, then I cannot really afford it.  But occasionally I weaken, then try to acquit it as soon as possible.

This leads me to another mail I got from another bloke here in Australia, which I will paste below for you. It was not sent as copyrighted, and as far as I am aware, it was meant for as wide a distribution as possible, so go for it! Regards,”

George Newnham, Cairns, Australia 



“Banks create money for themselves at a rate, said by authorities, to be as much as 70 or 110 times the amount of money deposited with them.  The money is created "out of thin air" or "from nothing," and lent to borrowers, which is paid back to the banks with interest.    

A loan of $100,000, so created, at 10% fixed interest and amortized over 10 years, will generate $158,580 into a bank's coffers.  The money is not then returned to "thin air" or "nothing", but is kept by the bank.    

The magnitude of the deceit, worldwide, is in the order of trillions of dollars.”

J. Wilson, North Rocks, NSW, Australia


To which we replied to Mr. Newnham:

“Thanks for your feedback. George.  You're wise not to have any debt.

As for the enclosed comment by Mr. Wilson, creating money out of thin air has been made very easy ever since the Central Banks abandoned the gold standard (in the late 1960s).  Which is, of course, why they did it.  With the advent of computer technology and electronic money, it's easy as a keystroke.

As for the phenomenon Mr. Wilson describes in his example as “deceit,” it’s called compound interest.  It’s a clever scheme by the lenders, but there is really nothing deceitful or mystical about it.  Best of all, there is one foolproof defense against it - don’t borrow!  But I see that you’ve already figured that one out.”  J

Bob Dj.


8. Let’s Each DO Something Positive to Reverse This Horrible Scourge!Dec. 2, 2000

MELBOURNE, Victoria, Australia, Dec. 1 - We received the following suggestion from Nikolas Kavalenka of Melbourne, Australia, who is a descendant, in his own words, “from a long line of Cossacks “(elite warriors of the Russian Czars). 

“Dear Bob, we have to reverse this horrible scourge that has befallen the world. 

This could be done by media like TiM encouraging people to do something positive each week (TiM Ed.: kind of like church work).  Then have them register with you what they had carried out as the most effective action, so it could be promoted and repeated around the world (i.e. protest movements locally and nationally).

The first step that comes to mind is to put the Representatives into power who will take back the control of money, and give it back to the people of the country. 

I believe the constant printing of negative news only dumbs down the readers with despair.  But if we give them a positive task to perform each week, we can only go from strength to strength.

It could also be promoted as the health kick/lifeline of the nation, and as the alternative to sport, drugs and self-gratification via the Hollywood mafia. Regards,”

Nikolas Kavalenka, Melbourne, Australia


TiM Ed.: As we said, this would be a form of “church work,” something each person can do for defense of our society against the NWO assault.  Which means he/she will also be helping himself/herself.  Let us know what you think of the idea (just click here).  Thanks.

We replied to Mr. Kavalenka that we’d pass his suggestion to the TiM readers, along with our endorsement.  Let us indeed DO SOMETHING POSITIVE EACH WEEK to “reverse this horrible (NWO) scourge!” 

[1] FOOTNOTE: World population at mid-2000 was 6.06 billion and growing by 75 million people a year, according to U.N. statistics. More than 95 per cent of the growth is taking place in developing countries.


9. Underhanded on “Overvotes?”Dec. 5, 2000

Houston Election Judge Raises Possibility of Vote Fraud: Punching Out Chads for Gore?

HOUSTON, Dec. 5 - By now it ought to be clear to all but the most moronic of Al Gore supporters that the Clinton Veep and his legal tribe have progressed from litigious diatribes to plain obstructionism.  For Gore & Tribe to claim that they are continuing to try to litigate their way to the White House “for the good of the country,” despite all the legal defeats that they have suffered, is perhaps the greatest load of baloney Americans have heard on national television.  Yes, even bigger than Bill Clinton’s “I did not have sex with that woman,” or Richard Nixon’s “I am not a crook,” statements.

Yet despite all the PR and legal tantrums over the electoral mess in Florida; despite the charges and countercharges by both the Democrats and the Republicans, no one has so far alleged that any vote fraud[1] has taken place.  Until today.

In a message published at the top of today’s (Dec. 5) Wall Street Journal letters section, a Houston election judge, drawing on his own experiences in Harris County (Texas), raised a possibility of massive vote fraud being committed nationwide in the heavily Democratic districts, such as those that voted for Gore in Florida.  And where Gore & Tribe are seeking endless recounts.  Here are some excerpts from his letter:

“Your Nov. 22 page-one article "Florida Ballot Miscues Touch Off Debate Within the African-American Community1" may be misleading to readers. Was the problem of large numbers of overvotes in the black precincts due to a "lack of sophistication," as Congresswoman Hastings has suggested? Or rather, was there a significant amount of ballot tampering of the Bush ballots by these Democrat precinct election officials, by their subsequently punching out the Gore chads to invalidate the ballot and reduce the Bush vote count in these heavily Democrat precincts? […]

Having been an election judge here in Houston, Texas (Harris County), for more than a decade, I have been made aware over the years by my fellow Republican Ballot Security officials here of numerous examples of probable serious election fraud in some of the inner-city precincts, where we apparently use similar votomatic punch card voting systems, as in Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade County, Florida.

We apparently have seen examples of intentional tampering of already voted ballots by Democrat election officials in our inner-city precincts, that probably took place after the polls had closed and the poll watchers had gone home. The easiest opportunity for tampering has been for precinct officials to improperly reopen the ballot transfer cases on the way to the election center, and punch out a Democrat chad in a particular race on a ballot that was voted as a Republican vote for that race, thus invalidating the ballot for that race, thereby reducing the Republican's vote count. We even had an incident several years ago of a Democrat precinct official driving around our Loop 610 for more than an hour in their van altering and even adding ballots.

Remember that reducing your opponent's vote count is just as effective as adding new ballots for your candidate, and virtually undetectable... The real story may be in a closer examination of those 19,000 overvote ballots in Palm Beach County. Some veteran ballot security officials of these vote fraud investigations here in Houston believe massive voter fraud might be found to have occurred in the inner-city precincts in those three Florida counties. Perhaps even in other metropolitan cities across America. 

If the presumption of election fraud is to be assumed, Gore will have more chads punched out on almost all 19,000 overvoted ballots, and Bush some number short of that. […]

For comparison, here in Harris County (Greater Houston area), with almost a million similar-votomatic ballots cast on Nov. 7, Harris County had only 6,500 (0.7%) overvotes (more than one vote) and 14,690 (1.5%) undervotes (no votes) for president. So, one should ask, why such a problem in Palm Beach where overvoting was almost 5%? […]

C. Moore, Houston


TiM Ed.: Subscribers to the Wall Street Journal online service can read the full letter by Judge Moore at

[1] Florida became famous for vote fraud, especially during Janet Reno’s tenure as the Attorney General - see the 1992 book “VOTESCAM: The Stealing of America”, by Jim and the late Ken Collier. 


10. How Bush Won Election 2000 - by the NumbersDec. 5, 2000

VIRGINIA, Dec. 5 - We received the following message from Art Benedetti, a TiM reader from Virginia.  His succinct comment tells the story of how George W. Bush won the Election 2000 - by the numbers (except for the popular vote, of course):

  • Counties won by Gore: 677

  • Counties won by Bush: 2,434

  • Population of counties won by Gore: 127 million

  • Population of counties won by Bush: 143 million

  • Square miles of country won by Gore: 580,000

  • Square miles of country won by Bush: 2,427,000

  • States won by Gore: 19

  • States won by Bush: 29

 Professor Joseph Olson of the Hamline University School of Law in St. Paul Minnesota has looked up the crime statistics for all of these counties and came up with the following facts:

  • Average Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Gore: 13.2

  • Average Murder per 100,000 residents in counties won by Bush: 2.1

 Arturo G. Benedetti, Virginia


TiM Ed.: They say “picture is worth a thousand words.  The electoral map of the U.S. after the Election 2000 (click here) makes a similar point.

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