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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/11-6

Nov. 22, 2000

TiM to Florida's Disgraceful Supremes: Resign!

Supreme Injustice

TiM Readers React Angrily; Toward Another "Just War?"



Phoenix                     1. Supreme Injustice

Phoenix                     2. TiM Readers Respond…

Phoenix                     3. Toward Another “Just War?”


TiM to Florida's Disgraceful Supremes: Resign!

1. Supreme Injustice

A Letter from the Truth in Media Editor and Founder to Florida Supreme Court Justices

PHOENIX, Nov. 22 - Last night, we sent you a copy of our letter to the Florida Supreme Court (enclosed below), asking also for your support.  We have been overwhelmed with your responses.  Thank you.  Some of your letters are posted below.  Keep them coming…

Also, feel free to take part in our today’s poll - What would you do with Florida's Supreme Court? Click on this URL: - to take part.

And now, here’s our letter from Nov. 21:

“Dear TiM readers,

If you followed this evening's developments involving the Florida Supreme Court, then you probably know by now that this UNELECTED judicial body has decided to usurp and override the powers of Florida's elected Legislature; of Florida's elected executive branch, and to punch a perfect chad out of the Florida voter's choice. These justices have just unilaterally changed the rules of the game - AFTER the game had already been played.

Enclosed below is a message that the TiM editor has sent to the justices of the Florida Supreme Court, which is likely to be remembered from now on as the Florida Court of Disgrace. Their respective e-mails are shown below. If you agree with the sentiments of my letter, please join me in writing to them and expressing your own outrage.

We would appreciate it if you would send a copy of your letter(s) to, so we can consider them for a special TiM Readers' Forum on this topic. Thank you.”

Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media, Phoenix, Arizona

P.S. For what it's worth, all seven Florida Supreme Court judges have been appointed by Democratic governors.


Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 21:46:47 -0800

Sent by e-mail to:

The Justices of the

Florida Supreme Court

Tallahassee, FL


Subject: Florida Court of Disgrace

You should be all ashamed of yourselves! Your politically-motivated meddling into an already badly flawed electoral process is disgraceful. You are making our entire country the laughing stock of the world, not just the state of Florida.

More importantly, along with your own, you're destroying the credibility of our courts. Which self-respecting American will ever again respect a decision by a politicized judge? Or the authority of a President who lawyered his way into the White House?

"Your Honors," if you really have any honor - individually or collectively - you should resign forthwith.

     Best regards,


Bob Djurdjevic, Founder, Truth in Media, Phoenix, Ariz.

P.S. For what it's worth, the writer is NOT a member of the Republican Party and did not vote for either Bush or Gore.

What would you do with Florida's Supreme Court? Click on this URL: - to take part in today's TiM Poll.


2. TiM Readers Respond…

Some reactions to... Resign! (TiM’s letter to the Florida Supreme Court)

CALIFORNIA - You’ve Awoken a Sleeping Dragon

To TiM: Dear Bob, The Supreme Court email addresses you sent in your email were undeliverable.  I wonder if they have changed their email addresses?  The only one I could get through with was this one  I suppose they were getting too many emails of truth.   To that one, I sent is the following:

“How dare you take it upon yourselves to overrule the legislative laws that were in place before the 11/7/00 Elections.  How much were you paid or promised by your criminal friends?  What you have done is awoken a sleeping dragon.  And all eyes are aware of the injustice you have done.  God help you.”  

Paulene Robinson, L.A., CA


TEXAS - Thanks for Your Soap Opera


“Dear Judges,

I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for the entertainment value which your international daytime television debut provided to me and my family. I thought it poetic that it interrupted the regular soaps, and I'm hoping the networks will take it on as a regular series. Or have they?

As an independent voter, I found your performances enthralling. The blithering idiocy combined with the brash arrogance, gut-wrenching dialogue and open animosity was so dynamic that at some points, I found myself laughing out loud, while at other times I could do nothing to restrain my pity. After all, there you were with the world as your stage, and you couldn't even put complete sentences together.

Nor, seemingly, could you do anything to conceal your bias and the fact that you had already made up your collective minds as to the basic direction you were going to take and were merely scratching about, trying to figure out the most "acceptable" way to promote it. Several of you even copped attitudes with lawyers who were merely relating the positions of their clients. That is, when you weren't interrupting them. Incredible!

Anyway, I just wanted to write and say thank you. So . . . thanks!


Fred Watt, Texas


FLORIDA - Extreme Court of Shame

“To the Florida Extreme Court of Shame.

I agree with the forwarded message completely. You have brought shame to Florida and the entire nation. You have destroyed whatever faith I had left in our court system and our government. You will permit overseas military ballots to be thrown out on the slightest technicality, but allow endless counting in South Florida until Gore is ahead.

Everyone in this country should hang their head in shame - everyone but the Florida Supreme Court. You have no shame. But shame will be your heritage.”

Richard Davidson, Mims, Florida


State Unknown- I Am Enraged!

To TiM: I am enraged Bob. I do not understand why these evil people are so desperate to win the Presidency, unless there is some evil rendezvous with some future event they have in mind. There is no honor, either, in the Demo-rat Part.

“To the seven judges of the Florida Supreme Court:

One day when you stand before the Justice of our Lord, there will be no recount, no changing the law in midstream, nor any appeal. You have thrown this election to crooked vote counters in three counties in Florida widely known for vote fraud and by extension this nation, of whom, will now suffer through a grave crisis.

You do not believe in the rule of law, but legal positivism. Had you have been judges in Germany during the 1930's, you would have not had any safeguard against the Nazi regime for the Nazis legally put those people in the death camps under the benefit of the law just as you have legally allowed millions citizens in the wombs of their mothers to be aborted.

Might makes right. We have more compassion for dogs and cats. And given the kind of justice you have dealt the citizens of Florida, it appears that the law which was suppose to safeguard citizens to freely chose their president can be turned over by the bought and paid for justices of the opposing political party. It appears that the next American Revolution will require throwing justices into the Boston harbor rather than tea.”

Gary P Sarsok (state unknown)


CALIFORNIA - You Walk in Step with Worst Men of Last Century

“Before the issue of separation of powers was presented to you, one could properly presume that each of you, while socially active in partisan political gatherings, had a respect and pride for the history of your office; but that was then, and this is now.

Before you accepted argument on the detail of the election laws of Florida - a set of codes you had never previously determined to be inconsistent with the Constitution of these United States or the Constitution of the State of Florida - and about such laws you were not being asked in the present time to validate or invalidate one could presume you could not, and would not assume authority you did not have. But then you spoke, and in the blink of an eye, washed away any presumption of learning, depth and wisdom you might engender by the mantle of your office.

Tonight, the unintended consequences of your decision to usurp the authority of the executive and legislative branches of government by judicial decree will bring America to the realization of how unconstitutional, how capricious, how arrogant, and how disrespectful you are toward the duties of your office and toward those you pretend to serve.

Tonight, you walk in step with the worst of men born in the last century, who held themselves to be more equal than the rest. In time, America will wash away the shame you brought upon her, but as for yourselves; May you always live in interesting times. 

Robert Drobot, Milpitas, California


AUSTRALIA - Exactly What the Rest of the World Is Thinking

To Tim: Re. Florida Court of Disgrace.

Your letter to the crooked Judges is exactly what the rest of the world is thinking. What a corrupt world we live in. Regards,”

Peter McCallum, Australia


NEW JERSEY - Judicial Usurpation: Court Acted on Its Own Motion

“The Supreme Court of the State of Florida, seven judges, all appointed by Democratic governors, has, on its own motion, ordered Katherine Harris, the Florida Secretary of State, not to carry out her statutory duty and announce on Saturday (Nov. 18, 2000) the winner of the presidential election in Florida and, thus, the winner of the presidential election.

By what authority does the Court do this? With no appeal before it, the Court acted on its own motion.

Editorials in Florida have strongly condemned the Court's action. To challenge a voting process in the courts is to attack the very cardinal principle of self-government. People have the right to elect their representatives without judicial interference. If after the process there are allegations of fraud or questions of statutory interpretation, then the Court could, in proper order, review it.

What the Court in Florida has done is to inject itself into the very heart of the self-governing process. This is a case of judicial usurpation, the arrogance of power of the unelected, black-robed, new leaders of American society. It is the very thing that I, Robert Bork, Russell Hittinger, Hadley Arkes, Robert George, and Richard Neuhaus wrote about in the controversial "End of Democracy" series in the journal First Things in 1996. We warned then that judges would be usurping the right of the people to govern for themselves, which is at the very heart of the American political contract entered into by our Founders.

This not only smacks of judicial usurpation, but it also smacks of partisanship. The media has been quick to point out that Secretary of State Katherine Harris, though she is acting on the advice of career officials and a Democratic law firm, is a partisan. She may well be, but the same media have said almost nothing about the seven judges.

Charles W. Colson Chairman, Prison Fellowship Ministries , New Jersey


GREECE - You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves!

PHOENIX, Nov. 22 - AMPHIKTYON is this Greek correspondent’s pen name. The writer’s real identity is known to TiM:

“You should be all ashamed of yourselves! Your politically-motivated meddling into an already badly flawed electoral process is disgraceful. You are making our entire country the laughing stock of the world, not just the state of Florida.

The Democratic Party after its enslavement to the well known small, but very powerful ethnic minority, ignored the interests of the USA and put the Zionist clique's interests above the U.S Constitution. Now the High Court of Florida has become an organ of the Jewish people that are heavily populated in the Palm Beach, Florida, that are natively connected to Mr. Joseph Lieberman.  I do not want to think of it as a conspiracy, but it seems awfully like it.

So, it is justified the Benjamin Franklin Declaration concerning the Jewish corruption, which is kept in the Smithsonian Museum?

It is clear that the Zionist gang of Washington is trying to keep the power by usurping the vote of the American people, that elected the Republican Party and George W. Bush as the new President of USA.

More importantly, along with your own, you're destroying the credibility of your courts. Which self-respecting American will ever again respect a decision by a politicized judge? Or the authority of a President who lawyered his way into the White House?

"Your Honors," if you really have any honor - individually or collectively - you should resign forthwith.”



WASHINGTON - Judicial Usurpation: Court Acted on Its Own Motion

"To the Justices of the Supreme Court of Florida:

The whole of this election has been a blatant miscarriage of justice - now, only to be sanctioned by your ruling. You may dismiss and discount the dissent of people like me as mere political sour grapes, but there is a great deal more that was lost here today than a mere political battle.

The destruction of a nation's sense of justice is something to be mourned and it is a gravity of inestimable consequence. The very thing which gives our society its security and its strength has been trampled on with a wink and a nod. A sense of justice among the people is bound up in an unconscious trust that knows there is a rule of law that governs and a judicial system that honors and upholds the separation of powers which is foundational to our form of government. Pure democracy, with all its attendant evils, has shown its ugly face in America and justice has been sacrificed on the altar of "the will of the people, at all costs".

History proves the arrogance of believing a nation to be eternally resilient. Tear out her heart and soul and she will die a sure and swift death. A society cannot thrive or survive where true justice does not prevail - no matter how lofty and ambitious the goals of well-meaning, but nevertheless, blind and foolish men.

There are those moments in history when people sense the significance of the moment. This is one of those and it is not lost on many Americans. And, we are not rejoicing - we are mourning. "Today's" headlines, the story of the day, will be read and felt in the moment but, our posterity will not just feel it, they will live out the consequences of that story in a time yet to come."

Roxanne Sitler, Colville, Washington (state)


BELGIUM - Congratulations on Your Letter!

PHOENIX, Nov. 22 - The name of this TiM correspondent from Belgium is known to TiM, but is being withheld at the reader’s request:

“Dear Bob, Congratulations on your letter. Being Belgian and living there, I can hardly write anything to those people, but I must say that I really enjoyed your piece and forwarded it to some Americans here. All the best,”

(Name withheld), Belgium


GEORGIA - Shame on You All!

“Shame on you all! The disgrace you have heaped on the traditionally suspect and disdained legal profession is eclipsed only by that brought to it by your fellow Democrats, Bill and Hillary Clinton. Future history texts -- assuming there ARE any -- will devote entire chapters to your contribution to the final division and "Balkanization" of this once proud and generally united country.

Your highly partisan "decision" to allow the Gore forces to continue their fishing expedition for sufficient votes to defeat George Bush is disgraceful. Historically, watershed events are seldom recognized as they unfold.  Many of us see THIS act as THE event taking us to a new, lower road at the end of which a monster lurks.”

Dick Bachert, Norcross, Georgia


AUSTRALIA - Gore Will Do Anything to Win

“Bob, A great note to the Judges.  I have watched all of this saga via cable on CNN and Fox news. I am just astounded by this whole business. I can recall Bush saying during the election campaign that "Gore would say anything to win". It now looks like with the help of the courts, the changing of rules and vote counters with a bias to keep counting until they get Gore over the line that Gore will also do anything to win.

While our elections are not perfect, we certainly do not allow politically appointed biased vote counters to make decisions on the validity of votes. We also have standard rules that apply to all voting papers. i.e. they are consistent in every electorate across the whole country. We also have a consistent method of how to mark the ballot paper. Get it wrong in any way - and it’s an invalid vote - no official making a decision on what they think the voter intended.

I am really annoyed with this whole situation.”

Bob Hogg, Australia


OVERSEAS - America-Orwellia: Rule of Lawyers, Not Rule of Law

“It seems that the USA is no longer subject to the "rule of law", but rather the "rule of lawyers". Well, washed-up ex-lawyers anyway.  The rest of the world is laughing in your face. What a farce!

A bunch of politically biased, activist judges, on their own initiative, decide to a subjective interpretation of votes to go ahead in certain selected counties. All votes are equal, but some votes are more equal than others! Not only that, but some votes (from military personnel) are less equal than others!

When will America be renamed Orwellia?  You have just destroyed any remnants of your nation's credibility.”

Greg Weilo (country unknown, but the letter came from overseas)


MICHIGAN - Egregious and Blatant Abuse of Judicial Power

“Dear Justices of the Florida Supreme Court,

Perhaps you have done the country a favor by such an egregious and blatant abuse of judicial power--which anyone with a decent sense of the rule of law can appreciate.  Thus, we can begin to cross the threshold of "legislative review" of judicial actions. May initiate our nation to review the judiciary's role in our government.

I pray to God that that Florida Legislature moves to set aside this self- aggrandizing and misguided decision. I fear, however, that even this would not suffice to disturb such happy frames of mind as your own. Sincerely,”

P N. Moniodis, Canton, Michigan 


CALIFORNIA - Florida Legislature Should Appoint Own Electors

“Excellent letter!  Gore said he was glad to see the Constitution working. If we are lucky, he can see the Florida legislature appoint a Republican slate of electors to compete before a Republican congress because, THAT'S THE WAY IT WORKS.”

Hank Gastrich, El Cajon, California


STATE UNKNOWN - No Judge Is a “Mini God”

“Giving you the benefit of a doubt, that your decision might be based on some kind of honor, my biggest concern with you people is that you believe that somehow, contrary to all logic, you believe that hand counts are more accurate than machine counts. If that were true, the entire county would be using hand counts for every election. We use machine counts today because they are faster, more accurate, more efficient, less susceptible to manipulation and mischief by crass political meddling.

My true feelings, however, are that you people on the Supreme Court believe that you can override anything, any decision, made by anyone, at any time. You believe that you are not constrained by anything because you are a judge. Being a judge you are the next best thing to GOD.

No Constitution intended this. No constitution, state or national, intended to make every judge a mini-GOD. If this were the case we would be an authoritarian dictatorship governed by unelected judges appointed for life.

Every Constitution intends that we be a representative democracy. We are a Republic governed by elected representatives answerable to THE PEOPLE. The people of Florida, through their elected representatives, did not give you the power to control elections. The people of Florida gave the power to govern elections to the Secretary of State. Ms. Harris is totally within her legal rights, whether you like it or not, granted by the representatives of the people, the legislature, to make decisions like setting deadlines for elections to come to an end, and whether or not ballots will be hand counted by the mischief making meddlers.

THE PEOPLE DID NOT GIVE THE SUPREME COURT THE RIGHT TO MAKE THOSE DECISIONS! If you are not governed by a Constitution, what are you governed by, your conscience? Heaven forbid.”

Mark Haymond (state unknown)


MONTANA - You Have Disgraced the Name of Justice: Horse Thieves!

“Gentlemen and Ladies of the Florida Supreme Court,  (and I use those terms very loosely),

You have disgraced the name of Justice with your most recent ruling in the Election cause. You have used your power to usurp the balance of powers as set forth in our Constitutional Republic of these United States of America and in the state of Florida. All because you’re nothing but low down horse thieves! Thank God we still have a law in Montana that allows us to hang horse thieves! Maybe you would consider practicing law here? 

You have in effect, tried to "read" the mind of the voter, never mind that the Electoral College has yet to vote! I am trying to figure out if your trying to "read" in advance of the true election, or "read" the mind of the mindless voter? Maybe you should go to the Purple Rose in Cassadaga, ask for June and have her give you a reading... it may make a hell of a lot of more sense than your collective attempts at rationality have done so far.  In Freedom and Liberty,”

Michael Heit, Member, Montana Electoral College 


UNITED KINGDOM - Democracy Seems to Have Gone Out the Window

"RE: Election of President. The ongoing debacle (as it seems to us) in this matter refers.

Dear Justices,

The eyes of the world (those who can access the Media) are on this process. But much puzzles those experienced in electing Governing bodies/people, even if not in America.

We gather you are not an elected body, were not asked officially to intervene, yet took it upon yourselves to do so, overruling the Head, Katherine Harris, who WAS legally qualified and entitled to make decisions according to Florida Law. This does not look very good, honest, fair or just to most of us watching. Democracy seems to have gone out of the window, in the process.

I am not a lawyer, though have a fairly good working knowledge of English Law, and doubt very much if similar actions here by our Government would be tolerated. I have no axe to grind, I am not partial to either man, not being involved in US politics myself - just an onlooker who does not like what she sees. I doubt if I could respect either man in the unlikely event of moving to the US during his term in office. The winner will have little personal effect on me, except that I will feel uneasy regarding what I see as a major loss for democracy in the world. Yours Faithfully,

(Mrs) E L V Jennings, United Kingdom


OREGON - You Have Made a Mockery Out of Rule of Law  

"To Florida Supreme Court:

The "peoples will" in Florida, as in every other State within this Republic, is expressed through their State legislators not through you. If your position of judicial authority is unclear then we suggest you spend thirty minutes of your time in studying Hamilton's Federalist Paper #78.

You have made a mockery out of the rule of law. Your job is to judge - not legislate.

This message is not in defense of either candidate - it is an expression of disgust over the circus taking place in the name of legitimacy in a nation that purports to champion fair elections in countries all over the world in the name "democracy".

It is difficult to believe that your court and your party's candidates are ignorant of the rule of Constitutional Law which you are sworn to support and defend. If that is true then you are unqualified to judge the intent of the law.

Incidentally, you might also study Madison's Federalist #10 in order to understand why this nation was established as a Constitutional Republic - not a democracy as described by demagogues from both sides of the political bullring. Emphatically,"

R.E. Pletka, Portland, Oregon


TiM Ed: A short while later, we also received the following message from the same TiM reader:

TiM: Heavy Artillery in Battle for America

"The Florida fiasco will undoubtedly bring on a loud clamor for direct popular vote. Many Americans fail to understand the logic of the process and will be easy prey. The enemy has done its job well over the years.

Really appreciate your monumental educational contribution in the battle for America. You are heavy artillery, my friend.

My letter to the FL Supreme Court was sent to and read on a local radio talk show, and brought new inquiries for enrollment in my Constitution class. Didn't expect to convert any "judges" in FL but made some headway here."

Bob Pletka, Oregon


CALIFORNIA - You Despise the USA: How Do I Tech My Children about Honesty and Justice?

“How do I teach my children about honesty and justice? From now on, my children can go back after taking tests and say, "Oops, I meant to mark the other answer".

Don't you get it what you are doing? This is a country of laws. You are putting the great USA on the level of Nazi Germany and other communistic countries. Your action in this case shows me your despise for the USA.  So why don't you resign and move to Russia, China, Cuba or Vietnam and stay there? Leave this great country to the law abiding citizens.

You are making laws, not interpreting laws, as your duty should be. Please resign and have some honor, you certainly didn't have any in making your decision.

R. Ihde, Malibu, California

PS: I'm speaking for my whole family.


OHIO - Journalist: Media Is the Primary Villain

“Hello Bob: I spent 30 years as a community journalist and pulled many a bleary-eyed, all-nighters on election day. I see the media as a primary villain in this current Florida disgrace. Politicians are what they are, and if they play in the cutthroat, money-talks arena we have ALLOWED them to create, they almost are forced to compete with maniacal and unethical fervor.

Journalists should be a notch above that. HA! I become more and more embarrassed for my profession every time I turn on the TV. These zitbrain network reporters need to go back to Reporting 101 and pick up what we hicktown reporters learn early on.

Our elections are fraught with problems from fraud to incompetence. Though the former takes its share of victims, I believe the latter claims more. As one Florida reporter recently opined with a knowing grin, "There is not sufficient competence involved here to mount a conspiracy."

If you put any state or community under the microscope like they have in Florida, you will come up with war stories just as bad or worse. The networks talk as though they're dealing with professionals instead of primarily a bunch of easily-influenced, small town political operatives who are partisan volunteers. Remember they are chosen and appointed strictly on the basis of local political affiliation. Even big cities are "small town" when you get down to the nitty-gritty precinct level.

I feel sorry for some of the seniors in Florida - more because they are being exploited and abused by the media and the politicians -- than for the fact that some have become befuddled by a punchcard ballot. I remember what a fiasco it was in my home county the year they began using punchcard ballots and computerized counts. It was pure torture. We reporters waited endlessly for results.

I could go on and on with a laundry list of election night trivia that in the framework of a warped CNN commentary could be construed as very sinister: The poll worker from one township who left a sack of ballots in the trunk of his car after transporting his precinct's ballots to the board of elections in the county seat, the election decided by the flip of a coin after several recounts still yielded a tie, the hundreds of ballots that are always invalidated because people vote for Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse or George Washington and the absentee ballots that are always thrown out because they aren't postmarked by election day. 

In addition to continuing the affront of their bias toward the Gore camp, the media are covering their asses for their inexcusable practice of "exit polling" and related miscues by beating the recount process into the ground. Everyone predicted a close election, so the public would have been better served if the media had prepared everyone by boning up on procedures that automatically occur when the vote is close.

In close elections, absentee ballots are ALWAYS a factor, but the media was woefully unprepared (or unwilling?) to explain all the nuances and rules of absentee balloting. They just keep regurgitating the disgusting party lines f rom both sides.

Whatever happened to the "educate" and "inform" part of our credo? As for the "military" absentee ballots, the media made it sound as though Uncle Sam should back up to every base and ship with a ballot truck and pass them out to whoever wants them, then hold the soldier's hand to make sure he or she punches it correctly and gets it mailed way in advance to compensate for the inevitable screw-ups. (Remember the origin of the acronym SNAFU?).

Absentee ballots are done strictly on an individual basis with the voter's home county board of elections, whether the voter is serving in the military or simply working or vacationing abroad. They are purely the responsibility of the individual voter (Obviously the real problem.) There are not "sacks" of ballots, but ballots are in the regular sacks of mail and we all know the vagaries of that system, stateside or overseas. The media fail to explain all this and instead create a distortion that gets people so fired up they become blind to the fact that our politicians and lawyers are burning our Constitution at the stake.

The media also has downplayed the damage it did in Florida by giving the state to Gore while the Panhandle on central time was still voting.

I was in Florida on election day and had voted absentee in Ohio. (I had my ballot hand-carried to the board of elections a week before the election because I never trust the mail.) I was flabbergasted by those premature network announcements. What abominable journalism. Small town reporters get fired for those kinds of blunders!

The flood of lawyers (remember all judges are lawyers) is more insult to injury, but we know what kind of bottom-feeders they are and should be smart enough to just ignore them entirely! Unfortunately, the media didn't and by beating to death all the election misfires as though they were something new, whipped up enough sentiment so the slimy lawyers could move in and convolute our entire democracy.

In this case, it goes all the way to the top, and with the aiding and abetting media, these judges (spell that political hack lawyers) are hell-bent on destroying what is left of the principles on which this country was founded. I consider this current election atrocity being played out in Florida the domestic equivalent of our pitiful foreign policy, which led to the heinous bombing of Yugoslavia. The people seemed helpless to do anything then, just as people seem helpless to put an end to the political abomination in Florida now.

Obviously people are pretty evenly divided on Gore and Bush, which says a lot about how screwed up our country is. We can't even field a candidate strong enough to entice a majority of voters. I'm a registered Democrat who voted for Bush, primarily because his voice and presence over four years would make me cringe a tad less than the phony, plastic Gore who stood by and did nothing while the despicable Bill Clinton betrayed and embarrassed the entire country.

If you're middle class, it's all a matter of whether you want big government or big business to put the squeeze on you. There's not a dime's worth of difference in my book. Bush obviously has his big business hooks, but Gore serves both masters. What a pathetic choice to have to make.

Will the media ever give a third party candidate the proverbial snowball's chance in hell? No, and for those (myself included) who have cast a ballot for such a candidate knowing he couldn't win, but who wanted to make a statement or lodge a protest, I'm sorry to be forced to acknowledge that the targets are impervious to any such influence. It makes nary a ripple in their grand agenda.

There is no question we need to get serious about standardizing ballot forms, improving methods of tabulation and cracking down on fraudulent voting practices that have been going on for decades, but not when we are in the throes of a tight election.

As for the rest of our broken system, I don't know what the fix is. I do know that when you control the media, you have the power to control everything. I doubt we would have the fiasco we have now, if the members of the media were doing their job, instead of blatantly showing their head-in-the-sand liberal bias, and tripping over each other to shove a microphone in the face of some ill-informed, confused or politically motivated voter in order to meet their own mass agenda.

Maybe we should all just stay home on election day. Go on strike. NO ONE VOTES (TiM Ed.: Also see “No Vote Is Better than Fraud Vote”, Aug. 14, 2000). I don't know what it might accomplish, but the debacle couldn't be any worse than what's out there now.

For all of the above reasons Bob, I appreciate your efforts more and more each day. As a journalist, when I think of "Truth In Media" or recommend it to someone, it's one time I don't have to hang my head in shame for my profession. Best regards,”

Diane Bernish, Kent, Ohio


FLORIDA - Florida and USA Stand in Awesome Shame  

"The State of Florida and the United States of America stands in awesome shame after your illegitimate and unconstitutional ruling last night.

Vice President Gore addressed the nation during the 11:00 pm nightcasts, immediately following your ruling. Given Al Gore's love of teleprompters, I can only assume he was, at a minimum, alerted in advance to the nature of your ruling.

You should be all ashamed of yourselves! Your politically-motivated rewriting of the law and the electoral process is disgraceful. You are making our entire country the laughing stock of the world, not just the state of Florida.

Your refusal to uphold the clear and straight forward reading of the State's election law does immeasurable damage to the credibility of the Court System.

"Your Honors" should resign forthwith.

Robert Draper, Palm Beach, Florida


ARIZONA - Your Actions Constitute Fraud, If Not Treason

"Let me add my name to those who are disgusted with your disgraceful abuse of power. You have demonstrated that you are without honor. Of course you won't resign! Only those with honor would do so. Richard Nixon with all his failings was a man with more honor in his little finger than all of you and your ilk possess. 

Your actions in my opinion constitute fraud, if not treason. If you swore or affirmed an oath to uphold and protect the Constitutions of the State of Florida and the Unites States of America, as we do here in Arizona, then you have knowingly violated that oath and should forthwith be removed from office."

George Rowe, Phoenix, Arizona


STATE UNKNOWN - Only in Florida!

“Only in Florida can a Supreme Court write laws and set deadlines above and beyond what was thought to be Legislative duties in most states. 

The Democrats, went to the Supreme Court and got THEIR laws enacted. Republicans, have to go to the Legislation, present a bill, wait for it's decision, pass the law, and than wait the normal year before it can take effect. 

Now that sounds fair to me, how about you? Is it now acceptable practice to play a game or contest and than seek out a "friendly" arbitrator to change the rules in your favor, simply because you're losing? Think about it!”

Clyde D. Morgan (state unknown)


OREGON - Are You All Proud of Yourselves Now?

“To the Florida Supreme Court:

I watched the entire proceeding. I noted how you attacked all of the Republican witnesses (Mike Carvin and the rest), never allowing them to finish a sentence without butting in.  And how you assisted the lawyer (David Boies) representing the party of your own political inclination.

Well, if Gore is finally named president, after however many counts it takes to knock loose enough chads to get the result you all desire, and denying our servicemen the franchise, we will all have you seven to thank, won't we?

Are you all proud of yourselves now?

Joseph Pierre, United States Navy (Retired), Oregon


EUROPE (via Florida) - An Absentee Voter: It’s a Kangaroo Court

“A friend of mine forwarded your e-mail to me. I am glad that you're willing to do something about this sad state of affairs. I'm an American citizen living in Europe (an absentee voter from Florida!!!).

This is definitely a case of democratic 'lawyering' and totally unjust. As you say, the judges are not elected - in this case, the majority of them are Democrats.  They have voted from within themselves and not 'impartially'. It's a kangaroo court.

It does seem, however, that after all his maneuvering, Mr. Gore has still not picked up enough votes to declare him the winner. One wonders how this will play out? Good Luck!”

Norma, Europe (via Florida)


CALIFORNIA - In the Old West, Horse Thieves Were HungNov. 29, 2000

"The Clinton/Gore machine will do anything to stay in power: Manipulate the vote, like Stalin and Hitler. Voters do not count, but the people who count the votes do count. Stack the court, like Stalin and Hitler. Make rules after the election. Usurp the legal authority of the Attorney General.

When the silent majority protest about the recounts, LIEBERMAN goes on television and calls them the mob. When JACKSON leads his protest it was a cry because they were not getting the votes counted although they were counted several times.

When I think of Democrat I think, LIAR, CHEAT, SOCIALIST. I have developed a new attitude since election day. In the Old West, horse thieves were hung."

JB, Califoria, USA


CALIFORNIA - A Loyal Democrat: Gore Is A National EmbarrassmentNov. 29, 2000

"As a loyal Democrat who voted for Gore, I am now joining the thousands of people and media who are calling for Gore to stop this three-ring circus he has created in Florida. He has made a mockery of our democratic election process, brought in his band of sleazy lawyers to battle the other side's sleazy lawyers, then got the judges to play along, and has managed to disrupt the nation and our economy. Yet Al Gore is still not happy. 

I would take back my vote if I could. He does not deserve my vote.

Al Gore is a national embarrassment. He is displaying his desperate desire for power at any cost, showing no statesmanlike behavior at all. His desire to win this election by hallucination leads this Democratic voter to wonder if Gore is suffering from serious emotional problems. This man has proven to the American people that he is not suited to be this country's president. Shame on you Mr. Gore! Sincerely,"

Anna Vernon, Encinitas, California


TiM Ed. Well, as JB, our first above California reader can see from Ms. Vernon's letter, not all Democrats are horse thieves, nor "liars, cheats and socialists." But those in Al Gore's circle certainly seem to qualify as such.


3. Toward Another “Just War?”

PHOENIX, Nov. 22 - “Along with your own, you're destroying the credibility of our courts,” this writer said in his Nov. 21 letter to the Florida Supreme Court justices. “Which self-respecting American will ever again respect a decision by a politicized judge? Or the authority of a President who lawyered his way into the White House?”

One wonders how this will play out?” asked a worried absentee Florida voter, now living in Europe, in reference to the unfolding American electoral farce.

Put these three rhetorical questions together, and you can see where it may all lead to - to another war. 

George Bush Sr.’s popularity was ebbing in 1989.  Ronald Reagan’s vice president was suffering from a “wimp” factor.  So what did he do?  He launched the Panama invasion.  Which turned out to be only a little prelude to the “Desert Storm” (Gulf War) that the same president unleashed one year later. 

Suddenly, Bush’s approval ratings soared.  Suddenly, he was the tough guy.  Never mind that a woman (Maggie Thatcher) had to prop me him during the overtures prior to the Gulf War by giving the U.S. president a little pep talk.  Such as, “George, this is no time to go wobbly.”

Bill Clinton followed the same formula.  The number of armed conflicts into which this sorry draft-evader has led our nation in an effort to boost his popularity, and to deflect the country’s attention from his disgraceful behavior, are too numerous to list.  Suffice it to say that at the height of the Monica Lewinsky-related impeachment hearings Clinton ordered our military in the Persian Gulf to carry a new series of air strikes against Iraq, killing scores of Iraqi civilians (see “Klinton’s Amerika, Israel’s Tomahawk”, December 1998). 

Yet the Senate failed to impeach him.  Which in hindsight may be a blessing in disguise as it would have pushed up Al Gore to the presidency without forcing him to lie and cheat first.  Or to start another war.

Which takes us back to that TiM reader’s question - how will this play itself out in the end? 

One thing is for sure - regardless of whether Al Gore or George W. Bush win the presidency, neither man will have the authority to govern.  After eight years of the Democratic rule, the country is hopelessly divided right down the middle.  So what the new president may need in order to try to “unite Americans behind him” is launch another “just war.”

“Yikes,” lament the civilians world over?

“Yahoo!”, cheer the “death merchants” and other globalist corporate multinationals who have paid for both Gore’s and Bush’s campaigns. Their motto has been, is and will be: “Perpetual war for perpetual commerce.” 

What better excuse for dipping again into the U.S. taxpayers’ pockets than by starting a “war of unification,” a “just war that will make every American proud of his own country again.”  Right?

Well, count this American out.  The plot is becoming boringly predictable.  Maybe some “dumbed down” and “numbed down” Americans would fall for it.  But if I want to see another “just war” in which we kill civilians for their own good, I’ll go to a Hollywood movie.  Or turn on CNN. 

As for the American armed forces who may be called upon to die and win such a “just war” - so that another globalist president can continue to erode our rights and freedoms, well maybe some of them will remember what happened to their “absentee ballots” in Florida.  And then tell their Commander-in-Chief to go stuff himself.  Unless, of course, he is prepared to lead them into battle - personally and from the front line trenches.

Fat chance of that ever happening, right?  Leadership by example?  Only in museums...

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