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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/10-2

Oct. 3, 2000

Some Reader Reactions to Yugoslav Elections

Serb Reader: The Last Days of Serbia 

Comments from Russian, U.S., Polish Readers, Plus a Madeleine Albright OpEd Message to Milosevic



Belgrade             1. Serb Reader: The Last Days of Serbia

Moscow              2. Russian Reader: “Real People” of Serbia Are Sitting at Home

Boston                3. U.S. Reader: Of Course, It Was a Rigged Election - by the West

Zakopane           4. Polish Reader: U.S. “New Serbia” Project

Washington        5. Albright to Milosevic: Step Aside  

Indianapolis       6. U.S. Reader: This Is the Ultimate HypocrisyOct. 3, 2000

Minsk                7. NATO’s “Drang Nach Osten:” Is Belarus Next?Oct. 3, 2000


German Press: Djindjic Running the Show, Kostunica Just Puppet on String

1. Serb Reader: The Last Days of Serbia

Kostunica came out smiling and serene, while we move in large steps toward a real civil war. I don't think this can be stopped now, blood will be spilled, one way or another”

BELGRADE, Oct. 2 - We’ve just received an alarming message from an evidently very disturbed TiM reader in Belgrade.  And the gist of it is that, regrettably, our long-predicted “Red October” seems to be arriving on cue to Serbia (see Toward Another "Red October").  Here’s what this reader said (for those unfamiliar with Belgrade, capitalized names are the names of various streets and or squares in the Serb capital):

“I fear we are witnessing the last days of Serbia. (Zoran) Djindjic has now got high school kids on the streets. I just heard on the news that they invaded the premises of RTV Novi Sad, and demanded that they (DOS, I presume) take over the editorial.

Today, in front of the School of Electronics, in Bulevar Revolucije near Vukov Spomenik, there was a gang of about 150-200 (approximately) kids under the "Otpor" banner.  They looked like high school kids to me, though of course, I really can't be sure. Anyway, thet stopped all traffic and practically bullied evarybody into joining them.

The Kolubara coal mines went on strike today, so from tomorrow, we have power reductions.

They are doing their gig from Bulgaria - first bring everything down, take it over and then power it up again, and the contrast between having nothing and just a little will be startling.

We are having problems with bread these days - there doesn't seem to be enough of it. For one part, due to roadblocks, it can't be transported to Belgrade from places like Pancevo, and I expect they are slowing down local Belgrade production.

Milosevic addressed the nation today - something he does very rarely, as you know. Anyway, he said what you and I already know, but most simply refuse to see, or cannot see - that this is an attempt to destabilize the country and throw it into the arms of NATO nations. Too late, too little, too unconvincing - as usual.

Kostunica & Co. went to talk to the Electoral Committee today, regarding their complaint. I don't know what they said, but he came out smiling and serene, while we move in large steps towards a real civil war. I don't think this can be stopped now, blood will be spilled, one way or another.

RTS (TiM Ed.: Milosevic-controlled state television) reported that in today's editions of several German papers interviews with Djindjic were published, and it is openly said that he is the real leader, while Kostunica is thus reduced to a puppet on a string.

Rationally, I know the best thing would be keep my cool, stay calm, but it's getting harder by the day. And I must admit, first doubts are beginning to appear.

I look at the people and I see a wild mob, more animals than people, and out for blood. Are these people worth saving, even if there was someone to save them - and there sure doesn't seem to be. I suppose it's been a long day.

Again rationally, I expect NATO to walk in any day now. I am not consoled that (Vladimir) Putin held a meeting today, just before leaving for India, with literally all his top brass. The only thing the press release mentioned was that they discussed Yugoslavia. Nothing else. But I have long stopped expecting the Russians to do anything specific.

In this case, it all boils down to a simple question - is Russia willing to bleed for Serbia? If it is, the West is beaten there and then, because they sure as hell aren't willing to bleed for it, even though that madwoman (Madeleine) Albright is probably demanding military action right now.

I fear we are lost, Bob. And I'm not sure we deserve to survive. All I know is that the lot of them, politicians, deserve to hang, preferably on Terazije. Until that happens, we will not have any peace.”

Dejan V. Veselinovic, Belgrade, Serbia


1a. A U.S. Reader Reaction: Sounding AlarmsOct. 3, 2000

SAN DIEGO, Oct. 3 - We received the following reaction to the above item from a reader in San Diego:

"Dear Bob, It was with great sadness that I read Serb Reader: The Last Days of Serbia. Sadness for the people of Serbia and the F.R.Y. (Federal Republic of Yugoslavia). Sadness for all the rest of us who will be subjected to the will of the major capitalist powers.

They will have their way it seems. Alarms ought to be ringing in everybody's heads. But, I fear most are oblivious."

Roland Dion, San Diego, CA


2. Russian Reader: “Real People” of Serbia Are Sitting at Home

MOSCOW, Sep. 30 - We received the following comment from Eugene, a TiM reader, who is the webmaster of the Anti-Imperialist Resource Center in Russia, in reaction to our first no-text TiM Bullein, a Photo Essay published on Sep. 29 (comparing the current Serb euphoria about Vojislav Kostunica, with that for Slobodan Milosevic 11 years ago - the photos are repeated here):

“Dear Bob: I got a good laugh out of your "Land of Folly" photo essay. But Slobo (Milosevic) was able to draw 2 million, while Kostunica only managed 200,000, even with free handouts and rock music.  The REAL “narod” (people) of Serbia are sitting at home, waiting for Milosevic to do something, anything, to stop the madness.”

Eugene, Webmaster, Anti-Imperialist Resource Center,


TiM Ed. To which the TiM editor replied:

“Glad you liked it, Eugene.  And you're right about the (large discrepancy) in numbers.  I was hoping that people would notice the difference in relative popularity - then and now.  But I am not pro-Milosevic, as you probably also know.  I first said he'd be bad news for Serbia back in 1990, when 90% of the nation cheered him as a "national hero."  Even my own late father got angry with me for saying that.  And I repeated that in the "Red October" TiM Bulletin, in which I also said that Kostunica would be bad news for Serbia.

(Here's an excerpt from the "Red October," for example:

"...So what’s to be done?

First things first… Milosevic has got to go.  Not because Clinton and Albright say so.  Because the Serb leader has done as much harm to the national interests as did the country’s foreign enemies.  He has betrayed the Serbs in the Krajina, Bosnia and Kosovo; is responsible for losses of those ancient Serbian lands; deaths of thousands; and displacements of hundreds of thousands of Serb civilians.  Back home, has allowed a build-up of an oligarchy around him that’s been plundering the nation during its greatest (foreign imposed) ordeals...")

Now I wonder looking at that photo essay how many of those who cheered Milosevic a decade ago, are the ones who now jeer him?

Serbia needs a new leader.  But a leader who will align her closely with Russia, not with the West that bombed her last year.  Some Serbs have even asked me to run for President (guess in desperation?). But I told them that I was a writer and a public speaker, not a politician.  Too many whores in that line of work.  Just look at (Vaclav) Havel, for example, who was once a good playwright and is now just a cheap NATO whore.”

Interestingly, some Serb ostriches among out readers (not many, thank God, less than a dozen perhaps out of our huge readership), have written to TiM, our above PUBLISHED statements about Milosevic notwithstanding, and accused us to be pro-Milosevic - only because we were also critical of their favorite politician du jour - Kostunica.  Another dozen or so, who may have thought the same, just asked to be removed from the TiM e-mail list, which, of course, we were happy to do.

It never ceases to amaze us how some Serbs only seem to be able to think in binary, black and white terms, rather than see the world the way it is - consisting of various shades of gray.  What’s interesting about such readers, is that they claim to be democrats and liberals, yet think like the Bolsheviks.  “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” 

And now that the leaders of such “democrats” and “liberals” are irresponsibly bringing out into Serbia’s streets protests high school kids, many of whom don’t even have the right to vote.  As “human shields” for these cowards, in case the police or the army intervene in response to the chaos? 

By doing so, Kostunica, Djindjic et. al. are demonstrating that they care about as much about human life as the Bolsheviks did.  Or the NATO leaders who are pulling their strings and funding their election campaign and “civil disobedience.  In other words, not at all.

For what it's worth, Kostunica is a personal friend of mine (see his inscription of the book he gave the TiM editor when we last met at his office in late April).  At least Kostunica used to be a friend, before he became a friend and ally of the NATO war criminals.  But personal relationships never outrank God's truth or national interests on this writer’s scale of values.


3. U.S. Reader: Of Course, It Was a Rigged Election - by the West

“Yugoslavia Is the Last Stand of Independence Amidst Globalist Onslaught”

BOSTON, Sep. 30 - We received the following comment from Andre Huzsvai, a TiM reader from Boston, Mass:

“Dear Bob, I must have missed the (TiM) polling, but here's what I think post factum:

Rigged elections? You bet. Why in God’s name would any country allow its opposition to be financed and instructed by powers hell-bent on ousting the sitting government is beyond me. It should be illegal under Yugoslav law, as it is under the US law.

Would Americans allow the Bush campaign to be financed and directed entirely from say, China? Are there any international norms left?

The opposition polls showing Kostunica s victory are paid by the tens of millions of dollars provided by NATO countries that have been trying to break Milosevic for years. Western sanctions have wrecked the economy. It did not work. NATO planes bombed the civilian infrastructure to a pulp last year. That did not work either.

Now, in a last push, the opposition was bought, and the Yugoslav people were attempted to be financially blackmailed into voting against their government. It is heartening to see “democracy” work and “American values” spread, indeed.

It is not about Milosevic who may be a spent political force, nor is it about Kostunica, who is an empty suit and a figurehead of an ad hoc alliance cobbled together by western money, and whom no one will remember a year from now. It is about the principle of non-intervention into other nations internal affairs, which is being erased by the march of the NWO.

Milosevic can be called any names (are there any left?), but presently Yugoslavia is the last stand of independence amidst the globalist onslaught. By tomorrow it may be history too.”

Andre Huzsvai, Boston, Mass.


4. Polish Reader: U.S. “New Serbia” Project

ZAKOPANE, Sep. 30 - The following letter from a Polish writer was forwarder to us by Canadian TiM reader:

“Dear Friends, In a letter "Great Navigator's Prograe of Europe's Conquest" (which I e-mailed to you on Sept. 19), I wrote that "the (NATO sponsored) Serbian opposition (known in abbreviation as DOS party) shall cry, early in the evening of Sept. 24, its victory in elections, and subsequently accuse Yugoslav Government of a fraud."

This part of my predictions turned to be right. At present, the DOS candidate Voislav Kostunica (already confirmed to be the "president-elect" by the Serbian orthodox clergy) despite his high, more than ten percent advantage over Milosevic (49% to 39% in the first round of elections) calls official results a flagrant fraud. He claims to win 54 % votes, and boldly refuses to take part in the second round of elections. Instead, he calls for a general strike, for a car blockade of Belgrade, and for other means of "peaceful coercion" on Yugoslavia government.

Why Kostunica does not want to confirm his victory in a second round, which should dissipate all uncertainties, and this, in all evidence, to his advantage? I do think that Kostunica is really an honest Serbian nationalist (as he is advertised on his posters "He can look squarely everyone in his face").

Moreover, he is the university doctor specialized in nuances of Western democracy. He surely thus knows that by an undermining of the legality of official results of present elections, he automatically undermines the legality of all constitutional institutions of Yugoslavia.

Once in power, with the same feeling of serenity and "rightfulness", Kostunica may declare illegal other, inconvenient for him (and for his sponsors) Serbian institutions, in particular the ruling at present Socialist and United Left parties, competing with his "US-sponsored Democratic Opposition". (According to official American sources, only the US government has spent already $77 million dollars for Serbian opposition to "communist" regime in Yugoslavia.)

I am pretty sure that US planners of Yugoslavia future dream of such, socialists-free, future of democracy in this country. And if their presidential protégé will realize this "Serbian will" (one more expression from DOS leaflets) we will have the repetition of the legal practice of Adolf Hitler, who outlawed the German Communist Party in 1933, and also of Boris Yeltsin, who outlawed the Russian Communist Party exactly 60 years later.

(Even the money for Kostunica's party comes from the same "eternal" source: the German National-Socialists came to power thanks to the financial help of Wall Street bankers; also Yeltsin, 4 days prior to bombardment of Russian "communist" Parliament in October 1993, got a "gift" of $250 million dollars from the well known Wall Street philantrophist, George Soros.)

In my personal opinion, the Kostunica's party behaves - to put it in words of Noam Chomsky - as "petty crook or tenth-rate lawyer", which cries "defrauded, defrauded" pointing at the victim (Milosevic in this case) of his fraudulent behavior. As observes it Chomsky in "Year 501, the Conquest Continues", "This technique can be highly effective, when control over the doctrinal system is assured".

In Western countries (except for Greece) the corporate control of influent media is nearly perfect.  In Serbia, many journalists cannot forget who wanted to kill them during the last year's NATO's bombing session. The not yet perfect "corporate control" of Serbia's news is the true handicap of Kostunica's "poker's bid" (which bid consists of non participation in the second round of elections). Nevertheless his party has a hidden "ace" in its sleeve: it is the flood of Deutchmarks, which "the opposition" is able to pour on students and workers willing to participate in dissent organized by DOS.

(As I was informed by Chilean refugees in Geneva, during the famous "truck drivers' strike", which prepared the way for the overthrow in 1972 of Allende's socialist government, the CIA agents paid 10 dollars per hour of strike. The same practice, of hidden CIA "subventions" for striking unions, was reported in Poland in 1988, when "Solidarity" union prepared the way for the end-up of socialism.)

In Serbia of today, the average salary is less than $100 per month, which means that the oncoming, "spontaneous, general strike" will not cost too much for American taxpayers.

For a careful observer, it is evident that elected in this democratic way, new Serbian president will follow the example of other, US-sponsored leaders of ex-Yugoslavia.  Thanks to (the late Franjo) Tudjman we have already "ethnically clean" Croatia.  Thanks to (Alija) Itzbegovic, also Bosnia was divided into 3 "confessionally clean" micro-states. And recently, thanks to NATO help, we got the "ethnically/confessionally clean" Kosovo.

The time has come for "ethnically/confessionally/politically clean" Serbia.  Of course of Serbia limited to the size of former Belgrade's paschaluk (county).

I am afraid that the oncoming "political cleansing" of Serbia - from "communists" - will overstep, in its US-assisted cruelty, everything we have observed up to now in Krajina, Bosnia or Kosovo.

For those who have illusions that realized at present at Balkans "Pax Americana" will bring "good" to all of us, I will quote the opinion of exiled Spanish writer de Motherlant, contained in his book "The Chaos and Night": "(USA) is the only nation which was able to lower the intelligence, the moral, and the quality of men nearly on the entire surface of the earth. This was newer seen since the globe exists. I accuse the USA of being in a constant crime against humanity".

Let's hope that this "Anglo-American Terrorist Empire" (expression of Barry Lituchi from New York's Kingsboro College) will not last for the whole 21 century.

The Polish "intelligentsia" was also bought10 years ago by "corporate owners" of our planet. The same thing is happening today with the Serb "cretinist intelligentsia", demonstrating last week its "Serbian will" at the center of Belgrade.”

Marek Glogoczowski, Zakopane, Poland


5. Albright to Milosevic: Step Aside

WASHINGTON, Oct. 1 - U.S. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, isn’t exactly notorious as an OpEd columnist.  She is much better known as a failed would-be warrior, a failed diplomat, a failed wife, a lapsed Jew… and the official U.S. Secretary of Hate.  Also as Madam Halfbright, the way we first described her in our 1997 column “Da Bull”. 

Every time that Albright resorts to pen and paper, or more accurately, summons her speechwriter to compose an OpEd piece for her, seems to be when that’s the only way of delivering a message to a foreign opponent.  And since Madam Halfbright has gagged herself by closing down the U.S. embassy in Belgrade, she is now forced to put pen to paper instead of being able to whisper in Slobodan Milosevic’s ear.

And this is what she or her envoy would have whispered, had they had a chance.  The following are excerpts from a Newsweek OpEd piece, released this weekend, but which will appear in the magazine’s Oct. 9 print edition:

“On Sept. 24 the Yugoslav people went to the polls in record numbers, and voted by a wide margin to replace Slobodan Milosevic’s discredited regime with a new and democratic one. Not surprisingly, Milosevic is refusing to accept the verdict of his people, and is lying about the results. He is fooling no one and will not succeed.

THE OPPOSITION LEADER, Vojislav Kostunica, justifiably insists that the victory of the democratic forces be recognized. He is pressing his case through the courts and by peaceful public protest. The Yugoslav people are responding. The European Union and many governments around the world, including the United States, have called upon Milosevic to admit defeat and step down.

The democratic opposition’s electoral victory marks a historic turn upward for Yugoslavia and all of Europe. Through centuries of history, power has never changed hands in Serbia by democratic means. Moreover, a democratic Serbia will mean that freely elected governments are in power in every nation in the Balkans. This, in turn, will bring within reach a major goal of the entire transatlantic community, which is to transform southeastern Europe from a region of chronic instability into a full partner and participant in Europe’s democratic mainstream.

Yugoslavia at a Crossroads

[…]Within 72 hours after the election, the opposition was able to put together a final vote count based on tallies from more than 9,000 polling places. These numbers reflected official local results that were approved by members of Milosevic’s own party. The numbers added up to a greater than 50 percent win for the opposition.

Under the rules, the consequences are clear. Milosevic must go. The opposition should be allowed to get on with the many jobs it has been elected to do: restoring democracy, reviving the economy, rooting out corruption and bringing Serbia back into the European family of nations.

As I write this, Milosevic is trying desperately to buy more time. His puppet electoral commission has issued a fictional and wholly undocumented tally of votes purporting to show that a second round of balloting is needed. Milosevic’s problem is that time is no longer on his side. He is, quite clearly, a figure of the past, a lingering shadow separating Serbia from a new dawn of democracy and hope.  The Yugoslav people did not deserve Milosevic. With their actions during the last week they showed that they deserve democracy. […]

The days immediately ahead will not be easy for the people of Yugoslavia, Serb and non-Serb alike. The sooner Milosevic leaves, the better it will be, and the quicker the process of recovery can begin. European and American leaders have made it clear that we are prepared to lift the sanctions imposed against the Milosevic regime as soon as a new and democratic government is in place. […]

Madeleine Albright, Washington


TiM Ed.: Right.  But what Albright, Bill Clinton and other American administration officials are not saying is on what terms they are prepared to lift the sanctions, and offer all these other “carrots.”  But the U.S. House legislation, known as HR 1064 - Serbia Democratization Act (soon to be implemented as another “Serbia Demonization Act”) - did. 

And the gist of it is - only if Kostunica, upon assuming power, surrenders not only Milosevic and other indictees to the Hague, contrary to his election promise that he would not do it, but also gives up Serbia’s sovereignty.

Here are the conditions from HR 1064 that spell it out (“Sense of Congress” is the euphemism for CONDITIONS):


     (1) POLICY- It is the policy of the United States to encourage the development of a government in Yugoslavia based on democratic principles and the rule of law and that respects internationally recognized human rights.

   (2) SENSE OF THE CONGRESS- It is the sense of the Congress that--

   (A) the United States should actively support the democratic forces in Yugoslavia, including political parties and independent trade unions, to develop a legitimate and viable alternative to the Milosevic regime;

   (B) all United States Government officials, including individuals from the private sector acting on behalf of the United States Government, should meet regularly with representatives of democratic forces in Yugoslavia and minimize to the extent practicable any direct contacts with officials of the Yugoslav or Serbian governments, and not meet with any individual indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, particularly President Slobodan Milosevic; and

   (C) the United States should emphasize to all political leaders in Yugoslavia the importance of respecting internationally recognized human rights for all individuals residing in Yugoslavia.”

The HR 1064 legislation further restates the original conditions for lifting of the outer wall of sanctions as follows:



(a) APPLICATION OF MEASURES- The sanctions described in subsections (c) through (g) shall apply with respect to Yugoslavia until the President determines and certifies to the appropriate congressional committees that the Government of Yugoslavia has made significant progress in meeting the conditions described in subsection (b).

(b) CONDITIONS- The conditions referred to in subsection (a) are the following:

(1) Agreement on a lasting settlement in Kosovo.

(2) Compliance with the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

(3) Implementation of internal democratic reform.

(4) Settlement of all succession issues with the other republics that emerged from the break-up of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

(5) Cooperation with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, including the transfer to The Hague of all individuals in Yugoslavia indicted by the Tribunal.”

That’s the kind of Serbia for which the Serb ostriches who voted for Kostunica will get, a country dismembered, enslaved and lying prostate before the gloating New World Order conquerors.  Given the number of such “democratic” fools in Serbia, as our Belgrade TiM reader said (see Item 1), “I'm not sure we deserve to survive” as a free people.


6. U.S. Reader: This Is the Ultimate HypocrisyOct. 3, 2000

INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 3 - The following is a letter we received from an Indianapolis, IN, TiM reader - in reaction to the initial TiM Bulletin:

"What would we say if knew that Russia had just spent $77 plus million dollars to assure that our upcoming presidential election came out just the way it wanted to, electing a candidate who had all the shortcomings of President Clinton except for the fact that no one at all really wanted him or her in the first place? How will we react to the pious campaign reform entreaties we will hear in the debates when we've just bought a president in another country through our direct and very direct manipulation of the political campaign in that country?

Isn't this the ultimate hypocrisy by the land of the free to convert every other country we can into the land of the bribed?"

Lee Cross, Indianapolis, IN


7. NATO’s “Drang Nach Osten:” Is Belarus Next?Oct. 3, 2000

MINSK, Oct. 3 - Some 7,000 opposition supporters marched in the Belarus capital Minsk this weekend carrying banners “March for Freedom,” and chanting slogans such as “freedom,” “democracy,” and “boycott,” according to today’s (Oct. 3) Moscow Times report. 

Most opposition candidate were barred from running in the upcoming Oct. 15 parliamentary elections on registration technicalities, the Moscow Times said.

Some opposition leaders called for Belarus opposition to join forces to defeat Alexander Lukashenko , “Belarus’ Milosevic,” and to model themselves after the Yugoslav elections.  “We have to achieve what the voters in Yugoslavia have achieved,” said Anatoly Lebedko, leader of Belarus Unified Civilian Party.

Opposition leader plan to call more marches in other cities next week, the Moscow Times said.

 For the full report, check out - .

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