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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/9-6

Sep. 19, 2000

American, Russian Saber-rattling Gathers Momentum

Washington Funds Serb Opposition Efforts 

Kostunica Just a Front for a "De Facto" Leader (Djindjic); American, Russian Naval Saber-rattling Gathers Momentum; Warnings by Serb, American Generals; Clinton, Albright... Sentenced in Belgrade


Also see... Toward Another "Red October?"


Washington       1. Washington Funds Serb Opposition Efforts to

                                 Unseat Milosevic with $77 Million

Belgrade           2. American, Russian Naval Saber-rattling Gathers Momentum

London              3. Jane’s Intelligence Digest Predicts Post-election Violence in Serbia

Kosovo              4. Kostunica: “I Am Ashamed to Be a Serb”

Sofia                  5. Serb Voters’ Choice: Pain or More PainSep. 21, 2000

Athens               6. The Upcoming Rape of SerbiaSep. 21, 2000

California          7. “I Cannot Even Express My Thankfulness”Sep. 21, 2000

Belgrade           8. Serb General Warns the West Plans to Provoke ViolenceSep. 22, 2000  

Podgorica          9. Yugoslav Army Military Policeman Kills Montenegrin PolicemanSep. 22, 2000  

Prague             10. Generals Clark, Nash, Also Warn of Upcoming ViolenceSep. 22, 2000

Belgrade          11. Belgrade Court Sentences Clinton, Albright and 13 

                                Other NATO Leaders to 20 Years in JailSep. 22, 2000

Antwerp           12. “Seselj Would Never Kow-Tow to Washington”

Washington (state) 13. “You Are Right Up There with Paul Revere”

Minnesota       14. “Ditto Zoran West”

Belgrade          15. Canadians in Belgrade: Western Election Observers Are in YugoslaviaSep. 22, 2000

USA                  16. Message to Putin: “A Friend in Need Is a Friend in Deed”Sep. 23, 2000

Ireland              17. “Numero Uno”Sep. 23, 2000


1. Washington Funds Serb Opposition Efforts to Unseat Milosevic with $77 Million

WASHINGTON, Sept. 19 - As the Serb election campaign entered its final week, the Washington Post published today a story that may have a devastating impact on the Serb opposition efforts to unseat Yugoslavia’s president, Slobodan Milosevic.  In a front-page article headlined U.S. Funds Help Milosevic's Foes in Election Fight,” the Post confirmed what many observers have suspected all along, that the U.S. State Department is funding the Serb opposition’s campaign, denials to the contrary by its leader, Vojislav Kostunica, notwithstanding. 

The Post story may turn out to be the real “kiss of death” for Kostunica and the Serb opposition.  Because it revealed that the U.S. government has is using a $77 million fund “to do with ballots what NATO bombs could not.”  Which leaves Kostunica and his ostrich-like supporters as possibly the only people who still believe his own claim - that the Serb opposition leader is not a lackey of Bill Clinton and Madeleine Albright, the Serbophobes who spearheaded the NATO bombing campaign in the spring of 1999.

And so, with the election now just five days away, one thing is becoming quite clear: If the final result comes down to a Milosevic vs. Kostunica contest, no matter who wins, Serbia will lose.  It’s just that the methods of the New World Order’s colonization of the country will vary.  The Post’s today’s piece, carefully timed to inflict maximum damage on Milosevic’s opponents, suggests that Washington is leaning toward the war scenario, in which Milosevic would still be in power and serve as an excuse for a military intervention (see “Toward Another ‘Red October’,” and Item 2 of this Bulletin)

And now, here are some other excerpts from the Post article:

“In the run-up to national elections on Sept. 24, U.S. aid officials and contractors are working to strengthen Serbia's famously fractured democratic opposition. They have helped train its organizers, equipped their offices with computers and fax machines and provided opposition parties with sophisticated voter surveys compiled by the same New York firm that conducts polls for President Clinton. […]

There is nothing secret or even particularly unusual about the U.S. democracy-building program in Serbia, which is closely coordinated with European allies and is similar to previous campaigns in pre-democratic Chile, South Africa and Eastern Europe, among other places…  But in Serbia, it's a very fine line, in part because the stakes are so high… Milosevic routinely cites American meddling to justify his crackdown on opposition movements and media.

According to a senior U.S. official, Serbian police recently arrested and tortured an opposition member after intercepting an e-mail sent to him from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which, along with the Washington-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED), is one of the major conduits for American aid to the opposition.

Mindful of such risks, the endowment recently stopped posting details of its Serbian program on its Web site. In a similar vein, a NED official smiled apologetically as he acknowledged that while information on grant recipients in Serbia is a matter of public record, he could not release such data without a formal request under the Freedom of Information Act; a process that would extend long past Sept. 24.

Because Americans no longer are permitted to work in Serbia, and U.S. officials are afraid of compromising Serbs who receive their help, aid recipients typically travel to Hungary and other neighboring countries for training, strategy sessions and infusions of cash. Some of the American help also takes the form of humanitarian aid to opposition-led local governments. […]

The pro-democracy campaign did not begin in earnest until the end of last year's NATO air campaign to drive Serbian forces from Kosovo. It has since grown rapidly, from an authorized $10.7 million last year to $25 million this year; the administration has requested $41.5 million for the next fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, for a total of $77.2 million over three years…

In a similar vein, USAID this year will spend $3.8 billion on "political process" programs, including "technical assistance" to political parties, get-out-the-vote campaigns and efforts to help opposition parties "develop an economic reform... agenda for use in election campaigns," according to an agency fact sheet.

Much of the assistance is channeled through non-governmental organizations such as the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, a Washington-based group that among other things has coordinated extensive public opinion surveys in Serbia by Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates, Inc., Clinton's polling firm.”

To read the full Post story, click on -


TiM Ed.: Now, that explains where and how Kostunica’s alleged 15-point lead was minted!  Given Serbia’s predominantly rural population, where many households don’t even have telephones, using American surveying techniques, even if conducted honestly by the Clinton pollsters, can be at best relevant only to the city dwellers. 

The CIA World Factbook 2000, for example, shows that the entire country, including the government and businesses telephones, has only two million phone lines.  Which makes it one line per five to 10 Serb residents, depending on the percentage of lines used by businesses.  By contrast, there are 178 million stationary telephone lines in the U.S., plus over a 100 million mobile ones - more than one line per capita.

The Jane’s Intelligence Digest, a respected British newsletter on intelligence matters, also warned in its latest (Sep. 15) edition that one should not put too much weight on any polls in Serbia (see Item 3 of this Bulletin).


There Are Polls, and There Are CIA/State Dept.-Sponsored “Polls” Sep. 22, 2000

BELGRADE, Sep. 22 - Just to illustrate how huge discrepancies can be between the real polls, and the CIA/State Dept.-sponsored "polls", take a look at the Internet survey the panslavic Belgrade magazine, "Komentar," has been running.  With 1,740 respondents at the time we last checked its web site today, that is a respectable sample size even by the Gallup standards.  And, according to the "Komentar," here are its latest poll results:

Slobodan Milosevic - 21%; Vojislav Kostunica - 6%; Tomislav Nikolic - 66% (a pro-Serbian-Russian union Radical Party candidate); Vojislav Mihailovic - 1%; Won't or cannot vote - 6%.

Now compare that to the Washington Post/New York Times/CIA allegations that Kostunica is  supposedly leading Milosevic by 10 points, and that all other candidates are supposedly running at less than 10%. 

Do that, and then you will understand why the latest western lackey (Kostunica) was pelted with tomatoes and rocks in the only remaining Serbian enclave of Kosovska Mitrovica (see Item 4 of this Bulletin).  Even if 100,000 Serb ostriches cheered him on Sept. 21 in Belgrade, on CIA cues (unbeknownst to the ostriches, of course), in support of future Coca-Cola and McDonald's expansion in Belgrade.  Just the Serb ostriches used to do in the late 1980s in support of Milosevic, then a "Serb national hero."  To the ostriches, anyway...


The New York Times provided yet another example of how easily public opinion can be manipulated, both in the U.S. and in Serbia.  The leftist-liberal paper that, like the Post, has also claimed that Kostunica has about a 15-point lead over Milosevic, said in yesterday’s (Sep. 18) story that only “about 35% to 40% of Montenegro’s 650,000 people support the union with Serbia.”  Yet you saw in our Aug. 29 TiM Bulletin, in which we referenced a Howard University professor’s OpEd piece in the Washington Times, that “70 percent of Montenegrins are AGAINST secession from Yugoslavia.”

So what’s a 30% to 35% discrepancy here, and 30% to 35% there… when it comes to partisan “news” reporting and voter manipulation by the establishment media.  Which means that attitudes of the majority of Serbian voters will remain an enigma until after the election day. 

What is certain, however, is that no matter who wins on Sept. 24, the West is preparing the public for the phase two of its plan - accusing the Milosevic regime of rigging the vote.  In light of the above examples and other examples of western vote fraud, that will be a pot calling a kettle black.


2. American, Russian Naval Saber-rattling Gathers Momentum

U.S. Carrier Group Heads for the Adriatic, Russian Northern Fleet Deployment Also Still On

BELGRADE, Sept. 16 - The commanding ship of the U.S. Navy’s Sixth Fleet docked in the Croatian port of Dubrovnik on Sept. 15, in preparation for military maneuvers scheduled to begin in the area on Sept. 25, the day after the Yugoslav elections, the western financed B92 radio reported on Sept. 16.  Commenting on the timing of these maneuvers, widely considered to be a warning to Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, the Pentagon officials stated that they had been scheduled before the elections in Yugoslavia were announced.

Which was a rather feeble attempt to pull the wool over any knowledgeable observer’s eyes.  That became apparent today when the Washington Post said in a front page report referenced above, that “underscoring worries about Serbia and Montenegro, the Pentagon yesterday began a global shift of forces to bolster the U.S. military presence in the Balkans.”

A carrier battle group, led by the USS Abraham Lincoln, left Thai waters ahead of schedule, and headed toward the Persian Gulf.  Which will free up another carrier group, led by the USS George Washington, for movement to the Adriatic Sea, Defense Department officials told the Post.

Dismissing Serbia's charges of unwarranted interference in its internal affairs, U.S. officials say “they are seeking only to level the playing field in a country whose authoritarian leader thinks nothing of shutting down critical media outlets or tossing opponents in jail.”


TiM Ed.: So here we go again… another “humanitarian intervention” gets under way, headed this time headed for Montenegro, just as we predicted in our “Red October” piece.  With the US Sixth Fleet and the USS George Washington carrier group now backing Kostunica, is there still any doubt as to who is pulling his strings, whether or not Kostunica wants to admit it?


But another eventual American military intervention in the Balkans may not go unchallenged this time.  As we reported last April, Russia has been planning to deploy a part of its Northern Fleet in the Mediterranean by the middle of October (see “Dangerous Nuclear Saber-rattling”).  This mission is still on, despite the “Kursk” setback, according to a Sept. 17 report filed from Severomorsk by the official Russian Interfax news agency.

The Interfax wire also said that there is a high level of activity at the “Severomorsk-1” military airport, with Russian planes taking off and landing aboard the nuclear carrier, “Peter the Great.”

Furthermore, the Agence France Presse reported from Moscow on Sept. 15 that “Russia was deeply concerned with NATO's threat of sending ground troops to Montenegro,” according the Russian foreign ministry statement issued on Thursday (Sept. 14).

"Recent comments made by U.S. Air Force Commander in Europe, General Gregory Martin, about NATO having already conceived several variants of military action against Montenegro, including the use of ground troops, are shocking," said the ministry.

"By his statement, the general has confirmed that the North Atlantic alliance is constantly planning military operations against a sovereign state without consulting Russia, which is in breach of the cooperation agreement between NATO and Russia," the statement read.

"It is amazing that the general could make that statement, especially during such a critical time in the Balkan region," the Russian ministry said.


3. Jane’s Intelligence Digest Predicts Post-election Violence in Serbia

British Newsletter Reports “from Inside Milosevic’s Camp”

LONDON, Sept. 15 - Jane’s Intelligence Digest (JID), a respected British newsletter that comments about the military intelligence and espionage matters, has come out with, what it calls a report “from inside Milosevic’s camp” in its latest (Sep. 15) issue. 

Namely, some Yugoslav intelligence asset has just spilled the beans to the JID about the goings on in Serbia in these critical days before the election.  Questionable motives of such sources ought to be enough for any savvy analyst to take the JID report with a grain of salt.  Nevertheless, with this as a caveat, the JID article makes for interesting reading.  Here are some highlights from it:

ˇ        “(Recent events in Serbia do) not bode well for a peaceful outcome of these elections… Whatever the official results of the elections, street protests are likely to follow, with a high probability of violence.

ˇ        Serbian surveys are always to be taken with extreme caution, and the alleged 15% or even 20% lead attributed to Kostunica is a combination of wishful thinking, pollsters’ inexperience, and the distrust of the population for all kinds of surveys (TiM Ed.: Not to mention the even more relevant factors outline in Item 1 above - lack of phone and Clinton’s pollsters doing the “surveys.”)

ˇ        All sides have entered into a series of secret negotiations.  (Vojislav) Seselj (leader of the Radical Party and Milosevic’s coalition partner in the current government), is engaged in intensive talks with Zoran Djindjic, the de facto DOS leader with whom Seselj met on September 2. (TiM Ed.: DOS - Democratic Opposition of Serbia - is another State Department/CIA creation).


TiM Ed.: So the JID confirms that Kostunica is just a front; that a proven Serb quisling and a pro-western whore - Djindjic - is really running the show behind the scene as a “de facto DOS leader.  Kostunica’s role is evidently to try to pull the wool over the Serb voters’ eyes.


ˇ        (Slobodan) Milosevic is in negotiations with (Vuk) Draskovic, an incredible turn-about-face by Draskovic, given his allegations that Milosevic was behind a failed assassination attempt on Draskovic in the fall of 1999.  Which is why Seselj offered to create a coalition with the DOS at the federal level if Milosevic does strike a deal with Draskovic.  But as the JID points out, Draskovic’s earlier participation in the Yugoslav government “ was proof enough to Milosevic that Draskovic prefers power to ideology.” (TiM Ed.: As do all political whores).

ˇ        According to what the JID calls “a reliable source from the Serbian intelligence service,” Seselj… “a man of few scruples, is ready to trade with the West against Milosevic to save his own skin.”  Just as Biljana Plavsic had done in Bosnia, the JID points out, as the TiM did in our “Red October” piece, among others.

ˇ        Initially, Seselj tried to establish contacts with the U.S. through the then Italian ambassador to Belgrade, Ricardo Sessa.  In January 1999, the Italian foreign ministry turned the matter over to the Italian secret service, the SISMI.  Which promptly made details of Seselj’s betrayal attempt available to Milosevic, as a part of the trade-off to release the Kosovo Albanian leader, Ibrahim Rugova, to Rome in May 1999 (TiM Ed.: at the height of the NATO bombing of Serbia).

ˇ        “The West gave cautious signs it would accept Seselj as part of the post-Milosevic united Serbia,” the JID said, “but the U.S. tried to secure participation of (Draskovic’s) SPO (party) by summoning Danica Draskovic, Vuk’s influential wife, to Budapest in mid-August.

ˇ        Serbian national security leaking intelligence facets have also hinted to the JID that, if Milosevic secures Draskovic’s support, the Serb president might allow the former Bosnian Serb president, Radovan Karadzic, “to be captured just before the elections.”  Which could secure Milosevic “at least 200,000 votes,” according to the JID.


TiM Ed.: We have to admit that we are at a loss to figure out the obscure logic behind the latter claim.  So we bring it to you with the same caveats that had preceded this entire JID story: Take it with a grain of salt.


TiM Ed.: If true, this may be the most direct evidence of the actual (not just speculative) collusion between the New World Order and Milosevic.  It is also an example of the kind of a brothel the global geopolitical games really are.  Which is why we find it amazing that Kostunica, an erstwhile honest and decent Serb, has now joined in with the whores.


4. Kostunica: “I Am Ashamed because I Am a Serb”

KOSOVO, Sept. 14 - During his election campaign visit to Kosovska Mitrovica, the only remainingDodging Produce Serb enclave in the NATO-occupied Kosovo, Vojislav Kostunica, the leader of Serbia’s supposed “democratic opposition” was pelted with tomatoes, eggs and rocks (see the photo). 

And no wonder.  For, Kostunica said that, "I am ashamed because I am a Serb,” adding that he was “very satisfied because this means that Milosevic is weaker than ever,” according to a Washington Post photo caption - see

“Ashamed to be a Serb?”  And that’s the kind of a leader the Serbs are supposed to elect?

Check Point SearchKostunica’s experience in Kosovska Mitrovica was a replay of the fate that had befallen the pro-western Serb quislings in Kosovo, such as Bishop Artemije and Fr. Sava Janjic, who had to scurry around and run away from their fellow Kosovo Serbs in Gracanica on July 31, 1999 (see “Albright, Artemije Jeered by Serbs, Cheered by Albanians,”).

In each case, the western media dismissed the Serb protests as the actions of the alleged goons planted by Slobodan Milosevic.  But as one TiM reader pointed out to us, there were about 2,000 outraged Serbs at the Kostunica campaign rally in Mitrovica. 

So are we supposed to be the brain-dead and numbed-down people by the New World Order propagandists to gulp down their lines without developing an indigestion?  Guess the answer is, “yes,” if you ask Kostunica.

Especially considering the following example of this alleged naiveté which we’ve just received from him directly via e-mail, titled the “Good and Bad News From the European Union - Statement by Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS) Presidential Candidate Vojislav Kostunica:”

“In what they called a message to the Serbian people, EU foreign ministers unequivocally pledged to lift the sanctions against Yugoslavia if the September 24 election results led to a democratic change, thus furnishing compelling evidence that Europe's policy towards Yugoslavia has changed for the better.

Of course, it would have been much more useful for Serbia's democracy hadn't the ministers made the lifting of international sanctions conditional, but this gesture of goodwill will no doubt mean a lot to the Serbs, particularly given the fact that we have already fulfilled their sole condition - readiness for democracy. This is also yet another opportunity to pay full respect to France's diplomacy and Hubert Vedrine, a man at its helm.

However, another message from Brussels, the one about a meeting between the EU and western Balkans countries in Zagreb, on November 24, gave me no reason for pleasure at all. I have to say that the announcement that invitations for the Zagreb conference will go to the 15-nation bloc, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, as well as Montenegrin President Milo Djukanovic, UNMIK chief Bernard Kouchner, representatives of civil society and local governments in Serbia and myself, was disconcerting indeed. […]

The meeting is quite likely to be interpreted as a bid to derogate the Resolution 1244, which no responsible politician in Serbia and Yugoslavia can possibly accept.

I sincerely hope that the EU will reconsider its positions, and let the things develop in the only proper way - a Yugoslavia freed from the sanctions and with a democratically elected authority, a rightful member of the United Nations, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe and the International Monetary Fund, will be able to negotiate on Kosovo's status in compliance with all provisions of the Resolution 1244, and work patiently and carefully to normalize relations with its neighbors, by no means neglecting the issue of refugees.”


TiM Ed.: The former Kostunica statement has left the TiM editor truly stumped.  For, until as recently as late April, when this writer last met with Kostunica, this Serbian opposition leader has been a trusted friend.  Both of this writer’s and of Serbia.  Now, Kostunica seems to be either the greatest fool since Don Quixote, or another western whore.  

So it may be time to say a prayer or two, and light a candle or two, for the salvation of what little is left of Serbia.  After the NWO sharks stop taking bites out of her.  


5. Serb Voters’ Choice: Pain or More PainSep. 21, 2000

SOFIA, Bulgaria, Sep. 12 - Blagovesta Doncheva, a former Bulgarian democrat, disillusioned by the “democracy” practiced by the New World Order plutocrats, paints a pretty bleak picture of what will happen to Serbia if the U.S.-sponsored “democrats” win power.  Here is an excerpt from a letter we received from her in response to our “Red October” piece:

Bulgaria Under U.S. Yoke

Kostunica: New U.S. Bait for Serb People

“The international media excitedly distributes Mr. (Vojislav) Kostunica’s statements against US interference in Yugoslavia’s internal affairs (at the moment having in mind only the upcoming federal presidential elections), the terror in Kosovo, etc. He even called the World “Peacemaker”, USA, “an evil” for the Serbs.

Dear neighbors, (TiM Ed. Doncheva is addressing the Serbs),

Do not get carried away by such sweet talk. It is time to cut out emotions; it is time for a levelheaded common sense logical thinking. Remember, not only your country’s future is at stake; the whole world is holding its breath now watching your steps!  

I feel like sharing with you my reasoning concerning Kostunica, based on my experience as a former activist of the Bulgarian Union of “Democratic” Forces (known now as the “Union of Demonic Forces”) and my life in “democratic” Bulgaria for more than 10 years.

There are two possible scenarios if Kostunica comes into power.

First scenario: he proves to be really an honest person and patriot.

But what do you think he will manage to do by himself, notwithstanding his eventual good intentions? Could he possibly provide an independence from the “Globo Cop?”  Could he keep the US front line vultures, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, outside your country? Could he keep Soros, that deadly pest of nowadays, on outside your borders?  Would the “Globo Cop”’s highly paid local lackeys, like Zoran Djindjic, let him do it? Would the “Globo Cop"’s highly paid agents of his own let him do it?

You can learn by example from Bulgaria’s last 10-year history. In that period of 10 years, there was only one attempt for a nation responsible more independent ruling, carried out by a single person and a handful of supporters.

I have in mind Jan Videnov’s two-year rule. That young man had been a Bulgarian Premier in the period from 1994 (October-November) till December 1996. He was a Bulgarian Socialist Party (NDP) leader and the Bulgarian Socialist Party government Premier after that party’s great election victory in October 1994.

“They” had allowed the concentration of so much power in his hands sure. “Their” lackeys would easily manipulate him because of his being so young. But they had brought their goods to the wrong market. He proved to be first a Bulgarian, and then a member and leader of a Party!

After February 4, 1997 (after Videnov’s resignation), a well-known Bulgarian intellectual, Hristo Genchev, an architect by profession, wrote: “The last nation-responsible government has gone away...”

Videnov was the only one in that 10-year period who had tried to fight IMF and the World Bank! The only one who had shown he cared for his country and people. (And he was in power just in the period when the Big Brother Beyond the Ocean needed servile governments in all the countries neighboring Yugoslavia!)

Having in mind the planned assault against Yugoslavia, the Empire of Evil could not take risks. Orders had been dutifully sent and the Bulgarian political circus had been reopened with a flourish! Everybody jumped against the “young criminal!” Not only the “Union of Demonic Forces,” but the people from his government and his party – the Bulgarian Socialist Party: i.e., all the US Bulgarian lackeys gobbling hungrily at the US trough!

After some months-orchestrated tension in the Parliament, within the government and inside the BSP, the first actual step has been taken: flour disappeared magically from the market, and a bread crisis had burst in August 1996. It provided the necessary tension and negative atmosphere of rejection among the population.

The notorious bread crisis continued only some weeks and then disappeared as magically as it had appeared! Presumably, that Circus Director had decided the public was heated enough against the BSP Premier and called withdraw in expectation that Videnov would hand his resignation and step down.

Again, a miscalculation: Videnov stayed on, and continued fighting his very lonely fight.

Then the (Boris Yeltsin’s) Russian government mafia threaten him and serve his head on a tray to the Stars and Stripes – just as Victor Chernomyrdin did later with a whole country of Yugoslavia!

Videnov resigned, but the US think-tanks dealing with the region had decided then that it would be more convenient for the US Balkans plans that the (democratically elected) Bulgarian Socialist Party should be kicked out of power, and replaced by the “Union of Demonic Forces” (UDF). It was certainly evaluated that the UDF would support the aggression against Yugoslavia without any voices of dissent, and would readily provide all the necessary logistical collaboration, or at least would not create any problems during the long time planned Great US “Humanitarian” War on the Balkans!

So the US Ambassador, Mrs. Bowlen, rolled her sleeves and stepped on it. Some of Mr. Tenet’s tough CIA boys rushed to help, armed with those special psychic weapons they know best about (in one of the dailies in 1997, and on the television “7 Days” lately, it has been said that those special weapons were installed in hotel “Sofia” just in front of the Bulgarian Parliament, where the crowds were raging in January 1997. Nobody commented the information. It was neither rejected nor confirmed.)  

And the UDF called the famous jumping-up rallies in January 1997! (“Jumping-up” - because their essential part was the slogan: “If You Do Not Jump, You Are Red!”).

Those meetings were called every day near the Parliament.  The UDF leaders and speakers soon have worn out their anticommunist repertoire, and took refuge in the quoted slogan, and started jumping eagerly in front of the crowds, making them jump, too.

The funniest thing was that both UDF and BSP came from the traitorous Bulgarian Communist Party, and those from the UDF who jumped most eagerly to prove they were not “red”, were just the persons with many years communist past and communist party work behind themselves.

The last round of the “January Revolution” (they call that pitiable circus so!) had been an orchestrated currency crisis a la Soros: $1 reached 3,000 leva! Result:  Certain people got very rich in a matter of hours. Others lost their many years’ savings in the same length of time. Some indebted millionaires woke up as debt free as newborn babies.  Millions of dollars they would have had to pay back to the banks had melted away like last year’s snow! Lots of small shop owners went bankrupt.      

And the ordinary Bulgarians started hating Videnov’s his party’s guts just as scripted – according to the U.S. plan!

On February 4, 1997, Videnov and the BSP resigned, and new parliamentary elections were announced.

Mr. Sofianski (UDF), the present Sofia mayor, was appointed a temporary Premier till the elections, and immediately, the US dollar most magically fell to its old level well below 2 leva!

And the Bulgarian public learned  - at last! – who are the Good Boys, and who – the Bad Ones. Elections presented no problem. 

Mrs. Bowlen (the U.S. ambassador) clicked heels, task fulfilled, and was assigned to a well-deserved higher post.  Bulgaria’s new “Governor,” Mr. Dick Miles, came from Belgrade (TiM Ed.: Miles had been the top U.S. diplomat in Belgrade prior to the NATO bombing) via Washington, and took to distributing power and money in Bulgaria, and keeping generally the newly acquired US province in line.

Videnov still keeps getting accused, both by the BSP and the UDF for everything negative happening here and in the world in general.  So much for Kostunica’s chances – if he happened to be really an honest patriot.

Second possible scenario: Kostunica is the US-lackey same as Djindjic and Co.  Only his US trainers and image-makers have advised him to talk anti-USA, so as to make use of the bitterness and anti-US sentiments understandably prevailing in Yugoslavia after the USA and NATO aggression, Kosovo occupation, and the ethnic cleansing carried there by “Thaci the Snake”’s Great Albanian Warriors, KFOR, Bernard Kouchner and his paymasters from USA.

He will manipulate people before the elections and afterwards he will kick them coldly into the teeth, and will start energetically licking the Ugly Uncle’s boots. And if the Great Globalizer demands from him to level out Belgrade to start building another Bondsteel Base just there, he and Djindjic and Co. will do it without batting an eyelash – just as Kostov and Co. (UDF) gave all the possible corridors for US and NATO in that bloody spring of 1999.  OR as Parvanov and Co. (BSP) turned 180 degrees at their Convention on April 6-7, 2000, and declared their passionate love for NATO!

Then most of you (Serbs) will be very sorry for having given Kostunica your votes.  But it will be too late.

The same holds true for Vuk Draskovic’s candidate Vojislav Mihailovic.

Tenet’s (CIA) boys and girls are not orchestrating an election in a sovereign country for the first time: they have rich experience in the Latin America countries and lately in the East European countries, especially in Bulgaria! Their strategy is as follows:

Stage One: Find your men and play on their greediness and lust for power.

Stage Two: Get as many candidates/parties in the political space in the pre-election period as it is possible. In 10 years, we had four elections for a Parliament, two Presidential Elections, to say nothing about the mayor elections! Every time. “They” stuck to that scenario: find as many candidates as possible - for president and mayors, as many parties as possible - for parliamentary elections!

My observations: It gets the people in a state of uncertainty; it provides a second stage of voting (balloting); an atmosphere of pressure, tension and fear between the first and second date of voting is created (that is the great time for blows under the waist!). And most important: less apolitical persons take part in the second voting (balloting). And very often that decides the end result.

Mihailovic has already declared he will give his votes to Kostunica! They are sure there will be a second voting and follow strictly the US model! Well-worked model for orchestrating elections in sovereign countries with US supported and lectured “opposition”!

I had taken an active part in the first two Parliamentary elections (1990 and 1991) and in one Presidential election (1992). I had gone to the country to canvass for the UDF candidates.  I had talked with lots of people.

My conclusions: the strategy with lots of candidates is usually effective.

What those apolitical persons do not know is that the Mihailovic-Kostunica couple are at the one side of the barricade and Milosevic and his people are on the other one.  What Ugly Uncle’s strategic brains rely on is that Mihailovic will take votes away from Milosevic - i.e., will add duped people under the USA banner.


Meanwhile, the Governor of the newly acquired “US province” - Bulgaria - on the Balkans, honorable Richard Miles, was given an order by his paymasters for a coalition government.  Big Brother wants a coalition government and a Parliament of many parties in Bulgaria, and so it will be.  Again the principle “Divide and Rule Them” in action!  So new elections are planned for 2001.

The same what is happening to us here, in Bulgaria.

Some days later, on August 19, the daily “Monitor” announced in a leading article again that 5 (five) FOREIGN businessmen were to be expelled from the country. “They have endangered the national security and have had connections with international criminal organization.”

Were those five criminal and very dangerous businessmen Americans? NO! Were they Germans, French, Italians, English or Spanish, Turkish or Greek? No! No! No! Were they all RUSSIANS? Yes, of course!

On August 21, the Bulgarian media commented the information. The daily “24 Hours”: “The CIA Boss declared that Sofia is a RUSSIAN spying center.” (p. 1, lead article).

SEGA, August 22, p. 24: “For those who do not know: even in the years of the greatest dependence on the Soviet Union, the KGB had not allowed itself to arrogantly declare that Sofia was a USA spying center.”

On August 21, a Bulgarian TV anchor announced that more foreign businessmen were to leave Bulgaria within seven days. They had been found to be a threat for the Bulgarian national security, too!

Guess their nationality! If not RUSSIANS then - what? SERBS, of course!!! No doubt about it!

“...They have been breaking the sanctions against Yugoslavia, organizing export of forbidden goods or goods with possible double use. A check in the State Newspaper has revealed that the eight Serbs had firms registered in Bulgaria after 1996. There is a speculation that some of them might be in contact with the Yugoslav Investigation Agency in Bulgaria. As a threat to the national security might be construed also the attempts for recruiting state institution employees and ordinary citizens.

During the Kosovo crisis (i.e., US-NATO aggression against Yugoslavia!) the ex-Minister of Internal Affairs, Bonev, declared that the participants in all the anti-US-NATO protests were “Serb mekereta”. SEGA, August 23, p.1-2.

(“mekereta“, plural from “mekere” – Turkish.  1/ A beast of burden.  2/ Bootlicker, flunkey /lackey/, bastard /scoundrel, skunk, rat/.)

So, after 200 years of Byzantine yoke, and 500 years under Turkish yoke, Bulgaria has now been “enjoying” USA yoke for more than 10 years.

Monitor, August 28 headline: “The Balkans Are Second Latin America for the CIA. CIA Lectures To Serb Opposition Representatives From “Otpor” in Sofia Since Today” “

No comment.”

If the Yugoslavs elect the opposition candidates - IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH ONE - Yugoslavia will be erased from the world map, and the next election in Serbia will be just like the Bulgarian election in 2001. Of course if in the meantime the Global Master or the Ugly Uncle has not cut up Serbia into several cantons: i.e., has not wiped it from the world map too...

That is what will happen to your country if you vote for the pair Kostunica-Mihailovic. Let’s now answer the question what will happen to you if you vote for them. What will happen to you under the IMF and WB yoke – i.e., under the USA yoke?

Blagovesta Doncheva, an ordinary Bulgarian and a “Serb Mekere” (“Serb lackey”), according to Gen. B. Bonev, ex-Minister of Internal Affairs.


TiM Ed.: Since the publication of our “Red October” piece, we’ve received some correspondence from TiM readers in Serbia who said that the Radical Party candidate, Tomislav Nikolic, has been indeed advocating what we have been saying for over a year now - that the only viable strategy for Serbia from a geopolitical standpoint is an alliance with Russia and Belorus.  

Trouble is, Nikolic’s boss and the Radical Party leader, Vojislav Seselj, is allegedly trying to kiss up to Washington (see Item 3, Jane’s Intelligence Digest Predicts Post-election Violence in Serbia -  If true, the Serb voters are back to square one, stuck between a rock and a hard place.


6. The Upcoming Rape of SerbiaSep. 21, 2000

ATHENS, Sept. 20 - We received the following comment about the Serb elections from a Greek journalist and author, Maria Dimitriadou:

The following is the introduction and key passages from the program that has been accepted by the DOS and their candidate, Vojislav Kostunica.  G17 is the neo-liberal NGO/think tank in Belgrade. I urge (Serb) people to read it carefully.  Here is how I see some of it:

Right in the introduction they offer - Decentralization = Chopping up whatever is left of the territory.

They say: "The Declaration will acknowledge the necessity for the decentralization of the state, particularly in regards to the regionalization of Serbia and affirmation of autonomies of Vojvodina and Kosovo and Metohija."

Isn't the country too damn decentralized already? Is this back to Lenin's definition of necessity to - dying out state?

#1 through #4 are based on hope that Western enemies will have some MERCY and suddenly allow Yugoslavia be integrated in all of their organizations. Most of other points rely on a dream that the West will poor money into Yugoslavia. See:

# 29 - "Direct financial aid from abroad... that would enable the new government to, from its inception, carry out economic reform in a stable manner."

Are they nuts!? They bombed us yesterday - now they will offer money? They have help their natural allies Nazi Germans after WWII. This is NOT the same.

#4 reads: "The prompt resolution of succession questions with ex-Yugoslav republics... "

This basically gives a blank check - a de facto right to other "republics" to succession - at equal footing with those who tried to keep the country together. The "republics" then have "right" to take away whatever is left of value of Federal Yugoslavia.

#13 - "Demilitarization... !"

Why now? Are we safe now!??? Should we give away whatever little weapons was not destroyed by NATO!? Who should we trust - NATO, KLA, Alija Izetbegovic (TiM Ed.: Leader of Bosnian Muslims), Nazi Croats...?

#20 - Gives away the local currency. Yugoslavia becomes a economic vassal state to Germany! Did West Germany invest enough in East Germany to pull them out of trouble? Why would they care about the Serbs?

# 30 - Sell out (actually giving away) the industry: "Solutions based on direct foreign investment (privatization of government-owned companies and industry)."

# 32 - Price liberalization!

That's it! Yugoslavia will be a FREE country for - prices. Not for PEOPLE. With free prices the people will be free to die of hunger. We have seen it in ten other countries. In Russia only the number of suicides rose sharply after the "free" market was introduced over-night.

You still doubt their intention to sell to the enemy and ruin the people? Look at this one:

# 33 - "The gradual withdrawal of prices that "subsidize" the poor..."

Maria Dimitriadou, Athens, Greece


7. “I Cannot Even Express My Thankfulness”Sep. 21, 2000

CALIFORNIA, Sept. 13 - We received the following from Zoran West, a TiM reader in California:

“If there is one person who stands up against lies, who stands up for truth, who really stands up for "truth in media", who stands up for "justice for all," and one person who can be unquestionably trusted -- than I would have to say; it has to be Bob Djurdjevic.

I cannot even express my thankfulness for Bob Djurdjevic's extraordinary, super-humane, truly-Christian, people-loving, truth-loving efforts (if those are the appropriate enough words...).  I can feel Mr. Djurdjevic's great heart, which truly stands for "freedom and justice for all." (Wake up US of A., this was your once-deserved national slogan...)

Mr. Djurdjevic's has a heart aligned with truth.  He gives unconditional moral support to deserving people, so all of truth-loving people can appreciate the openness and dissection of how Bob handles the NWO moral and political western whores like Clinton, Albright and Blair (and their followers, of course)

Bob's exposure of the thugs we are up against in this "democratic western world" is the benchmark of what freedom really is.

I just (simply) have to say; "THANK YOU, Thank you Mr.. Djurdjevic" ... although I cannot possibly thank you enough...

Once upon the time, there was a truthful and free country in the Western hemisphere, now they lost their freedom... Therefore, there is Yugoslavia, Iraq, Cuba... and 70 other counties the U.S. tried to destroy since WW II.  What do those countries have in-common?

They KNOW the truth, unlike Americans, who once used to KNOW what is the truth.

I am extremely thankful to you, Mr. Djurdjevic. You know… you are more then a prophet.  You are a modern day prophet. I just wish America can wake up.  And make up. Before it is too late.”

Zoran West, California


TiM Ed.: When the publisher of the web site asked us if they could post this letter at their site, we naturally asked Mr. West if he would mind that.  He replied:

“I was hoping you would ask me this question, so the answer is obvious - PLEASE DO! Thank you again for all you are doing for bringing out the truth. Warmest regards, Zoran West, California.  


8. Serb General Warns the West Plans to Provoke ViolenceSep. 22, 2000

BELGRADE, Sep. 21 - General Nebojsa Pavkovic, the Yugoslav Army commander, warned on Thursday that the West was planning a sabotage to destabilize the country, according to a Sept. 21 Reuters report. 

Pavkovic said the Yugoslav Army knew of a western plot to provoke disturbances on September 24, the election day.  He said “special units of foreign armed forces would be infiltrated into Yugoslav territory on that day.”  They would come into Montenegro, he said, dressed in Yugoslav Army and police uniforms, from the Serb part of neighboring Bosnia and from Kosovo, both ancient Serb territories that are now under NATO occupation.

These “Yugoslav troops” would then stage provocations “under the guise of extending aid to the 'victors' - the opposition,” Gen. Pavkovic said.

Earlier in the week, Gen. Pavkovic said he would recognize an opposition victory but did not see how it could come about, saying opinion polls giving opposition leader Vojislav Kostunica a six point lead over Milosevic did not reflect reality.

“If the opposition in Serbia is certain in its victory, then there is no reason to fear for anything, the Belgrade Beta agency quoted him as saying.  

Gen. Pavkovic has come out in open support of Milosevic in the past few days.  “Threats are being addressed to our country at the moment and as a serious army it is our duty to make all the preparations to prevent any surprises,” he said.


9. Yugoslav Army Military Policeman Kills Montenegrin PolicemanSep. 22, 2000

PODGORICA, Sep. 22 - Trouble may have already begun in Yugoslavia even before the ballots have been cast.  This evening (Fri., Sep. 22), Momcilo Mojasevic, a member of Yugoslav Army’s 4th Military Police Battalion, shot and killed Nebojsa Lekovic, a Montenegrin policeman, in the “Old Well” café in Podgorica, according to a news report.

Montenegro’s Ministry of Internal Affairs said in a statement that after a joint action of the civil and military police, Mojasevic was arrested.  The shooting occurred during a hostile verbal exchanges between the Yugoslav Army and Montenegrin policemen.  It is unclear whether Velimir Boskovic, the second Montenegrin policeman named in the statement, suffered any injuries.


10. Generals Clark, Nash, Also Warn of Upcoming ViolenceSep. 22, 2000

PRAGUE, Sep. 21 - A TiM reader from Illinois sent us the following Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) report about the statements that Generals Wesley Clark and William Nash made Thursday at a conference in Prague, Czech Republic.  (RFE/RL and Voice of America are parts of the State Department propaganda machine).

Particularly ominous was Nash’s warning to Serbia’s and Montenegro’s neighbors to prepare for a new flood of refugees:

“Speaking in Prague on September 21, General Wesley Clark, who commanded NATO forces during the 1999 Kosovo campaign, said he expects Milosevic to try to rig the election. The general added that Milosevic's eventual departure from office is likely to be a violent one, as was the case with the fall of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu in 1989.

Clark stressed that peace and stability in the Balkans require the replacement of Milosevic and the top Yugoslav military leadership. The general noted that it is likely that Milosevic may try to unleash violence in Montenegro. Clark added that "were I in Milosevic's position... I would not exclude international intervention," although the general pointed out that Montenegro is an internal part of Yugoslavia and not an independent state such as Bosnia.”


TiM Ed.: Right.  As was/is Kosovo.  And what difference did that make to the NATO goons! 

Besides, that “independent state” of Bosnia was also once “an internal part of Yugoslavia,” before the West started to dismantle it in 1991, just as it is now trying with what’s left of Yugoslavia.


William L. Nash, who is the UN's chief administrator in Kosovska Mitrovica, said in Prague that authorities in countries bordering Montenegro and Serbia should now "prepare [to receive] refugees."


TiM Ed.: And now here’s what Joel Griffith said, our Illinois-based reader who sent us the RFE/RL report:

“I note the end of the story where neighboring regions to Montenegro and Serbia are advised to "prepare for refugees." Another NWO signal to prepare for war? Sure looks like it. The only comfort I can get out of all this is to know that there is an eternal Judge in heaven who never slumbers or sleeps. They will get their comeuppance eventually.”


11. Belgrade Court Sentences Clinton, Albright and 13 Other NATO Leaders to 20 Years in JailSep. 22, 2000

BELGRADE, Sep. 21 - The district court in Belgrade Thursday sentenced President Bill Clinton, Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and 13 other top NATO leaders to a maximum 20 years in prison for the use of weapons prohibited under international law and crimes against the civilian population during last year's NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia, according to a Sept. 21 UPI newswire report.

Veroljub Raketic, the presiding judge, said the arrest warrants would be issued for the convicted leaders and their sentences would start as soon as they are arrested.

During the four-day trial in the biggest courtroom in the Palace of Justice, in which 14 seats labeled with the names of the accused were left vacant, the officially appointed lawyer defending Clinton told the court he could cite as an extenuating circumstances that Clinton came from "an incomplete family and lived with a stepfather which probably left a mark on his overall behavior."

Another court-appointed lawyer defending Albright asked the court to take into account her repressed psychological state as a woman subordinated to the U.S. president and the fact that she had never before been sentenced for war crimes.

Apart from Clinton and Albright the convicted included US Defense Secretary William Cohen; British Prime Minister Tony Blair and Foreign Secretary Robin Cook; French President Jacques Chirac, Foreign Minister Hubert Vedrine and Defense Minister Alain Richard; German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder, Foreign Minister Joschka Fisher and Defense Minister Rudolf Scharping; the former and present NATO Secretaries General Javier Solana and Lord George Robertson; and the former NATO Supreme Commander in Europe, Gen. Wesley Clark.

They were ordered to pay legal costs within 15 days of the sentences taking effect under pain of enforcement.

The indictments said that the accused were responsible for NATO forces using 31,000 shells each with 300 grams of depleted uranium at eight locations in Serbia and Montenegro and that 10 tons of this kind of ammunition were dropped on Kosovo. This specifically polluted the environments of villages in the vicinity of Vranje, Bujanovac and Presevo in southern Serbia causing various types of cancer and death, according to the indictments, the court said.

NATO also dropped a large quantity of cluster bombs in the areas of Nis, Sombor, Kurumlija, Podujevo, Kraljevo, Novi Sad, Mount Kopaonik and other places, killing 34 people including an 8-month pregnant woman and leaving many other people seriously or slightly injured, the indictment said.


12. “Seselj Would Never Kow-Tow to Washington”Sep. 22, 2000

ANTWERP, Belgium, Sep. 22 - We received the following feedback from Dejan Mihajlovic, a TiM reader form Antwerp, Belgium:

“Dear Bob, you have been correctly informed that Mr Tomislav Nikolic, the Serb Radical Party candidate for the president of Yugoslavia, is a strong supporter of the union between Yugoslavia, Belorusija and Russia. I was present on one of his electoral campaign meetings in Belgrade last August when he said that, if elected president, he would spend as long as it takes in the waiting room of Russian President, Mr Putin, in order to see this agreement signed.

This is, indeed, nothing new or startling because this has been the policy of Serb Radical Party for many years and it is due mainly to their efforts since they joined the government that the negotiations about this union have progressed this far.

The rumors about the meeting between the leader of this party Dr Vojislav Seselj and Zoran Djindjic on 2nd of September can be dismissed as exactly what they are: nothing more than rumors. Probably planted by either intelligence circles behind Jane's or "sources" in Milosevic camp who have no interest in seeing Mr Seselj's party gain more votes on their expense.

The rumors that indeed have been circulating in Belgrade at that time were about a meeting between Dr Seselj and Danica Draskovic, the spouse of Vuk Draskovic, the leader of the SPO, Serbian Renewal Movement. These rumors are much more credible because the cooperation between these two parties would make sense. The two of them combined have a narrow majority in the parliament of Serbia and could bring down the government there.

At the end I would like to assure you that all is possible in Serbia today except one thing - that Vojislav Seselj would kow tow to Washington.”

Dejan Mihajlovic, Antwerp, Belgium


13. “You Are Right Up There with Paul Revere”Sep. 22, 2000

WASHINGTON (state), Sep. 22 - We received the following comment from Gerald Adkins, a TiM reader in the state of Washington:

“Bob, I was pleased with Mr. West's nice comments (see Item 7 of this TiM Bulletin) about you and your organization (TiM).     

I too love your news, insights and especially your ability to reveal what is really going on behind-the-scenes in this country.     

I only hope that before we lose all our freedoms, the people who pay all the bills (the middle class sheeple) wake up and realize that our government was not established to control, manipulate and exploit us.  Instead, it was designed around the idea that we have certain inalienable rights that the government is supposed to be working hard to protect.     

I speculate the Minute Men (in George Washington's revolutionary time) would have run to the other side if they could see us now!     

You are right up there with Paul Revere in my book.  Warmest best wishes.”

Gerald C. Adkins, Washington (state)


14. “Ditto Zoran West”Sep. 22, 2000

MINNESOTA, Sep. 22 - Mr. Adkins’ above comment was followed by another cryptic letter we’ve just received from Heli North, a TiM reader from Minnesota.  It said:

“Bob, Ditto Zoran West” (see Item 7 of this Bulletin)

Heli North, Minnesota


15. Canadians in Belgrade: Western Election Observers Are in YugoslaviaSep. 22, 2000

BELGRADE, Sep. 22 - We’ve just received the following dispatch from Antoinette Martens, a Canadian TiM reader, who forwarded to us the following message from Marjaleena Repo and Prof. Dimitri Kitsikis, two Canadian election observers who are currently in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.  No comment is necessary:

“The international observers of the Yugoslav presidential and parliamentary elections have arrived in Belgrade - some 200 of them from (so far) from 54 countries.

Contrary to the reports that "they have not been allowed in,"  there are registered observers from the following Western European countries: Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Sweden and UK. (So far, the single American observer is an active senior participant in the Gore presidential campaign.)

Among the observers are parliamentarians, delegates from political parties and organizations, as well as independents like the two participants from Canada.

The Canadian delegates have attended political rallies of the three major presidential candidates, in Belgrade and Novi Sad. These events were noisy and lively affairs, without any observable disturbances and any noticeable police presence. Literature was freely distributed and received at these events, in a way no different from political rallies in Canada.

One of us (Marjaleena Repo) has paid particular attention to election posters as she has been involved in the long standing and not-yet-finished fight for the right to poster in Canada.  And she can report that posters are everywhere in the street scene, accompanied by graffiti and the defacing of each others posters even-steven fashion, it seems.

Repo has seen posters at work in downtown Belgrade, with posters urging women to vote, on top of other election messages! She had a chance to discuss this contradiction with five English-speaking Yugoslavian youth, with their buckets and sponges.

Unlike in Canadian cities, the posters appear not to be scraped down by city workers, but live to suffer the indignities from competing political parties. In addition, there are huge billboards advertising the three major presidential candidates all around the Belgrade cityscape. All in all, Belgrade has all the appearance of democracy in action…

While the Canadian and other Western media have already declared the election to be "rigged" (without any evidence, of course), we believe that the actual evidence for rigging and distorting the Yugoslav election results has been found in the once-democratic countries of U.S. and the European Union, who in an wholly illegal and undemocratic fashion are interfering in the domestic affairs of a sovereign country. This, of course, must be condemned by all true democrats, be they individuals, organizations or nations.”


16. Message to Putin: “A Friend in Need Is a Friend in Deed”Sep. 23, 2000

U.S.A., Sep. 23 - We received the following comment from an active-duty U.S. Navy officer whose identity and location are known to us, but are being withheld to protect this TiM reader from possible repercussions in this “land of the free:”

“Euroforce needs no less than 230,000 soldiers and 300 combat planes according to the latest news from NATO/Euroforce. One might ask "For what?" With US Army still deployed in Germany, and a 19-member NATO and another half a dozen willing participants (i.e. Bulgaria, Rumania, Croatia, etc.), why would in God's name Europe need a force of a 1/4 of a million soldiers and a might air force?

Get this: to be able to deploy 80,000 on a moment's notice up to 1,200 miles away!

Are the Russians reading this? Clearly, this couldn't possibly be intended to defend Europe from some yet unknown superpower ready to strike at its heart!

It sound more like an interventionist force needed for Kosovo, Chechnya, Dagestan, you name it.

The situation is analogous to an expansionist Nazi Germany in 1939, driving East (“Drang nach Osten”), and Stalin -- in order to buy time -- signs a pact with Hitler, a non-aggression treaty (a.k.a. "partnership for peace").

It will all become clear if there is, or should we say when there is, another NATO-sponsored aggression on Yugoslavia (soon, possibly). A friend in need is a friend in deed, a saying goes, and the stance Mr. Putin will take at the next round of NATO's “Drang nach Osten” will show whose side is Vlad on.”

A U.S. Navy officer (name and location withheld)


17. “Numero Uno”Sep. 23, 2000

DUBLIN, Ireland, Sep. 23 - We received the following cryptic comment, titled “Numero Uno,” endorsing the Zoran West message (see Item 7 of this Bulletin), from Joe Murphy, a TiM reader in Dublin Ireland:


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