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May 5, 1998

To: The New York Times

The New York PRAVDA?

Re. "Argentina to Seek Extradition of 2 (IBM) Executives from the U.S." - a NYT news story (5/05/98)



Toby Harshaw, Letters Editor


New York, NY

Sometimes, silence speaks louder than words. The New York Times' silence in identifying the four IBM executives whose extradition the Argentine judge is seeking is only superseded by your editors' efforts to hide their corporate identity. There was no mention of IBM in your headline, "Argentina to Seek Extradition of 2 Executives from U.S." No wonder that this story, embarrassing the bluest of the Wall Street "blue chips," was relegated to the inside pages (page A8) of your May 5 edition.

Why? Because IBM's chairman serves on the New York Times board of directors? Or is it because of the Big Blue's vast advertising budget?

When Truth in Media questioned today your Buenos Aires reporter, Clifford Krauss, who filed the story, about why he failed to disclose the identities of the four IBM executives - given that the Argentine judge is presiding over a public court, and that IBM is a public company - your reporter sheepishly replied that he "did not want to besmirch their (IBM) names in the press."

Wow! Whatever happened to the New York Times motto - "All the news that's fit to print?"

Lest your latest abuse of our (American) freedom of the press is not crystally clear, your reporter (or editor?) seems to be preempting an Argentine federal judge's opinion who had publicly stated (according to your story), that he would "ask Interpol to capture them (these unnamed, 'untouchable' IBM executives) with or without the assistance of the U.S. government."

Now, why for God's sake would you do a fool thing like that in this "land of the free and of the brave?" Does the New York Times no longer adhere to its motto: "All the news that's fit to print?" And if not, why not take it off your masthead? It's an insult to your readers' intelligence, anyway.

And while you're at it, why not rename your paper the "New York Pravda?" "Red" or "Big Blue" Pravda? Who cares. You're not fooling anyone who has read the Soviet Pravda, anyway. It's the same old censorship; the same old brainwashing... Only done in English rather than in Russian.

Best regards,

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Bob Djurdjevic

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