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April 4, 1998

To: The Wall Street Journal

Let the Bombing Begin?  Not!

Re. "Let the Bombing Begin," a WSJ OpEd (2/11/98)



Ned Crabb,Letters Editor


New York, NY

Dear Ned,

What sort heartless, bloodthirsty monsters do you employ at the Journal? Karen Elliott House's OpEd piece (Feb. 11) could have been written by Adolf Hitler by just changing the names, dates and places. Even its very title, "Let the Bombing Begin," playing off the "Let the Games Begin"-phrase, puts the proposed bombing of Iraq in a callous, gladiator-like context. The fact that such "games" could cost many innocent civilians and/or American soldiers' their lives only seems to embolden your "Mrs. Adolf Hitler," whom the WSJ article identifies as President of Dow Jones International.

"If the President wants sustained U.S. public support," Ms. House writes, "he will have to make the case against Saddam so clearly that Americans can day after day look upon the bodies of innocent Iraqi civilians and realize that those tragic casualties are preferable to bodies of innocent Kuwaitis, Israelis or Americans."

The preceding comment is pure fascism. Except that it's reverse fascism compared to Hitler's variety. It casts the "Kuwaitis, Israelis and Americans" in the role of the supposedly more superior and, therefore, more precious, human beings.  I, for one, don't feel superior just because I am an American.

And your paper printed such racially discriminatory remarks as an OpEd piece? Shame on you! Even if an honorable man were serving as President and making such a pitch, no decent American would ever "realize" that one human life is more precious than another on account of race or religion. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have given their lives fighting the fascist monsters who thought like that. By publishing such trash, you have dishonored not only the memories of these fine Americans, but have also besmirched all of us - your fellow-citizens and Journal readers.

Iraq represents no threat to American NATIONAL interests. Yes, Saddam Hussein may be trouble for Kuwait, Israel or some other Middle-eastern countries. But calling that a threat to our "national" interests, especially after supplying him the very chemical weapons Washington now wants to destroy, is the old devious imperial thinking - that the world is our playpen.

Worse, such a policy invites aggression against America. How would Ms. House have liked it if Russia, for example, had threatened to nuke us when the U.S. troops invaded Panama or Haiti?

In short, we have no business bombing Iraq or anyone else for that matter, unless it is in self-defense. As for Ms. House's fascist slur, you owe all Americans an apology before we take our revenge the only way customers can - by canceling our Journal subscriptions.

Best regards,

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Bob Djurdjevic

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