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TiM GW Bulletin 2000/9-5

Sep. 15, 2000

Venus Williams Asked Clinton for Tax Break 

The Olympics: A Globalist Fest of Brawn over Brains 

Clinton: Different Strokes for Different Folks, Laments Chinese Victim of U.S. "Justice," Ignores a Serb



Sydney                       1. The Olympics: A Globalist Fest of Brawn over Brains

Wisconsin                  2. Clinton: Different Strokes for Different Folks  

Milwaukee                3. Vindicated Serb-American Says He Won’t Sue U.S.

                                       Government - “At This Time”September 17, 2000


1. The Olympics: A Globalist Fest of Brawn over Brains

SYDNEY, Sept. 15 - A globalist fest of brawn over brains opened today in Sydney to the applause of billions of dumbed-down citizens of the world.  The glitzy, Hollywood-style Aussie show also took place on the heels of the U.S. Open tennis tournament that also glorified the same New World Order virtues - brawn over brains!

When Bill Clinton made a congratulatory call to Venus Williams last weekend, as the American president also reportedly did a year ago to her younger sister Serena, this Black-American athlete, Venus, who won the U.S. Open and pocketed $800,000 for a fortnight of banging yellow balls around the Queens, NY, tennis courts, was brazen enough to ask Slick Willy if he could reduce her taxes?

“Not too much, right now,” the President reportedly replied, according to an Arizona Republic Sep. 10 story.  (But) “I think there ought to be new rules for athletes.”

In other words, Clinton would like to have obliged the crass Williams if he had a chance? 

“Brawn over brains!”  “Crass over class.”  Except if first in class. J

Now, the above ought to be the NWO sports slogans second only to the quintessential “perpetual war for perpetual commerce” motto of the New World Order.

By the way, as far as we know, Clinton has not made any such congratulatory calls to any other WHITE American tennis players who have been winning the U.S. Opens for decades, including the No. 1 tennis champion of the world, Pete Sampras, a Greek-American, and a loser in this weekend’s U.S. Open final to a Russian upstart, Marat Safin.  And that’s despite the fact that Sampras is still the best tennis player in history of world tennis, with a total of 13 Grand Slam titles. 

Do you get a sense that perhaps Clinton may be a bit biased?  Or more to the point - racist?

Meanwhile, back to Australia’s Olympic zoo.  Same story there.

“I don’t get what all this sports hype in our country is about?” a Western Australian farmer confided in this writer last spring (autumn in that part of the world).  “What is our government trying to teach us when they say ‘Australia is a sports nation?’  That we should use our muscles to think instead of our brains?”

Exactly.  And not just all-Australian muscles; but only some “PC Australian” brawny athletes - i.e., the “PC” (politically correct) ones, according to the opening Olympic Games’ ceremonies.  Such as those of female, disabled, or Aborigine athletes - the only Aussies who were allowed to participate in lighting the Olympic torch.  In lieu of the Australian prime minister’s apology to the Aborigines?

Never mind that these women were the mere “extras,” as would have been the Aussie brawny mates, of course, to the NWO techno-gizmos that actually did the trick of lighting the torch - to the delight of the dumbed-down masses.  Nor that this is a peculiar Aussie phenomenon (see “Dictatorship of Minorities,” DANCING 'ROUND THE GOLDEN CALF, a Washington Times column, Aug. 31, 1997). 

“I’ve been thinking about you,” this writer’s hairdresser said today, who knew that the TiM editor had a soft spot in his heart for that vast country Down Under that’s now hosting the games of brawn over brains.  “And I’ve been telling my customers today that if you had your way, you’d probably say that the last place in the world you wanted to be at today is in Sydney.”

“You’re so smart, June!” the TiM editor replied.  “And you’re right.  In fact, I did counsel my friends in Sydney last year to rent out their places to the globalist bozos at exorbitant prices, and to go and have fun somewhere in the South Pacific for a month or so at the time of the Olympics.  Or just go and stare at the Ayers Rock for 16 days until the madding Olympic crowds subside.”

By the way, the most symbolic moment of the opening ceremonies came when the organizers put all 10,000 athletes gathered on the stadium field under wraps.  Literally.  As the enormous sheet of transparent plastic was pulled over their heads, we could not help but think of the following lines, first delivered at this writer’s lecture in Sydney in October 1999:

“If God were to (re)create the world by the designs of the NWO Princes, there would be only three kinds of creatures around:


        All two legged-creatures would be ostriches;

        All four legged-ones would be sheep;

        All sea-living creatures would be sardines, anxiously waiting in long lines at the nearest Princes' canning factory docks to jump into cans, and be exported to some distant low-cal, low-brow; low-IQ, but immensely happy NWO society, according to CNN.

Now, I can see how this New World Order "menage trois" could seem appealing to some Australian sheep farmers.  But only if they behaved like their livestock.”

In this era of shrink wraps, Saran wraps, Ziploc wraps, or just plain wraps, the aerial view of the packaged athletes at the Sydney stadium reminded us of a giant see-through sardine can.  As the 110,000 spectators cheered the wrapping spectacle, we wondered what it would be like to be an Olympic sardine?

(Also see Sydney Olympics: A Five-ring Circus - Oct. 31, 1999) and Some Sydney Olympic Q&A's - Jul 27, 2000).


2. Clinton: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Text Box:  WASHINGTON, Sep. 15 - “In a stinging and highly unusual rebuke of his Justice Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, President Bill Clinton said today that he was "quite troubled" by the government's actions (read Janet Reno’s FBI) in the Wen Ho Lee case, the New York Times reported today in bold print on its front page.  

Wen Ho Lee is the Chinese scientist at the Los Alamos, NM, lab who was accused of passing on nuclear secrets to the Red Chinese government.  Clinton’s comments came a day after a federal judge in New Mexico harshly criticized the Justice Department for its tactics in the case, and as Attorney General Janet Reno rejected calls for her to apologize.

Less than 24 hours later, another embarrassing case for Janet Reno’s Justice Department came crashing down in Wisconsin.  On July 20, Milan Mitic, a Serbian-American and a former U.S. Air Force helicopter pilot, was arrested by Reno’s FBI on charges that he was planning to plant bombs at a U.S. military base in Milwaukee. 

Today (Sep. 15), however, Mr. Mitic was freed by the court on account of lack of evidence, according to a National Public Radio broadcast.


TiM Ed.: But did you hear anything about that example of the Reno Justice Department’s abuse of justice in the lamestream media?  Not that we could see or hear.  We’ve just searched both the New York Times and the Washington Post sites, as well as the Associated Press and Reuters wires, without finding any reference to the case.

Nor was there, of course, any apology forthcoming from the court, as in the case of the Chinese scientist.  Nor was the U.S. president “troubled” with this miscarriage of justice against a Serbian-American.

Different strokes for different folks.  China got half a trillion dollars of the New World Order multinational companies’ investments in the 1990s.  Serbia got 79 days of NATO bombs.  It’s not hard to see which side of “justice” more important to a treasonous U.S. presidency, especially on the eve of the Senate NPTR (China “free trade”) bill.


3. Vindicated Serb-American Says He Won’t Sue U.S. Government - “At This Time”

MILWAUKEE, Sep. 17 - Two days after the Truth in Media published the story, “Clinton: Different Strokes for Different Folks,” about a Serb-American in Wisconsin who was wrongfully arrested and charged with crimes he never committed, the Associated Press finally filed a report about it - the first mainstream media organization to do it. 

Here’s an excerpt from the AP Sep. 17 wire:

“A former National guardsman cleared of all charges in an anti-NATO graffiti attack and bombing attempt at a Milwaukee base spoke out Saturday night, saying he holds no grudges against either the National Guard or the government that accused him.

He said he and his lawyer, Nick Kostich, had not talked about suing the federal government. "I have no plans at this time of that type. Basically all I want is a normal life," Mititch said. "I don't have any grudges towards anyone."

The criminal complaint against Milan Mititch (TiM Ed.: also spelled Mitic, in Serbian), dismissed Friday, said a tipster told investigators Mititch had spoken of his animosity toward the Guard.

"I harbor no animosity toward the Army or the National Guard," Mititch told the Associated Press on Saturday. "I never have. That statement is false, false, false. I'm very proud of my 17 years with them."

Mititch, 35, a commuter airline pilot and son of a Serbian immigrant, said one of the worst things to come from his arrest was "the cloud that has been cast over the Serbian community in Milwaukee."

"I am absolutely devastated by the fact that the entire Serb community has been brought under suspicion, and I am the focal point of that," he said as he sat in his lawyer's home for his first interview since his arrest.

Mititch had contended from the start that he was on vacation with his mother in Door County, about 140 miles north of Milwaukee, when an intruder broke into the 128th Air Guard Refueling Wing on July 19, scrawled "Free Kosova," an Albanian spelling for Kosovo, on a satellite dish and left behind two pipe bombs when guards chased the intruder away. The bombs did not explode.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said Friday that a continuing FBI investigation found evidence that didn't support the case against Mititch, and that officials now believe the July 19 incident is connected to another graffiti incident that occurred March 17, when a Humvee vehicle was burned and graffiti left at the scene. The FBI had confirmed Mititch was in Philadelphia on that date.

The two felony counts against Mititch of federal explosives violations, which carried a sentence of up to 40 years in prison, were dismissed.  Mititch spent 35 days in custody before his release on $100,000 bond Aug. 23.

Mititch said the spelling of "Kosova" made him think whoever invaded the base was someone of another ethnic origin. He wouldn't say which one, saying he didn't want to label anyone as he was labeled.”


TiM Ed.: Well, Mititch (or Mitic) is either scared as heck, or is a heck of a gentleman.  For, anyone with even a cursory familiarity with the situation in Serbia knows that ONLY Kosovo-Albanians and their State Dept. and media sponsors, refer to this Serbian province as “Kosova.”  As Prof. J.P. Maher explains in a story posted at our web site, Kosovo is a pure Serbian word derived from the blackbirds (“kos” in Serbian) that live there (see Kosovo History - 6/28/2000).

Only morons, or malicious officers or other government officials, would have kept this Serb-American in jail for allegedly scribbling the “Free Kosova” graffiti.  Clearly, both the motive and the evidence were absent, right from the start. 

Which could entitle Mititch to press charges against the U.S. government and ask for damages for his wrongful arrest, incarceration, and for the defamation of the Serbian community in Wisconsin by inference.  Unless the former guardsman were too scared and intimidated to do it, or too anxious to get his old job back?

Meanwhile, the real culprit, a person probably of Albanian origin or in association with them, is still at large.  There are no reports what, if anything, the FBI is doing in order to try to apprehend him/her. 

Similarly, the White House and the rest of the “lamestream” media continue to stay mum about this miscarriage of justice.  And unlike in the well-publicized case of the Chinese scientist, no U.S. judge has publicly apologized to this Serb-American for the miscarriage of justice that he has suffered.  “Different strokes for different folks,” the title of our original story.

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